Geet was sniffing her delicious pasta, ready to have it,
she put one spoonful in her mouth, relishing the taste of her handmade food.
And then there was a sound of doorbell again, that’s it, she threw that spoon in the basin, puting laid on the dish, she strode out angrily.
Before she could open the door, she heard his voice, excuse me, miss, yesterday I came to knock on your door out of blue.. I am sorry about that.. I bother you..
Geet’s anger was melting hearing his sorry ranting, she opened the door a little and glance through the little space to see the same man standing there, wearing same cloths, i.e. vest one tracks, she frowned while Maan was mesmerize seeing her hazel eyes watching him with wonder, and then he found her cute the way she was looking through the little ajar door..he was flat then hearing her sweet voice, don’t call me miss, I am Geet.. why are you so wierd.. Geet pouted asking him so.
Maan was taken back hearing her words, the girl just called him weird, if anyone on her place , they won’t even dare to open their mouth before let alone speaking something.
But today MSK is shut before the girl who was calling him names, it was his fault also, he knew that’s why he is mum, he reasoned himself and again tried to talk, I am sorry.. I don’t have any bad intentions .. I live at your next apartment.. my name is Maan.
Geet just response, although still suspicious about him, she had just her head out by now still making him stand out.
Maan was getting nervous first time in his life, giving mini interview to the girl.
What should I do?? Thought Maan brushing off his hairs.
Geet felt he is being embarrassed by now, he felt genuinely good, thinking so she opened the door fully and walked out facing him.
Maan’s breath knock out, seeing beautiful doll stood before him wearing that apron, hairs little messy but curly, hazel eyes, chubby cheeks, pinkish hue to her white skin, wearing beautiful dress, allover looking barbie.
Geet unknowingly turned pinkish in his passionate gaze, is he watching her out?? She thought to break the silence, as the air turned heavy suddenly, she don’t know why..
So why did you knonk on my door yesterday??
Maan was stuck for a moment, hearing her direct question but he like it, he also thought to come straight to the point since, he couldn’t put himself in more embarassment and scared the sweet girl, yeah sweetest girl..his heart skip a beat discovering this new feeling..
Ugh.. your food smells very good..
he spoke giving her small smile.
Geet stood shock, her eyes and mouth wide open, did he just come to praise my cooking, Geet thought.. then blurted out the small thank you..
Thank you!?
The both were silent again, not knowing what to speak and how..
After a moment of silence, Maan blurted out, will you cook for me??
Another shock for Geet, what?? Her face was turning red in anger or blush..she couldn’t comprehen.. anything..
No…?? Maan was toungetied, then spoke again, I will give you money.
That’s it, Geet has started to think of him nice guy, but now hearing him, she started to think, is he tricking me into, to get me to his house.. like other men..what does he mean?
I have enough.. I don’t need your money..or whatever?? Geet blasted turned to go..
When out of blue, Maan hold her wrist, stopping her, wait..
Geet’s eyes widen in shock, mouth turning in o shape with the audocity of Guy.
Geet gives him glare, while he instantly left her, fine.. you don’t want to.right..?? He left her defeated sigh, and turned to go, feeling miserable for getting denial first time in his life, but today he can’t force the girl.
Geet looked at his pitiful face, and thinks he looks not bad guy, though weird, why I am thinking so much?? Everyone can’t be same, hai na babji..
Babaji hai na, he can’t let anything bad happened with his doll..hain nababaji..talking sometime with her babaji.. she turned to stop the guy , rukiye..
Maan turned around hearing her voice, she is calling him, he asked her through eyes, she nodded, giving him sweet smile, ji..AAP..
Maan’s heart skip a beat listening her, she is calling him, that too..aap..
Not Geet’s fault, if she thought him so a huge bear..
with his style of cloths with which he makes entry to her house.
However I want to help you, I don’t have much time at home everyday, you can hire a housekeeper.
Geet tried to deny him again this time in a good way so he won’t be hurt.
But Maan was frustrated now, for this she called him back, you got me wrong, Geet..
While you cook, you can cook little extra for me, can’t you?? I will pay you for my meal!! Maan said her this time , bending little close to her, his aroma filed her senses, she tried to step back, when all of a sudden Maan holds her arms, stopping her,
Can you do this for me Geet, he asked earnestly.
Geet stood rooted seeing his advances, she confusingly stared at him, ji..main…I..Geet was stuck while Maan waited for her reply.
Precap :-
Geet meets MSK !?? smiley2

31 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 3

  1. Finally maan made an entry to geet’s home…geet genuinely felt him as good guy and let him in…he came to the point to cook for him too she was angry and he also told pay that irked geet… straightly refused and maan was hurt… seeing his retreating figure she called him refused him politely that angered maan and he came to his avatar… waiting to know geet’s answer…

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  2. Them r too fun,Whe will he get a chance to eat her food,he is too much into the food and getting no chance to experience that,will she say yes, waiting to see that,This story is cute,sweet and full of fun till now, looking forward to further…

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    lovely update……..

    loved it………

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  4. Thank you for the yummy update. Most of the stories have their chemistry, their attraction towards each other even love at first sight but here Maan is desiring the food cooked by Geet. Especially in this lock down with limited grocery, happy to have the smell of yummy food n their cute conversation.

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  5. Nice update n maan came to geet door for apologize for his yesterday behavior n he praise her food n he ask her to cook for him too n he will pay her cooking food for him n geet gets angry but she understands that he Nice guy n maan can’t stop his desire to have food made by her n thnxx for pm me

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  6. Beautiful Update
    Maan mesmerized with Geet,s beauty and innocence, requested her to cook meal for him but Geet denied and Maan was frustrated but could not do enough, eagerly waiting for Geet,s response

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