I believe you,Maan!!
Her words continued to ring in his mind, making him restless..drowned in his own guilt. He had hold himself before her, not showing her any sign of his inner turmoil but himself burning from inside with his regrets and rage.
He knew she couldn’t take it, his pain ..his will make her more sad, least he wanted it, he has seen her so happy just with his confession, she believes him so easily.. how can be the person forgive and forget the winds he had done.. it’s not easy..
But she is an Angel to forgive him so soon… But she will after knowing about his another lie, he was ready to risk her baby, their baby just to save her life.
She won’t able to bear the truth, he wouldn’t able to see her shatters again just with the thought, she is already in fragile condition, what if something happens to her, because of ..
No..his heart and mind both screams together, he will definitely not let anything happen to his Jaan..
he will die hundredth of deaths from inside just to keep her happy forever. He will burn himself with guilt and remorse but wouldn’t show her any of it, for her health is more importantly than anything. Doctor had already warned him, to stay her away from any tension or worries. She needs to fit and fine for next surgery, shiver ran down his spine, thinking about it..
He looked at his baby, who was sleeping peacefully in the crib.. he touch his little foot reminding about the times he used to kick him always with those little feet, he kissed them tenderly, making baby smile in his sleep recognise his father’s touch.
Maan was overwhelmed he pulled him out of the crib taking him in his arms,
I am sorry baby.. I put your life on stake .. your mammas won’t forgive me, if she get to know this, but you know baby Dad loves you, hope you will forgive your father, as your mammas Jaan..he touched his soft cheeks, giving him teary smile, baby smiled in return ..
Maan pecked his forehead, just then Geet walked out having bath. She looked at the scenes, and was blessed with the sweet sight of her little Jaan and Maan.
It’s been a week , she had return from hospital, just next day Maan had called his Dadi, who was first of all surprised and angry listening Maan, but as he disclosed the truth before dadi, alone in her room, she had access her grand daughter in law, little angry with Maan but she maintain normal behaviour with him before Geet, since Geet should not know about this little conflict in between her grand son and her, it wasn’t good for her health.
Although her mother heart had forgiven him, also knowing and seeing Geet happy with their little baby, she is ready to forget everything but then she want give hard time to Maan to let him realized the gravity of his sins. Unknown of the fact that he was already burning himself in those flames if his sins.
Geet quickly became comfortable with dadi, seeking her mother’s warmth in the room of lady who in return fulfill that place in her life, she was taking care of her every needs like own mother, little baby Khurana was Jaan of the family, dadi was always at both sides, to look after both her childs.
Maan would just admired the duo, he called her because of this only, he knew Geet will need her at this time more than anyone.. he guessed, she is still not that comfortable around him although she tried to show she is..just for can anyone be so selfless, but he knew his angel is..
He was pulled out of his thoughts, feeling her taking baby from his arms, he saw her frowning at him, aapka dhyan kaha hai, is crying from long time..AAP Hume bhi de nahi rahe the… She complaints making herself comfortable on the bed to feed baby.
Maan quickly turned his back towards her, closing his eyes to control his emotions, his fist tighten in rage on himself as he get those flashes of the night when he force her first time, then.. all nights further.. tear threaten to fall , but her words pulled him back again,
Kya baat hai..aap kuch pareshan dikh rahe ho?? She asked genuinely worried to see him lost.
He quickly control himself, and faced her, you think too much, Jaan.. nothing like that..he walked up to her, cupping her face.
But you seem lost.. she reasoned pouting her lips,
Maan adored her innocence, the way she was worried for him, because I was thinking about our marriage, which is held on after two weeks.
This made her blushed, she steal her gaze from him, Maan couldn’t help but smile after all his torturous mind,
Tum khush toh ho na?? He asked her suddenly making her looked at him.
Maine tumhe pucha hi nahi.. ke tumhe kya chahiye.. he confessed again lost in the past.
I am happy with you and our baby..Hume aur kuch nahi chahiye.. she said giving him warm smile, his heart beat again raised manically making him fall for her again at the moment.
He felt a new zeal in him, he decreased the distance between them, making her breaths heavy.. she looked at his eyes turning dark, her face was up, her own eyes began to turn passionate..
she wished for the kiss to happen soon and he fulfill her demand, holding her from her nape, he put his lips on her to kissed her breathless.
Geet responds back sweetly, cherishing the feel of being loved by her love, as he kissed very tenderly and lovingly povering out his all love through the kiss.
The marriage rituals had started on grand spell in KM, as Maan wanted to fulfill the dream of his Jaan, he knew like every other girl, she was also having dream about her wedding and he once had broken it ruthlessly but he was ready mend everything right.
Dadima was more than happy, she herself looked after every arrangements.
It’s been few days, he was away from his Jaan and baby as per Dadi’s instruction as it was ritual, but he felt its been ages..he is away from her, the moment without her nothing but torutred for him.
Geet was missing him as well like hell, as in this month he made her habitual of him, specially his new and old side, he was caring like before.. showering his love and care all time on her and their baby.. she was so overwhelmed..she almost forgot her old wounds.
Although she was having her friends around and baby… Her all hours consumed in looking after baby.
It was after haldi ceremony, she was going to given special bath of rosemilk..
Geet felt shy, standing just in white cloth tied around her milky body…after all ladies left her giving her privacy.
As she sat inside the zacuzzi, just when she felt his sudden presence ..her hazel eyes frantically searched him, next her breath hitch in her throat, feeling his hot breath fanning her wet neck.. she couldn’t move.
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai, khayi hai
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai, khayi hai
I’ve made the promise to make you mine
Maann …his name escapes her Shivering lips. She tilted her neck to looked into his passionate eyes, her own eyes were craving for him, he could see their hunger,
Teri aankhon mein chahat hi nazar aayi hai, aayi hai
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai, khayi
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai, khayi hai
[I’ve seen love in your eyes
I’ve made the promise to make you mine]
he move little ahead, and pecked her forehead making her close her eyes, then his lips move towards her close eyes, he kissed them one by one, going down, his lips hover on to her wet one, urging him kissed them.
He kept looking at her face for a while, quenching his thirst, Geet was waiting for his one move, but getting nothing she slowly opened her eyes, and saw him just watching her hungrily.
She blushed, her cheeks became red, she tried to break the eye contact, but jerk her back facing her, clearly decline her to do it..
Tere honton se main shabnam churaunga
[I’ll steal the dewdrops from your lips]
Next monent, he slam his mouth on her quenching both of their thirst.. it was never dying though.. their craving increased just with one soul searing kiss..
Tere honton se main shabnam churaunga
Geet was blushing like hell, feeling his hand going down inside water, he opened the knot of her cloth, making it fall out from her delicate body.
Geet gasped giving him entry in her mouth, he relished her sweetness before breaking apart.
Geet tried to move back, but her jerked her back closed to him, he was seating out touching her nude body inside bath tub..
Geet hides her face in the crook of his neck feeling so shy.. he didn’t move his hands, just kept holding her for his heart satisfaction.
I missed you.. she whispers, rubbing her lips on his neck making him groan in response, his hold tighten on her waist, making her moan..he instantly losen his hold, and kissed her cheeks one by one..
Tere aanchal tale jeevan bitaungaI’
Meri nas nas mein tu banke lahu samayi hai, samayi hai
I love you Jaan.. words left from his mouth followed by sweet kiss at the corner of her lips..she clutch his neck tight, holding him closer.
If you allow me, I can have to take bath..he teased her huskily muttering those words in her ears, Geet felt goosebumps al over her body, she sighed, and clings to him more.
Maan was sweetly surprised with her move, non the less he loved it, but the fact that she is becoming comfortable with him, it gives him more satisfaction.. his heart skip a beat hearing her words, it gives his love new zeal..
How is your Jaan!! He asked lovingly pushing back her hairs tucking them behind her ears..he knew she liked the way he called their baby hers.. that’s why he deliberately used it just to make her happy.
And Geet really loved it when he does uttered those words..he is also missing his dad.
Just then both of them heard the loud knocking on the door follow by Pinky’s voice, Geet jaldi gayi kya andar??
Maan chuckle parting from her while Geet pouted, holding on to him.
Take care, and he pecked her lips lovingly raising up on his feet, ready to go when he added, till the time of our wedding..
Geet blushed just with the name of marriage and Maan walked out giving her pleasant smile.
It was mehendi time, Geet was ready wearing beautiful lehenga dress..
she walked down with her friends on either side, pinky and and Anna..
What shocked her the most was Maan had called their whole office staff.. she was bewilder as memories again haunt her, those harsh words from same people, and now the thought of facing them bring tears in her eyes and fear in her heart.
She hold her baby closed to her chest, as designer carve the design on her one palm. Anna and pinky tried to teased her but nothing affect her blank mind.
Maan walked inside the hall, straight towards her looking dashing as ever, stealing all girls gazes although they are aware he has been taken, but they can’t help to drool on him
Maan watched her lost face, knowing what must she going through, but he just attempt to mend everything on right places, today whole world is going to know her as Mrs. MSK.. he will shut everyone’s mouth today .
Maan called her pulling her back to her senses, she looked at him with her teary eyes, he gestured her to not shed those tears with his stern face, he take baby from her arms gently, and give her assuring smile that everything is going to fine..
Geet was although restless still, she got back her lost courage seeing him standing on her side. She knew it’s grand wedding, so everyone must invited, also his business associates.
Soon the hall started filling up with guests..Geet was little apprehensive, she looked around for Maan or her baby but there was none..
She soon caught the sight of her baby with dadi ..she took steps to reach him but soon she felt a pulled on her arms and then in one jerk, she was alone in the corridor with him, in his arms.
Maan..she gasped, and hugs him tightly.maan could feel wet on his neck, she was crying.
he softly pulled her apart, wipping her tears, don’t be scare of anything, you have me Geet, always with you.. he tried to give her courage. Nothing will happen.. main kuch galat nahi Hone dunga….
Mohabbat kya hai main sabko bata dunga
Zamane ko tere aage jhuka dunga
[I’ll tell everyone as to what love is
I’ll make the world to bow down in front of you]
You faced it all alone in the past, because I was not there with you..but now you have me..he spoke each word clearly looking into her eyes, giving her courage.
She wiped her remaining tears, giving him small smile, believing his each words like always.
Hum samaz Gaye Maan..I am not scare anymore.. she whispered putting her head on his chest,
Teri ulfat meri jaana woh rang layi hai, layi hai
Teri ulfat meri jaana woh rang layi hai, layi hai
[My beloved, your love has brought many colours]

He patted her head lovingly, then kissed her bare back, making her shiver all of a sudden and she pulled back blushing, he took her mehendi clad hands in his to admired her designs,
Geet jerked out of his hold, stopping him, not now.. you have to find your name in my hands on our wedding night.. she blabber in one speed then stop suddenly realizing something..her face sadden
Maan could read her each thoughts, he cupped her face, I am sorry!! I know I have snatch everything..every dream..from you..
Geet shook her head in denial at instant… Aise Na kahiye.. you have given me my Jaan.. she smile at the end through tears, reminding about her little life.
Maan also smiled with her, touching his forehead with hers, both closed their eyes feeling each other closeness, and awaiting their new life ahead.
to be continued..
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