Maan jerked her apart angrily, Geet..she was sobbing by now, the thought of not able to see her little Jaan again and Maan…it was already killing her from inside.
Maan couldn’t bear her broken state, he just slam his mouth on her, taking her by surprise, he kissed her harshly and passionately..
Geet tried to respond although knowing it’s impossible to match him, she could feel his anger through the harsh kiss as he bites her lips, drowning blood from it.
I won’t let anything happen to you..he whispered huskily breaking the kiss, his rage breath fanning on her face, she cupped his face looking into his pained eyes, she felt bad for making him sad..

How many times you want hear it.. he cupped her chin making her look into his eyes straight.
Then listen again Geet.. agar Bhagwan bhi chahe toh bhi main tumhe use muzse chinne nahi dunga..
You have to fight it.. to survive like you did for our baby.and this time you have to … for both of us..
His words continued ringing in Geet’s mind, as both started for hospital. Geet put her baby closed to her heart while Maan hold both of them in his arm,
He was so much tense from inside but kept himself strong for her, he pressed her arm assuring her, she looked at him, nervous a little , next he kissed her lips softly , making her feel good.
Geet showered umpteenth of kissed on her baby.. eyes getting wet but she held herself strong ..
She was taken inside for check up before her surgery, and Maan became busy with other formalities and discussion with doctor.
Baby was with his grandfather (mr.handa) and care taker(ramukaka). Who had come to accompany them.
All three were in Garden by now as baby was becoming cranky without his parents , they came to the secluded area behind hospital just walking by and trying to make crying baby calm..
when all of a sudden Sam appears from behind.
You’ve ruin my life, Geet and Maan.. now see what will I do, it’s not the end.
She called one of her men who was waiting for her order, stood hidden from them.
And she barge before the old man with an evil smirk.. here you are with my little nephew..I am looking for him everywhere, she gives sweetest smile to both of them.
Sam, what are you doing here?? Her father asked suddenly feeling something fishy about her sweet behaviour.
There is a section for the baby in hospital, Maan told me to carry him there..
What rubbish.. why would Maan tell something like that, when we his family is here to look after him.. mr.handa said sternly giving her glare.
What the hell you going to do..
Just give me the baby, you old man..and she snatch the little baby from Ramu kakas hands leaving him startled , he was already so consider and when she snatch that little soul he didn’t get..
Leave the baby!! Her father screamed in anger, but nothing could stop Sam today..
I am not here for that..she blasted and called out to her man, who rushed inside the scene to help her.
You can’t do this.. leave the baby. Mr.handa tried to stop her from behind, but she pushed him off harshly, get off..
Geet has already gone through so much ..if there is little shame on you.. just leave the baby .he again tried but this time the man from behind hit his head hard with the stick he was holding.
Ramu kaka who was already on the floor, watched everything with his shocked eyes,
And you.. you saw get it!?? She glared him furiously, you’re nice to me..don’t make me do something that you will regret..
Let’s go..she said to the man and rushed out from there before anyone could see.
Not soon, Maan came to know about the mishap, he immediately rushed the ward where mr.handa was kept..
He was conscious when Maan almost ran inside, where is my son..where did she take him..??


He was going mad with rage and worry for his son, that witch this time stoop so low to stole his baby.
I don’t know, I just heard her telling that man, who was accompanying her, that she is leaving this country with baby soon..
Damn…Maan almost pushed the chair away, hitting it by his feet angrily.
Just then Kunal , Anna and Rahul walked in getting the news from Ramu kaka. They were extremely worried as well as angry , after getting to know this.
Does Geet know about this?? Asked worried Anna, 
Offcourse I can’t tell her.. she has taken to OT.. she can’t take it.. if she will get to know it.. the surgery is going to begin soon…Maan said controlling himself from breaking down, he felt devasted, but he have to do something fast before Sam reached the airport taking his son, thought he trying to formulate some plan to get back his son.
We need to Stop Sam!! Kunal spoked suddenly as if reading his mind.
Maan looked at him, when Anna spoke, Maan you stay here with Geet, she needs to you the most the time , 
Maan thought for a while, he knew , she is saying right, Geet needs him now, but on the other hand, his son also needs him..he was in conflict situation, when he looked at all three of them, yes both of them needs him but right now there are people to saved his baby, he couldn’t rely on them for a while but Geet, she have no one right now without him.


He finally agreed, and there was not much time also, Sam can flies out of country anytime..
Trio was ready to go, when Maan spoke, so I can trust you with my baby!! 
I am in with two of them just for Geet, and it’s her baby.. know..Kunal spoke giving him one look, then looking away from him.
All right. All right..let’s get moving, Rahul spoke, walking out, in the intention to stop the conflict between both..
All walked out, Maan too walked to meet Geet when kunal’s words Stop him from behind..
Take good care of Geet, or else’s I won’t let you live in peace!! 
Maan became furious hearing him, how dare he to asked him what to do and not..that too he was talking about his wife.
He tilted his neck and spoke in dangerous voice, Geet is my wife..and you are an outsider, stay out of our family matter.. 
Maan Singh Khurana, you wait and see!! Kunal gives him furious smirk.
Maan only smirk in return before walking away from there.
Maan walked straight towards the private ward  where Geet was kept, just to meet her once before the surgery, he was losing his straight still he couldn’t show her anything right now, his eyes moistened just thinking about their little Jaan.. 

I am in so much pain, Jaan..but I can’t tell you!! 
I wanted to find our baby, by myself but I couldn’t.. 
I could only rely on someone.. what will I do if our baby can’t come back and you won’t recover?? 
Maan felt a shiver of pain through his whole body, 
I can’t even bear to think about it..
he blink back his tears before opening the door of room. He havd to be pretend to be calm in front her, he was so tired..
He has done so much wrong before, and he was ready to pay any price.. 
I deserve the punishment , but I just want Geet and my son to be safe…he silently prayed walking near her bed as she opened her eyes slowly, she was unconsious before.
Maan helped her in getting up, just with one glance at his face, she knew he was so tense and there is something on his mind..




Why are you so tense, what is it Maan?? She asked in her husky voice, holding his hand in her palm.
There is nothing, Jaan.. I am just tense for your surgery ..what else.. 
Geet although not convinced with his answer but as the word surgery went inside her head, she immediately remember about her baby.
Maan , where is my baby?? She asked desperately seeing him not with Maan, her heart skip a beat fearing for something.. 
to be continued..
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36 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 37

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