Maan was sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed, when she walked in with her soft pace, holding little baby in her arms, she sat beside him, putting her soft palm on his head, followed by baby’s little palm touching his face, soothing his all senses.
She smiled adoring her baby, then looking at Maan’s face, he woke up feeling moment around him, and gasp seeing two shadows beside him, one of woman, and one little baby who squeal in happiness seeing him looking at him.
Maan!! The woman called out to him softly with utmost love and affection, he got up removing her palm from his face, she looked sadden even in that darkness he could make out.
Who are you !? Why can’t I see your face, he close his eyes and opened but couldn’t still see her face.
Da….da.. baby tried to get his attention.. Maan looked at him utterly confused.
Maan, look baby is calling you, why can’t you take him in your arms, don’t you remember him!? He is our baby!!
And Maan snapped open his eyes, jerking out of same dream which he was having from the time he get up on hospital bed after his accident.
MG SS- AWARI// last part - pg 51...17/7/2015(Page 28)
Why did I keep dreaming about this strange woman!? He was utterly confused, dizzy mind,not able to remind anything however he tried, did I forget something important!? He asked to himself, still trying hard, fighting against his pain in head.
Before he could think further, Sam barge in with her usual drama, Maan,
Maan looked up to see running Sam and before he knew she crash herself into his arms, Maan, Geet again hurt me!! She sniffed.
What happened!? Asked Maan with frown again hearing her same rattling about Geet, as he hold her head against his chest, she looks up with her fake tears , I talked to her earlier, trying to asked her to leave you but she clearly denied, again accusing me, she said i am not worthy of being with you, I am b**** .
What!?! Maan was frustrated hearing it, how dare she !?? He gritted his teeth, looks like I behave with her too nice, it’s time to end this marriage now!! Spoke Maan determined with his eyes burning red, Sam smirk seeing desire affect of her words on Maan.
It’s been two days, Maan have to stay in hospital much to his annoyance, it was only Sam who was beside him, filling his head with more annoying stuff and finally he was discharged and ready to go home.
Geet was still not able to find any clue about Maan or whereabouts but was sure how, he is safe and will come back to them surely .
She tried to calm her crying baby, who seem getting cranky today, although he is being like this from last few days, missing his father.
But today Geet can’t control him, however she tried, look ammy, dada will come soon, then dad will play with you after he is back!! She said unknown of the fact that her son had already felt his father near that’s why he is crying out for his dad.
outputr (1)
Just then Maan walked in followed by Sam, the moment he step inside his mansion, he felt utterly pleased, the heart, which was being restless always now at peace.
The wind blew passed Geet, telling her about the arrival of her beloved, Geet turned around to see him standing on the doorstep,
Her face broke into teary smile, she just put her baby on the sofa, and ran straight in his arms, Maan.. she cried into his arms.
Maan was utterly shock and surprised seeing the woman running into his arms, hugging him with all her might, she had empowered him in her cage of love, which he fail to notice at a moment,
Do you know how much..
just a moment of hug and then she felt a harsh push from him.
Don’t touch me!! He blasted leaving Geet dead shock, she stood rooted on the spot unknown about his memory loss thing yet.
Just then she saw Sam clinging on his arm, with same evil smirk plastered on her face.
Geet looked confused at her then him , who is standing so cool with her , Maan, what she is doing with you? and when did you came back, are you injured.. she tried to hold him but he roared, SHUT UP!!
Geet startled and stumbled back few steps, looking at him with her blaming teary eyes,
Mind your own business!! Maan spoke in low dangerous voice glaring her down, Geet had no clue why he is behaving so, what she did wrong ..
Just then her uncle walked out, he was pleasantly surprised to find Maan back fit and fine, Maan you are back!! But he glare at Sam, what are you doing here?
I am here as Maan’s girlfriend!! She spoke clinging on his arm, giving her father evil smile.
Don’t talk nonsense, and he raise his hand to slap her but Maan hold it in mid , mr.handa you can’t hit my girlfriend, he muttered furiously, jerking his hand back with such a force that he stumbled back, Geet hold him in a moment, are you okay, papa? He nodded his head assuring her then turned his gaze on Maan, Maan, what is going on here? Why are you acting so differently..??
This time Sam walked ahead, standing before them, Maan had suffered from head injury, because of which he lost his some of memory.
What!?? Geet felt numb for a while, she couldn’t believe it, her wide eyes look at him who was stood still with raging anger, red furious eyes glaring her same like before, no.this can’t happen..this can’t happen with her, don’t you remember me Maan?? Don’t you remember our baby?? She asked hopefully thinking it’s just big lie what Sam is saying but her all hopes shattered next hearing his words, I remember you!! I remember all the means things you did to take away Sam from me..
Geet felt shaken to the core hearing same blaming words again after a year, same words which had once cut her soul harshly.. now they are back to hunt her and from the same person, she had her eyes red with unshed tears glaring Sam with so much fury and pain for doing this with her, then her gaze fell on Maan who protectively holding Sam in his arms, which was her place, her right..she tighten her fist seeing the sight before her.
I may lost some of my memory,but Sam had told me how you had blackmail me into marrying you, you even threaten me to take away Sam, if I not marry you,
Maan shouted out his rage thinking about what Sam told him in hospital. He couldn’t bear the sight of this woman now, thinking about her dirty games.
Maan., I didn’t..Geet cried ..still can’t believe on the things happening around her,
Shut up! And get the hell out of my house!!
He shouted not bearing those teary eyes but mind didn’t register anything..
what did you said?? She asked accusing him with her pained eyes, he kept looking at her, trying to read those eyes, still not sure why did he wanted even to do that.
I am your wife, Maan Singh Khurana!! And you are asking me to go out!?? She blasted , not in senses anymore with going through so much emotional conflict alone and when she thought she get him back finally, he will be her , at her side , everything seems to illusion now.
Don’t worry, soon you will not be the one, my wife!! He smirked angrily,
Becauseย  in my heart, I always thought Sam as my wife!! He hold her in his arms, not knowing what he spoke, not knowing why ?? Not knowing how much it hurt the person standing before him, claiming to be his wife, but just like her, he too was not in his right senses to listen his heart which was beating fast seeing her tears, it was again restless making him angry, he just listened to his mind but not heart, which was blaming him from inside for his act. But he ignore it ..he was lost in those painful teary eyes, when Sam’s words brought him back,
Sorry Geet, I let you have him but now I realized people can’t give up love..
She walked further to Geet, and whispered in her ears, I told you, I have many other ways to take him away from you.
But get didn’t listen further nor she notice anything apart from him, taking in his view to her heart content. Asking him why?? How could he forget his love.. why destiny is again playing with her, her love.. she had to fight again for her love..again alone.
Alright we will go.. mr Handa walked in front holding sleeping ammy in his arms, he put hand on her shoulder, Geet was at lost of words nor did she move, she kept looking at Maan with longing in her eyes, her face pale, emotionless,
Copy of tumblr_lt14m2ZKop1qjcp4mo1_500
Maan kept watching her, her worn out condition, still looking extremely beautiful, he flicker his gaze away for a moment then again look at her to see her sane gaze on him yet.
You will regret this , Maan!!
He pulled out of the spell, hearing mr.handas words, who was dragging Geet out,
I won’t now, Maan spoke harshly, still looking at Geet, there was strange pull that he not able to part his gaze from her pale and beautiful face,
Geet was dead, she walked out with her father, emotionless, but her longing gaze kept on him, thinking, hoping and longing for his one call, he might stop her but no that never come.
Finally when both walked out of main door, ammy started crying to go back, to his home, to his dad, which brought her back from her lost sense, she broke into loud sobs seeing her baby’s cries, she hugs him tightly still ammy wriggle in her arms , mr.handa, patted both of them, feeling bad seeing his children in this condition, he cursed his own daughter again for this mess.
Inside Maan could heard baby’s crying, something snapped inside him, he turned his gaze at the door, searching madly for his glimpse, he ran out only to see their car moving out of gates of Mansion.
He ran his hand through his thick hairs, frustratingly for missing the sight, having no clue why he is feeling suddenly chocked like his own soul was crying, why her deep honey eyes hunting him badly, making his heart bleed, with thought of her tears, her worn out condition, all started to take over his sense, he was going ablaze, when Sam put her hand on shoulder, are you okay Maan?
Pulling him back from his beloved memories again, unintentionally or intentionally she did her evil task,
Maan sighed, I am alright!! And both walked inside.


Maan, wait..
suddenly she stumbled on her steps and going to fall..when two strings arms hold her saving her from the fall..
Are you okay?? His husky baritone filled into her ears..

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