It’s been few days, since Geet was back to Khurana Mansion. She had seen a complete different Maan in those days, she don’t know what is the reason behind it or never intended to know.. he had suddenly became soft towards her, but then may be it’s her only illusion, he will again hurt her brutally that this time she won’t able to raise..
Her thoughts came to halt, feeling him crawling close to her, she sighed, her breaths became heavy.. as she tried to pulled apart but he snuggle more closed to her, hidding his face in the crook of her neck, maann…she moaned out feeling his stubble pricking her soft skin and then he kissed her lovingly making her shudder.
She clutched his hands tight which were wrapped around her, almost pircing her small nails in his skin, he didn’t react although felt the little pain.
Geet felt his hands going on her belly and she pushed him with little force, getting up from bed.
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Aaj khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
Dhadkane hai deewani
Dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
Maan looked on hurt seeing her turning her back to him, he shrugged it off , walking up towards her, Geet turned back only to bump on his chest, her hands rested on his chest while he stick her closer to him, staring into her eyes affectionately.
Geet looked into his passionate eyes, she stood rooted, forgetting to breath seeing those undefined emotions in them. But she couldn’t trust him now however her heart urge her to do.
She was going to pull back, when he softly kissed her cheek, making her eyes widen in surprise, he smirked seeing her reaction as he rubs his face along side her soft cheek making her muffled her moan, she pouted giving him glare for his stupid smirk.
Rest here..I will make something for you to eat.
Geet was bafffled hearing him as she watched him walking out of the room without waiting for her words, she kept mum, not wanting initial any talks with him to make him stay close to her. She is better alone like this with her baby..she thought putting her hands on her belly she walked back to washroom,
It’s been few days, she has notice him busy with work.. so important..she guess that he came late at night.she pouted sadly, she had Stop expecting anything from him then why she is being sad now.
Maan worked in the kitchen, cutting vegetables to do only thing he knows to make Italian dish..
Nakul and few other servants just gapped at him, although not convinced yet seeing his change behaviour, he had given them leave after Geet has went away leaving the mansion, not wanted anyone to witness his disoriented state , while he had called them back after he brought Geet back, knowing Geet needs it now.
So Nakul tell me one thing, what your mam like to eat?? He asked casually still busy at work in hand while receiving only silence from them he looked up to see him making faces ,
Maan gives him one glare before asking again, I asked you something!
Geet mam liked indian cuisine. He mutters again keeping mum.
Maan sighed stopping the work at hand, now it’s hard task.
Alright, come here and help me with this.
Nakul told him about her special dishes and how to make it, Maan started his work with servants at hand, in case he goes wrong.
While cutting vegetables, he cuts his finger accidentally, lost in her thoughts..
Ahh.. he hissed, shaking his hand, but no one come to him to see the wound,
Nakul.. give me first aid box.. he uttered frustrating with the thing, sticking his finger in his mouth, but again servants just kept watching him standing little far, but no one make a move.
Nakull.. Maan shouted, glaring him .. when Nakul spoke mustering little courage,
You should aid yourself, aapko yaad hai, Geet mam Ko toh bahot gahri chot lagi thi..khoon bah Raha tha..but you asked her to do all work by the end his eyes were moisten.
The maid there sniffed silently before passing him the aid box.
Maan stood stunned, hearing him, it’s the reality ..he remembers the scene clearly and now felt ashame of himself, how did he ended up doing so.he thought closing his eyes but the memories haunt him again making his heart chocked with unbearable pain as he got her crying face with blood filled hand, in his mind.
Beete lamhon ke saaye toh bas yahin tham gaye hai
Yaad mujhe aaye teri baatein
         Palkon ki surkh chaddar pe ashq   bhi jam gaye ha
I’m remembering your talks
The shadows of the past have stopped right here
Tears have frozen on the red blanket of your eyelashes
He opened his eyes which has became red now , he put the bandage on the little wound just because he don’t wanted to messed-up the food.
As he walked inside looking for his dear wifey, followed by servants with the food trolley.
His breath stuck in the throat as he gapped at the pure beauty stood in the balcony, she had turned hearing her name being called.
Silsila - Season 01 - Episode 69 ( 720 X 1280 )_6642.jpg
Silsila - Season 01 - Episode 70 ( 720 X 1280 )_9032.jpg
He missed a beat, seeing her ravishing wet look in that baby pink sari.
Servants had went out after placing food in the room.
Her lips shivered, she gulped her saliva seeing his dark gaze on her, which was moving on her body, from down to up, their eyes lock as he took step forward to reach her.
Silsila - Season 01 - Episode 69 ( 720 X 1280 )_8830.jpg
Geet suddenly started breathing heavily, seeing his advances, she clutched the towel in her hand,
Maan watched her each move very interestingly, as he walked upto her, his gaze went on the water drops on her face, one passed from her forehead to her pink soft cheek, traveling down to her Shivering lips, she gulped it down, making his mouth went dry.he watched other drop moving down from her throat then disappearing down in her cleavage, he grasp her at once, seeing her moving up and down chest, very interested to see the hidden treasure behind’s been like ages, he feel her softness .
His hardness poked her down on her silky sari making her shiver in his arms, he was still in his vest and trousers looking ravishing as well with his hard body.
But Geet had lost her senses long back, she was pulled out of her thoughts feeling currents of pleasure rushing down her body,
Maan smooched her soft skin of open neck hardly, not able to control himself, he continued his assault burning with raw desires for his wifey.. making her moan in response.
It was becoming hard to control, as her soft skin tickled under his rough palms, he delicately holds her bare waist with both his palms, feeling her as much as possible, his hands started wandering all over her body, he cupped her bossom on her blouse itself pressing it lightly, she was moaning continously encouraging him, as his mouth wander down on her cleavage , nipping her soft skin, his hands went on the hooks behind, he snapped them opened making her open her eyes, she was pulled out his cast, and started to pushed him away..
Leave me..Maan..
But he was too lost in her to listen to her pleads, he tore her blouse away in his burning passion, and was tasting her bare parts like hungry lion.
Maan…leave are hurting me..chodo Hume…
She screams pulling her back from his day dream, I won’t hurt you.. he said out loudly pulling back from his thoughts, as he looked at her,
Geet was seeing him lost in looking at her, he was so lost, it went on for few minutes, she called him and finally she raised her voice to get his attention as she began to get tire standing on one place.
And now hearing him she looked on surprised and confused, Maan cleared his throat composing himself he turned his face away, but snapped back looking at her surprised to hear him as she just said, “Hume bhook lagi hai”” Geet hadn’t told him it’s not for her baby.
He put the arranged plates for her, on beside table, and turned to see her, she was looking damn tired,
Geet looked on astonished seeing him arranging plate for her but why he is doing it when there are lots of servants, she was pulled out of herself thoughts, feeling suddenly up in the air, she gasp, and clutched his neck tightly, scare with a sudden move of his as he pick her up softly in his arms likes delicate doll and move towards bed.
Their faces were so closed as he holds her near him, Geet left looked into his eyes again getting lost, while Maan was bewitch by her alluring look, he just wanted to make love to her then and there but aware of her delicate state, he ignore his thoughts,
Teri aankhon se na hat’ti aankhen
Bebasi ka hai aalam, kya karoon main bata
Dhadkane hai deewani
Dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
[My eyes can’t look away from your eyes
The atmosphere is helpless, tell me what should I do
The heartbeats have gone crazy
Even the heart is saying something]
On the other hand, Geet was also having difficulty to control her urges, specially her cravings for him became hard to control in her pregancy, and it’s been like a month, she was so close to him.
Her eyes sting with silent tears, but she never let them roll down as he put her softly on the bed witnessing her wet painful eyes.
What happened? Are you fine??
Aapko kya matlab jaanke bhi..?? She gives him look, aap kuch nahi kar sakte. She turned her face away, controlling herself.
Maan has had enough , he turned her briskly in his arms, holding her both shoulders, what do you mean?? Tell me what do you want.he whispered huskily on her face, blowing his raging breath.
Geet compose herself and let out the words in flow of a moment, you were not there when I needed you the most, aap nahi the, humari zindagi ka sabse hasin pal share karne ke liye..
Tears well up on her cheeks,Maan looked at her overwhelmed hearing her, while he slowly wiped her cheeks, Geet closed her eyes for a while feeling his care and She was yet unaware and couldn’t trust the emotions which showcases his eyes as she softly open her eyes to get drown in him.
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Aaj khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
Dhadkane hai deewani
Dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
I am with you, Jaan.. you have me always ..
He took one bite and offered her, she lost in his chocolate eyes open her mouth, he continued to feed her lovingly, her words stir new emotions in his heart, he looked at her belly with love and longing, but couldn’t muster the courage to put his hand on it to feel his own baby.
He just realised, God is giving him severe punishment for hurting this innocent angel.
He could have easily shown his right on her or their baby.. but he was willing to get this sweet punishment rather than hurting her again in the process.
After finishing the dinner, which was obviously yummy and of her taste, her heart was delighted, she gives him pleasant smile without realising ,
his heart skip a beat receiving the sweet smile from his Jaan , his lips curve in beautiful smile seeing her happy.
Food was yummy..who cooked it.. did we got new cook.
Maan stood on the spot wipping his hands, first her question then her word “we” she so easily said it out like her heart already accepted him, like before.
It was definitely cooked by new cook, named Maan Singh Khurana!!
And giving her his signature smirk , he walked out enjoying the reaction on her face.
Geet was shock beyond her wits as he just walked out giving her this new info, her eyes widen and mouth turned o shape, she sat like this for few minute, getting this new info.
He really did?? For me?? Instantly questions pop up in her mind.
Why?? She couldn’t believe it..or don’t want to.
Then he feeds her also, she didn’t realise it , his attempts from last few days, however busy he was or came late home, she didn’t forget his sweet attempt to manofy her or pamper her.
She had ignore it at intial days, but today, she just wanted to cherished this feeling, overall with new found happiness, her eyes filled up.
Precap :- same .
More Maneet moments coming up in next chapter.
Also teaser part will come in next or further is ahead in the story.

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    Chapter 28

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  4. Lovely update dear…so maan is making up to geet by taking care of her completely…geet cannot believe these new gestures by maan…and still did not trust him…maan went to do cooking for her with the help of nakul…he remembered his past deeds when he cut his fingers…geet relished the dish and asked about new cook.. getting to know it was MSK she cannot believe it was him who cooked for her…she cherished this new feelings… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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