It was next morning, he suddenly shown up at her door with his office attire on,
The smile that was deprived from her face last few days,it came back lighting her whole face as she welcome him in her home.
But he stood just on her door, Geet..I am sorry but can you wrap something up for me to take it to office??
Uh..?? She just watched him for a while then asked him to walked inside, it will just take few minutes, you take seat till then.
Maan nodded in acceptance, and took heavy steps to reach the couch, he sighed heavily taking seat, resting his head back on the headpost.
Geet looked at him for a while, she then made quick dash inside, brining warm water for him.
He took great sips glancing at her innocent face, it’s been while he haven’t seen her, and today he felt his lost breath coming back seeing her .
After getting empty glass back, Geet litterally ran inside the kitchen leaving Maan to chuckle.
She packed his lunch box hurriedly thinking about him and his change looks, he doesn’t look somewhat well..she thought, as she remembers those dark circles around him, his shoulders drooping.. and then walking out she saw him sleeping in the same position.
She have no heart to wake him up but then he might get late for his office which he never wants, she had come to know in those days about him that he don’t like to compromise with his work.
Geet slowly patted him on his shoulder and he opened his eyes in a jerk..they were so red as if deprived of any sleep.
Thank you!! He muttered taking his packed lunch and turned to go,
Geet’s heart almost cried out seeing his condition , but she couldn’t do anything not knowing how he will take it.if she stop him.
She wanted to asked him, when can they eat together again? But he was already gone out of her sight.
After two days,
That night she sat alone at the dinning table waiting for him like everyday, atleast one text from him but which never come.
He usually text me.. what happened today..??
I should go..and check on him, he had told me, he is going to work from home today..
Thinking so she got up to go to his apartment.
She called few times after her attempts of pressing door bell going futile but still there is no response..her heart was getting restless now. Why he is not opening the door, is he that busy? He isn’t home??
Dishearten she turned to walked back when..
And she turned around briskly almost jumping on the door, Maan..are you there??
And as he opened the door, the sight before her , made her heart bleed furiously,
He was looking so worn out, sweating profusely.. there was no straight left in him , he stood supporting his body with the door.
Maan..she cried out, holding his chest, are you okay?? Do you want to go to hospital??
No hospital..he somehow managed to uttered..I have stomach ached..
Geet just took him inside somehow managing his all weight on her body, shutting the door behind them.
As he guide her in his bedroom, she made him lay on the bed. Stay here ..I will just come back, and she fetch her purse, taking out few tablet and medicine she carry always in case if needed, she give him it with warm water, I will cook something for you..she softly said, putting blankets on him as he suddenly started shivering..
Maan kept looking at her face, as she check his tempt..then caressed back his sweaty hairs, and then ran back to the kitchen without even asking him as if she own his house, yes..she already own him..he thought with a small smile playing on his face.
She quickly made him some cheese cake and hot soup and dashed out only to halt in her steps…fuming to no extent seeing him checking some office documents..
Are you still looking at those files? She blasted, putting the tray on the side table.
Maan gulped down hard seeing her so much angry, she pulled that file from his hand throwing it inside drawer, and order him to have the meal.
Lost in her, he got one spoonful of soup under his mouth, and spitted it out instantly feeling hot burning..
Idiot.. drink it’s very hot!! She again chided but this time her eyes getting teary. Maan looked at her face, and put that bowl aside , pulling her on his lap, she willingly sat across, facing him.
Iam fine, are getting too much worried.
Look at your face.. you look horrible.. she pouted, blinking her wet eyelashes.
Maan smiled, wipping her unshed tears,
so that’s why you are so upset because I am no more looking good..he teased her although knowing it’s not the thing.
Maan.. have you lost it…why would I think something like that.infact you looked more than beautiful…than any girl.
Her words made him again chuckle.. making her realises what she just blabber, So I look beautiful!??
No..I mean handsome..
Geet blushed furiously, Maan…and hides her face in his chest, only to felt him so burning high with fever. She instantly pulled back, Maan..we should called doctor..she was really worried.
Nothingto worry, mishty.. I will be you are here na?? He cupped her face tenderly.
Geet kept looking at him in awe, how easily he said those words..offcourse Maan..I will be always there for you..
she promised pecking his forehead tenderly leaving Maan sweetly surprised, as he fell in love with her yet again..
to be continued..
Precap :- Taking care of him.. And some ..Romance…😉🔥🔥

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      I also don’t know when both will confess..😜 but it will come story has come to end..


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