Maan stood outside the door, in the corridor silently waiting impatiently to door open again and he could just see his Jaan all safe.
GHSP 273 HD_5908
Her words still buzzed in his head,
“This is your baby could you be so cold hearted”’s his baby too..his child..his eyes moisten, he put his head on the wall behind, closing his eyes, but he can let anything happen to him for his Jaan, he will sacrifice anything, and everything just to save her life.
If he get second chance, he will do the same, Maan thought ruefully, he had spent those few days searching and arranging reknown and powerful doctors for her treatment,(obviously he couldn’t trust Rahulsmiley36) he wanted to saved her at any cost..even at cost of his own baby.
He sighed painfully, after few hours, the door of OT opened, and doctor came out, Mrs.Khurana is safe with little baby boy. Maan was pleased hearing it, still he needs to confirm seeing her himself.
Where is she?? Is she alright??
She has shifted to VIP ward for further observation, and baby is still weak, so it’s in incubator right now.
Maan rushed to meet his Jaan, he looked at the pale figure laying on the bed,
Jaan..he softly called her holding her hand, she was so weak, as she opened her eyes slowly, patting her stomach she realised the happenings, where is my baby, Geet asked desperately, her eyes yearning to get his one glimpsee.
He is fine..don’t worry..Maan slowly holds her hand, giving her warmth of his love . But Geet jerked off his hand from her ,
you want to take my baby away from me, ?
I hate you, Maan!!
Maan sat frozen on his place hearing her hatred filled words…what is she saying..
Is she angry on him.. because he risk their baby to save her.. if it’s that so..then let her hate him but he will do the same in future as well, hate me..if you must..he muttered staring into her eyes, Geet was so hurt hearing him, she blink back her tears, refusing them to flow, because the man before her whom she claimed to love, not worthy it.. he snatch her baby from her.
Soon she drifted into sleep, because of medicine and weakness. Maan kept watching her , seating beside her, holding her hand, he caressed her head with love, spreading his warmth through her, the woman had gone through so much , still yearning for her baby.. he will be soon near to you Jaan.. he whispered in her ears , she moaned and slept again.
I will do everything to keep you alive.he said watching her, just then there was introdurer in the room, he turn to see and his blood boil to no extent seeing non other Sam standing there.
Maan, how’s she??
He got up furiously, walking up to her he asked her to follow him outside silently, for he doesn’t want to wake her up because of both.
When will she wake up, and how’s the baby, it’s boy or girl?? Sam asked faking excitement.
Maan was infuriated, but keeping his rage in control he spoke, why are you here?? This is private hospital, not everyone can come in.
Sam’s face fell instantly, moment dad asked me to come..
Where are they?? They didnt come?? He asked pircing her through his dark angry eyes, Sam shivers a bit with those furious eyes, but she compose herself, they had some work that couldn’t make it to they sent me to look after her..
Work?? Is their work so important than their daughter?? He scoffs,
How cold blooded they are to miss their grandchild’s birth. What kind of life Geet has been living in that family all these years. Maan spitted furiously, sam was taken a back, she had never seen him this much angry before, that too on her and her family.
That Geet did have done something..she thought furiously,
Sam, go back home, saying so Maan turned to go , if he will stay a minute more, he might lose control on is anger, and she have to face it’s worst.
But Sam was not here to let go him, she rushed towards him, hugging him from behind, Maan, stop..please, I know I was wrong..I was very wrong.
I shouldn’t have left you months back, let’s get back together again, forget the things.. she pleaded,
Sam, leave from her now, he gritted his teeth, peeling off her hands from his body, he pushed her back, turning towards her furiously, never ever appear in front of me again, he warned her,
I know Maan, you love me just felt pity for my sis, nothing else, you are confused right now..she tried again holding his hand, he jerk her off,
I know you only loved me not her, and I regret leaving you months back.. I know you are just punishing me now, isn’t it??
Maan kept on watching her for a moment, listening to her blabbering, how could I didn’t notice it before, I was blind all those years to think her of my sweet and cute humble childhood friend, she wasn’t the one.
Listen to me, Maan.. I found that diary at the doorstep ofy room.and came to her liking for you , And i became confused at that moment, I thought to get you both together, by leaving from here.
But now I truly regret it now, Maan..she cried hoping to melt him this time.
But Maan knew her true Colors now, she was still trying to fool him,
We would have been together by now, you were suppose to marry me .
Maan’s anger busted hearing her last words, marry you? Have you been there to get married to me?? You just ran away from your own marriage, targetting that nave girl in all this..he blasted making Sam gasp, as he was taking Geet’s side.
You made that excuse of diary, putting all blame on her, she left alone face mine wrath and people bad talking about her.
And if you were there also, I wouldn’t have been married you!!
Because you weren’t the one who I was looking for from the start, it was my fault I admit it, but you deliberately guide me wrong all those years, he pointed finger on her, glaring her down.
You made me think, you were that little angel who encouraged me at my father’s funeral. You didn’t explained me either, and left me under wrong impression. You very well make fool out me, and still trying to do.. I was blind to not recognise you either that girl who is inside suffering still because of my sins , he poke onto his chest, eyes turning red out of pain and anger.
I can’t imagine, you were just 9 then when we met.. just 9 year old girl, such a wicked mind.
Sam was just looking at him wide eyed, how do you know,?? words left from her mouth and then she realised what she said, she instantly put her palm on her mouth, and she tried to cover up, still Maan, we love each other, and we’re really happy with each other.
Maan smirked evilly, seeing her still pretending, it doesn’t matter, you tried to hide the truth, that’s what matter right now..
But still Maan,if I hadn’t found that diary, then this wouldn’t have happened.. Sam tried again
You are saying that, you found that diary on your door, do you mean it was left on purpose, by Geet?? He gritted his teeth asking her so..
Sam kept quite while he continued, but you never except that I would read her diary second time and found the pages you glue together, which you want to keep secret about our first meet in childhood.
Sam’s eyes widen in shock and terror, he came to know..??
Maan smirked again, I have seen those pages glue together deliberately, it was memory of me and my Jaan together, you wanted to used it against her.. he mutter furiously at the end.
You didn’t wanted me to see it nor you wanted to make me suspicious on you by tearing them off, that’s why you glued them together?
The diary was not left at your door but was stolen from her room, am I right Sam??
Maan asked eyeing her with his dark brown dangerous eyes, daring her to lie..
Geet was awoken again , crying for her baby, nurses and doctors tried to stop her but she pleaded them at least once let her see her baby.
Knowing about her condition, they approved and slowly took her out on the wheel chair, as she was still very weak.
Her eyes cried out blood tears, seeing her tiny Jaan, her arms ached to hold it but she couldn’t.. she put her palm on the glass just to get the feel of her baby.. my baby.. she whispered.
I don’t..don’t know what you are talking about, Maan?? Sam feign innocence again, just to infuriated him more, Maan, you loved me, you are just bewitch by Geet ..
That’s it.. he shouted on her furiously, SHUT UP!!
It doesn’t matter anymore, did you know what I am talking or not,
But from now on, don’t show your face infront me or Geet again.
And he turned to go,
Maan..stop..Maan..Sam tried calling him, but he never stop,
Geet, you didn’t do it right, you stole Maan from me, and my position as Mrs. Khurana, I will show you now, what Sam handa can do..her fist tighten in rage, she storm off from there.
Precap :-
Confrontation between Maneet..or small fight..
offcourse..regarding baby…
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