The song is used in update with Color , it’s not dialogues but song lyrics..🎶🎵
Love hua
Ab yeh na poocho yeh kab hua
Hey love hua
Humko khabar hai yeh kab hua
Kab hua
Dono ne chaha yeh tab hua
[Love has happened
Now don’t ask me when did this happen
Hey love has happened
I know when did this happen
When did this happen
It happened when we both desired for it]
Geet felt goosebumps all over her body with his sensous touches, as his hands rolled inside her dress, feeling her soft skin.
Maan, his heart skip a beat listening those lines of songs, he looked at her flushed face, breathing heavily, with droopy eye lashes.. and soon moan escape from her pink lips, feeling his hands pressing on her soft skin.
Maan felt so at peace and please with her smooth skin under his rough palm.
He would have feel her more but seeing her innocent face, he couldn’t go further there by he got up, breaking her trance as well..
She was so shy and stuck in a moment, when she saw his hand approaching her, and she place her own in his , letting him to help her in get up.
I shall take your leave for a night!! He muttered although his heart not wanted to go but he couldn’t stop more and take an advantage of her innocence, already he had done something unexpected for her and him too.. although she couldn’t refused, but he knew her.. how nave she is..
He don’t wanted to hurt her.. she is always sweet and nave to him.. (for him)
Geet’s heart sank hearing his words, just now everything was so pleasant and now hearing him, she felt sad all of a sudden, today she don’t wanted him to go although he live just her next apartment, yet after what transpired between both, she don’t wanted to stay apart from him..
She stopped him from behind, as he has took step to go, he stopped abruptly listening his name being called so sweetly from her mouth,
You should clean yourself first before going to your apartment..
she came up with the excuse or reason to make him stop for atleast few minutes..
Maan looked at her then himself then again her before answering, yeah..I will do that once going back..
Her heart sank again, NO…she shouts out suddenly making him to look at her suspicious,
I mean.. you must clean yourself here and go.. or else I will feel bad..
she makes puppy face that he couldn’t say no and went into washroom.
As he walked out with bare torso, she instantly turned her back to him closing her eyes with both her palms, babaji .she gasped…her heartbeats raising, she almost heard it loud to her own ears and she felt something.. something is definitely happening to her,
I think it’s happening
Just then she felt him walking from behind, as his hot breath fanned her neck, making her shiver in response,
Kya happening
(What’s happening)
Soon she found herself being caged in his arms, as he wrap them protectively around her body, sticking his body length completely to her, he held her protectively in his arms.
IMG_20200512_115139 is happening..
He don’t know from when & how he started feeling such possessive and protective for her, he felt that he should keep her closed like this to his heart, to saved and protect her from any evil in the world.
Yeh khwaab haseen, yeh armaan jawaan
Le jaye mujhe kya jane kahan
Ab door talak ae jaan-e-jahan jayega yeh silsila
These beautiful dreams, these young desires
Are taking me somewhere
Beloved, now this story will go till far
Geet had never felt so please and at peace before in her life just being in his arms like that, which gives her sense of security and pleasure at a same time, both were facing huge window of her house, feeling the cool breeze running inside tickling their senses and this new feeling which has already awoken in their heart for each other.
This moment should never end,
Both thought at the same time in their mind, heart also accepted the fact.
It’s been a month , from the night, when everything started changing between both, after the kiss..both became more comfortable and closed to each other than before.. but couldn’t confessed what was their in heart.
Maan was more than sure, but fear to lose her for he knew how nave and sweetest she is,
On the other hand, Geet was still confused with those new feelings taking place in her heart for Maan, she feared somewhere it will take her away from Maan. That she kept mum and just enjoyed his togetherness,
Maan’s project for which he was here, has finally came to end..and he became hell busy to conquer it.
It was another day, when Geet recived his text, I am sorry, Geet. I won’t able to make it to dinner tonight, I am hell busy in office.
Geet was instantly sadden, she just text him back good luck and waited for his response, but which didn’t came making her so sad, although she makes her heart understand,
This went on for few days, Geet was sulking with this distance between both, she knew he wasnt at any fault but then why her heart was crying for his togetherness.. probably she became too much habitual of him, she accepted taking lazy steps towards her home.
Home sweet home!!
Strangely , her home didn’t felt anymore sweet without his presence.she thump on the couch, putting those veggies bags on the floor.
Giving them one sad look, she thought, whatever.. I will just have yesterday’s leftover..
she pouted sadly for she won’t able to cook anything today.. the thought which was making her more mad that she won’t able to cook for him, his fav..he won’t be there to dine with her..
She put on the music, the same song started playing, taking her back to the memories of their first kiss then everything happened further was totally a bliss..
Love hua
Ab yeh na poocho yeh kab hua
Hey love hua
Humko khabar hai yeh kab hua
Kab hua
Dono ne chaha yeh tab hua
Yeh khwaab haseen, yeh armaan jawaan
Le jaye mujhe kya jane kahan
Ab door talak ae jaan-e-jahan jayega yeh silsila
to be continued..
Precap :-
Geet at Maan’s apartment..
Maneet moments are coming soon.. I couldn’t add more in this..

28 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 8

  1. Maneet moments were beautiful . they came so close to each other but couldn’t confess their feelings. Maan is busy so he would not able to come for dinner. Geet is sad. Waiting for next dear

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  2. They want to confess but the fear of losing makes them not do that,They r so comfortable with each other,And now she is missing him as he is busy with the project,And she feels lonely without him in her home,Not feeling to cook also as he is not there….
    Looking forward to further….

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  3. Hyeee maaneet started growing feelings for each other in their heart but not ready to confess fearing to lose eachother maan’s project coming to an end and he is hell busy on conquering it…their distance was growing day by day and geet is saddened because of it and she is not interested in cooking anymore… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  4. oh no so both r in the same boat………..both r in love with each other but yet to realise……but wht will happen when maan will go……………

    lovely update……….

    loved it……..

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  5. Nice update n maan n geet both have feeling for each other but didn’t have courage to express their feeling n maan was busy as he project is going to end for which he is staying here n geet missing him n sad as he doesn’t came of dinner n thnxx for pm me

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  6. Interesting..

    They are growing closer.

    There moments together were beautiful.

    Both feeling love for the other but unable to confess fearing to loose the other.

    Maan is busy n unable to spend time with geet making her restless.

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