Geet sat before the mirror , huffing and making faces with her hairs entangled badly, she was exhausted trying to comb them.
Defeated she threw the comb on the dressing table and close her eyes resting back on the chair head.
Dil deewana
Bin sajna ke maane na
Dil deewana
Bin sajna ke maane na
[This crazy heart
Doesn’t agree without my beloved]
Maan slowly walked behind her, bending down he got that comb in his hands, she opened her eyes feeling him so near her, both looked at each for a moment,
Geet left a breath seeing him so close, he bend down further and peck her forehead lovingly, she sighed, that’s what she needed at the moment, further he went on her lips and peck them softly this time making her red.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Her pink cheeks were looking adorable matching with her sari, but he control his further urge to kiss them.
He stood up and took her hairs in hands to do his next task.
Maan..aap yeh..??
Geet looked startle as she tried to stop him, she never wanted him to do any of her works, that’s horrible, she can never think of giving him trouble.
Shh.. he stopped her , taking one lock of her behind her ear tucking it softly.
You don’t have to do it..laiye Hume dijiye.. she argue, deeply frowning at him for his wierd behaviour recently that made her aghast somewhat, Asif he was trying to empress her, but do he know, she is already head over heal for him.
Don’t argue, Geet.. seat back quitly and let me do my work..he stated with his stern voice and look that made her shut instantly, she pouted and sat back making faces that left him smiling , and he started doing her hairs .
It was just matter of minutes, and he was really successful in his task, he was seating on his knees by now for her hairs were long enough.
At the end Maan was mesmerize as he ran his hands from her silky hairs, he buried his face deep in her hairs, making her moan,
Geet was lost in a moment, she almost felt sleepy as she didn’t realise when he finished it off, she didn’t felt even bit of jerk or pain.
Copy of giphy (11)
And when he deep his face in her hairs she couldn’t help the moan to let out from her mouth.
Banke lahoo nas nas mein
Mohabbat daude aur pukaare
O ho ho … o o oO ho ho … o o o
Banke lahoo nas nas mein
Mohabbat daude aur pukaare
[Like blood in the veins
Love is running and calling me]
Maan got up and took her in his arms walking towards the bed, just eyeing her blushing face.
Instead of putting her down, he sat instead and took her on his lap leaving Geet in shock.
His hands holds her waist firmly, taking care of her belly while she looked at him innocently, Hume niche rakhiye..aap kya kar rahe hai..her voice died in her throat feels his hand cupping her face delicately,
he took into her innocent view, reminding those childhood days, his little he fail to recognise her.
While Geet was getting lost in his eyes which were speaking volums today, she looked on mesmerize , her hand went on his face,
cupping it lovingly, she caressed his cheek lovingly, both was pulled closed to each other lost in their blooming love.
Their lips touched, started caressing each other, not before the kiss started, the kiss was sensous, slow and romantic as both pour out their love for each other through the kiss.
Maan caressed her lips lovingly moistening it, he chew her lower lips, pulling it down, his tounge entered inside her sweet mouth, while Geet gave in willingly, her hands clutched his nape, massaging his scalp encouraging him to go further.
Maan started to caressed her delicate waist, then her bare back, he snapped open the hooks of her blouse, his hands went inside, cupping her bossom, just like he had imagined in the morning.
Geet moaned, clutching his shirt, indicating him to leave her, as she was breathless.
Maan left her mouth, but stroll down wet kisses on her neck, down her valley, her sari was already slipped off from her body.
Maan pushed down her straps, lost in kissing her bare body..
He was pulled back with his phone ring, he looked at her disoriented state that left him guilty for losing his control on her, she would think wrong again.
Geet opened her eyes slowly feeling something moving on her body, she blushed furiously, realizing what just happened, she was nervous as started covering her back properly, stealing his eyes while Geet couldn’t meet his gaze either,, she shivered badly as he put on her hooks back, his fingers teased her soft skin,
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Maan could feel her shivering to his touch, he was so please with her response, teasing smile plaster on his corner of lips, he hides his face in the crook of her neck, are you alright.. he whispered huskily, caressing her hairs,
Hmm..she able response this only with shy smile adoring her face.. Maan kissed pink cheeks softly before moving back and rushed out to balcony picking up his phone.
At night,
Geet couldn’t sleep a ounce, when she heard him moaning in sleep.
She turned around facing him, and got up at once, seeing him frowning in sleep.
After examining him for a while, her gaze went on his red fingertip. She gasp at once, babaji.. horror stuck her face, seeing the bandage turning red slowly, he had just his hand at side table making the wound wet again.
She rushed to take first aid kit , hearing the sound he woke up to see Geet awake.
Geet, kya hua?? He sat up at once, tumhe kuch chahiye? He asked concerned, his sleep was already gone
Don’t talk to me?? She twisted her lips , denying to look at his face, but her eyes sting with unshed tears, as she put the first aid box at side, taking his hand in her.
What?? Maine kya Kiya? He was getting worried seeing her sudden anger on him.
Just then he hissed, and tried to jerk back his hand as she cleaned his wound wipping off his blood, I am sorry..but bas thoda sa dard hoga.. phir thik ho jayega.. she murmured lost in his pain, blowing in mid to sooth the pain,
Maan kept looking at her, she was really an angel, how could she just forgot about his sin which had given her immense pain and humiliation. But here she is worried for his damn wound.
Let it be..leave it.. he harshly pulled back his hand making her startle,
Hey babaji.. she gasped.. dijiye hume.. she stubbornly pulled back on him.
But he was so damn frustrated with himself, her .. why she is still caring for the devil him
I SAID..LEAVE IT ..I WONT DIE WITH THIS DAMN CUT..and he bangs her hand furiously on the wall..
Geet took steps back in fear, tears welling down, seeing him getting back to his old self..
..yeh nahi ho Sakta..she nodded her head no..
Maan rushed to her taking her in a hug, tell me Geet, kya sab kuch thik ho jayega..tumhare maine tumhe diye hai..
Bolo na Jaan..he cupped her face pulling back, hearing her silence tears.
Geet looked at him, she had turned pale , blank, have no answer, just looked at him,
He sighed defeated,took steps back turned to leave..when he felt a soft tug on his wrist, he turned around to see that pleading look on her face, he followed her silently as she drags him again towards the bed,
she bandage his wound carefully while he adore her silently, seeing dried tears on her cheeks, he regrets badly for making her cry.
Both got up to sleep when he muttered, I am sorry..
She stopped for a while and looked at him as he slowly help her to lay back, covering her with duvet.
Geet was again surprised hearing his sorry, he had breaks his own rule of not saying sorry to anyone, she didn’t like that a bit.
You don’t have to..bas khudka khayal rakha kijiye , Wahi hamare liye kafi hai.
He hear her soft words, as he lay back on the bed facing her, his heart skip a beat hearing those love filled words of hers,
Dhak dhak bole
It-ut dole din raina
[It beats fast
It jumps around day and night]
Being loved by someone whom you loved back, it’s just an amazing feeling which he was just recently experiencing getting his Jaan back.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
That too, her love was so pure, and selfless, he won’t able to forgive himself in his entire life for his sin .
But will make sure to give her the same love and attention which she had craved for all her life.
Nothing will happen to you Jaan, this Maan Singh Khurana will fight with God but won’t let you go..he vow to himself just staring at her innocent sleeping face, she too was sleeping facing him , watching her, he didn’t get when he drifted to sleep.
Geet slowly got up and reached near him, he was sleeping peacefully , like a small baby, soft smile adores her face, reminding his all attempts .. then cooking and combing her hairs.. she hadn’t expected anything from him or anyone, not even her babaji..and this was so much for her, beyond her dreams, she took his hand in to her face, softly placing her face into his open palms, kissing them softly not to wake him up, you know na, aapki choti si chot bhi Hume bahot jada Dard de jaati hai.. phir bhi aapkhudka khayal nahi rakhte..aur phir..she sniffed, Hume bhi khudse dur jar diya..kyon Maan..she cried. Kissing his badage hand one last time, she got up and pecked his forehead lovingly, holding her belly she walked back to sleep, unknown to that he had already woken up, as her slightest move can waje him, concern for her.
His eyes became wet, he gulp the knot down his throat hearing her words, he had heard every whisper of hers and it made him more guilty.
He opened his eyes after a while to see her sleeping, he pulled her in his arms softly wrapping his hands around her, Geet moaned as it was her habit, she continues to moan, feeling sleepy as she buried her face on his chest, Maan was loving her every cute antics, he caressed her soft hairs, then putting them aside, he rubs her face with his palm making her moan again, she arched her face giving him more accesse, his hands invalutarely went down, on her cleavage, she moaned again, feeling arouse, he bend down, caressed his cheeks with her, his beard pricks her, making her open her eyes slowly.
He pulled back to see her opening eyes, felt bad for awoking her from her sleep, but Geet pushed herself more closer, in her sleepy state, their face came closer, Geet unkownkigly went near his lips urging him to kiss her, she was so craving badly for this.
Obliging her, he slam his mouth on her, kissing her passionately, his hands continued to play with her soft body, her sari was fallen back on the bed, as he enjoyed the kiss along with her softness below his palms.
to be continued…
Do you guys want further romance from this scene or I should drop it here..
Precap :- Same.

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