Next day,
Geet walked inside his cabin with ammy in her hands, who was really happy to come to his dad’s office, he was playing with her earrings, tickling her there by.
Ammy stop it.. baby..she tried to peeled off his small fist but he looks at her with an grumpy face, still not leaving her ears.
Maan chuckle seeing mamma – baby confrontation.
Aap kyon itna muskura rahe ho..she pouted giving him glare, while trying to handle ammy to him.but ammy being naughty baby wasn’t ready to leave his mamma, today as he had got new thing to play with..
Here…let me..Jaan..saying so Maan started tickling his little tummy, and ammy broke into beautiful laughter making his parents smile as well.
Maan, I want to talk you..Geet said after a while
Maan looked at her nervous face wondering what is she upto now..
Hm…about which..?? He asked raising his one brow, holding ammy on his lap.
Woh..about Sam..
And Maan’s expression changed to anger, he looked at her with his burning eyes..
Geet gulped hard seeing him getting so much angry, but he could interrupt, she started, you know about this letter, don’t you??
Maan just turned his face away in anger not ready to talk on the topic,
Maan..look at me..
He turned to glare at her, she is in the hospital now, getting her deserve punishment, .. Maan revealed making her shock,
What?? How??
Do you forgot about the letter, ?? He mocked angrily, I had talk with commissioner yesterday..
And you yet again didn’t tell me anything.. she asked with hurt tone.
You don’t need to know about her anything..yet you know much more..he said in low voice coated with anger, as ammy was still playing in his arms.
For god’s sake, Maan.. she is my sis.
Yeah the same so called sis, who tried to stole your son!!
Geet became mum, her eyes moistening as she give look to him then baby, knowing he is saying right.
She want one chance..Geet whispered painfully..she is really regretting..
Maan gives her furious look, as if saying, have you lost it.
Afterall, she has a reason behind her all behaviour.. it wasn’t her whole mistake.
I don’t believe this, you are still taking her side, she is in you know, it’s take some serious crime to be there , behind the bar..
He raised his voice, suddenly ammy turned cranky , he was about to cry, when Geet pulled him in her arms, you scare my baby!.she accused Maan with her teary eyes.
Do you forget, what she did to you?? Maan asked this time softly , she could see him eyes feeling up with pain.
I know, but ..I am not feeling good.she said out her heart which was restless from the time she read about her being suffering.. Geet knew she is getting her deserve punishment, but she never wanted to be the reason of anybody’s pain, that too knowingly..and here she is her sis.
Maan was about to talk to her when he was inform about the urgent meeting.. he looked at Geet to which she nodded in yes, to go ahead with his work.
I will be waiting for you, at home.. saying so she turned to go, with sleeping ammy in her arms.
Maan sighed seeing her sad face, Geet..he stop her, walking behind her, itna rukha suka bye..
Geet turned behind in confusion hearing him as she was lost in her own thoughts till now.but as she looked at him closing the blinds, she blushed furiously knowing his intentions, come home soon, you will get everything you want..she muttered looking down, as she turned to go when Maan hold her wrist stopping her from behind, that I willl get, but now I want something..
He made her turned slowly, cupping her chin, Geet was still looking down,
he was about to kiss her when ammy suddenly woken up, wriggling in his arms, his soft palm hit his cheek breaking both of them apart.
Geet broke into sweet giggled before running out of his office, Maan stood daze for a while, then shook his head with smile on his face thinking about his naughty son & his antics, always up to trouble him. At least he makes Geet smile, thinking so he got back to his work.
At evening,
Maan reached back home, only to met with delicious smell of his favourite items of meal.
He walked inside the kitchen , seeing her lost in making his favourite, few servants were there helping her.
Seeing him standing there, all empty the place, leaving the couple alone,
Geet was still lost in the work at hand, didn’t notice him coming or absent of servants,
Pass me the bowl of veggies, she asked not looking back, while her one hand raise out to take it,
Maan smirk devilishly before handling her thing in her hand, he stopped for a while just admiring her, when her another order came,
Give me the spoon, she geture with right hand out, when she saw the spoon peeking at her left hand side..
Waha nahi .yaha..she demanded again leaving a sighed.
Maan walked more closer to her, his warm breath falling on her bare back as she had her hairs bound up, she shivered next feeling him kissing there, yaha..??
He showered number of kisses on her back whispering..yaha..yaha..yahaan..
Maan..she moaned turning to face him, and not leaving a chance Maan took those moaning lips of hers in his, kissing her furiously, for he was left thirsty whole day in office after she ran out of his cabin.
Geet was shocked at first, then she responded him back, cupping his nape with one hand while other rested on his chest, there by smearing it with the dough,
Breaking apart, she notice it, and her eyes widen, hey babaji.. humne aapka shirt kharab kar diya, jaeye pahle fresh hoke aaiye, she blabber out trying to push him out of kitchen as he was still lost in her.. he gives her naughty smile before turning to go as he heard her next, aate hi masti shuru.. ammy has become like him..urgh..chaddo..
And so on and on..
Maan shook his head, running upstairs to see his son first.
After dinner, which offcourse was troublesome for Geet, as both her husband and son can’t stop doing shaitani and trouble Geet there by.
She chuckled, but then something come up to her mind making her smile vanished from the face, she was lost in her thoughts, when felt his hands shaking on her waist under her sari.
Maan..she moaned, with his rough touch, which makes her go insane. She rested her head back on his broad chest, closing her eyes.
Abhi bhi naaraz ho??
He whispered in the crook of her neck,
Geet breaks apart, turning towards him, hum kyon aapse naaraz hone Lage, Maan .baat naarazgi ki nahi hai..but Hume achcha nahi lagta raha hai,Maan.. she came into his arms as he took her in a protective hug, listening her patiently..
Hum janbuz kar kisi ke dard ka karan nahi banna chahte..
That’s it, Maan pulled her apart harshly, you are doing nothing wrong, Geet..for God sake try to understand, you have not done any was only she.. who done everything wrong in your life, Maan glared her down furiously.
You are kind enough to think like this..he shook her shoulders harshly.
Kind? I was soft.. she muttered, tears rolled down on her cheeks, I never faught with her for anything, and she got everything from me which she wanted… And it all lead to this situation,
Maan looked at her, astonished as how she have every positive corner for everything..
If I was tough from the beginning, she might have not become the person , she is today..she sighed painfully, burying her tearstriken face in his chest. are wrong here, Geet..he pulled her back, cupping her face, Aisa nahi hota hai, are too innocent to let go things..
She is an educated grown up woman, who understands right and wrong.. he tried to put senses in her, you can’t take her blame.
And if you still adamant with your desicion , then..he stop and looked at her face, I am not supporting you in this..
Maan..she gasped..
you can forgive her Jaan but not me, I can’t forget she had kidnapped my son for whole one day, I can’t forget that torturous day.. if you are forgetting..but seeing her face he regrets his last words, as her face deep in severe pain.
Jaan..he tried to hold her but she turned other side, he briskly turned her in his arms, I didn’t mean it..
Then what?? She sobbed..
Okay whatever you want..I won’t stop you..
he said defeated leaving her .
Geet stood still on the place where he left her and saw him walking inside washroom.
Both were agnoized, deep in their own thoughts, Maan was surely going mad with rage, he bang his palms harshly on the wall, the witch woman again became the reason for the conflict between both of them..
Geet sat on the bed, lost in her thoughts, looking at the close door of washroom, she realises how badly she hurt him today with her craziness to forgive her sis..
she knew Maan is right , but hearing about her illness she couldn’t digest it.
Just then Maan walked out, his every gesture of rough walk told her, how much he is angry.
Geet gulp down, still she only have to tried to calm him now, thinking so she got up walking towards him and slowly pulled his towel from his hands which he let go willingly waiting her coming move.
She drags him towards the bed, and started wipping his wet hairs,Maan soon forgot about his all anger, as he became lost in the warmth of love.
Maan.. I am with you in your every desicion.she let out the words, making him hold her hand, and he looked up at her face to confirm,
She nodded, you are right, but..
Maan looked at her confused, when she continues, first let her take proper treatment for her stomach problem and then she can have her punishment behind bar.
Geet.. Maan was getting angry again.
Plz Maan…I told you, she can have her deserve punishment, but her health problem should look after also..
Maan turned his face away clearly not approving,
You only told me she is in hospital, police force must be there also with her, hai na.
Maan nodded in acceptance,
Did you forgot about my stomach cancer..
GEETT.. he turned briskly to face her, glaring her furiously, don’t talk about that now, it has gone..not gonna come back, tumhe ab kuch nahi hoga..samzi tum..he pulled her on his lap at the end.
Hum jante hai, Maan..Hume kuch nahi hoga..AAP hona, Hume kuch nahi home doge..
She cupped his face tenderly, caressing his cheeks, you got so much scare just listening me, now then think about me, from my pov..
Hum nahi jante ke Sam ke man main hunare liye Abhi bhi utni nafrat or jealousy hai ya nahi.
But I always thought her as my sis from beginning that why i never faught with her, given her everything which she got from how can I seat in peace now, knowing about her I’ll health. I have gone through same sufferings Maan, which she is going through now.
Alright.. tumse koi nahi Jeet Sakta..he defeated tried to get up, although feeling overwhelmed from inside hearing her, but he don’t want to give her impression that she is right saying this.
She just can’t think about the culprit that way..
Just then his cell rang, and Geet have to got up from his lap.maan ran out in the balcony, to attend the call not wanting wake up baby .
Coming back, he saw the confusion on her face,
You can take a relief breath now,
Listening him she became more confused,
It was commissioners phone, he told me, Sam’s condition is better now, she can take in back to custody now.
Geet’s face brighten up with smile, finally she was at peace bit soon frown appear on her face, seeing him walking inside without even looking at her, surely he must be upset with her, Geet thought pouting her lips.
to be continued..
Precap :-
manofying her hubby..
Don’t know how it had come out, forgive for mistakes, took me whole day to just type this chapter..😌

25 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 43

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    Beautifully written dear, justifying the character of each person.

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