Before Geet could answer him, his cell rings, he instantly left her , to recieve his call, it was again delivery man, he left a deep sigh, before giving Geet a look,
Geet who was lost in his spell before, came back to senses hearing his phone ring, she looked at his face then phone, guessing it might be delivery man,
Can you wait for me, for a while, maan?? She asked sweetly making him surprised ,he just hmm in response and cut the call without his notice.
But her sweet voice ringing in his ears, the way she call out his name, his name sound more beautiful from her mouth.
He was pulled out of his thoughts, seeing Geert running out with tiffin in her hands, before he could react, she rushed to him, main yeh San akele nahi kha Sakti.. I mean if you don’t mind, she put two boxes contenting food in his hands taking him by surprise.
He looked at her widen eyes then at the boxes in his hands,
Seeing his look, Geet blabber out, do you like chicken??
Thank you so much!! Maan spoke finally giving her relief .. I like everything..he said giving her charming smile.
Thank you so much for this!! Saying so he took leave from there.
Geet kept watching his back, still he disappeared from the stairs of her house, wierd Guy,..he like everything!?? Geet murmured to herself then couldn’t held herself breaking into sweet laughter imagining his face and the way he was trying to make her say yes to his proposal…
Geet straighten herself with last thought, well.. cooking proposal.. she just dash inside her house..
Home sweet home!!
Geet wasn’t able to sleep, thinking should she say yes.. or no… there is no way for her to say no..
He is such a sweet guy..she concluded reminding his pitiful face,
While on the other hand, Maan was relishing his meal given by Geet, at last he’s having his creamy pasta and delicious chicken soup.
Wow!! Jee karta hai uske hath choom lu..
Just then he realised what he thought, small smile touches his face seeing her sweetness, as how she given him food.
But she do have magic in her hands.. sach main..
thinking about her, finally he went to peaceful sleep after being satisfied with his tummy.
Next Day, at the coffee shop,
Geet was doing her job, serving people, when all of a sudden the person walked in before her, Good Morning, Geet, he gives her his charming smile.
Geet was confused not able to recognize him, who’s is just wishing her good morning,
Hmm…who are you??
There was cute frown on her face as she tries to recognise the person..soon her eyes widen in shock, MAAN!???
! He gives her his charming smirk, making her heart skip a beat.
He was surprised on seeing her not recognising him..on that her cute expressions, made something to him .
And seeing that surprise look on her, her widen eyes, all was worthwatching..
Geet couldn’t believe it, he came to her door, two times in those night cloths, the hairs messy..
And now seeing him in that dashing attire, with hairs neatly gelled..she was floored with his dynamic look..
Maan was there for a while like everyday doing his work, one person walk in meeting him, he ordered one black coffee for him , relishing it’s taste to fullest, he quitely admired the sweet girl from his mind.
While going out, he bide her bye, giving her smile, she was just lost watching him, till the time he was gone..
All the while,she kept stealing him secret glances, he was lost in work, oblivious to this.
It’s not much trouble, cooking for two..hai na babaji..
she thought cheekily..
Kehna hai, kehna hai
Kehna hai, kehna hai
Aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
O tum hi toh laayi ho jeevan mein mere
Pyar, pyar, pyar
I want to say this, I want to say this
To you today for the very first time
You’re the one who has brought in my life
Love, love, love
She was cooking, with the song on in the kitchen, while she humming it’s tune, cutting veggies when door bell rang suddenly,
Who is it??? She screamed inside from kitchen,
Then walked out, to open the door, come inside..
Maan gives her small smile stood on her door, with those tiffin in his hands. He slowly walked inside, seeing her closing the door behind.
She gives him small smile, checking him out for a while, today he looks different ofcourse with shirt on..she was satisfed seeing his look.
@guruchoudhary @dhamidrashti My Jaan.. My life line ..._heart_️_hearts_️_hearts_️_fire__heart_eyes__heart_eyes__kissing_heart__
Geet walked inside the kitchen follow by unsure him..
The chicken and pasta was so good!! He started the convo although feeling really good and warm walking inside her home,
Home sweet home!! She have sweet little house just like sweetest her..he thought admiring the interior, then her as she continues cutting her veggies, aroma delicious food roaming inside house, with soft song playing at the background.
Kabse dil ne mere
maan liya hai tumko apna
Kabse dil ne mere
maan liya hai tumko apna
Since a long time my heart has made you mine
He heard the song, his heart filled up, chills running down his spine, giving her dreamy look, he was lost looking at her, the way she was cutting veggies, with her curly hairs bound in a bun , giving her cutest look. She was wearing cute maxi, looking beautiful as ever..
to be continued..
Precap :-
What will they talk and decide..
food & Maneet..

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