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Geet stood before the mirror, holding red rose in her hands, thinking something, as those harsh memories crashed her mind, bringing pain along with in her heart, she unknowingly pressed her finger on the thorn , and hissed next moment, her eyes filled up, but before she knew, he was just right behind her, as he took her finger in his mouth to suck off her blood.
Dil deewana
Bin sajna ke maane na
Dil deewana
Bin sajna ke maane na
Geet was startled, embarrassed, she shivered badly feeling his warm mouth, and steal few glances at his face, he was having gentle look on his face, as he stared back at her lovely face, she was looking beautiful wearing red sari..
Bas kijiye..she pulled back invalutarely, Maan took that flower from her hands, removing it’s all thorns, Geet looked at him, confused and sad a bite still thinking about the past.
Next moment, made her surprised as he put that rose on her hairs, sticking in the bun of her hairs.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Geet looked on surprised at his face through the mirror, Maan holds her from behind, eyeing her beautiful self through the mirror.
Geet couldn’t stopped admiring him yet again, wearing black shirt , contrasting her, she blushed at the end, couldn’t able to meet his passionate gaze.

Maan took her to the Garden near by , just to let her took fresh air, with people around roaming with their children.
Geet was definitely pleased with the view, little babies, toddlers..her face was having beautiful smile all the time.
And Maan was happy to see her smile, he looked at her beautiful smile, her hazel eyes smiling delightly seeing those babies.
Maan too followed her gaze, and looked at the heavenly sight of those little angels..playing with their parents.
His gaze invalutarely went to Geet’s baby bump, and found her holding it with hands, wrapping it securely.


Maan’s eyes moisten without his own notice, he blink his eyelashes to stopped the tears, feeling miserable for couldn’t able to feel his own child.
He came back to sense feeling light weight on his shoulder, Geet has put her head on his shoulder to lost in a moment, she was overwhelm with the sight.
Maan wrapped his one hand around her shoulder holding her in his arms.
I wished to hold my baby in my arms, I wished to play with my child.. babaji humari yeh murad puri kar dijiye..bas..Hume aur kuch nahi chahiye. Na hi Maan ki Mohabbat..she whispered out lost in her own world, tears rolling down from her corner of eyes, she fail to realise her surroundings.

While Maan was shock beyond words, she is ready to sacrifice everything just for her baby. His throat chock.
ghabrao nahi, Geet.. babaji tumhari yeh Murad jarur puri karenge.. God can’t be so cruel to the angel likegirl, he thought silently holding her one hand, Geet looked on , realizing where she is and his hands on her shoulder, she was confused again but before both could react in any way, she suddenly felt a kick in her tummy.
Ouch..her wrinkle face in pain, gives Maan worry.
What happened, Geet??
Baby kick me..humne mahsoos Kiya.abhi Abhi..she excitedly blabber out, leaving him blank for a moment,
Maan , dekhiye na ..she unknowingly put his hand on her belly and baby again gives her kick, feeling his father after a long time now.mehsoos kijiye.. look..he kicked again..Geet smile, giggled..laghuing at the end..
Maan couldn’t held back the full smile inligbten his face laughing along with her.

Both forgot everything in a moment, enjoying the new feel of being going to be father and mother.
Both were just going to return back, when Maan asked her to seat back for a while, he will just come in a while making fewcalls.
Making faces, Geet sat back waiting for him, and enjoying the atmosphere fullest.
She was lost, happy in her own world, talking with her baby, when hear a voice from behind her.
Geet became silent, and numb hearing that voice, she got up to face her sis,

Sam looked on surprised, you are back finally?? Itne din kaha thi tum??
Sam asked and her gaze fell on her baby bump, she was shock, angry , couldn’t believe it but compose herself, and asked again sweetly, I missed you, where were you? She hugged her giving her small smile.
All the while Geet couldn’t digest her sight for some reason, she started to despise her mere presence near her, may be she is overreaction, after all she is her sis..she couldn’t behave like that, although she couldn’t speak anything,just try to give small smile,
I thought you are angry with me, did Maan told you about that?
What?? Geet simply asked,
After few days,he is going to marry me, finishing his some work.
Geet felt the the tremendous pain in her heart, her small smile was vanish from her face, she had thought she had already accepted everything, accepted the fact that he only loves Sam, but why now it’s so difficult for her to forget him, why she is feeling this pain now. I thought I don’t care anymore, it won’t hurt anymore, par hum galat the..Geet although out on brave face, and gave her small smile, congratulations Sam, but something breaking inside her.. terribly..she faught back her tears..

Sam wasn’t satisfied, she said further, you know, Maan and me have gone to do some test ofme, and doctor said, I can’t have baby, but then Maan didn’t let me sad, he told me, he will find some surrogate mother to get the baby, but won’t leave me.

Now that was a big shock for Geet, she felt the floor beneath her slip.. she couldn’t believe it…her eyes widen in horror as she looked at Sam, who gives one nod, indicating Her she is saying right thing.
Sam looked at blank face of Geet , she knew her work has done, and she left from there.
Maan came back and saw Geet was going to faint soon, he just rushed forward in a right moment, holding her in his arms, Geet.. he patted her cheeks, Geet tried to blink open her eyes,
Maan took her towards their car, and making her seat inside, he offered her water.
Geet had few sips and then she quickly distance herself from him, giving him accusing looks.
Geet…kya hua..tum thik toh ho..
Geet couldn’t speak anything leaving Maan restless, he didn’t get anything, what happened to her suddenly..
Tears welled up in her eyes, as those few days spent with Maan came back to her mind, his care and change this was all just a game for him, to get her baby from her, instantly she holds her belly protectively, Hume ghar Jaana hai..
Maan took driver seat , starting the car he spoke, that we are going now Jaan…
Nahi..Hume humare ghar Jaana hai..KM nahi..she blurted again leaving him shock.
Geet what is the thing??

He asked seriously this time giving her look.
I want to go back to my home..she again blabbered..
Dard judaai kya hota hai
Tum jaano main jaanoon
O ho ho … o o oO ho ho … o o o
[What is the pain of separation
You and I know that]
Maan couldn’t get anything from her behaviour, while she again turned stubborn to go back ..
Hume aapke sath Kahi nahi Jaana..she kept on blabbering. While Maan somehow drive , holding her hand from one hand, they reach KM but Geet stay stubbornly on her seat.
Geet ..get out side.. Maan asked her opening her side door, as he waited for her to walk out , bilkul nahi.. she spoke without giving him one look.
Dard judaai kya hota hai
Tum jaano main jaanoon
Pyar bulaye duniya roke
Kiska kehna maanoon
[Love calls me and the world stops me
Whom should I listen to]
Maan pulled her outside carefully while struggle in his grip, Hume chodiye..maan wasn’t in a mood now, he lift her in his arms and walked inside KM.
Tumse mile bin dil ko kuch bhi
Soojhe na
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
[Without meeting you
The heart is not able to do anything]

Maan looked at her sleeping form, she was still restless, with her one hand put on her belly, little frown was there on her forehead, telling him about her condition.
He bend down , and kissed her forehead softly, soft smile spread across her face, making him smile as well. He pulled her in his arms, caressing her cheeks, she moaned fetching his warmth.
He couldn’t sleep a ounce, thinking about her sudden Behaviour back at the garden, after he coming back.
Next Day, both went to hospital, Geet thought,
He had brought her here for regular check up, as she lay down on the hospital bed, but next hearing doctors words shock her to the core.
Mrs.Khurana, are you ready for the operation??
What are you going to do to me?
Mrs.Khurana, don’t be nervous, the surgery will be successful.
What?? What surgery..Geet was frightened now, as she tried to stood up but two nurses holds her back, while she give accusing look to Maan again for bringing her here on the first place.
Don’t be afraid , Mrs.Khurana. your baby is already in critical condition, if it’s not taken out now, it will be danger for your life also.
Baby?? What are you going to do to my baby?
Don’t..she tried to struggle but they couldn’t let her go,
Maann..she scream painfully, tottaly hurt and angry, what are you going to do to my baby??
This is your baby can you be so cold hearted.

Pyar mein sab kuch haar diya
Par himmat kaise haarein
Keh do duniya dil ka rasta
Roke na
[I’ve lost everything in love
But how I can lose my courage
Tell the world that
Don’t block my path of love]

GHSP 273 HD_5908

Maan had already walked out but he could listen to her crying, his heart missed a beat hearing her words.
Mrs. Khurana, don’t be so nervous, it might be really early for the child to come out, but it will be fine..
Mr.khurana is very concerned for his baby, so don’t worry, he want the child to be safe,
Geet stopped her struggle listen to the doctor tottaly shock, surprised.
Just to save you and baby both, he had arranged this early surgery, he had arranged everyone, to keep you both safe,
But Geet was then reminded about Sam’s words yesterday in the garden, but he wants to give my baby to Sam, snatching him away from me..
No..I don’t want this surgery right now.. she again started struggling.. with no option left, doctor gives her injection making her drowsy.
Maan Singh Khurana…
Furious Kunal was about to barge inside, when guards stops him, he was going voilent, they hold him back.
Let me out.. he kidnapped Geet,
I am going to find him..
Sorry Mr. You can’t go inside, stay back , we have orders from Mr.Khurana!
Maan…You bastard..….
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12 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 30

  1. maan iss sam ka kuch karo pehle…….usne phirse geet ko tod di……..uss chudail ko todo………maan first u know everything whts going on………why u not doing anything to sam n her family………..

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  2. Geet was thinking about maan behavior n how he taking care of her every need n she thought may he loves her n want her in his life n he took her to garden they both were happy n they feel their baby first kick n after that maan left for call n Sam came they n she lied her n create misunderstanding with them n after that geet behavior change n maan took to hospital for surgery n she thought about Sam word n thnxx for pm me n waiting for nxt update

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