Its been three days now, Geet and ammy enjoyed this tour with their gang, but now it’s time for their departure, they are going to leave next day,
At night,
Geet was alone in her room, going to change her cloths, as ammy was with Anna,
when she heard a knock on the door. As she opened the door, only to see service guy standing there,
What is it??
Mrs.Khurana, Mr.khurana sent me to call you to the deck. The guy said giving her extra sweet smile,
Geet was confused hearing him, as Maan had just informed her about his conference call, he will be busy with for a while..sending her to room.
Seeing her look, guy was getting frustrated, seeing his plan flopping, he instantly said her further, may be Mr.Khurana wants to surprise you,
Geet although walked out behind him as he guide her out but her heart became restless, beating high with each passing second, she step ahead behind that stranger, Maan must be waiting for me, he would be upset if I wouldn’t go there, she tried to calm her heart. Giving herself courage she walked towards the dark area of yacht.. the sea was roaring around in dark night,
It dark..she muttered , getting scary vibes now.
Mr.khurana had ordered me before only, to not turn on the lights , it will ruin the surprise.the guy told her, turning half of his face,
Geet felt shiver of terror in her spine, something was not right, she wasn’t feeling well.
Geet stopped in her track, I am not feeling good, tell Maan, I am not coming..she said to him, mustering all her courage for now she realized , she made blunder for coming out like this at night, when there was no one around.
As she took a step back, the guy turned briskly and hold her wrist shocking her to the core, mrs.Khurana, i don’t think it’s good idea..the guy give her evil smirk, Geet looked at him with her wide eyes, as she heard him further, mr.khurana is waiting for you.
No..leave me..she struggle in his grip, but he hold her tight and started dragging her, let go of me..she started screaming but the man hold her mouth now, muffling her screams..
Shhh..Mrs.Geet Khurana, I have to kill you now..
Geet’s eyes widen in terror, who wants me to dead?? She tried to struggle hard in the grip of man, who was mercilessly taking her to her death..
Geet saw the dark roaring sea with her wide open eyes, her stomach churn, fearing to get this horribly death..
Maan..her heart screams out with all her might, as she closed her eyes, still trying to struggle knowing it’s futile, but she wouldn’t let anyone harm her, she wouldn’t die without her Maan, knowing how much he had struggle to keep her alive.
But next moment, she was thrown into that same roaring ocean, whom she dare to face.
Maan finished his call and thought to go to room but as he check inside room, she wasn’t there, where did she go?? He thought knowing well, she won’t go alone without him anywhere when he himself had asked her to be inside their room only. It made him worried and he walked to dark area of deck, as if his heart guided him towards the right way.
He saw some moments in the dark, and as he take few steps ahead, his eyes widening shock then became furious to see his Jaan struggling in someone’s arms.
What the hell is happening here!??
He roared shocking the man with his sudden entry as he was about to pushed her, he looked at him scared for a while but soon seeing him approaching them, he just pushed Geet off the deck, into roaring ocean.
NO!! GEETTT!! He scream and ran to see her falling into ocean, he jumped off without thinking anything.

Taking the chance the man made a run from there.
Kunal who was passnig by heard their scream and ran towards the deck, what happened,?? Geet..Maan..he shouted looking into water, just to see them drowning.
Maan holds Geet in his arms protectively, don’t worry Jaan..kuch nahi hoga..he hugs her, clinging her face to his own face ,
Both were in the water, when Kunal came running with rope in his hands, don’t worry . I will get you both up now. He screams..
Just then huge waves came crashing onto both, both drown inside water,

Geet hugs him dearly, while Maan held her in his arms, both were floating inside water for a while, and then came up..
Damn it!! We are going to wash away by the waves.. Maan muttered furiously, he was not worried for himself but Geet..he have to somehow saved her,
Just then Kunal threw the rope to them, grab the rope, he screams taking their attention.
Geet, hold that rope, Maan told her, and as she grabs it, he held her waist to help her for going up, Geet has hold the rope, pull it up, he screams to Kunal who was ready to pull him up when Geet saw large waves coming from behind them, specially they would hit Maan as he was behind her, her eyes widen in terror, Maan hold me, there are huge waves behind..but before she could say further or he make a move, those waves hit him hard taking him back inside the water,
Maan…she screams but felt herself going up, as Kunal was pulling the rope up, not knowing what’s going down,
Maan, she cried, seeing him struggling to raise up, as his hands only able to seen on those harsh waves, they flushed him away , and she was up on the yacht.
Kunal pulled her in his arms, holding her in his arms, Geet, are you hurt?? He asked concerned. But Geet ran towards the railing, Maan..she called out, shouted, but there was no response nor she could see him anywhere.
Kunal reach to crying her, Maan is missing.. she cried out, hum kya kare ab..??
Geet.. calm down.plz.. he patted her shoulder, couldn’t able to see her crying.
I will call someone to look for him in sea..
The man who had pushed Geet, take out the boat from other side of yacht, and drive away from there to meet his boss from whom he had got order to kill Geet Handa.
But I killed both of them at a time, he smirked on job done by him.
He has entered inside another boat, to meet his boss, and inform her about the work done by him,
What!?? Sam stood up shock and furious, I had asked you only to killed Geet not pushed Maan into the sea.she gritted her teeth in anger looking at him furiously.
You b**** you can’t do your work properly, next she ordered her men to throw him inside sea as his punishment.
No..please..spare me.. the man continued to scream but she have no heart for mercy.she just ignore his pleads.
It’s been few days, for all of them to coming back to Khurana Mansion, Geet was alone with baby ammy, as Dadi has gone out of country to her one of relatives after them gone to their HM tour.
She couldn’t tell her anything, knowing she won’t able to bear the loss of her grandson.
While she looked at her crying baby, her own eyes welled up, seeing him crying, her heart was in great pain and burden for being the reason for maans loss.
No.. he must be alive somewhere, he have to, warna yeh Geet bhi zinda nahi rahegi..she thought, putting her forehead on ammys head, crying out with him.
Ammy turned more cranky craving for his father, he was attached to him like second breath, and now it’s been days, his father was no where in sight.
Don’t worry Geet, they will find him, she felt a hand on her shoulder only to see her uncle stood there.
She instant got up hugging him, papa.. crying her heart out on his chest.
Don’t cry so much, your health is already not good, think about ammy..
Hum kya kare papa, he is asking for his father, and how I am going to make him understand anything..she cried more,
Kunal and Rahul walked inside, seeing her crying so much, it pinch his heart, as he put his hand on her shoulder, mr.handa took ammy in his arms, trying calm crying baby.
Geet hugs Kunal tightly feeling so vulnerable, Kunal..bring him back na.. how could he left me, he had promised to be with me forever..Geet cried so furiously and then fainted in his arms.
Geet..they took her towards the room, calling doctor to check on her,
Don’t let her cry much, it’s not good for her health being this too much emotional, when she had just recover advise and give her injection, scribbing medicines for her she went off.
Geet was back to consciousness, but was totally broken, tears could stop flowing from her eyes, while all were present there around her with Anna, who had just came.
Don’t cry Geet, I have already sent men searching the sea area, and we will find Maan soon..
When all of a sudden, lines of cars entered inside the premises of KM, the lady walked out followed by one more, few guards walked out from behind cars following them inside.
Stop crying!!
Everyone looked up to see the elegant lady walking inside with her royal aura.
Maan is just missing, not dead!! Or are you cursing him..
Her venomous words left everyone to gasp in shock.
Geet looked at her with her wide eyes, trying to figure out this known face when she remembered about her, it was Maan’s step mother, whom Maan dislike the most for her attitude although he had immense respect for his step mom, she preferred to live away for his happiness,
But today, hearing the news,her anger on the girl reached its heights..
Geet took a step to walked up to her but her words stopped her,
Don’t you dare, !!
Just then Sam walked from behind having evil smirk on her face making everyone present there shock,

22 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 47

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    1. As I said before..Maneet will be together at the will see different Geet this time..don’t worry..he is gonna get back his lost memory soon.


  5. Such a big twist I thought it will be Sam who hired a man to kill geet ufff she well never change…now that in order to save geet maan drowned in the ocean…geet is been rescued and returned back to mansion…now when will maan return hope he is safe…now this Sam went to a step ahead by telling something bad about geet to maan’s stepmom… Plz make maan return..hope there will be not any memory loss of maan. .but still whatever your twist is I m ready to readโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

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