Geet stood rooted on the spot seeing her after a long while, she never expected her to be back in her life and that too so soon.
Sam.. !?? You here??
Why?? Don’t you liked to see her back, Geet!? Sumitra snorted,
But how..?? .Geet couldn’t speak much , utterly shock,
It doesn’t matter, what matters to me is, I only see Sam as Maan’s wife,
Now it was limit, everyone became angry, seeing Sam’s victorious smirk, Anna couldn’t take it, she blasted on her, you play enough dirty,Sam, still Geet forgives you and now..
But she was stopped by sumitra’s angry voice, this is Khurana family’s matter, who are to shout here!?? Guards, take the guests out of mansion..she commanded and few guards walked further to do their work.
Kunal walked before Anna, preventing guards to even touch her, don’t you dare!! He warned dangerously glaring them down.
Kunal, you don’t have to say anything here, this is not your home!! Said Sumitra roughly..
This is family affair, outsiders should stay out of this , said Sam with that evil smirk still plaster on her face.
I…Kunal tried to speak but Sumitra didn’t let him, Kunal, it’s not good to be involved with a married woman..
Now it’s like tight slap on his face, he was toungetied ..
Sumitra finally shoved everyone off, specially her friends, Geet kept watching everything silently with her teary eyes,
Geet,don’t worry..we will find Maan soon..Anna screams before going out,
Sumitra kept glaring Geet for a while, making her scare with her angry stare, she clutched her baby tight in her arms,
Sam witness the whole scene and thought to mess it further, Geet, nothing good has happened ever since you married Maan, you are such a curse, even now, he went missing, all because of you..
Geet was furious hearing her, I forgive you once, Sam because you promised to leave us, but now can you!??
You trapped me sis, and snatch Maan from me and now you are accusing me!?? Sam whispered huskily walking closed to her.
Mr.handa because furious seeing the audocity if her daughter, he couldn’t resist humse and gives her  tight slap accross her face. hit me!! Sam screams out of shock, she couldn’t yet believe her father hit her for Geet .
Don’t call me, Dad.. you are not my daughter!! Mr.handa blasted.
Sumitra was taken a back, mr.handa, she is still your daughter!!
Geet, Sam has told me what you had done!! Sumitra starightway accused her,
Geet looked at her confused, already her head spinning with the things going on,
Hum aapko ab ek pal bhi Maan ke saath rahne nahi denge.!! I will make him divorce you after his return.
Geet now looked at her wide eyes, her words buzz in her head, what she is speaking and why?? Just coming into false talks of her sister, she couldn’t called her sister anymore now,she gives painful glare to Sam, she had trusted all he life a wrong person.maan was so right about her..
Geet thought, but her thoughts broke hearing Sumitra voice,
Now pack your things, and move out from here now,
No!! I won’t leave .. tears started flowing out from her eyes, she couldn’t even think about it and here they are asking her to move out from her own house, yes it’s hers and Maan’s house.her ammys home.
She looked at her baby, has began to stir in her arms, she patted him to sleep, I won’t leave our home , I will wait for Maans return.She spoke looking into her furious eyes,
You… Sumitra started, but this time mr.handa came in between, till the time both dont get divorce , this is still her home.
You don’t have any right to push her out of her own home..
His words made Sumitra more angry, well, let’s see after Maan returns back.
Sam let’s go, saying so Sumitra turned furiously walking out.
Sam give one look to her father, and followed her behind, leaving mr.handa to bend his head in shame and guilt.
Geet was beyond shattered now, she stumbled back, just few days without Maan, and she is feeling so alone, she looked at her sleeping baby,
He will definitely come back, I know, but untill he does, I will be no more weak, but will stand strong for my baby..
Sam got a call on her phone, she picked it up and smirk, I will be there, saying so she cut the call.
After half an hour, she was in hospital,
He is awake, however he hit his informed her,
What’s the situation!?? Sam asked both of them walked towards his ward,
You will know when you see him, I can’t tell now anything..
Sam walked inside to see Maan awake, she started pretending, Maan..are you okay??
Sam, what took you so long?? He got up, Sam rushed his side helping him to seat properly.
You should be my side, taking care of me,he left frustrated sigh, blaming her.
Sam’s eyes pop out, realizing he had definitely lost his memory, have you lost your memory, Maan!??
It seems so..I can’t remember few things, even I don’t remember when you came back, he spoke and then tried to remember something but his head blasted with tremendous pain.
Maan..don’t strain yourself, she hold his head, wrapping her arms around him, Maan was in so much pain, he just crushed her tightly, making sam smile evily.
After a while doctor checked him again , asking few questions, he concluded, Maan has lost his partial memory, from year back. He only not remember this year.
Sam’s face was delighted, it means, he doesn’t remember about their marriage, nor his love for Geet.
When doctor went out leaving both alone again,
I thought you were still abroad!! Spoke Maan calmly holding her hand,
You don’t remember all that, do you remember Geet??
Why would I?? She is not that important to me,
GHSP 452 HQ_8438
he spoke nonchalantly, making it clear to Sam that he really don’t care anymore about Geet now.
Looks like he doesn’t remember anything, I should get it as my opportunity, she thought evily.
What’s wrong, Sam?? Maan asked suddenly seeing her in some thoughts, she look at him, next moment throw herself in his arms, it’s my entire fault, sirf meri wajah se, you are in this condition now..she fake tears,
What happened, Sam?? And why did I ..I mean how did I fall into the sea?? Asked Maan still getting irritated with this memory loss thing.
It’s Geet, she said something to my dad, he is now upset with me.
He said that,only geet deserve to be with you, I am not, if I do then, I am no daughter to them..she cried, showing her fake tears.
So you married my sis, for my sake..
And Maan pulled out with a jerk, what?? I married Geet!??
He doesn’t remember anything of that sort .
Sorry Maan, I didn’t thought, it would be end up like this. And she filled him with more lies and bad things against Geet.
Maan wasn’t in a situation to think more on this, already his mind was confused, still he tried to console her, It’s not your fault, Sam..
“Everything I do for Love..”
Geet was putting ammy to sleep when her phone buzzed with kunal’s call, she pick it up Instantly, any news, Kunal!?
We are still trying, but we can’t find him!..
His words left her heart shatter again, she almost whimper silently, Kunal could heard her soft cries, please Geet, rona mat, and we guess, someone has saved him..
Sachchi!??. Her eyes beamed again,but heart was still restless, ‘that means he is alive, Hume bahot dar lag Raha hai.. ‘
Don’t worry, geet.i will keep you informing, saying so both cut the call.
Geet found new hope, please Maan just be safe, she prayed silently, tears wailling down on her cheeks,
Maan woke up suddenly as if hearing her cries, still not knowing why this restlessness in heart, why he heard those woman cries.
Geet was seating aloof just like last few days, when her cell buzz, auxiously she looked at it to get any info about Maan.
There was msg beeping, as she opened it, her eyes widen in shock seeing it’s from Sam, and then reading the content her heart skip a beat.
I have news about Maan, come to *** cafe, if you want to know.
Next moment, she just rushed out, but her steps stop at the door seeing her sleeping baby, she rushed back inside , took him in her arms, I am going to know where is your dad, ammy.. stay safe,till mamma comes back. Saying so she pecked his head fondly and walked out towards mr.handa’s room, handling him baby , she rushed out to meet Sam.
Where is Maan?? She asked with her batted breath, after running over here.
Sam was sitting so relax like nothing has happened with cup of coffee in her hands , seeing Geet and then her worn out condition, she smirked, hold on sis..what’s so hurry..look at yourself first..
Geet have no time to even sit in peace before she knew about her life, she forgot to even change before walking out, and has came running in same old worn out sari, she looked devasted and that gives Sam much needed peace.
Sam, please..Geet pleaded finally,
I have a news about Maan but that’s not for what I called you here, it’s something else. Said Sam nonchalantly, sipping her coffee.
Tell me, where is Maan?? Geet was getting frustrated and angry seeing her behaviour…she was impatient to heard any new about Maan, his well being.
Okay, I will tell you on one condition, Sam said coming to the point straight..
What is it?? Geet was getting restless and insane with each passing second, seeing her so delaying to answer her one simple question,
Sam threw some papers on the table before her, take it..she ordered and Geet follow but reading the content, her eyes widen in horror, divorce papers..she muttered giving her painful look to which Sam only shrugged her shoulders,
Divorce Maan without taking any property, and I will tell you where he is..
Geet was numb for a while, with this unbearable pain inside her heart, this separation from her beloved husband, and all cause of one person to whom she thought once her soul sis, but she was so wrong and again Maan was so right about her.
Hume maaf kar dijiye, Maan. I didn’t listen to you . She looked at Sam with her teary eyes only to see that victorious smile on her face.
No..she is not going to let her win again, never..her heart and and mind both scream, her heart started beating fact thinking what she is gonna do next and Geet tore those papers infront of her eyes leaving Sam baffled and shock.
You!?? Sam got up in rage, she looked around , there was not much crowd, still she kept her voice low, but anger was ouzzing out her body language.
I am married to Maan, legally..
Geet told her the truth very calmly.
You stole him from me, Sam argued seeing no effect on her..
You lied to him, and had stolen him first from me, Maan was mine, he is mine, and will remain mine forever..
Geet spoke each words very clearly, with possessiveness and her insane love ouzzing out from her each words.
Sam stumbled a little, seeing so much confidence in her today, unlike before, but she forget she is dealing with new Geet today, who had her love with her, although he is far from her but their souls are connected with each other,which gives her this confidence and strength to stay strong before her today.
Why do you have to get what everything you desire and I have nothing..Sam blasted furiously.
Geet just kept looking at her, she had herself given Sam everything of hers, it was her who lost everything with own hands.
I am giving you last chance Geet, if you don’t also, then I have many other ways to have you divorce..
Saying so she rushed out, Geet kept looking at her for a while, she thump on the chair, thinking about Sam , her evilness, how did she became like this..and why..?? Her heart pained with the thought,
Soon Geet realized something, and called Kunal immediately, hello Kunal, I think, Sam knows about Maan, she only knows, I suspect,..
Kunal assured her that he will send his men behind her without her notice and they will find about Maan soon.
Geet left a deep sigh, hoping to see her Love soon before her eyes, she can’t live a second more without seeing him.
To be continued..
Precap :-
Maneet meet..

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