Both reach at Handa Mansion , Sam again burned in jealousy seeing the sight, as feet was wearing Maan’s coat, and walking with his support as she was limping.
What happened to my child?? Mrs.handa came running, taking concern before Maan.
Geet was awe seeing her mother’s concern after years now, least she knew it was not real.
Once Geet was inside, Sam showed him her anger, giving him glare,
Look Sam, she was in danger, so I just saved her.
Later on it really became difficult for him to make her understand.
Geet came to thank him next day, but he lashed out his anger on her, because he was already fed up by manofying Sam and then Geet was the reason of this misunderstanding between duo.


Tumse milne ka koi
Bahana bhi nahi aata
Hum mein tumse mohabbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata
Chupana bhi nahi aata
Jatana bhi nahi aata
[To meet with you
I can’t even make up any excuses]
Geet don’t know why he was angry on her, she simply turn and rushed to her cabin, soon lost in the work at hand.
Days passed by, Sam was showing herself normal not wanting to make Maan angry and then, their marriage was fix.
Maan was happy , finally he was going to married his childhood love, they will be one.but both girls weren’t for some reason.
Maan though not felt the much needed satisfaction and peace in his heart, it was still restless and as the marriage date arrived, he couldn’t be in peace, his heart tells him something is not right.
And it was right though, on the wedding day, Sam suddenly disappeared ,with that note telling about her sis love for Maan.
I was so shock, babaji ..with the turn of events, I never intend to any of that sort but ended up being the reason..
Yeh sab kaise ho Gaya..I can’t see him breaking like that, though his face shows nothing only blank but she knew what was he going through inside, who knows it better than her.



All accusing gazes fallen on her, she stumble back on her place, the mandap was decorated well for marriage turned empty, leaving only Handas and Maan standing there.
Maan couldn’t believe, the girl whom he loved from childhood , went away leaving him for her sis..

GHSP 273 HD_1097.jpg

His angry gaze went on geet who herself was shattered to know the truth, he could bear her sight,he drags her angrily towards the hawan kund, and forcefully got married to her.
Yeh AAP kya kar rahe hai..Ruk jaiye..this is not right.. AAP Aisa nahi karte sakte..
Just shut up.. he shouted making her Stop her blabbering and then filled up her partition angrily,
Geet just watched him with her teary eyes, trying to find anything in his eyes, but there was nothing except hatred for her in his burning eyes,  as the kumkum (red powder) smeared on her forehead, falling down , she have to blink her eyes few times, she looked at her parents to rescue her from this but as always they just show their back to her, walking out of the place.
You done doing what did you wanted, now see what I will do.. he warned her dangerously sending shivers down her spine.
Sam’s friend who was present there watch her disgustingly, as she pushed her from behind while Maan drags her towards his car.
Hum kuch samaz hi nahi paye, in just few hours or minutes what life came upside down, I tried babaji..I tried my best to not come in between both but you seem not in my favor anymore.
Aur in sab main humari kya galati thi..babaji..
Maan didn’t listen to me. He turned so cruel, which I have not seen his side can a person changed so much..
Just because of me, sirf humare wajah se..hai na babaji??

Tears had well on the pages, making those words sock.
It hurts me babaji seeing him in pain, I know he is taking out his own pain through his anger on me.
I don’t mind, jante hai kyon..kyon ki hum gussa toh unhi pe nikakte hai na, jise hum apna samazte hai.. she smile in between her tears, writing so.
Yes are mine. Maan smile between tears, knowing how much she understands him, and takes everything positively.
And if he won’t take it out on me, then how he will bear it’s intensity, unhe aur bhi takleef hogi..and least I want this to happen..I can burn myself in the flames of his pain but won’t let him feel that pain.
Kitna pagal dil hai mera
Manana bhi nahi aata
Hum mein tumse mohabbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata
[My heart is totally crazy
I don’t know how to coax it
I’m in love with you
But I don’t know how to tell you that]


Maan couldn’t digest her words, his whole shuddered, he knew he can’t read more, he won’t able to bear it..her pain sufferings that too by his own hands, but he have to much he had torture her, and this gonna his first punishment for making her go through..
Hum bahot khush hai aaj, because I became his with my body and soul, par unke liye woh sirf nafrat thi babaji..I couldn’t bear the pain but couldn’t refused to him when he was showing his love through his anger.
His soul shuddered reading her, as he looked at the same bed, where he had every night r*** her.. he instantly got up eyeing the same bed with disgust..
How did he ended up doing so.. he felt suffocated standing in same memories started haunting him, her painful cries, her sufferings in same mansion of his.

GHSP 273 HD_5715.jpg

He walked out of the room, and flipped pages to read further , this was his punishment, he will read every of her sufferings and it’s her heart.
How could he asked me to do so ..babaji..he asks me to …chi…I can’t even write down the word..
Maan was confused, but as he read her next his heart skip a beat, he started sweating reading his own sin.
For a moment, I saw different Maan, a devil..woh humare Maan nahi ho sakte..who had once saved my life from those monsters at night on the road..
He can’t be the one, who is asking now his wife to strip.
His heart thudded badly against his rib cage but next moment I know, he is not in his right senses right now, he was still angry..thinking her the reason behind his miseries then fine let it be.. I did what he told me, as I was just a doll in his hands, kyon ki..hum kabhi unhe na nahi Kah paye ..humare Dil ne kabhi unhe na Kahana sikha hi nahi..

Kyon ki.. hum toh sirf unhe pyar karna jante hai..I was blank.. couldn’t do anything.. apart from listening to him..
She cried..
He flipped pages to see , it’s empty..there was no more entries..she must have stop writing..
But reading her last entries, he realized till what extent he went to hurt her, he almost tear her soul with his sinful behavior, he remembers the day he asked her to go out without her un********, he was really not in his right senses that time, he was damn furious,, restless..with the info of Sam’s arrival..something was fearing him from inside, and then he never thought she would listen to him, and will do as per his words, he was really getting worried for her that day..
But when she did , again he assumed her wrong.. thought Ill about her.

GHSP 118 HD(3)_4491.jpg

When he himself stoop so low to hurt his Jaan.
He started to feel suffocated in his own mansion without his he just rushed out..
Maan was laying on the floor, totally drunk, not able to bear the pain of his guilt and her sufferings..just when he saw her walking to him, he raise up seeing her soul, his eyes yearning for her one glimpse and here she was his angel.. walking towards him with sweet smile on her face,


Suno Na Sangemarmar Ki Yeh Minaarein
Kuchh Bhi Nahi Hai Aage Tumhaare
Aaj Se Dil Pe Mere
Raaj Tumhara Taj Tumhara

GHSP 273 HD_9293.jpg

He got up, stumbling on his steps being drunk, when she holds him tight, rushing forward,
Geet..he cupped her face, eyeing her with so much love and passion, his red eyes burning, and drooping but he kept it open just watch his angel.
She didn’t speak a word stay still in his hold, he slowly and softly started kissing her lips, making her moan.
Yeh Dekho Sapne Mere
Neendon Se Hoke Tere
Raaton Se Kehte Hain Lo
Hum Toh Savere Hai Wo
Sach Ho Gaye Jo
Suno Na Do Jahano Ke Ye Nazare
Kuchh Bhi Nahi Hai Aage Tumhaare..
Aaj Se Dil Pe Mere
Raaj Tumhara Taj Tumhara..
Maann.. Geet got up moaning out his name, she was whole red, feeling his lips still on her, she unknowingly touch her Shivering lips.. she just dream about him kissing her.
How’s that possible..
Just then the person come rushing inside her room.
Geet..are you fine? Kya hua??
He went and hugs her out of concern seeing her waking up like this when she needs rest.


Kunal..hum bilkul thik hai.. oh just achanak se Aisa laga jaise unhe humari jarurat hai..she muttered hiding her face in his chest,
On the other hand,
Maan broke the kiss..and saw her moving back again..Jaan..don’t go.. he tried to stop her and caught her wrist pulling her in his arms suddenly and gives her bone crushing hug.


Maann.. Geet moaned again hugging Kunal tight.. her fist tighten on his shirt, crushing it in the process.
Kunal was so shock, never before she did like this , hearing her calling out Maan’s name, he realized she couldn’t forget him. He just wrap his arms on her back, soothing her unsaid cravings.
After a while he broke the hug slowly patting her apart, to see her sleeping on his chest. He pushed her down on the bed softly, caressing her cheek, she was beautiful angel, whom he wished to cherish his life long..but only if she would allow him, he knew she have given this rights only to Maan, who himself wasn’t aware of it.. 
I feel pity on you Maan, you don’t know you have thrown away the gem from your own hands.
Bin Tere Madham-Madham
Bhi Chal Rahi Thi Dhadkan
Jabse Mile Tum Hamein
Aanchal Se Tere Bandhe
Dil Udd Raha Hai
His face buried deep inside her neck, kissing her whole length, going down on her cleavage.
Geet cried in her sleep, feeling his touches, ,bedsheet clutch below in her fists, she wriggled and got up again breathing heavily.
Hey babaji..Hume yeh kya ho raha hai..


She couldn’t sleep in peace after those dreams, it felt so real..his touch.. she was craving again for his love.. because of her pregnancy it was becoming unbearable for her.
Geet pushed him suddenly, making him stumbled back on his steps, he looked at her to see her soul walking back again, away from him.
No..Jaan..don’t go .
But she wasn’t listening, she only walk back giving him blank look.
You can’t go leaving me Geet.. he screams, I will find you Jaan..I will get you back soon..

Soon she was vanish from his sight..
And Geet drifted to peaceful sleep.
Next Day he got a phone call and there was victorious smirk on his face, so you are going to Canada Anna!!?
Here I  come Jaan..
Teri meri baki hai kahani
Teri meri aadhi hai kahani
Aa gayi woh modh par
Tu gaya joh chhod kar
Mere dil ko todh kar kya mil gaya
[Our story is incomplete
Our story is only half done
It has come to that turn
Where you left me
What did you get by breaking my heart]
Maan stood on the beach,just watching his’s been more than week, he was seeing her before his eyes, he couldn’t have enough of her..she was looking more beautiful now than before..wearing dress.
He notice now how thin she has became, like some paper, as if gush of wind can took her away..
as he continues to gawk her, suddenly his gaze halted on her belly.. because of decease and weight loss, it was looking more prominent now..


Is she Pregnant?? The thought crosses his mind and then he was hit back with that nightmare he has few days before..
She is pregnant..he concludes walking near her , getting clear view of her, her belly was showing clearly indicating of her pregnancy.

His eyes filled up as he remembered the last day she had hug him and pleaded, stay with me tonight, don’t go..
She was pregnant that time as well but he didn’t notice it, because of her decease, it wasn’t showing that time.
How could he ignored such a thing..?? How could he never notice it before??
His Jaan is carrying their little life , while she herself facing her death.
His heart bleed furiously and then he reached near her, just walking near, his breath falling on her neck..
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