She was walking in the dark, her surroundings were not visible, she cried, tried to find a way to get out of this.. suddenly she was on the cliff , going to fall into pit, when two strong arms pulled her back, she landed back in the arms of her saviour, she couldn’t see his face, but he whispered huskily in her ears, I am not gonna let you die.. Jaan.. we live together.. if you leave me..I will follow you after birth..

And Geet snapped open her eyes , hearing that familiar voice, only to see same familiar face , it’s none other than Maan..
Maan has been watching her sleeping peacefully, he had came to know about her little visit to see their baby, he was knowing it, she won’t lay back in peace without seeing their son once. It’s been few days she was sleeping, litterally in coma.. because of her weak state.
He was so glad today to see her finally making some moments,
as he saw her twisting and turning in sleep as she was watching some nightmare,
Geet instantly tried to get up,
Geet..don’t hurry..he cautioned her and helped her seating back in half laying position.
Did you said something.? Geet asked with cute frown on her forehead.
Maan looked on confused,
When I was sleeping. Geet answer his confusion.
Nope.. was just trying to woke you up, you seem to have nightmare.
Geet just shook her head in approval, still lost somewhere.
I really heard him in my dream only or its he who really said it..Geet thought while she was lost in her thoughts she fail to see small smile playing on his lips seeing her face, he knew what she is thinking, he really said those words to sooth her ..
Breaking the silent, he asked her, do you want to see our baby??
Geet’s face was instantly lighted up, yes..she nodded happily, her face was having that beautiful smile again after a while now, he was so please to see her happy.
Just then doctor and nurses cane to check on her, while having few talks with doctor regarding her health and baby, Maan went to get their baby ..
As Maan walked inside holding their baby in his arms, smiling proudly with the new feeling of being father, our Son.. he looks like me.. Maan said proudly looking at his baby then her.
Geet kept watching him for a while, admiring the duo, but then the same fear engulf her and she shouted in rage, don’t separate me and my baby, …
Maan stood rooted on the spot, hearing her outburst, why would he seperate both, it was their son.. their baby.. the sign of their Love.
Why are you talking like this, Geet?? Why would I do that.. Maan asked ..
Humse kuch chupane ki jarurat nahi hai,Maan.. I know you are going to marry Sam, soon…

her face was fallen, she looked sad, upset.. she can’t have children, toh aap unhe humara baby de do chahte ho..?? Her tone was accusing this time.
But hearing her Maan’s anger reach its peak, what nonsense!!
There is no need to hide anything from me now, or you don’t have to lie either.. Hume jo pata chalna tha.. woh pata chal gaya hai..
Tum kya sochti rahti ho.. why would I give our baby to someone else..

Maan muttered furiously although keeping his anger in control. He could now clearly guess, that Sam had brainwashed her.
And your cousin, you shouldn’t see her anymore..or even don’t meet her. Just stay away from her.
Geet wasn’t getting any of his behaviour, she was confused again, but as soon as the baby landed in her arms,
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fvmw4z3.gif


she was altogether in a different world now. Her eyes filled up, keeping that little bundle of joy close to her heart, she let out the tears to flow out.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is d2t7bel.gif
Maan was holding her in his arms supporting baby with his one arm. He pecked her forehead lovingly soothing her..

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is F3e9lug.gif


She put her head on Maan’s shoulder quitely, admiring her little Jaan for a while, Maan was completely in bliss now having his life in his arms safe and sound.
Both broke apart after a moment, baby was given to nurse, as it still needed to keep away to stay him away from any infections.
Geet was sadden again, Maan assured her about his safety and he will be back to her soon.
Geet, he needed to be safe, you want to be fine soon, don’t you?
Geet nodded still with her sad face, he will recover soon and come back to you only..just few days more Jaan..
Maan cups her chin trying to make her understand, Geet hugs him , letting her fears flew out through tears on his chest, now I can’t live a minute away from him.. she whispered


It’s just matter of few days, Jaan.. time will fly very soon..
after a while both were alone, still lost in each other arms, it’s like eternity, when both broke apart to glance into each other eyes.
Geet suddenly pulled back, realizing what she is doing..but Maan pulled her back in his arms, holding her possessively..
You love Sam, don’t you?? Then why did you said like that moment before.. Geet asked directly this time looking into his eyes.
Maan stiffen hearing her question, he instantly losen his hold on her, Geet could see him stealing his gaze from her but why..??
She was so confused, she wanted answers today for his strange behaviour recently..why sudden change..why sudden care..

How would I explained to her?? Maan was caught off guard, how can I say her that I was mistaken, and went blind for more than 20 years..God!! That is one will believe it..and Geet?? What would she think about me? She might hate me again.. he was stuck in a moment.. brushed his hairs back furiously, Geet was scared now seeing him getting angry suddenly.
She kept mum when listen his husky baritone, as he turn to face her, you are asking so many questions Geet..
Geet was like..when did ask so was only one.. she gives him a look..
I will be there with you geet.. I care for you..he admitted looking deep into her brown eyes, getting up from bed,
You don’t have to..Geet was instant to reply, you loved Sam, and I don’t want your sympathy..or anyone’s, I don’t want to be with the man, who does not love.. hum aapko jabardasti is rishtey main bandhna nahi chahte.. you can marry Sam..I have already told.. as our marriage was not legal.. so it won’t be problem for you..her throat chock at the end, although she hold herself strong..
Maan kept watching her, while she continues,

You are just sypathic towards me, nothing more.. better.. we should end it here only.. live our life seperately..she asked directly, tear threatened to fall down, but she held back .
I have no sympathy for you.. nor I feel force at all.. Maan mutter keeping his anger in control.
Achcha..hum samaz Gaye .you want to fulfill your responsibility for me because of baby..
I will leave with my baby.. hum vaada karte hai..hum..
It’s not because of baby.. he gritted his teeth, his fist tighten hearing her nonsense blabbering..
Or Sam misunderstood you.. aapne unke sath zagda Kiya?? Geet asked worried now..
Ji..hum samaz Gaye.. it’s because..
You Shut up..Maan shouted making her stop suddenly.
It’s not because of sympathy or baby..
Just because…he stopped abruptly..
Geet was getting restless to hear him, her heart beated fast in anticipation..
Ruk kyon Gaye Maan..boliye.. Kyon..
Maan walked closer to her, looking into her deep hazels, he cupped her face, kyonki main tumse pyar karta hoon ..


I am in love with you, Geet!! He tucked her soft tendrils of hairs behind ear, watching her innocent beautiful face.
Geet was beyond shock, she couldn’t believe it, her hazel eyes widen in shock.. what are you saying…?? She whispered..
Maan just kissed her senseless, taking her breath away, I said, I fell in love with you..I have fallen in love with you long ago..
I was so blind, i was foolish , on the verge of losing you.. he caressed her cheeks lovingly, admiring her.
I don’t believe it..she muttered, turning uneasy in his passionate gaze,
Maan smirk, seeing her pink cheeks, if you don’t believe it.i will keep saying it..until you trust me Jaan..he rubs his thumb on her jaw,
I love you..I love you..I love you..I love you Geet..I love you Jaan.
Geet had to put her palm on his mouth, turning whole red, bas kijiye…
Hum aapka yakeen jarur karenge..but you have to pursue me again..
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fHMQEDX.gif
Maan looked at her astonished, getting something demanding from her for the first time. He never knew her enough, that’s why he was surprised the thought made him sadden, and for he can do anything, he will wait for her whole lifetime to believe him again, but now he want to play a little with Jaan, he smirk playfully keeping mum.


Geet had her eyes and mouth wide open, seeing his smirk, here she is talking something serious and can’t he pursue her.. I too want to feel what to be loved, she pouted , she only knew what she have to go through to get his love, for loving him these years of her life..
and she  blurted out, okay..if you do not want to do it.. I will live single with my son or ..
Maan’s smirk was vanished as he listened to her intently , and next hearing her words he was mad with rage and Possessiveness for her,
Or…or…hum dusri shadi karenge.. taking my son with me..Geet didn’t really know what she blurted out, it was only to wipe off his smirk and she did succeed but next her eyes pop out ,feeling him roughly kissing her,
Umm..she wriggled, but he kissed her possessively, showing his jealousy.
He breaks apart after a while.. wipping his lips, he cupped her chin, making her face him, I can do anything for you..but don’t you dare to utter those words.

images (10)

Geet pouted her lips , while he continued
Because there is no way for you to escape from me.. he said possessively, holding her close.
Geet couldn’t help the blush spread across her cheeks making her look more beautiful.
Maan kissed her again, this time tenderly assuring her about his love. Maan pulled her in a hug , he looked at her intently before kissing her forehead, she closed her eyes, still her heart in fear and restlessness.. he then kissed her both eyes..


Tumhe yaad hai .you have kissed me like this..that day.. he said and kiss her lips again making her blush, and somewhat sad reminding the past, ..
Both pulled apart, she had tears in her eyes, humne aapko kiss Kiya tha..aur aapne Hume daata bhi waqt..
Geet whispered painfully then realised something and again asked , kya aap us waqt se Hume chahne lage??
Nahi.. earlier than that.. you were the on geet, from the beginning.. he cupped her innocent face saying his heart.
Geet was speechless hearing him.. my life is incomplete without you.. your love..
He pushed her down on the bed hovering on her softly, his face buried in her neck, showering wet kisses there , she moaned his name out giving him pleasure.
Maan stroll few more kisses going up on her jaw, then cheeks, before reaching her ears,
I am not gonna let you die.. Jaan.. we live together.. if you leave me..I will follow you after birth..
And he kissed her lips again making Geet shock, he really did said those words earlier to her, it was not her dream or imagination.
She smiled tearfully in the kiss, giving him access to her mouth, both kissed each passionately.. thanks for surviving bravely..he whispered huskily in her mouth.
to be continued..
Precap :- Anna & Kunal.
Jealous Maan..smiley15
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  12. Interesting…

    Maan was shocked to know the truth from geet about her fears.

    He was angry on sam for brainwashing geet.

    Geet was shocked to see his love n care. She questioned him about him n sam.

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