[Diary part continues.. Maan is still reading whole diary.. this is the past which maan is reading through the diary .. so he knows about her each sufferings and emotions as well]
Chupana bhi nahi aata
Chupana bhi nahi aata
Jatana bhi nahi aata
Hum mein tumse mohabbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata
[I don’t know how to hide it
I don’t know how to express it
I’m in love with you
But I don’t know how to tell you that]
[the song used here is female version, from Geet’s pov, do read to get her emotional turmoil]
Geet was restless from the time, she got the invitation from her sis and family for the party , they have planned it for Maan and gonna announced their engagement soon. Her heart clinched with the thought, she felt suffocated just with that jealousy feeling.. above that she would have to see all happenings before her own eyes, her own sis..her own love..
God!! How will I survive it.. she cried out not really wanted to go to the party, she knew she wouldn’t able to suppress her feelings, and she fear she would ended up doing some not approval things.
She should be happy for it was her first party , she was going to first time step outside after years now , her so called parents never allow her, she was caged in four walls from the Handas died, and she had accepted her new family as her own…loved them unconditionally but got only hatred and disliking in return.they were actually jealous of her beauty and innocence, but the got full advantage of her innocence and love for them. Making her suffered every day, while she became just another servant of house.
Geet was doing everything just for her own family and home, it her own home after all, how could she neglect the things here.
Chupana bhi nahi aata
Chupana bhi nahi aata
Jatana bhi nahi aata
Hum mein tumse mohabbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata
Geet glanced at the couple dancing cozily, while her whole burned to see it, she clutch the glass tight in her hands, and then caught his gaze on her, making her startle.
Maan felt someone’s burning gaze on himself and turn to looked at the person.and there she was , sams so called sis, looking extremely beautiful in that white sari, sari..he scoffs..who the hell wear this old stuff at high class parties in this era..
But he couldn’t stop to admit, how extraordinarily beautiful and gorgeous she looks, even than Sam ..and he pulled himself back from his thoughts tightening his hold on her waist, how could he think of another woman when he claimed to love Sam, he became angry on Geet for stealing his attention..
However beautiful she is, it doesn’t matter to him, he only loves Sam. He concluded, giving her spitting glare, she stumbled back on her steps, walking around hurriedly, hiding behind the crowd of people, still couldn’t help but steal longing glances at him,
Chori chori chupke chupke
Tumko dekha karte hai
Chori chori chupke chupke
Tumko dekha karte hai
Haal-e-dil sunane se
Na jaane kyun darte hai
Na jaane kyun darte hai
[Silently and secretly
I keep staring at you
To express the condition of my heart
I don’t know why I’m afraid]
And suddenly she bang with the woman at back, spilling her drink on her cloths, hey girl watch out..
Kaun ladki hai..yeh..
Mrs.handa came running there seeing the scene, it’s my daughter..she fake a smile, giving silent glare to Geet.
Alright..but I never saw her before.. she eyed her suspiciously..
Geet flinched hearing the commotion, she kept looking down, when felt a slight jerk on her arm, Mrs. handa eyed her to walked at side.
Geet followed her in lonely corner, and next moment, she got hard slap on her cheek from her mother(aunt) for misbehaving in their high class party. She shivered with pain, tears flew out..
GHSP 60_7181
Now you know,you are not capable to come to this better stay at home only.
Geet cried , her heart ached badly, she just wish to die at that moment than listening those words, she rushed out silently, then walking out of the house.
Rain was pouring out , because it was rainy season that time, she let out her tears come out furiously, first her mother’s words but the thing which was making her die thousands of deaths, seeing her love in the arms of her own sis.. she cried furiously, dropping on her knees in the middle of the road, the car was coming to her way , honking badly, but she was lost in her own pain to notice anything.
Maan suddenly found her absence, and it makes him restless, he felt suffocated, he don’t know what got into him suddenly, he rushed out excusing himself, just to take fresh the environment inside started to make him feel irritated, (without her)
He saw her seating in the middle of the road and car was coming from other side, he was shocked, and angry on her for her stupid behavior, Geet..Geet..
He tried to call but there was no response, finally he ran towards her and pulled her in his arms, and jump on other side of the road, he falls back on the mud, taking her in his arms..
Geet was shock, feeling his scent, she hugs him tight out of her emotional turmoil and knew only he could sooth her pain now just with his touch,
Geet Hui Sabse Parayi — nazwiskotonieimie: Behene de mujhe Behene ...
Are you fine, his husky baritone reach into her ears, making her shuddered, she couldn’t help but blushed softly snuggling closer in his warmth.
Maan irritated pulled her apart so rudely that makes her cried, what the hell you were doing , seating in the middle of the road, have you gone crazy?? He blasted, but she kept on watching him in the falling rain, he was so closed to her after years now, her hands reach to cup his face but he got hold of it in the middle only, realizing what she was doing
He mistook her all emotions and behavior as just throwing herself on him, like other girls,
He raise angrily, pulling her up, answer me..he blasted again clutching her arms tight,
Jubaan pe baat hai lekin
Sunana hi nahi aata
[The words are there on my lips
But I don’t know how to say them]
Woh..hum..yaha .she trembled, not knowing what to answer and how..
Hum mein tumse mohabbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata
[I’m in love with you
But I don’t know how to tell you that]
Maan ran frustrated hand through his wet hairs, while he looked back at her only to see her staring again at him..
Crazy girl..he muttered and rushed inside, only to bump with Sam.
Oh Maan..just then her gaze went behind to Geet, she found something suspicious and turned angry but kept her cool, oh Geet..what happened to you dear..she fake concern pulling her inside, while both Maneet continue to watch other till she disappear from his sight.
What is happening to me..what was in her eyes..he thought irritated with her gazes..

Few Days passed, Geet joined his company after passing through interview, it was her own hard work and efforts to take her to KC,
Her parents couldn’t object after she being notice in society and because of Maan, he would always ask about her indirectly.
Geet wouldn’t be happy more, she thank Maan from her heart being the reason of her happiness.
She wrote down her happiness in her only companion, her diary.. thanking her beloved..
Hum unke har pal karib rahenge ab, she wrote down, though she was capable for any other high posts, but she only choose to be his assistant to remain close to him till the time she have in her hand,
Don’t know what will happen in future, but I want to stay close to him as much I can for the peace of my heart..
Mohabbat kaise karte hai
Koi toh humko samjhaye
Mohabbat kaise karte hai
Koi toh humko samjhaye
[How to be in love
Can someone teach me that]
But I didn’t realize for my own peace and happiness, I ended up making him angry and frustrated.
Maan remembered the times she used to work close to him, it was making him restless, without his own will. He wasn’t knowing what was happening to him.
Sam used to give him visit frequently just to keep an eye on him which he obviously knew but couldn’t said her anything thinking it’s only her insecurity , and he only belongs to her.
Once, Geet hit her forehead mistakenly on the door, as Maan saw it, out of concern he walked near her to see the bump raising on her forehead, he started to blow breath on her head, and that’s how Sam caught them, so as whole staff.
They were looking from behind as if kissing each other.
Both pulled apart only to see Sam in tears, (fake obviously)
Sam..kya hua?? Maan asked confused,seeing her sad face,
What were you doing??
Maan still stared at her, but as Geet tried to explain it dawn upon him,
Aisa kuch nahi hai..Sam..the way you are thinking..
Maan glare her angrily, what the hell are you talking, keep your mouth shut, Maan shouted on her, Geet flinch back hearing his angry voice.
Maan was angry because the way Geet was talking, Sam will assume wrong things but he never know the innocence of Geet and evilness of Sam.
Sam rushed out of there followed by frustrated Maan, in intention to manofy her, but he gives Geet one furious glare before leaving.
Geet looked at the way both gone, and things happened, she never wanted it babaji..tears spilled out of her cheeks.
Kahin aisa na ho ke
Pyar bin umar kat jaaye
Pyar bin umar kat jaaye
[May such a thing not happen
That I spend my life without love]
Few days passed, Maan has been successful to manofy Sam, he kept little distance from Geet, which hurt her beyond anything but she swallows it all just for the happiness of duo , for she really don’t want to create any misunderstanding between both again because of her, God forgive her for that!!
After few days, another day , Geet became late to leave office, she hadn’t accustom to leaving home and thereby not knowing much roads and routes, driver was always there to pick her up or drop, or she would used taxi .
But that night there was no taxi around, the atmosphere started becoming creepy.. she saw four goons approaching her, and soon she was running on the empty road saving her life, she became so tired and injured, falling in steps, then one going reach her from behind pulling her duppata off, two more reach and tore her dress, Geet frighten called for help, with tears flowing down continuously but another holds her mouth dragging her at corner.
Maan was just returning from same route, when he saw some goons dragging the girl to corner.
He quickly rushed out of his car, and walked after them, pulling the one behind who was going to kiss that girl.
As soon as the girl was in his sight, he was shock to find it’s none other than Geet herself.
His anger reach to pick, seeing her condition, he started thrashing each one badly, bruising their faces, kicking on their main points, Geet was so scared, she just rushed into his arms as soon as he was finished with beating those goons,
Maan hugs her back, she was shivering badly, she cried furiously in his arms, hiding herself in protective arms of her Love. are safe now..he tried to calm her, rubbing her back, let’s move from here.
He tried to pulled apart, but she clutched his shirt tight, not willing to go, she didn’t even move as he tried to drag her, leaving a sigh, he pick her up in his arms, and took her to his car, he put her down softly like a baby, she still had her eyes closed, while in the process their lips brushed together, making her more shiver, she blushed opening her half eyes, he was mesmerize seeing her beautiful face, he parted, took an driver seat, ignoring those feelings for a while.
maan and/or geet in/on a car/jeep
What were you doing on the road at this hours. ? He asked to divert her mind.
She sniffed again but reminding that incident, woh Hume taxi nahi mil Rahi thi..aur aaj car bhi nahi aayi ghar se..
He listen to her, give her a look, he felt bad seeing her still crying, he thought for a while and then spoke surprising geet
You are coming with me from tomorrow, got it??
Ji..uski jarurat nahi hai..
Hai.. jarurat hai Geet..he said giving her look, its are not gonna object..he said with authority, she couldn’t deny..she was having sweet smile on her face, Maan notice it and was confused seeing it.
to be continue…
I wanted to complete whole part here only but errors comes while uploading more than this.. so i will give next soon,, do like and comment fast.. i will update next soon as soon  as possible. 
take care.. stay safe :))
Precap :-
back to present..
Will they meet?? Will Maan able to find her??
Here is Maneet video on same song, if anyone interested.. do watch it. :))

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