Maan was pulled out of trance seeing some familiar figure walking to her, as he was still on the same spot watching his Jaan little away from him.
Next, He stood rooted on the spot, seeing it’s none other than Kunal Malhotra. His blood boiled seeing his hand wrapping around her shoulder as both walked away from there, he followed behind silently..
Let’s go home..I have made your fav. For lunch..


Geet was excited like a kid guessing what it might be..she looked on questioningly at Kunal to get her answer but he shrugged his shoulders, it’s surprise..
And they walked up to bungalow across road.he stood on other side of road, seeing the scene with his burning eyes, how could she let him touch her.. she is so comfortable with him..


He looked on surprised to see other guy opening the door welcoming in, he remembers it was Rahul kunal’s friend and doctor, he had suggested to do some tests on geet, now how he regrets it badly, if he had took her to test that time, things would have not turn this serious.
He looked up to see Anna walking out, giving Geet warm hug,
Maan walked little ahead in a intention to hear their talks, they couldn’t see him from the spot he was standing, while Maan could just get a glimpse of his Jaan while he hear them
Rahul just said me, your condition becoming critical. The baby isn’t in good condition as well.
Geet gasp, she holds her belly protectively.
You promised me to saved my baby.
Yes Geet, I did, Rahul tried to pacified her, but you have to take care of yourself more, I will try my best..we need to do operation before months only.
(Just take it as fiction..don’t try to find logic, also I lack knowledge here)
I am ready.. I am following your instructions ..taking care of myself..Geet muttered.
You want to see Maan before it..?? Anna asked suddenly.
Maan looked at her face, his heart stop beating hearing Anna’s question, he too wanted to know it now, he desperately want to hear her answer, so as Kunal. He knew how much that devil khurana had hurt this angel.he would not take more risk but before geet’s wish he couldn’t go further.after all what she wants it matters to him most, not his self hatred for maan.or their rivalry..he loved her so much to do anything against her.he will be there with her always as a good friend that what she had call him.

I don’t know.. Geet spoke, her eyes filling up but lips pressed tighten, in raising anger inside her, she don’t know when she started to become irritated hearing his name, but things changed in last 15 days with Anna and her family around her.yes it’s her new family ..her friends, however she missed Maan, and crave for him, she knew now it’s useless to demand him right now, he belongs to someone else..he wouldn’t love her back.. and she had accepted this fact, he is away from her, she just prayed for his long life and safety with happiness..
Here she is good with her new family, she don’t want to think anything again now when she was counting her days.
Maan looked on at her sadden face, he felt guilty again for seeing her sad just hearing his name, he walked away from there with something in his mind.
Next day, he reach on the same spot again to see her walking alone on the beach, beside sea.
He went behind her, just the way he had imagined last day, and she shivered feeling his hot breath falling on her bare neck, she was wearing cute little frock reaching her knees, with that baby bump, she was looking alluring,
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
[Beloved, please listen]
Geet was startled, she stood dead on her spot feeling him behind her, how he can be here? She thought fearing of his real presence behind her,

She slowly turned behind and her eyes widen in shock on finding him there, Maan was having victorious smile on his face on seeing her reaction.
But Geet got scare from him seeing him suddenly after 15 days, and he was having smirk on his face, she felt scare thinking what he is going to do now with her, she had bear enough, she don’t have the strength anymore to face his hatred now, she put her one hand on her tummy and turn to make a run from there.
Maan was shocked seeing her reaction, first those beautiful eyes filled with fear and then instead of welcoming him with the warm hug she is making run from there, it hit him badly, he wraps his hand around her from behind, holding her belly, there by stopping her on the spot.

Aaj khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sada
Dhadkane hai deewani
Dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
[Today, even the silence is speaking
The heartbeats have gone crazy
Even the heart is saying something]
Don’t run away from me Geet,he muttered , really hurt, while further thing shock him seeing her Shivering badly out of fear in his arms, she is scare from me?? He couldn’t believe it.
He turn her around slowly only to hear her soft whispers, Hume chodiye..leave me..she continues to struggle in his arms with her fragile strength,

Just a moment Jaan. He hugs her dearly, she stopped moving, feeling uneasy with his strange behavior, let me feel you, he whispered in a crook of her neck making her shiver again, his scent engulf her senses, it’s been after a while she was in his arms, but as his hands went on her belly, she snapped out of his arms, turning angry, stay away from me.. aapke aur humare bich ab kuch bhi baki nahi hai..she spitted, tears filling in her hazel eyes.
I don’t think so..he eyed her belly meaning each words

. Geet took step back but he walked further pulling her in his arms, next he slam his mouth on her, kissing her passionately, Geet clutches his shirt in fist, trying to control her urges and didn’t respond back being angry on him.
After a while he breaks apart eyeing her dazzle self lovingly and took her in his arms.

Geet gasped, put me down..she couldn’t wriggled as he was holding her tight,
Let me go .where are you taking me, Geet was blabbering continuously but Maan ignore her for a while and continued to walk with her in his arms,
Hume ghar Jaana hai..humare ghar Jaana hai..
So I am taking our home..
No..she screams.. terrified with the thought about going back to same cage where she faced hell in the clutches of her love.
My home is here, she blasted, I live with my friends and family.
Maan looked at her hearing her, friends?? Family?? Who?? That Kunal, Anna and tht Rahul??
Geet looked at him surprised, how did he know..
You have me, Jaan..he eyed her passionately.
Geet kept on watching him with her wide hazel eyes, while he continued to walk .they reach near his guards who were waiting for him as per his order.
Sir, the plane is ready..just need your permission to take off..
Geet was bewilder, she looked at the guards shock then back at him, I am not going back, my family is here, leave me..they must be waiting for me . She screams, wriggled but he had turned deaf now to her pleads for he knew what he have to do now.
Keep your mouth shut or I will kiss you here, in front of those guards, he whispered in her ear, making her scarlet red, because of anger and embarrassment..
She knew he can do anything, for the devil he was, Geet pouted ready to cry.
While Maan just melted with her looks, he cannot do something like that, how can he, he knew his Jaan, and he cannot make her go through that situation despite he had done before worse..
Geet couldn’t think further, she couldn’t go against him right now..just the thought make her dizzy..she wanted to go back to Anna..her friends.. her family..but this monster came again to snatch her from her only happiness.
Baby..she put her palm around her belly, as her eyesight turned blurry, she saw him climbing the plane taking her in his arms, and soon everything was blank.
After hours, Geet woke up to find Maan seating beside her, just staring at her lovingly, he was there at her side , from the time both reach back at KM.
Geet couldn’t digest his gaze or his strange behaviour, she fail to notice that change in him.
Do you want to eat somewhere..are you hungry?? He asked caressing her cheeks lovingly but Geet shrugged off his hand, and got up instantly..Hume ghar Jaana hai..
Maan started to get angry now hearing her same demand, this is your home.

This is not.. I want to go back to my home..

she replied sternly giving him glare, she actually forgot about her cravings for sake man whom she loved the most in this world, seeing him doing something again without her will, she can’t approve it now.. specially he brought her back to same house, from where she had promised herself to never come back and she is counting her days, she wants to live her life as per her wishes.. this time she won’t allow anyone to take control on her remaining life.. it’s only few day or month..she never how much life she have ..but now she wanted to live for herself and baby.. on her own rules. She won’t be scare anymore, determine she got down from the bed , so as Maan.
He watched her surprise, the woman standing before him is no more his sweet and lovely Geet, but she has became so stubborn, maybe with Anna’s support and friendship, he concluded.
But his anger started raising hearing her same ranting, take me back to my home..
I am not.. because this is your home..

he gritted his teeth, pointing to his own house.
No..Geet scream, on the verge of tears, geet became hyper, as she rushed to the door to open it but he holds her hand, hugging her from behind, don’t Jaan..he whispered huskily, really surprised to see her anger, but he couldn’t let her go..
Let me feel …he put his palms on her belly and that’s it . She pushed him off angrily with her all strength..

Don’t you dare to do any harm to my baby, she blasted with her red teary eyes, literally shaking with anger,
Maan looked at her hurt and shock with her behavior, how can she think like that..but it was not her fault, it was past sin , making her to react like that.
Next came as blow to him as she warn him, if you hurt my child..I will kill you..
Maan rushed forward taking her lips in his, he kissed her again , while she bang on his chest, leave me..
Choomke apne hothon se tere gham ko chura loon
Laake tujhe de doon khushiyan saari
Apni har beqaraari ko seene mein hi chupa loon
Meri chahatein jaye tujhpe waari
[I’ll kiss you with my lips and steal all your sorrows
I’ll bring all the happiness and give it to you
I’ll hide all my restlessness in my heart
May you be showered with all my love]
After a while she stopped her attempt feeling sleepy.. he took her back to bed and lay her down, kissing her back last time, he wrapped duvet on her while himself sat near her and soon fallen in sleep with Geet in his arms.
Sehme sehme labon mein ghul gayi hai dua
Dhadkane hai deewani
Dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
On these resting lips a prayer has dissolved
The heartbeats have gone crazy
Even the heart is saying something
Precap :-

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