Anna walked out yawning, for waking up from her sleep, hearing door bell sound, who is it at late of night, she thought before opening the door, and she was pleasantly surprised on finding Geet, but the condition in which she found her made her worried, Geet was wearing her old salwar suit, looking pale, as if all energy was pulled out of her body, she was looking so lifeless, without any soul, there was some bruises marks on her neck, corner of lips, Anna gasped pulling her inside,
She got her suitcase inside and closed the door behind, first thing she do to rush inside to fecth first aid kit.
Geet sat there like a statue while Anna carefully aid her little wounds but what about the large scare on her heart,
Geet.. are you fine? Anna asked with teary eyes,
Hm..Geet was startled, she compose herself seeing Anna’s sad face, not wanting to make her only friend sad who always tried to make her happy, she out on brave face and fake smile,
Anna , you don’t be worried for me, hum bilkul thik hai.. Hume bas kuch dino ke liye yaha..
Before she spoke Anna understood, you can Geet, we will stay together, you don’t have to ask, my idiot friend, Anna took her in a warm hug, Geet wanted to cry again getting her warmth like a mother, but she closed her eyes tight drinking back her tears, not wanted to trouble Anna. She thank her babaji for sending a friend like Anna at the end of her life..
Hai sabhi kuch jahaan mein
Dosti hai, wafaa hai
Apni yeh kamnaseebi
Humko na kuch bhi mila hai
Humko na kuch bhi mila hai
[There is everything in the world
Including friendship and faithfulness
But it’s my misfortune
That I never got anything]
few days went by, Anna took Geet on a tour of some places or rather countries, from one place to another as per Geet’s words, that night, Geet had only spoken one sentence through which Anna got to know everything,
“I have woken from my dream.”
Where do you want go, Geet?
Jeans Movie || Aishwarya Keeps Memories of Prasanth Love Scene ...
Anna asked knowing she must not want to live in the same place anymore where she got only betrayal and pain.
Somewhere, near ocean. Spoke Geet lost, looking out of the window, at shinning moon.
Where people sweat.. but live energetically.. wants to see sunshine, greenery.. I want to have little fun with my little baby..she chuckled at the end putting her palm on her belly, she had dreamt about all three of them together, but she can still dream about both her baby and her, she is still having her little Jaan in her stomach, he is going no where, she and baby..
Anna understood her inner turmoil, the feel of you are dying know it when.. this is making her restless, desperate to have those moments with her baby.. see the sunlight..roam outside,
But she was happy for her friend, she realized the old Geet somewhere coming back, she is thinking for herself, her own wishes
What do you want Geet?? from me?? Anna asked lost in her friends pain,
If I die, I don’t want any funeral but wedding flowers and decoration same like marraiges,
I don’t want anyone to be sad, I want it all like a wedding.
Anna became silent, just watching her,
Will you fulfill my this wish, ? Geet asked hopefully, but lost in her World,
Anna startled looked at her and gives her small smile, I will but before that I will wish for the miracle to be happen and that is, you and baby would live life long..
Anna watched their pics together , some were only of Geet, she chuckled seeing them, Geet has enjoyed her few days fully, playing video games with Anna, or roaming around different places, temples, Geet was sleeping on the grass in sunlight, enjoying the moment, both had capture every moments of them in camera, infact storage card was running out of memory. Both were going crazy like a small girls, playing and running around.. specially Geet,Anna smile tearfully, watching her adorable pics. She had never seen her like this, so cheerful and joyous, running from her to there, even she had to warned her sometimes about her condition.
I hope you stay alive, Geet with your baby. She trailed her fingers down on her pretty friends pic, she was looking so young with tees and skirt, some were in pants, she chuckle, she looks so cute, anna made her change her wardrobe completely.
You look perfect now, my pretty friend!
Few days and he never got time to seen her , lost with Sam, he never notice her absence around him,
It was after those few days, He tried to call her in his cabin, but she didn’t receive his phone, watching through the blinds , he found it emptied, where is she?

He marched out angrily, where is Geet?
He barked, his staff startled, looked at him scared seeing him in foul mood.
Sasha thought to add some spice and make him more angry on geet, sir, infact she is not coming from few days.
Pinky gives her look before answering Maan, sir, she quit.
Who approved it,


Maan was furious now, he gritted his teeth in fury.’s…it’s… H.R.Manager
Maan was clearly mad now, he called that manager to his office,
Manager gulped down before answering him, she has submitted her resignation one month back,
who gave you the permission to approve her resignation without my permission, he roared
But miss Geet said, you have approved it, and she’s in an important positive, he referred it in wrong way making Maan’s volcano of anger bust, and he got up furiously pushing back his chair in the process, Get Out, get your salary for this month, you are fired!
Manager was bewilder, he tried to plead him but no use, his decision was final and no one can go against him decision once he take it.
Maan tried her number few times, but it was coming switch off, he was again feeling that same restlessness now, he tried numerous times but result was same, he madly dash out of his office and reach back at Khurana Mansion, how dare you Geet, to resign without my permission,
He dash inside mansion but found only dead silence from around, he stood bewilder, something was definitely wrong , he thought, rushing upstairs towards their room, he collided with same dead silence..


but her scent was there in the room, her sweet fragrance was there but she wasn’t as he tried to find her everywhere. He checked their cupboards only to find her few saris there which was baught by him but nothing elses, he bangs shut the doors of cupboard, seething in rage, feeling suffocated, that was actually without her, with the thought that she left him, he losen his tie, removed it and threw it on the bed furiously. Thinking for a while, he rushed out, taking his car out , he ran it madly in the road to reach the destination where he thought she might be right now.
Maan, what are you doing here at this time? Sam asked perplex seeing his work out condition, he was out of breath litterally..
Where is she?? Call her out.


Geet, tell her to come out now.
Sam was startled, just to get Geet, he has came here but not for her, the thought made her furious, but she masked her face with fake worry for her sis.
Maan, you first …
But Maan didn’t even let her complete, he pushed her aside in is anger, and barge inside, Geet..Geet..come out..
I know you are here , Geet..he shouted
Sam holds his wrist from behind stopping him as he was going to rushed inside to check on her,
Maan..Maan..relax..she will be okay, she hasn’t back yet, she will come.
Then where she can be?? Maan was going restless, worried for her, it can be clearly seen from his face.
He left frustrated sigh knowing nothing about his wife, I knew nothing about her, where can she go..he ran a hand through his hairs furiously and rushed out of there not even giving one glance to fuming Sam.
Maan came back to his empty Mansion only to encounter silence all around, her fragrance was there but she was not, the thing irked him, he looked at his shirt which was on his bed, took it to wear that but when he wore it , he close his eyes feeling Geet hugging him and crying furiously, just stop it.. he shouted opening his eyes but found her no where, only he was standing alone in the room. He felt her warm fragrance engulfing him in it as he wore the same shirt which Geet had holds to her chest, burying her face in it, she had cried her heart out.
Not bearing the silence of mansion , and absence of her , he went out to bar, to have peace of his mind,
He drank glass after glass of alcohol, lost in the memories of his wife,
I am finally happy, the woman finally disappear, Geet Handa.. he chuckled out, I don’t want to see her anymore..

Maan was walking on the grass, when he suddenly heard laughing sound, it was melodious , sending peace through his restless heart, he turned to look at her, there she was, his wife, looking divine and so pure like a angle, she was smiling ..laughing..whole heartily, without any worry lines on her face,
Unknowingly small smile adores his otherwise angry face, he was lost in the view of her angelic sight..just then heard other sound, he stood rooted seeing the divine sight, Geet was playing with little baby, who was laughing along with her.


Suddenly baby caught his sight, he show his little hand to Maan to hold him, Da…da.. it was his babyish language.. which make Geet turned around to see him there.
Her eyes filled up, she took a step to reach him but it was impossible, she couldn’t take a step ahead.
Maan watched her taking step towards him but stop suddenly,
Da..Da..both looked at little angel in her arms, having his little hand out, calling Maan to take him.
Maan was overwhelmed with the sight, he just kept watching the sight for a while then looked at Geet, aa jao Geet.. he finally let out the words from his mouth.
Geet smiled, tears welling up from her hazel eyes, seeing his open arms, baby also turned happy, for being called by his father, he started to jump in her arms,
Geet suddenly stopped again, but do you love me, Maan.. have you accepted me as your wife??


Her questions made him stood dumbstruck, he have no answers yet. When he looked up at her, she was taking her steps back with baby in her arms,
Geet.he called her
But she just gave him painful smile, taking each steps back, baby became sad with her mother taking her back away from his father, he pouted.
Geet ..Ruk jao.. Maan shouted with his one hand in air to stop her, while his eyes widen to see her walking back on the edge of hill .
Next moment he saw them both falling back in the deep valley, from high hill, and he heard her scream, Maaann..
Geetttt.. he screams and got up from the dreadful nightmare he just saw, he was sweating furiously, as he turn on the lamp at his side, he watched around, there was no she.
He was frustrated again thinking where did she went. Why this dream, and baby??
Precap :- Maan come to know about Geet..

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