Kabse dil ne mere maan liya hai tumko apna
Aankhen meri dekh rahi hai jaagte sote yeh sapna
Since a long time my heart has accepted you as mine
My eyes are seeing this dream all the time
Maan was day dreaming, just watching her.. suddenly he imagined, walking behind her & taking her in a bear hug, she giggled feeling ticklish with his beard rubbing on her soft cheeks,


Maan…she whined and turned around in his arms caging her arms around his neck, giving him naughty smile.
Mere gale mein daal rahi ho tum baahon ka haar
You’re putting the garland of your arms around my neck
He was pulled out of his imagination, hearing her sweet voice calling him..
Kab se dekh Rahi hoon tumhe..kaha kho Gaye ho?? She asked ever so sweetly, trying to pushed back the tendril of hairs behind her neck, but it wasn’t happening since she was holding knife.
Tum hi toh laayi ho jeevan mein mere
Pyar, pyar, pyar
You’re the one who has brought love in my life
He smiled softly walking near her, and his fingers teased her soft cheeks, as they went behind along with her curls pushing them behind her ear, her cheeks instantly warm up..
Thanks..she muttered giving him shy smile.
You like old songs.?? He asked
I loved them!! They are meaningfull and reach our soul…She said cheekily..putting all the vegetables inside the utensil..
My Dadi(grandma) also loved to hear them..
How cute!!
Cute .?? Maan give her a look.
I mean..aapki Dadima hai.. ?? He nodded..woh toh bahot cute hogi na..
Maan Chuckle hearing her childish talks then, her excitement after knowing about his dadi..he couldn’t missed that dimple smile adorn her face.
Cute ka toh pata nahi..but bahot hi shaitan jarur hai..always upto something to trouble me..
Geet, her eyes widen in shock hearing him refering something like that for his grandma.
Aise nahi kahte.. you shouldn’t talk like that about your old grandma..
Old..?? Harkate toh bachi jaise hai..
I know..old people have this tendency.. but dare you talk again like that about your grandma..she almost showed him the knife she was holding in her hands.


Alright..Maan held his hands in air, showing his defeat.. you are talking like she is your own..
Geet twisted her lips turning her back to him, she concentrate on cooking..
Maan didn’t wanted to make her angry more keep mum but was amused by her innocence..
Tumhare ghar main kaun kaun hai, Geet..he asked after a while coming from back.
And Geet started chirpily.. although I don’t have cute grandma like yours..
Maan looked at her amused with his raise brow while he heard her next, I am only daughter of my parents..
And there began her chatterbox, while cooking..
Maan was like, how much she talks but then he got lost in her sweet talking , the way her lips move.. small teeth peeking through.. her pony was losing almost the way she was shaking her neck..
Soon the delicious meal was ready, Geet unkownkigly asked him to joined her for dinner, Maan was sweetly surprised and couldn’t resist the smell of his favourite meal served before him..he joined her happily..
Arey aapne toh muze kuch bhi nahi bataya aapke bare main..Geet suddenly asked chewing on her food.
Tumse kehne wali aur bhi hai pyari baatein
Tumse kehne wali aur bhi hai pyari baatein
I have more adorable things to tell you
I am here for my one of business deal…and he then started telling her about his robotic life that what she thought after listening about him.. and Maan did wonder, when did he talked this much before in his life..
Samne sabke bolo kaise keh doon saari baatein
Aaj magar bas itna hi karna hai ikraar
But how can I say all that in front of everyone
Today I just want to confess that
Both finished their meal chatting away about their personal life’s and so on and on..
Maan was so please after his delicious meal with sweetest girl. He saw her picking up dishes and walking towards sink.
Let me help you, he sweetly offered helping her in between..
That’s when she spoke, Maan…
His name has never before this been sweet to his ear.. he sighed while she continued..
I had thought about it yesterday.. geet started.. making him confused.
Cooking for you!!
Maan was again flat listening her, so what is your answer..?? He control himself from doing any silly losing his heart to her already..
I often cook more than I needed anyway.. rather than wasting the food why not I might cook for both of us..??
Maan’s heart skip a beat with happiness..already he was on the moon with dinner night with her and now hearing her yes, he was jumping in joy from inside.
Tum hi toh laayi ho jeevan mein mere
Pyar, pyar, pyar
You’re the one who has brought love in my life
Thank you so much mishty.. and he just kissed her cheek in his excitement leaving her tottaly baffled..
to be continued..

28 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 5

  1. Hi Mugdha, Kehna hai.. Kehna hai aaj tumse ye phir ek baar… Thank you for the wonderful update. Finally Maan will be having the meal prepared by Geet daily. Kaash mera bhi koi Chef next door hoti… . Hehe

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  2. maan babu u r gone dear……….u r in love with geet……….good going ………..

    lovely update……

    loved it………..

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  3. Hi, thanks for lovely part.
    Song is one of my favorite and evergreen . It’s like perfect for this situation.geet is chatterbox and maan become like her .
    Both share their life
    Waiting for next

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  4. Wow dinner turned out be a great understanding between each other where they got to know more about each other …maan’s dream was lovely…maan is falling for this sweet girl…geet’s defending his daadima was cute…geet decided about cooking for him too and confessed him about he was more than happy and in excitement he kissed her cheek😘😘 waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  5. Fabulous update n maan is looking at her n day dreaming about her n they both were talking n she just ask him to join her for dinner n they both were having dinner n talking about each other and she told him that she is ready to come for him n listening this maan become very happy n in excitement he kissed her check n thnxx for pm me

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  6. Beautiful update. Maan is total fida on Geet. He is falling in love with her. Both talked a lot about their families. Maan talked about her shaitan dadi. Then they took dinner. Geet accepted his offer to cook for him.

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  7. Dinner made them closer they share their talk
    Maan happy to know that she is cooking for him
    He kissed her in happiness
    Mr maan you taking liability

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  8. What a progress!

    Dinner together. Talking sharing about each other.

    Helping in cleaning.

    She finally agreed to cook food for him.

    He kissed her in his excitement.

    Waiting for geet’s reaction.

    Mishty n kiss, not bad maan babu.

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