Geet was ready in her bridal attire, as beauticians done her hairs and make up..after a while she was alone in the room, just taking a relief breath, as her friends came down to welcome the guest , and the groom.
When all of a sudden, the door got opened forcefully by the entry of raging Sam,
Geet has to put her hand on her thudding heart, she was so scared, Sam..AAP..?? She was startled for a moment, not expecting she had completely forgot about her, after the warning from Maan, to stay away from her.
Sam burned in extreme rage and jealousy seeing Geet beautifully adorn in wedding attire.
How dare you to snatch my Maan from me?? And she dashed inside like a raging Bull, taking Geet by shock, next she was frightened with her attacked, as Sam clutches her delicate neck.
Does it feel good, to snatch your own sis’s love!?? Sam blasted .
Geet have no words to uttered, as she looked at her with teary gaze, hum..
GHSP 215 HD_2445.jpg
Sam seeing her plan working , making her guilty losen her hold on her neck, you put that diary of yours on my door, purposely, don’t you?? You are happy now?? I went abroad leaving my Maan behind for you..
Geet was toungetied, it wansnt like that,. Hume sach main nahi pata, humari diary waha kaise pahuchi..Geet tried to explain though.
You don’t know?? So the diary got there on its own??
Sam smirked inwardly seeing the look on her face, it was what she wanted, to make Geet guilty, she had snatch everything from her..
Sameera Handa!! It was Maan who enters inside , his bloodshot eyes scare the hell out of Sam, as she took step back from Geet..
GHSP 215 HD_3056.jpg
I warned you before, but you still come to Geet.. he blasted furiously on her
I didnt tell her, about what you did, so you came to bully her, taking the chance??
Maan..listen to me…I was just come…
SHUT UP!! He blasted furiously making her shut instantly, he then looked at shivering Geet.
Maan walked up to her taking her in a bear hug, are you alright??
He asked painfully, just few minutes Sam, your game will be finished, he thought and hidden smirk capture his lips.
Chalo..and stay away from her, Maan said to Geet as he drags her out along with him, Sam screamed from behind, this is now dare to me Maan.. I love you more than anyone..even that this Geet..she bash angrily.
Maan stopped in his track, all three had came downstairs by now, it is so?? He turned to looked at her, you think, I don’t know why did you left me months back,??
Sam was bewilder , does he know?? She thought fearfully..
I saw her diary..I wanted to..she again tried her same lie, but Maan this time spoke harshly breaking her talks,
Shame on you, Sam!! You did not left for Geet or me..but for your own good..
You stole Geet’s design, and went for its consent in abroad.
Sam was flabbergasted, so as everyone who gathered around them without Sam or Geet’s notice, but all was happening according to Maan’s plan.
But what is fake can’t be true, Maan give her evil smirk, you have stolen Geet’s hard work, so it’s must be tough for you there.. ha Sam?? His smirk stay intact, even got bigger seeing her pale face.
Geet couldn’t believe it, she hold onto Maan strongly, her straight going away listening all this,
Maan holds her protectively in his arms, assuring her..
Do you know, Geet..the design that you you know where did you left it?? she stolen it, which you were goning to use in competition..Maan revealed further looking at shock Geet.
Geet gasped, giving one look at sam..her hard work, she had never thought of that, or anything at that time, her thoughts only roam around Maan and only Maan.
GHSP 215 HD_8131.jpg
she switch your work under her name for the competition.. she didn’t leave from here for you, but for herself.. your diary was more or less stolen from your room and put at her door, Maan said looking at Geet then her, taking off the burden of guilt from her heart and mind.
Sam was toungetied, having no words to saved her, just then there was camera flashing from all around, followed by hustle bustle, people started gossiping , giving her disgusting looks.
Stop it.. that’s not true, Sam scream, shouted but no one listened instead media people attacked on her with their questions,
Miss Sameera, is this true, just now what Mr.Khurana said ..that??
Miss Handa…
She looked at her parents, who had stood at far watching all with shock for they were too unknown of this little or big thing their daughter had hide from them.. she called them but they just turned their faces away, why did she lied this and hides from them..they would have helped her then but what she had done is can’t be accepted.
Now everyone came to know the real truth, staff and few people stood guilty with head bow in shame for harrassing the innocent soul.
After the media fiasco, they instantly went to Geet, asking for her forgiveness as per Maan’s order, although they couldn’t meet her innocent gaze,
Geet have nothing to say, she kept mum, everything happening around her so sudden and shocking, it took toll on her, and she fainted in his arms.
After few hours of rest, Geet was taken down for her wedding, Anna and pinky teased her endless, making her blushed crimson red,
You are looking more beautiful today, Geet.. look at Maan, he can’t take his eyes off you..Anna whispered in her ears making her condition worsen.
Maan smirk seeing her state, as she walked upto him, he held out his hand for her take,
Both share a deep eyelock, which got broke by hooting and whitsling from around.
Garlands were exchanged between Maneet, with little teasing and hooting of guest, Geet was all the while blushing and her eyes were shinning like anything with true happiness, Maan was all the while lost in her, bend down for her to make her let him wear the garland, boys sighed..while girls teased them.
Geet was missing her parents like anything, her teary eyes tried to search her uncle & aunt (Sam’s parents) soon she found Mr.Handa stood far away from the crowd giving her teary look.
Papa..she dashed to him , he engulf her dearly, crying out his guilt for all these years, he just realised today what he has been ignorant all this years, he never did show interest in home, only his daughter and wife matters, not the little angel who used to complaint him at initial days about his daughters rudeness, or his wife’s torture on her, he was ignorant for all those years..and today he did really saw his brothers glimpse in Geet.
He hugs her warmly, Geet asked him through teary gaze about her mother(mrs.handa)
He just shook his head in denial, Geet get to know her mother is still angry on her..the reason she don’t know like all these years.
He went with her to do her kanyadan..
Soon all rituals were done, he filled her maang, making her wear new wedding chain, she clutch it to her chest, feeling new emotions surfing through her today, lone tear escape from eyes, he wiped that, nodding her in no..
Geet was again welcome in KM as newly wedded bride of Maan, with her baby and Maan.
As baby was getting cranky and tired, so dadi asked everyone retire to room for a day.
Geet entered her newly decorated room with sleeping baby in her arms, she clutched her baby to her chest as memories of her first night flashed before her.
She closed her eyes tight, letting tears to flow down, she jerk open them hearing the sound of door closing behind.
Maan walked inside, from behind, he softly took her in his arms, making their way to their decorated bed.
He slowly put both of them down, and wiped her face tenderly, unhone Aisa kyon Kiya humare sath..?? Geet whispere with hoarse voice.
Maan at first didn’t understand but then he knew about whom she is talking, he cupped her face , because your an angel, Jaan..
Geet lifted her eyes instantly to looked into his love filled eyes, Maan kissed her both eyes, taking off her jwellries one by one, making Geet shudders in response.
and some people are just jealous of my Jaan.. he concluded patting her little nose with finger, making her chuckle out.
He was finally at ease seeing her smile, just then baby woke up crying his lungs out..
And your Jaan is jealous of me.. Maan joked only to recieve glare from Geet, he is so little, aap kuch bhi mat kahiye.. she started feeding him, while Maan recieved another famous kick from his devil that’s why he always intend to push me away whever I close to you..
Maan..she whined seeing him rattling about her baby..
Kunal stood outside beside his car, just glancing at the Khurana Mansion, his heart was in immense pain for losing his love forever, although she wasn’t his before also..his eyes teary..he looked at Rahul who stood at side, patting his shoulder,
Now you regret it??
Yes..I regret it badly to let go of her..the time she crashed on to my car..
Both let out a small chuckle..
Let’s go and find some other girl for you to crash into your car.. said Rahul as both turned and sat inside the car.
I won’t get another like her…
Yes…me also .said Rahul as matter of fact .Kunal give him murderrous look..
What..?? As a friend.what are you thinking..
Kunal sighed and turned his gaze to road ahead.
You are impossible, you have lost it..
Yeah I have lost my heart to her..
Keep your hear to yourself she really belongs to Maan..
Whatever..muttered Kunal, clutching the steering.
Tell me she is safe there now..
Urgh..Rahul just sighed in frustration not ready to answer him now.
Geet was ready to put the sleeping baby in crib, when she felt Maan’s hands wrapping around her, he deep his face in the crook of her neck..
Geet put baby inside, and turned in his arms being shy with his advances, she softly pushed on his chest, he took hold of her hands in his, kissing her mehendi filled hands …
Maan..she moaned, then realized what he was doing, she slowly opened her eyes to see him tracing his name on her palm with his lips.
Her condition worsen, as Maan trails up wet and hungry kisses on her arms, reaching up to her neck, he buried his face in her cleavage, kissing her there madly.
Maan..she moaned clutching his scalp, encouraging him further, he opened the know of her blouse, pulling the materials out, his palms roamed on her back sensously making her insane.
Next he lifts her up in his arms, putting her on the bed.. and walked to cupboard leaving Geet confused.
Whole room was dark leaving table lamp on, he walked back with soft material of cloth in his hands.
He slowly pulled her up, Geet willingly went in is arms, hugging him tight, trying to open his kurta.
Maan saw her eagerness , but he have to stop today..only for her..
Soon Geet found herself in velvety nightie, Maan slowly pulled out her skirt from her body, making her go red.
She lay down closing her eyes in complete submission, Maan hovered on her slowly admirring her for a while, her Sindoor and wedding chain today giving new name to their relation, which she kept intact till today..
Now it’s his turn to keep safe this angel close to him forever, thinking so he kissed her forehead tenderly with love povering out making Geet slowly opened her eyes.
Her hands went on his bare shoulders, as he had pulled out his shirt for her.. she was feeling him innocently.. making him hard..
Jaan..he groaned clutching her hand ..she pouted while her soft palms continue to roam on his flat tummy.
You need to take rest, Jaan.. he softly whispered cupping her cheek.
Her hands halted suddenly.. she tried to pull them back but he caught it, looking at her sadden face..naaraz ho.. ???
Geet looked at him, ji nahi..
You know tomorrow..
I know what is tommorrow hold.. you don’t need to make me remind it always..she spitted giving one teary look at her baby who was at bedside, sleeping peacefully inside the crib.
Maan’s heart clutches in great pain, he forcefully made her look at him, look Geet..I told you before as well, tumhe kuch nahi hoga..
I don’t want to lose you either…she jerk up and hugs him tight, burying her face in the crook of his neck, her tears wet his neck,..when her words further stopped his heartbeat, Maan…baby.. how will he live without his mamma..
Maan jerked her apart angrily, Geet..she was sobbing by now, the thought of not able to see her little Jaan again and Maan…it was already killing her from inside.
to be continued..
Precap :-
Geet’s surgery & Baby..???

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