It was beautiful evening, orange shadows spreading through the sky, making the atmosphere calm , some bright.. with city lights adding to it.. it was so calm and serene around her with little cold wind blowing passed her curls, tingling it on her dimple cheeks, as she took an exciting strides to reach her home, Home sweet Home..

Bhai batur, bhai batur
Ab jayenge kitni door
Bhai batur, bhai batur
Ab jayenge kitni door
Nazuk nazuk meri jawaani
Chalne se majboor
Bhai batur, bhai batur
Ab jayenge kitni door
Nazuk nazuk meri jawaani
Chalne se majboor
She hummed the song, chimmed, jumping around, with veggies bags in hands, and her sack on back.
As her house was little away from the city, she loved it, loved this calm and lovely atmosphere, Childrens running around, wanted to play more, giving their moms trouble.

Naughty kids, she giggled, she was also like this in childhood..better not talk about others..she broke into sweet laughter again heading towards her home.
Mom..yeah..I am just entering home..ha..main bilkul thik ho..
Na..just going to cook now..
Don’t worry..I will have my soup..
Urgh…Maan groaned in sleep, hearing same  voices, she was talking on her phone so loudly, he can hear it in his own apartment, which was joined with her house. He rolled on the bed, keeping cushion on his head.
Now I am really hungry mamma, talk to you later, bye.


Chaal chaloon ithlake
Bin soche balkhake
Chaal chaloon ithlake
Bin soche balkhake
Chaayi jawaani aise jaise
Nadiya ho bharpoor
The song was on the speaker, while she continues her fav. task i.e. cooking, chicken, fish, pasta, rice.. everything was she decorated every dish, her mouth was already watering..
My yummy food…
She took one dish in her hands, eyeing it dreamily, for her hard work seem to paid off again today, she just needs to taste it..
Umm..she licks her lips..
Here on the other hand, maan was woken up again, as the smell of tasty food filled his nostrils,the same delicious smell he was getting from last few days from the time he had came here for his business purpose.

Suddenly he got up , I want to try it now.. as the smell of pasta filled in his nostril, he had enough, everyday he got this smell. He pick up himself from the bed lazily, and watching through windows, he could get that smell closer, and he saw girls back..may be girl is helping that old lady, who cook this delicious food. I will just go and try once ..he thought ready to barge inside that house and eat the delicious food which he hadn’t eaten in long years from the time his parents died, from the time he was in boarding school , then collage, the office, everytime he had to eat outside, or order from outside, sometimes canteen, sometimes with clients..
It’s been ages , he had home made food.
Dar laage kya hoga
Peeche koi chor laga hoga
Dar laage kya hoga
Peeche koi chor laga hoga
Choti umariya safar bada
Main thak kar ho gayi choor
My yummy I am going to eat you…ha..ha… she made a loud voice like devil
Geet was about take spoon full of her fav.pasta when there was loud knock on the door.
Who’s it ?? She turned to looked at her closed door, thinking with confuse lines on her forehead.
to be continued..
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23 thoughts on “THE COOK NEXT DOOR @ 1

  1. Congratulations for new story.
    And sorry because of some issues I couldn’t comment.
    Start is amazing.
    Geet make a delicious food.
    Maan sach me food taste krta hai ya nahi ye padhana interesting hoga.
    Update soon.
    Take care.

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  2. Hey Mugdha! I don’t know how I missed this update. Saw the 2nd update so came back to read the 1st. Regarding the story.. The concept is different, fresh, both seems to be foodie. Loved the song n the liveliness it brought along.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations for new story.

    Interesting start .

    Different concept.

    Geet cooks delicious food. Maan stays next door.

    Like the smell n gets tempted.

    Good one.. Let’s see what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

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