Thank you so much mishty.. and he just kissed her cheek in his excitement leaving her tottaly baffled..
Geet stood bewilder, for a moment with her eyes and mouth wide open..
Just then Maan realised, what he just did.. oh man…but she so cute right now..he thought.
Keeping his thoughts aside for a while, he murmured soft sorry to her, I am my excitement I just..
Geet was pulled out of shock, she gives him merderous glare, if he wasn’t her guest tonight, she had swollen his cheek.. she thought angrily, you don’t have to be so excited..she muttered angrily, gritting her teeth, trying to control her anger.

Maan watched her red face and knew he is gone today, before her anger raise he pulled out bundle of notes from his pocket and taking her hand in his , he shoved in in her palm..
What the hell..she blasted..
This is for expenses for food, water and electricity bill..
Geet was tounge tied, she just gapped at him .
Geet..what happened..look..I am really sorry for the kiss..

@guruchoudhary @dhamidrashti - gurmeetchoudhary - drashtidhami - geet - geethanda - m.jpg

She was red again now but in embarrassment,
Maan saw it and cursed himself for his behaviour, it’s enough..!?! Or I can give you more..
Geet put those notes back in his hands angrily, I don’t need this much..
Geet thought for a while, when Maan said desperately, Geet, if you don’t take..I won’t eat your food.
Geet give him a look, like shut up, Maan instantly shut his mouth, while she counted something on her fingers, I will send you costs via…she thought..when Maan added, give me your number, we discussed through it..
Geet thought and they exchanged their numbers.
Few days passed,
Both had became comfortable with each other like friends,
Geet started cooking for him, sending him pics after the delicious meal ready with decoration..
Both didn’t eat together after that day, Geet would packed his food and he would eat at his own apartment.
It was Sunday, Geet drags him to food shopping, Maan wasn’t bore at all, infact he was feeling refresh with having Geet close like that ,..after his hectic schedule of work.


Both shopped their favourite etables, other food items, Geet buy some veggies, ingredients.. and finally fish.. both were eyeing it like they would gonna eat that there only ..raw..smiley37
At the bill counter, maan tried to pay with his card, but Geet couldn’t let him, she just argue with him and at the end it was her cash which got paid at the counter.
Maan was angry, upset on geet, as he carried those shopping bags in his both hands while following her grumpily..
As they reached her doorstep, Maan..she called him, but he didn’t respond being angry on her, she opened the door while he carried bags inside,
Maan..she again called confused and got only glare in return, she realised he is still upset, so to change his mood, she played her card, you should eat today at my place, and as expected there was shine in his eyes as he jerked his head to looked at her in surprise.
Geet knew somewhere, he just craved for her company, to stay with her, have meal with her , in her home but she always have excuses everyday, not sure about whole thing..
And she didn’t realise when they became so close and comfortable with each other, words just spill out of her mouth, seeing him upset that too on her, she didn’t felt good and to make him happy she said this .
And now seeing him back to himself , she was more than relived.
Are you sure, mishty?? He got up , walking up to her , with that intense look in his eyes.
But that new word,..?? Mishty?? Who is mishty?? She asked confused,
Maan cupped her face tenderly reaching up to her, you!..

But I am Geet..not any mishty..
Yes you are mishty for me.. because you are too sweet.
Geet blushed hearing his words.. Maan, she wacked him pulling back, let’s go..I have to cook the fish..
Maan’s mouth waters already..smiley36 and after a while, as the smell of it filled in he house, he couldn’t help but wait desperately like a cat..he got up an walked towards her, seeing her so engrossed in the work wearing apron.
Do you want any help?? He asked peeking inside the utensil.
Maan.. Geet gasped..holding her chest, you scare me..
I didn’t mishty.. you were so engrossed..he spoke so sweetly , adoring her,as he pushed back toss curls from her forehead, tucking them behind her ears..
I asked you something.. he huskily said, taking tissue and wiping that sweat from her face,
Uh.. nothing.. you don’t have to do anything.. he stammers lost in his closeness which started affecting her recently.. his scent.. his biceps.. huge self hovering her tiny self.. she was spellbound by his charm.
Maan saw her lost look, and was happy seeing his effect on her, so what should I do..he asked so huskily, closed to her face, his warm breath fanning her face, he eyed her luscious lips then her dazzling eyes..

Geet suddenly realised what he asked and his intentions, she just pushed him back, trying to hide her blush, let me work, seat at the table, I will come when the food gets ready. She somehow finished telling him, concentrating on the work at hand.
Maan only smirked, seeing her state, he just did as she said and waited for her.
Precap :-
He usually text me.. what happened today..??

32 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 6

  1. toh geet thodi pigal rahi hain……geet bhi maan ko miss kar rahi hai……dono pass arahe hain………

    lovely update…………

    loved it……….

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  2. Lovely update,
    They become friends,he gets the chance to eat the food she prepared daily,they goes to shopping,And he is in love with her,And always looking for chances to be with her,She too is affected by his proximity,She can’t see him sad, looking forward to further,Wt happend to maan?

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  3. Beautiful update n maan n geet both are friend now n they were doing shopping n maan was happy doing shopping with her n geet paid the bill n maan become upset n so she told him to have dinner with her today n he became very happy as he likes her company n both like each other n comfortable with each other n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Superbbb update dear maaneet becoming close..geet refused when he offered money for food..later they went for grocery shopping too there also geet payed the bill and maan was irritated coming home geet asked for his company for tonight dinner and he loved it…both started liking eachother company… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  5. Nice update. Mard ki Dil ki Rasta uske pet se hokar hajar gujarta hai. Man totally lattu on geet. Geet ke upar bhi e Maan ka Jadu chal raha hai. Precap Parker next part ke liye besabri se intezar kar rahi hun.

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  6. Interesting..

    Geet was angry for the kiss.

    They are getting closer.

    They had fun shopping.

    Both are getting affected by each other.

    Enjoying each other’s company.

    Especially maan loves her company n food.

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  7. Lovely update…
    Maaneet gone for shopping…
    But Maan got angry about her don’t using his card to pay…
    But got really happy she she asked about to dine together….
    Maan waiting for that fish like cat is too much 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
    Geet also affecting by his presence….
    Maan is totally happy to see his effect on her…

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