Geet snapped open her eyes, her sleep was vanished from her eyes completely, hearing their commotion,but the sight before her left her surprised, as the place light up soon..
Anna.. ?? Kunal..??
Geet got up as she was wearing night dress which was small and revealing, Kunal turned away his gaze and excusing himself walked out.
What are you doing here?? Geet asked climbing down the bed, to take her baby..
That’s when she looked around and her eyes widen in horror seeing so different place, where am I?? What is this place?? She freaked out as Maan was also not in her view.
Relax Geet!! Anna patted her shoulder, come with me,let’s go.. and she hold her wrist dragging her out of that strange room,
Wait, Geet put on her robe, and follow her behind absent mindly, holding ammy tight to her chest, who was lost in his own world , playing with her hairs.
Her eye widen in surprise at what she saw ahead, it was deep blue sea, and wait..where is she standing..
Are we on yacht??  She mumbled, and baby squeal in happiness, clapping his small hands for the best view before his shinning eyes.
My both jaans like the surprise??
Geet turned behind to see Maan, her worried face replace with a beautiful smile, she was so relived to find him, she rushed in his arms, trio share a group hug, with baby squeezing in between his parents, he was squealing in happiness.
Bahot masti soojh rahi hai..mere champ Ko..ha..?? And Maan tickled his little tummy, making him giggled out .. little ammy wriggled his small body in her arms making Geet smile big seeing her baby happy.
After a while, Geet asked him , what is all this?? You brought me here? While I was sleeping.. ??
We didn’t go for our honeymoon, I thought we will have one now .you will also enjoy ..he replied at the end giving her wink, she blushed furiously.
Anna giggled from behind, Kunal just stopped on the place away from them, burning to see thier romance…Rahul giving silly smile as always.
Geet hides her face in his chest, hearing their laughter, I know it’s need just two of us but I called them for you, I know you won’t able to enjoy yourself without your friends,
Maan whispered in her ears, Geet looked up, admiring him for a while, he can’t stop filling her life with happiness, he was taking care of her every small need without a word from her mouth,
Don’t worry about ammy, Anna is there to take care of him.he added, and Geet could just nods in returned, she couldn’t have anything to say more.
Geet enjoyed the day fully with her gang, ammy and Maan.. both were feeling relax and refresh with the atmosphere, quality time they were getting with each other, with sea surrounding them..
Maan was watching her intently, she was looking breathtaking in that purple gown, taking everyone’s attention on her, he didn’t liked it bit, she is his only his, thinking so he rushed towards her,
O my love❤️🎶🎶
Musicians there, started playing the song, adding thrill to the peaceful atmosphere,



Geet was with her gang, playing and laughing off with her little ammy, who was also enjoying with all.
When suddenly , she felt pull on her wrist , and not soon she was in his arms.
Nazar na lag jaye kisi ki raahon mein
Chhupaa ke rakh loon aa tujhe nigaahon mein
Tuu kho na jaye
O my love
Maan holds her protectively in his arms, eyeing passionately, his one hand holds her delicate waist, while other cupped her jaw.
Nazar na lag jaye kisi ki raahon mein
Chhupaa ke rakh loon aa tujhe nigaahon mein
Tuu kho na jaye
O my love🎶❤️
Geet saw his hard face, knowing he was definitely getting too much possessive for her, but she don’t mind, as far as he is with her , beside her, loving her, cherishing her..she don’t need anything other than him.
Dekh kar teri tarafa bahar aaj ho rahi hai bekarar
Dekh kar teri tarafa bahar aaj ho rahi hai bekarar
His fingers trailed, down on her pink cheeks, going up, he removed that white flower stuck into her hairs, Geet kept watching him,
Chu rahe phul yun tuhje jaise inhe bhi tujase pyaar
Ye ho naa jaye
And he kissed that flower, taking it near her, he trailed it down on her forehead, then down on her little nose, cheeks, jaw, and lastly on her Shivering lips..
O my love🎶🎵
Geet shivered, her moisten lips touched those petals, and he took it back, kissing the same side where her lips had touched, all the while his passionate gaze hold her intact, making her blushed more and more.
Maan then put that flower back on her hairs, for she was looking beautiful with that..and pulled her in his arms, Geet willingly out her head on his chest, as both stood near the railing , watching the magnificent view of deep blue sea, enjoying each other’s closeness.
Nazar na lag jaye kisi ki raahon mein
Chhupaa ke rakh loon aa tujhe nigaahon mein
Tuu kho na jaye
O my love
Geet got ready for the disco night, wearing black one shoulder dress, red lipstick, doing little make up, she was ready for the night. She made ammy ready as well, he was wearing cute black dress, matching with his Mamma.
Anna, Geet with ammy, all three walked out towards the club area..where boys were waiting for them.
Saamne jo ek tu na ho dil mein koyi aarzuu na ho
Saamne jo ek tu na ho dil mein koyi aarzuu na ho
On the other side, Maan was waiting for his Jaan desperately, although he was with Rahul and Kunal, he couldn’t concentrate on anything what they were talking, nor with the other people on the cruise who recognise him and was constantly bugging behind him.
Manzilen hazaar hon magar
manzilon ki justajuuna ho
Ye ho na jaye
O my love
That’s when his gaze falls on the entrance, where he saw his angel walking inside with their little angel in her arms, both were smiling big, seeing the fun atmosphere.
But soon, something was made him so restless, guys all around just watching her, he couldn’t bear it at all. He just wanted to crush her in his arms, hidding her from those all gazes of people.
Ai meri haseen dilrubaa
mere dil mein chhup ke baith jaa
Trio spotted the boys, and walked up to them, ammy started jumping in her arms, seeing Maan.
Geet stopped for a moment, watching her handsome husband, who was looking ravishing today, wearing that black see through shirt, taking attention of all girls.
And then, his passionate gaze on her, it was becoming dark, as she took each step closer to him,
Ammy jump in his arms, to take him, seeing his dad, Maan take him, with a smile seeing his enthusiasm.
Ammy liked the place!?? Maan asked his baby, ticking his little nose, ammy giggled in his arms, Geet watched it and smile, but something was happening to her, as she continues to steal gazes to Maan, his hot looks today driving her crazy.
It’s been like ages, she saw him like this , so boyish look, he was looking more young. She remembers their old days before marriage, then childhood memories, and smile sweetly looking at Maan.
Maan saw her drooling on him, and wink at her, loving her gaze on him..just him.
After a while , Anna took ammy from them, letting them enjoyed the moment, Geet tried to deny but Anna assured her, also there was other children present there, Theresa different section for babies to play together.
Maan looked at Geet, offering her his hand, she willingly out her in his, both were lost in each other’s eyes, got closer,
Ai meri haseen dilrubaa mere dil mein chhup ke baith jaa
Tujhmen mujhmen fark naa rahe aa qareeb aa qareeb aa
Both started swinging on the soft music playing at the background, with other couple, also joining them.
He pulled her more closer, and she put her head on his chest, with her hands encircling his neck, both were now hugging each other, and moving softly with the rythm.
Tu kho na jaye
O my love
O my love
O my love❤️❤️


After a while song changed , so as the atmosphere totally change, with lights, and dance.
Jaise ho waise rehna
Tumse bas yahi kehna
Jaise ho waise rehna
Tumse bas yahi kehna
Kehna hai tumse ae mere yaar
[Stay the way you are
I just want to say this to you
My beloved, I want to say that]
Both enjoyed the new beat of the music, after a while, Geet was going to leave the floor, but Maan pulled her back in his arms,
Maan..ammy..Geet started but Maan stopped her and made her looked back , Geet turned to see her baby, enjoying with anna and Rahul,
She smiled but soon Maan jerked her back in his arms, playing with her body, with his fingers, pulling her to dance.
Geet just matched his steps, lost in her husband, and his passion, she circle his neck, looking at him intently,
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
Her hands stroll down, on his chest, holding his shirt, she became so lost in his hot looks, her eyes turned dark with passion, holding Maan captivate in them.
I love you for what you are … aw aw baby
I love you for what you are … aw aw baby
Soon partners were changed, and Geet went with Kunal, who holds her lovingly in his arms, lost in her, but Geet was lost just in Maan who was holding another girl, she didn’t liked it.
Maan burned with jealousy and anger seeing the sight of both, he still couldn’t bear his sight, that too with Geet, it was only for her, he was bearing him.
Geet came back in his arms, and Maan just crushed her in his strong arms, his jealousy was ouzzing out with his hard hold.
Jaise ho waise rehna
Tumse bas yahi kehna
Kehna hai tumse ae mere yaar
She holds his nape, looking into his red passionate eyes, with small smile on her face, for she loved it, loved to see him jealous and possesvie for her.
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
Maan saw her teasing smile, and his anger busted, he slam his mouth on her, shocking her to the core.
You drive me wild
You drive me crazy
I love you so, o baby
Maan kissed her furiously, holding her waist possessively, Geet shyly response back, holding him close.
O o baby … love me for what I am
I will love you for who you are
Both broke apart, when Anna came to them holding joyous ammy in her arms, he was so enjoying, and clapped his hands.
It was dinner time, and Maan had arranged the table separately for them,
Maan pulled out the chair for her, have a sit, Mrs.Khurana!!
Geet gives him sweet smile, blushing sweetly.
To her delight, all was her favourite dishes, she looked at him amaze, as how did he knew her fav,
What?? Maan caught her gaze, I am your husband, I know everything about you..last words he whispered in her ears, making Geet blushed.
Everyone enjoyed the meal, with Maneet romancing secretly, and naughty ammy doing fun with all.
Unknown to all of them, someone was kepping his gaze on them, watching their each move secretly, and informing to someone on phone.
Maan stood at the railing, gazing at the distant horizon, he was waiting for his jaan.when all of a sudden he felt two soft arms snaking around him, wrapping on his stomach.
Geet.. he whispered huskily, holding her closed, she pressed her chest on his back, hugging him tight,
Thank you for the wonderful surprise, she whispered, in his ears, and kissed his earlobe.
Maan instantly turned around, grasping her in his arms, I warned you before also and now it’s last warning for you, dare you utter those thanking and sorry words in between us. We are one, Jaan..not two persons, you are putting my all efforts to make you happy in vain.. he was talking, holding her, while Geet kept gapping him, she put her palm instantly on his mouth, hearing his last words.
Don’t say like that, I am so happy, you really made me happy, and refresh with this best tour, and ammy is also saw his laughing face, he was not ready to sleep even now, I made him sleep somehow..she smile talking about her childs antics.
Geet stopped suddenly seeing his passionate gaze on her, and she cupped his jaw, putting her lips softly on his, she kissed him deeply leaving him craving for more,
You make me mad
You make me crazy
I want you so, o baby
Maan was hard now, just with her one kiss, which drives him crazy, he pulled her more closer, and harshly, kissing her back more carnally, his hands roamed on her body furiously trying to feel her.
Meri deewangi hadh se aage badhi
Ab nigaahon mein tu, tu hi tu har ghadi
[My passion has crossed the limits
Now you’re there in my eyes all the time]
Maan broke apart, looking at her flushed face, and then her swollen lips, which had his bite marks, he smirked seeing it, and bend down to lick those beautiful petals, Geet hissed while he sooth her with his sweet and soft kiss this time.
Kehna hai tumse ae mere yaar
My beloved, I want to say that
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
He left her lips, and trailed down wet and hungry kisses on her open arm reaching, up to her bare shoulder, he buried his face in her cleavage,
Maan..she moaned clutching his hairs, making him wild, his hands pressed down on her bare knees, hugging her closer, she was breathless, feeling his hardness, poking below..
Maan..plz.. she urged him to take her, and he lifts her in his arms, Geet hides her face in the crook of his neck, wrapping her arms around, while Maan took her inside their room.
Both checked on their sleeping baby, and next moment, Maan threw her on the bed, taking off their cloths, both of their bare bodies touch each other, igniting the fire of love ..
Mere ehsaas mein hai tasavur tera
Teri aaghosh mein chain rehta mera
Aw aw baby
[I imagine about you in my emotions
My peace lives in your arms]
Geet was squirming under him, throwing head from side to side, giving him more access to her body, as he continues to shower hard kisses and bites on her body, he didn’t leave a slight place, claiming each and every corner of her body with his love and passion.
Ab na toote kabhi yeh haseen silsile
Chahe kar lo sanam jitne shikve gile
[May these beautiful stories never break
No matter how much you complain]
I love you for what you are
I love you for what you are
Both became lost in each other, loving and cherishing each other,like there was no tommorrow..
Precap :- Twist..😈

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