Baby was crying contiously , missing his mother’s warmth, much to Sam’s annoyance and she shouted on the little baby who was inside his , carrier.
Can you stop crying!??
But baby was not ready to stop, hearing her scream he increased his volume,
Urgh..Are kids all so annoying!?? She looked at the baby, glaring him furiously.
You should feed him some sleeping pills, the man with her suggested her for he was also getting annoying with little devil.
I don’t understand why you are caring for him so much, this is your enemy’s child.. you feed him best milk powder, used the best diaper for him… As if your own son.. his rattling broken my Sam’s sudden shouting, as she took the baby in her arms while the man continued to drive them to reach airport as soon as possible.
What are you talking?? This is my nephew okay?
Giving a baby, sleeping pills..?? Are you a monster, she blasted on him giving him furious glare,
Hurry up..we should reach fast.. she commanded trying to make baby calm, but he wasn’t ready to stop being stubborn like his dad..
I am so annoyed by this child.. the man bickered back..and pressed the sudden break to the car.
Where is my baby, Maan?? Geet asked again getting frighten already, her eyes frantically move to the door, in case someone will come carrying her child in his arms.
Maan looked at her face, then her question, he was so terribly breaking from inside, but have to put an straight face, gulping the knot in his throat, he replied as calmly as possible..
He is with Anna ..don’t worry..she is taking care of your Jaan for a while, till you come back all fine.. he tried to sound as much normal as he could, rubbing his thumb on her delicate cheek, Geet although still feeling same fear and restlessness in her heart, as if like her baby is in some kind of danger and calling her, crying for her, she gives confused look to Maan, why did she could able to hear her baby’s cries.. when Maan couldn’t lie to her that too about their baby..
The man just got out of the car, the car was parked now at roadside,
Sam fumed immensely while shouting at him back, go on.. you can’t help me with anything anyway..
While baby still couldn’t stop bowling.. making her irritated, if you cry anymore, believe it or not..I will hit you.. she tried to scared the little baby while her hand raised in air on his face to hit him..
Maan saw her suspicious look on him, he was praying from inside she would be convinced with this lie just for a while..
Maan, I want to see our baby once before surgery…
Maan was pulled out of his thoughts hearing her, he just looked at her not knowing what to say now, call Anna on video phone..she urged desperately.. her voice crying..eyes so yearning to get one glimpsee of her Jaan, she was afraid if she couldn’t make it back to them, she won’t able to see her little Jaan.. her eyes turning teary with the thought, she clutch Maan’s palm sharing her thoughts with him, Maan I am afraid if something happens to…she couldn’t finish as Maan shut her mouth with his palm,
He was breaking , sinking from inside like slow Poison consuming his whole, and seeing her state, her face, her cries, it added more fuel to his burning pain.
What are you afraid off, Jaan?? I told you this operation will be fine.. he tried to stay calm, giving her courage..
he wiped her tears, cupping her face, nothing will happen to you, believe on your babaji .. he won’t snatch baby’s mother like this, he pressed his lips on her forehead, making her lost in his touch, his lips trails down the moisten kisses on her cheeks, reaching her dry lips, he licks them tenderly making them wet, believe me once, you finish this operation, and I will let you meet our son.. he said looking into her deep hazels, as if promising her and himself to get back both his precious possession and he kissed her hard.
Her hand stop in mid, just on baby’s head, as she looked at his innocent face, just like his mamma’s , those doe eyes ,which had stop crying now as if scared from her and looked at her with most innocent face.
Sam’s face was worthwatching as she looked at her little nephew, does baby’s look this so innocent?? She unknowingly put her hand on his little head, patting him, baby makes sound trying to hold her hand with his tinny palms,
Sam was awe with his cute gesture, she then tickled him on his little tummy making him giggled..
Unkownkigly small smile came on her face seeing baby smile, the divine smile..just like his mamma.
Doctor, how is my wife?? Maan asked desperate to hear some good news,
She is not good.. this cancer and operation a month ago had made her weaker.. there is not much time for her if she goes on like this..
His words sank Maan’s all hopes, he was still holding onto his strength..
Doctor Shah you are best doctor in the world, that’s why I had came to you..plz save my wife..
Maan has no way but to plead at the last just for his Jaan.. he knew now if any miracle can happen then only Do.shah could save his Jaan..
All I can say is I will do my best, and I am sure God will bless you, Doctor shah although tried to assured Maan.
Thank you, Doctor.
Suddenly Sam felt a hard jerk from behind, as he truck coming from behind with high speed lost control and hit them, resulting in small accident,
Baby’s painful cries hits her ears as she holds him closed to her chest, cocooning him in her arms, she has started feeding dizzy , although trying to keep her eyes open she checked baby frantically, and then sighed in relief seeing no injuries on baby. But baby was so frighten that he had started crying again.
Unkownkigly tears well up from her eyes, she began to lose her consiousness, being hurt on her forehead, blood was oozing out on her face,
Before she could closed her eyes she saw some know faces of three people who was beside her car.
Geet was taken inside for surgery, Maan kept holding her hand till she was gone inside, assuring her with his warmth of love and encouraging words.
Maan sat outside, with so much tension inside, he tried his best to be calm, and positive but when there was fear inside heart and mind it won’t go away easily,
Ramu kaka looked at him painfully, he was as much as scared for Geet like Maan..he brought him coffee to drink but he just refused take any , till the time his geet won’t come back saved from this surgery, he as if had vow to himself.
Geet was if in different world all together, she was in the middle standing, while all her memories and life from childhood till now, started filming around her, her love for Maan, her parents, Sam.. his love for Sam, (from her pov) how she had hides her own love in her secret diary..her cries..his torture,
If I hold it back I can still look at him quitely,
If I tell him means probably I will lose him,
tears rolled down from her close eyes..
(Remember the song sequence, chupana bhi nahi aata, where she had hide her feelings from him)
Then his love, her baby.. he needs her now..
My Jaan..
You have to survive Geet, this time for both us.. for me and for your little Jaan..


She whispered.. crying in her unconscious state, I want to go to him.. she tried to reached her baby, when she felt someone holding her hand, Geet.. Geet..
She slowly opened her eyes to see Maan, caressing her cheek lovingly, she flickered her eyes to see his face clearly and was shock to see small tear drop on his cheek, is he crying??
She had never seen him so broken like this before, and she couldn’t even see him like this..her heart cried, she slowly raise her hand and wiped his tears, you are giving me trouble by crying like this..
she whispered pouting her face ready to cry.
Maan couldn’t help but chuckle resting his forehead on her, he was happy ..really happy..
to be continued..
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