Geet put those dishes at side, pouting her lips in anger, who’s  it to disturb her now .?? Uski toh khair nahi.. jarur pinky hi she loves to irritate me, thinking so she took an angry strides towards her door to bash the introdurer..
As soon as she opened the door, she  met with the young man, who was standing there as if like a big bear, just in his vest and tracks she has her mouth and eyes wide open, gapping at him as if seen some alien.

On the other hand, Maan was tounge tied, seeing the girl, instead of some old lady..
He was bewitched by her beauty at first ..then she was wearing apron, it’s her??, who was cooking these delicious food. ??
What should I tell her now.. whatever..I have to break this silence..thought Maan, seeing the girl started fuming,
Um… aapne…khana khaya?? He almost stammers but her charming smile, but it was silly for her, most of all irritating..
And BANG!!
Maan almost held his nose, because she just hit the door closing it on his face,..
How dare she..?? Maan muttered, banging on her door, wait.. open the door now..
The smell of food making him crazy.. his fav..dishes..he could make out..
Geet was frightened now, she look through the hole of her door to see him, still banging on her door..
What should I do now.. should I call police.. Babaji.. help me.. she prayed to her god.,hell scare now from this lunatic man now.
Maan just realised he must have frighten the girl, that’s why she close the door on his face, he again knock on her door, I am sorry..I can explain.. I am sorry..
Is he physco.. thought Geet hearing him still on her door,
Just then she heard the phone ring from outside, she looked through the hole again to see him talking on the phone now.
Maan recieved the call from delivery man, he was on his door .. argh..he groan in frustration.. can’t you wait for a while..I will just there..he bashed on the poor man, and rushed down the stairs of her home,
He looked kind of weirdo.though Geet, seeing his anger..
Maan reached back his apartment and the food he had ordered was just aweful…already his senses were filled with that delicious smell of the food made by the girl next door and now eating this next to impossible..
I will have to explain myself to her , or she might think that I am a pervert..
Thought Maan stuffing tasteless food in his mouth..
Next Day, at Coffee shop
GEETTT.. come here pinky screams seeing Geet walking inside the shop,
Here she goes again, thought Geet, reaching upto her with her high speed..
What’s so hurry.. she huffed and stood beside her wearing her apron..
Look at that guy.. about whom I was talking to you last time..he is that hottie.he comes here often… said pinky dreamily just watching at the man walking out,
Geet gives werid look first at the guy who was just walking out then at pinky..
How do you know, he is that hot just looking at his back. Geet again looked at him and this time her gaze turned suspicious, he seem like the guy from yesterday who had come to my door last night.. why does he remind me about him..Geet thought looking at him walking out,
Next time, when he comes.. I will call you instantly so you won’t miss him, he looks really good when he smiles…pinky was blabbering but Geet was lost in the man’s thought from yesterday..
He’s was so weido.. angry…she thought and laugh at the end, reminding about how she his nose with the door..

Pinky looked at her friend little irritated, seeing her smile, did I make a joke??
No..nothing…Geet said sheepishly hiding her smile.
Geet looked at her seeing her suspicious gaze, are you hidding something from me??
Before Geet could came up with the answer, they heard the manager calling them for their work, and they were soon off for their job.

Geet was cooking delicious pasta, as soon as it was one, she gasped to seethe same man seating on her sofa in house, like a king, and soon he attacks the food like hungry lion.
Umm… delicious.. he mutters and got up from his sleep, realizing he was dreaming.and chewing on his cushion…he instantly jerk that away from him… what kind of dreams I am getting recently, he cursed himself, but the dream brought him the memories of the beautiful chef next door, he chuckled reminding about her angry face, pouting pink lips,. Those wide hazel eyes.. he wacked himself again thinking about the girl and looked at the watch to see he is late today…
Adding to his frustration, he got the delicious smell of Creamy Pasta & mashrooms..


Argh..the girl will make me crazy with her food..
Oh..I need to explain myself to her now. His mouth was already watering.. also I need to know how to cook it.. Maan reasoned himself and got down from bed to face chef next door.
Precap :-
Again introdurer.smiley15smiley37

33 thoughts on “THE COOK NEXT DOOR @ 2

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