Both were lost in each other, when the door got opened suddenly, both breaks apart to see the introdurer,


There stood Anna raging with anger, putting her both palms on either side of her waist, what the.. we were worried about you..but here madam having a great time.. she smirked at the end.
Geet was beetroot red , getting caught like this, as Maan got up from her pecking her forehead tenderly.
I am sorry.. to make you worried for me like this..
Geet apologized meekly.
Just then furious Kunal barge inside, Maan Singh Khurana, you bastard!
Maan’s fist tighten, he kept his anger in control , spoke nonchalantly, how did you get out.. how does it feel to be hold back by my guards..
And that’s it, Kunal turned red in fury, MSK..I am going to break your bones..
Geet gasped in horror hearing their commotion, they are having fight all this while..
Before Kunal could take a step, Rahul hold him back, who had just walked inside, it’s alright..
Don’t make a scene here in the hospital.calm down.
Maan Singh Khurana, it’s not over, however Kunal warned him glaring him furiously.his anger wasn’t reduced a bit although on The man standing with high head now, like nothing had happened.
I am always here.. Maan gave him back with a light smirk.

Geet was surprised to see his calm side, after kunal’s outburst, but least she knew, he was holding himself back just for her, he knew kunal’s anger was justified, but his ego couldn’t let him win, his jealousy overpowered him.
Are you alright? I missed you..Anna rushed to Geet , giving her warm hug, Geet had her eyes moisten seeing her friends after a long while.
My life is so beautiful with you people at my side, Geet muttered happily, giving them all her dimple smile.
Kunal was although satisfied seeing Geet fine, he was still in foul mood, while Rahul and Anna gives her genuins smiles.
By the way.. aapko kaise pata chala, ke hum yaha hai..?? Geet suddenly asked realizing it.
I call them here! They are coming to our wedding also.. Maan said.
Geet was delighted hearing his first line, he called them for her, the thought made her happy, but as the second sentence dawn upon her, her eyes widen in shock, what??humari shadi..??

When?? Hume toh kuch bhi Bata nahi..aapne Hume bataya bhi nahi. Aur humari shadi toh ho chuki hai na..??. she blabbered innocently making him chuckle.
Yes you are right, but that wasnt marriage after all..he was silent after that, reminding about his sins.
While Geet was also lost in the bitter past, when she heard him, you only said, that the marriage wasn’t legal.
So Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana, I want to marry you in front of the world again, making you legally mine, infront of God as well.
So he won’t dare to part you away from me, Maan spoke each word very seriously and clearly, making her teary, another shock came to her , while others just gapped at the scene,with happy faces, except Kunal ofcourse.
Maan bend on his knees, pulling out the box from his pocket, he opened it before her eyes, to let her see the diamond ring placed inside,
Will you marry me, Geet !!

Before Geet could answer him, Kunal bust out, tumhe ghabrane ki koi jarurat nahi, Geet, if you don’t want to marry him, just say it.. I he won’t able to do anything to you, I won’t let him.. Kunal was screaming, while Rahul was trying to stop him, giving silly smile to fuming Maan.
Geet looked confusingly at him, then at Maan who was waiting for her answer desperately, she saw that yearning look on his face, which she was craving to see for her, those long years, how couldn’t she says yes, she is craving for this moment from ages as if, she have been dreaming to be his bride, from the childhood.
Yes I will, Maan!! She said happily with tears brimming in her eyes, Maan made her wear the ring, and kissed the ring finger,

Although I am not having much time, but..
Before she could say further, Maan got up angrily, shutting her mouth by keeping his palm on her mouth.
Don’t you dare to say anything like that, till the time I am breathing..I won’t let anything happen to you, you have to live..a life long, for me.. he cups her chin, kissing her near lips.
Geet didn’t know how to react, listening his words, she had been craving for his love and attention all theses years of her life but now when she is having, she don’t know how to hold it anymore, the little fear was always there to lose him after her life.. but seeing the possessiveness and confidence in his voice for her, she was sure how, he won’t let anything happen to her at any cost.
Both broke apart hearing Rahul, yes Geet, nothing will happen to you as far as Maan is there with you. Both looked at him,

You know Maan had made arrangements for you next surgery.. the most authoritative medical scientist in the work, **** going to operate you..he will surely gonna cure you. Maan had talk with him regarding your case and he is ready to operate on you just on Maan’s words.
Geet was getting sweet shocks after shocks, she looked at Maan, overwhelmed knowing all this, so that’s why he was tired those few days, coming late from work..this was the work he was doing .. he was actually trying every way to saved her.
Geet kept silent, don’t know what to say, overwhelmed with happiness babaji given her, scared a little to lose it in a next moment. She just put her head on Maan’s shoulder, closing her eyes.
There is nothing more important for me than you, Geet!! Maan muttered caressing her cheeks lovingly.
Kunal couldn’t digest the sight, so he just walk out, while Anna and Rahul adore the couple before taking an exit.
Do you want to sleep, you looks tired!! Maan asked her with his soft tone.
Geet just hmm and let Maan help her in laying down, soon she was drifted off to pleasant sleep, dreaming about her happy family.
Few days passed very soon, Maan was always at her side to take care of her, he would look after her like a baby, making Geet embarrassed at such moments, but Maan wasn’t care any of this things apart from her safety.
Both would take an glimpse of their baby from outside, Geet holds herself always not break down seeing her baby from far away.
It was the time of her discharge, Maan had brought beautiful yellow dress for his sweet wifey, he went out to do the formalities and take his baby while nurse helped Geet in getting ready..
Maan walked inside holding their baby in his arms, he stood still on the spot seeing the beautiful sight of his wifey, Geet was looking like a fresh daisy , with sunlight shining inside through the window making her look more beautiful.

Geet gives him small smile, she was really happy to go back home, having her baby back and then feeling refresh finally wearing this new dress, the dress was so beautiful it gives her beautiful feeling, she was at peace and calm,and feeling energetic with the sight of her baby.
Maan reached to her, pecking her forehead lightly, you are looking beautiful, Jaan.. he whispered, lingering his lips more on her forehead, Geet blushed beautifully..
Just then doctor walked inside follow by one more nurse, Mrs.Khurana, how are you feeling now.
Better Dr.. Geet replied giving her warm smile.
She then instructed her about few things regarding baby and her own health, and she walked out leaving Geet with nurse
Geet was holding her baby closed to her chest, while nurse gives her few instructions on how to hold baby..and feed.
Geet was little shy infront of Maan, but when baby started to have his feed, she was only lost in her baby, her finger tips caressed his little head, in a fear to hurt him, she so tenderly touch his little palm, baby instantly holds her finger making Geet overwhelmed.
Soon nurse went out giving them privacy, Maan was lost in the beautiful sight of his Jaan feeding their Jaan, he walked up to her after nurse was gone, he slowly sat beside her wrapping his arms around her back, when geet buried her face in his neck, he felt wet there but didn’t pulled back, knowing about her state,
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fHMQEDX.gif
I love you.. she whispered with tears streaming down, thank you for saving my baby!!
Maan knew now what she meant, he pulled her apart, and wiped her tears, when both felt little kick from baby as Maan was disturbing him so he kick him with his little foot.
Both chuckled.. Maan hold his feet, and looked at Geet, you don’t have to thank me Geet, because it’s our baby..sign of our Love, your worship, how can I let anything happen to him.. and I have done it for myself, because I want you, your love..your happiness and I know your happiness lies in our little Jaan..he said and kissed his baby’s feet making him tickled.
Geet saw her baby’s little smile and was delighted , she just kissed her baby’s forehead first then Maan’s cheek, shocking him.
Maan smirked seeing her blushed, and bend down to stole a quick kiss from his shy wifey.
to be continued..
Precap :-
Who’s lucky to hold the baby?? Mom or Dad..??

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  4. Super update Maan proposed to Geet it was the best part but I felt bad for Kunal hope so he gets nice partner in future and waiting for Maan to come in action mode and take revenge from Geet family and Sam

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