Maan remember about the phone call which he has received from his men, just few minutes before he entered inside her ward,
He felt his lost breath coming just hearing about the news about his baby’s safety, the baby was with in custody of his guards along with the trio and Sam.
Here, Anna and gang were shock to see those well built men surrounding the place, pulling out the baby from the car, Anna became furious ..she marched to take the baby from them, only after talking to Maan on the phone she was at peace.
She took the crying baby in her arms to console him, and all went Maan’s private place(farm house) where he asked all to come.
Why are you crying?? She again asked pulling him back from his reverie, he just shook his head in no, saying nothing, and pecked her head, and then kissed those pouting lips lovingly, taking her in a bear hug,..he was relieved, so happy.. finding his life and breath back..
Their moment got broken by the entry of doctor and nurse, who checked on her and asked some questions..
Mrs.khuransas condition is stable now, she just needs medication to do for few days..
Saying so both went out giving the couple privacy..
That’s great, are finally alright, he affectionately patted her head , and when did Geet realised where she is and about her surgery,
Did..I..I..survived..she asked not believing yet her fate,
Maan just cupped her face strongly, pulling her closed, you did , Jaan.. you will live for 100 years long,.I told you I am not gonna let you go from my side, you will stay with me forever never to apart..
He whispered softly looking into her deep hazels, and she just crushed herself in his arms, weeping on his chest there by making his shirt wet, he patted her head for a while affectionately while she continued to cry like little girl , holding him tight closed to her like her own father.
Geet, just sometime before only you told me, my tears trouble you, then now you are giving me same pain, Jaan by crying like this..
Geet sniffed hearing his love filled words, it was making her more vulnerable, and the thing that she had survived, from this surgery all because of him, she knew how much efforts and sleepless nights he has spent in recovering her, she hadn’t thought that this day will even come to her life , she was dreading for her death.. to part away from her love and baby..
realizing all this, she just blurted out, thank you!!
Maan instantly jerk her apart angrily, he was really hurt and furious hearing her, dare you uttered those words to me again, his eyes spitting fire in rage, making her startled,
I didn’t do anything for you Geet, but for myself kyon ki..meri Jaan basti hai tum main Geet..
images (10)
His words made her heart skip a beat as she continues to starred into his chocolate eyes, who were showing clearly his love and pain to her, she was speechless as she heard his next set of words, i saved you for me because I won’t a le to take a breath of there will be no you with me..
Geet was overwhelmed hearing his heartful words, she had never thought she would get his love back.. or even get to be Loved by someone so intensely.
You are my Jaan.. he pulled her in his arms, she willingly get in his warmth, feeling overwhelmed today as if winning something big.. she thought..but still her heart was restless, and she remembers about her little Jaan,
Where is my baby?? She asked desperately pulling back from his arms as her eyes wander to the door, where is he, said me after surgery you will let me see him, now where is he??
Geet..relax, Anna will come taking him..
But she was no where to listen him, call her now, Maan.. I want to see him right now, I want hold him in my arms..
Maan couldn’t do much further rather than calling doctor who injected her sedative and she was sleeping now.
Maan looked at her painfully, he drowned in guilt yet again seeing those dried tears marks on her cheeks but he was helpless right now, I am sorry Jaan, because of me you have to suffered so much , he caressed her forehead trying to sooth her, as in sleep also she was going restless to see her baby once,
Just because of me, all this happened, of I wasn’t that much foolish or blind to not realized the truth.. and see the Colors of was because of him, she dare to snatch his Geet’s happiness..all because of him.
His anger started building up as he thought about Sam and his past sins
But not anymore Jaan, I have started it and now I will finished this off.. he vowed to himself looking at Geet.
You have feel my love, Sam once that too not for you but which was always belongs to Geet..
Now you will face Maan Singh Khurana’s wrath!! Thinking so he dash out of the room giving last glance to sleeping Geet.
Maan reached back at the place where Sam was kept in handcuffs bound to chair, guards were surrounding her, while Sam was still unconscious..
The trio were waiting for Maan, after an hour he reached to the place, getting welcome by his guards who guide him inside.
As if feeling his presence, baby suddenly started to wriggle in the arms of Anna who was now holding him, she looked on surprised so as Rahul and Kunal, as till now he was sleeping peacefully being tired from crying contiously…he desperately wanted his parents warmth.
As soon as Maan step inside the room where all were, baby started crying, showing his tinny hand to Maan, to take him..
Maan was overwhelmed seeing the sight of his baby , crying for him.. he almost run to hold his baby.
The trio looked on shock’ as Maan took his baby from Anna’s arms leaving her bewilder,
Baby kept crying for a while, in Maan’s arms while Maan continue to patted his little head and back trying to make him calm, after a while he was sleeping peacefully putting his tinny head on his shoulder just like his mamma do.. making Maan smiled amidst his moisten eyes as he adores his wife’s little Jaan who was just replica of his Jaan..
The trio adores both father & son duo , when after a while Maan handed baby to Anna, who was not ready to leave him now, but Maan somehow made him leave him as there is someone more important is waiting for him today.. he wants to finish it today so that nothing could harm his both Jaan in future.
He asked all of them to go to hospital straight where Geet was waiting for her baby ,
Kunal and Rahul although tried to stop with him but he was so stubborn on his descision to face Sam alone today. He sent all of them from there and let to confront Sam, while guards guide him to where Sam was kept caged,
Sam was still unconsious when she jerk open her eyes feeling flash of water on her face, she coughed badly before opening her eyes to meet the burning one of Maan.
Maan..she gasped not knowing why is she seeing him now,her eyes wander around and she muttered, where am I??
And then again her eyes drags to him, who was stood before her with arms cross on his chest, looking at her like angry bull.
Why did you do that, Sam?? Maan asked with his gaze pircing her furiously but there was hidden pain back of that, still hearing those cries of his baby and Jaan.
What are you talking about?? She asked clueless for a while then tried to get up, but found herself falling back, being caged on either hands by handcuffs.
What the hell!! Who bound me?? Let me go .she tried to wriggle out, but it was no used, as it was iron grip..
First of all answer me!!
Maan demanded with his stern voice, but anger was building inside him seeing her devoid of any remorse about what she did..
What do you want to know?? Ha?? Sam barked furiously..
Why did you kidnapped my son!?? He marched towards her angrily clutching her hairs in a fist , she hissed with his tight hold..
For my revenge!! The insult I have to faced because of you!!
She hissed furiously, glaring him back.
What revenge and what insult.. ?? Maan jerked back her head making her yelp.. and what about the sufferings Geet had to go through since her childhood because of you!! He hissed dangerously..
I don’t want to know about it.. the only thing I know, she had snatch my happiness..she had snatch my fiance..
Maan left her instantly hearing her rubbish, not her Sam but you, you had did this from childhood..
No..she scream yet, denying the fact..
You kidnapped her baby knowing very well how much she had suffered to give him birth..
Do you know the pain she had felt , do you have any idea.. how much she was craving to get one glimpsee of her little Jaan ..insecure about her own life..
He bend down to her level, pressing the wound on her forehead mercilessly.. only to receive her scream out of pain as she trembles with it.
Do you know now?? He put his finger on her wound, pressing it more, deliberate..
No..leave me.. she cried out..
You deserve it, Sam ..I did left you before but not anymore..I waa ignorant before just for the sake of my wife..
But you crossed your all limits by kidnapping my son..
I will do it again.if I get the chance.. I won’t let her live happily.. she snatch you from dare that bi***
Sam continued to screams but before she could uttered more, Maan gives her tight slap across her face leaving her tottaly baffled..
She kept on gapping at him, while he pressed her jaw angrily, you won’t dare to do that again.. he warned her with his red burning eyes, already you had done enough damage and for that I have done arrangement or you in the jail.
NO!! she scream fearfully this time , she can’t believe , Maan will do something like this..
Next moment he left her, with devilish smirk on his face, as police force March inside, taking her in their custody.
You can’t do this loved me!! She kept on screaming but Maan just ignore her and turned to go .
I won’t let you live in peace, Maan.. I will snatch your Geet from you.. she kept screaming only to receive tight slap from the lady constable who was holding her..making her shut thee by.
But she kept on looking at his retreating figure with tears of anguish and fury in her eyes.
Precap :- Geet & baby
Plz suggest me the name for baby.. as I am clueless this time..
Also as my part got deleted, so I retyped this part, it has decreased some bit in length of previous one, hope it had come out well..
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