My dear friend, your spicy and sour fried fish is here!!
Geet walked into dinning area carrying the tray containing meal…Maan instantly got up to help her, finally I have been waiting for so long.
He almost grabs the tray from her hand, puting two dishes on the table,
Maan..dheere.. she cautioned him pouting her lips,
Sorry..he muttered giving her smile, Geet went to take few more dishes she had prepared for their meal.
Coming back she saw him still waiting for her, you would have start eating Maan, already I make you so wait..she apologized taking her seat on the either side of the table facing him.
It’s bad know??
Ya… and your robotic rules.. she mocked, taking frok to attack her fish cutlet..
Maan chuckle hearing her, how sweet of her but it was not his any rules but she don’t know, she was working in the kitchen from long while , how would he had it before her.
Geet put the piece in her mouth relishing the taste, unknown of the fact, Maan was waiting for her to have first bite.
Next he attacks on his meal, both relished the meal enjoying each other’s complety, pulling each other’s legs, he was teasing her I between, she couldn’t help but blushed ..but it wasn’t in her hand to stop today.
Finally putting the frok and spoon down she started eating with her own hands taking Maan by surprise..
After a while she notice him just gaping at her, what!?? She then notice him looking at her hands and then mouth little messy like a kid.
Oh..I am sorry . If you don’t like it..Maan..but asli maza joh hato se khano main ho.. ho spoon se nahi atta..and you know I felt as if not eaten anything much when I feed myself with spoon..
Geet explain so sweetly licking her fingers, while Maan just watched her each antics amused, her words amazed him more.
It’s okay, Geet..I don’t mind.. it’s your choice that how to eat.. he said with a sweet smile, while his gaze turning dark seeing her antics, her pink lips smeared with little curry, her pink tounge rolling on her mouth.
His throat went dried, with the need to just kissed her hard there and then.
Both were almost done, when their eyes landed on one last piece remaining in the plate, both looked at each other with a meaning look, naughty smile, and both at the same time attacks on it, to grab the piece.
Maan..let it have already had enough.. Geet warned, as she tried to pulled out that piece from his fingers, messing his hand as well .
Shit..Geet..he instantly let go .. and she got that piece in her hands,
video2gif_20200508_142400’s mine, she litterally jump in joy, her dressed went up a little with her move showing Maan her velvety pinkish skin, he was lost in her, admiring her childlike excitement, when she put that piece in her mouth,
Umm…I still can’t have enough..she muttered chewing on the food..
Maan just rushed towards her side, and before she knew he had grabs her against his chest, slamming his mouth on her, sucking out the bite in his mouth.
Geet was so shock to react, she stood numb, while Maan pulled apart, giving her winning smirk, wipping his mouth with a thumb..but fail to realise what he just did..
Now who win, Geet?? He asked with a devilish smirk pulling her back from her shock..
She was whole red in anger and shyness, I won’t leave you just kissed me!!
Before she could catch him, he was running ahead, and soon the chase started in whole house,
Suddenly Maan stopped in his track as her words dawn upon him..oh boy…he just kissed her, he ruffled his hairs sheepishly, when she bump on his back, making both of them stumble and both lands on the sofa placed there with Geet top of on Maan.
Both were breathing heavily, with the run, her chest heaving up and down , with her dress was stretch down with their position, giving him clear view of her gorgeous clevage.
Geet came back to her senses, seeing his gaze, she blushed in deepest shed of red, and tried to Wriggle softly..but Maan’s hold tighten on her delicate waist, he jerked her closed even more, so do you want one more kiss??
He rubs his thumb on her pink cheeks, making it red, her lips quivered in anticipation, catching his gaze,
His eyes turned even more passionate, as their lips lingere even more close, decreasing the gap..
Maan licked her lips softly, before chewing on lower one, Geet gasped feeling different all of a sudden, giving him entry in her mouth and soon Maan was invading in her mouth kissing her passionately that left her shuddered in response, she not knowing how to kissed followed his lead.. although couldn’t match his passion..
Both kissed for a while, breaking apart again their lips links together, for another kiss, he switched their possition, pushing her below him, his hands wander down on her soft thighs feeling her, she moaned in his mouth.
Her hands clutching on his shirt, crushing it in her palms.. making him wild, there by he bites her lips , she winced and he licked her lips to sooth her pain..both smiled in the kiss, feeling new emotions surfing through them.
So, want more Maneet passionate moments
Precap :- Same..

32 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 7

  1. Awww so now their dinner night changed as official date night… they both were relishing fish maan was gaping at her… finally maaneet kissed eachother their relationship is progressing hurray now what will be their reaction waiting to read more ❀️ 😘

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  2. The way both of them relishing the food is 😍,Them and their food❀And he is also admiring her cute antics while eating,Then the air around them is changing,The sudden challenge on who get the last piece,then the kiss,he only come to know after she said,then the marathon to catch him and moments after that,All r lovely, looking forward to further…

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  3. Don’t tell me it’s a dream. The way their relationship is progressing from friends to dear friend n now much ahead. Couldn’t have thought something of such sort will happen between them so soon. You took me by surprise Mugdha. Thanks for the update.

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    1.’s not dream..
      Wait for next part.. you will know..πŸ˜‰ and yeah already few days had passed, they are much more comfortable with each other, more than friends..


  4. oh no……..yeh kya hogaya?……….fish khatehi dono pagal ho gaye…………..

    lovely update……..

    loved it…………

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  5. Lovely update n maan n geet both are having food n teasing each other n enjoying each other company n both like each other n maan kissed her n she is also responding the kiss n there relationship going in progress n thnxx for pm me

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