Both walked out with their baby, Geet was holding her baby while Maan had wrapped his arms around her,
As driver pulled out the car, Maan took baby from her since she was too weak, but Geet pouted seeing it, let me take him.. are not well properly.. I will hold him,
Saying so Maan walked both of them to car,
Inside the car,
Baby started crying, missing his mother’s warmth,  Maan was trying to calm him down but he couldn’t stop his bowling.
Give him to me, he is crying.. Geet frowned painfully seeing her baby crying and couldn’t stop.
No..Jaan..he is fine, he is really happy to go back to his home soon.
Geet was getting irritated hearing his non sense while her baby was crying, give him to me, Geet asked again reaching for him , when Maan handled her and next moment baby has stopped crying, finding solace in the arms of his mother.
Maan saw this but couldn’t take defeat, he just going to sleep in my arms when you take him..look now he had stop crying..
Geet had enough..she again try to handle him baby and as soon as Maan took him, baby was crying again …
Maan’s face was no worthwatching while Geet couldn’t held back the giggle, taking back baby in her arms..he is mammas Jaan, hai na baby.. she said keeping him closed to her heart


She caressed his small cheeks, tickilig him in between, baby gives small smile making her day.
Maan was looking at her smiling and happy face, then the scene, he felt delighted seeing it, his Jaan is happy, is ready to accept him forgetting all his sins, what more he wanted at that moment,
Aww.. his smile so beautiful..
Just like me..
Maan added mischievously, eyeing her but to his astonishment, Geet agreed,
Ji .ha.. bilkul apki tarah khubsoorat. .. she muttered lost in him.
Maan was bowled by her innocent confession, he pulled her closer, ready to stole kiss from her sweet lips, their lips longer near each other, when baby started to kick softly, maan felt his wriggled and looked at his baby boy..only to see him sleeping now..Geet blushed trying to pulled back, but Maan held her closer from his one arm wrapped around her, giving her teasing look.
Geet has just settled her baby near her on the bed, when there was room bell sound,
You take rest, I will see .saying so Maan got up to go.
There stood Mr.& mrs.Handa on the door making him hell angry..his angry gaze darted to the one person he loathed at the moment.
Sam stood there with fake sadness plastered on her face,
Mr.handa clears his throat to get his attention, he couldn’t ignore the cold state of Maan on his daughter, How’s Geet doing??
She is in bed, taking rest, no so good..he replied nonchalantly, hating their mere presence there but then he couldn’t make a scene here when Geet just has return from hospital.
Sam, what are you waiting for..go and see your sis..mrs.handa suddenly asked Sam and pushed her inside,
Yeah..I will just go and see her, sam took a step to go inside, when his angry voice stops everyone.
Sameera Handa, have you forgotten what I said?? Asked Maan directly with his stern voice,making Sam shivers a bit.
Maan, she is just going to see her sis once, after all her sis has just return from hospital, giving a birth..Mr. Handa spoke this time confused with his sudden change of behaviour, unknowingly of the fact that Maan had already came to know about their true colors.
Mr.Handa, Geet is my wife, I won’t let any harm to touch her!!
GHSP 366 HD_4561
He spitted furiously giving Sam furious glare.
But Sam is her sis, what is harm to just seeing her, Mrs. Handa said in between.
I don’t like the way you are talking Maan..she clearly said her disapproval now making Maan smirk Devilishly, is that so?? Do you know Geet don’t like spicy food, do you now, her real you know she like white Color, Maan couldn’t stop today, while Sam was stupified now, so as her parents. They looked shock at him.
When I had informed you about Geet, and hospital address, why didn’t you come to meet her?? Maan again asked angrily making them shut,
They don’t have any answers, we..w..e..
No more words..he shut them again, what happened in past is past now.. you just make sure to never show up here again , to me or Geet.. Maan warned them dangerously,
Just because of Geet, I am staying calm, or you never know what I will do,if you again try to harm my wife!! His eyes blood shot red scared them to the core that they take a step back,
Maan smirked again seeing it, good!! Now get out.. I don’t want Geet to know about her name sake parents true Colors!!
His words like poison although telling the truth, but Handas gasped, thinking how did he came to know everything.
They just exited silently not wanted to face more insult, while fuming Sam followed behind vowing to destroy Geet and her happiness.
Geet was sleeping peacefully, having her baby closed to her heart, Maan walked inside seeing the beautiful sight of his two Jaan. He just stood there admiring the duo for a while as he sat accrossed the bed.
Just then baby wake up crying, waking up Geet as well.
Maan helped her in seating while he close all curtains, to make Geet comfortable, he opened the chain of dress not realising what he is doing but right at the moment his all concentration was on baby, who was crying for his feed.
Geet blushed terribly and looked at him, Maan just realised what he was doing, he instantly stopped and looking at her red face, I am sorry.. but Geet didn’t let him complete,
Humara dupatta dijiye..she asked him, glancing down at crying baby, her palms caressed his small head, Maan gives her scarf just watching her continuosly..
Geet has started feeding him but Maan was still lost in her, afters while he was pulled back from his trance and tried to go out when her soft voice stop him,
You don’t have to go out..
Maan turned around to see her shy face, he couldn’t stop falling for her innocence yet again..
His steps took him towards her on his own accord, he sat beside her, and hold her chin making her face him, why Geet?? He asked so tenderly skiipping her heart,

images (10)

I believe you, Maan.. she whispered looking into his eyes .
Maan felt happist person in the world just listening to her ,
Phirse kaho Geet..he urge her , decreasing the space between them.
I believe you, Maan!! She repeated with sweet smile.
Next moment Maan slams his lips on her kissing her passionately.
His hands went on her waist, caressing her over cloths, then up towards her open breast, only to feel his baby’s kick.
Maan groaned in the kiss, with slight smile making Geet smile too..
His hands hold the baby with one hand supporting him while other hold Geet close, showering his all love through that one kiss.
Precap :- 
Marriage ..with Twist…smiley15
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