Me too think now it’s going beyond, now there is twist ahead in next few updates, I guess 2 or 3 updates to go.
Also Geet has resigned her job but as per co. rule she has to work one more or two months after giving her resignation.
Also Maan is now blinded by his anger and hatred for Geet, he have his own assumption about her, that he didn’t realise anything other than it, didn’t notice any other things, or it didn’t accured to him to find out on own, he is just relived with Sam’s return, also he only thinks Geet is the culprit here.
Ignore all errors, as updated from phone
Chapter 19
Geet has been working contiously without noticing the time, it flew fast turning to evening, all staff left leaving her alone.
She was so lost in task at hand, that fail to notice him standing behind her,
Maan when walked out of his offfice, saw the lights on in her cabin, involuntarily his steps move towards her, he barge insides of walked behind her to see her typing some documents.
Maan for a while just kept watching her, lost in the way she was drowned in her work. Her twisting of lips sometimes, then her fewtendruls of silky hairs falling on her cheeks while she lost, his hand move ahead to touch her, fingers ached to touch her soft hairs but he resisted and get clear view of the file she was typing, he remembers it’s an old file back from few months , why the hell she is typing this, he thought and call out, Geet.
She startled,jump on her place, raising all of a sudden, there by clashing both their bodies together, her lips brushed his jaw making both pleasantly shivered, her craving eyes lock him into them as she took in his view, it’s been months she haven’t got him this closer, her fingers clutch on his collars of shirt, holding him tight close to her to never let go.
Maan pulled off her fingers, stepping back, he makes some distance between them.
What are you doing?
Woh..just some time more, i will finish typing this..
I know you are typing… Par kis liye.. he asked making her startled, wasn’t he the one to asked it.. Geet thought when she heard him next, leave this and go home..he said rubbing his forehead looking tired, Geet instantly got worried for him, are you having headache? She asked concerned putting all her files aside as she neared him, Maan didn’t said anything as he was really having bad headache, she again asked, do I give massage, ?
Maan was reluctant first, but then after a while he agreed, laying on the sofa, Geet sat near him and as a reflex he put his head on her lap, her sweet scent and warmth engulf his senses.
Her fingers did some magic on him, as they continue to caressed his forehead, doing massage, he slept in no time being tired already.
Geet kept looking at his serene and calm face, as she caressed it lovingly, what has been he doing recently, itna jaldi so Gaye..woh bhi gehri neend main, it makes her worried and think about Sam.
Keeping her thoughts aside, she continues to stared at his face, then bend down and kissed his close eyes, and then slowly put her lips on his, kissing him softly, pulling back she realised what she did, she stolen a kiss from her sleeping hubby, it makes her shy and soft smile adores her face but she got up slowly putting his head below on sofa, not wanting to face any more humiliation from him. She couldn’t bear more, as she rushed out taking her purse.
Maan slowly opened his eyes, he was awake the moment she stolen her kiss, his fingers touched his own lips, heart beating madly, don’t know why.. why he is getting affected by her.. soft smile touch the corner of his lips.
He sighed, it’s been month he is avoided her just because she is affecting him and he wanted to spend his time with Sam, he doesn’t know why did he delay his own engagement with Sam, when he can easily now breaks his so call marriage with Geet , because it’s not illegal, or register legally to get divorce, he can easily leave Geet and go back to Sam, but without his own notice he denied to Sam for just now for engagement, she was looking sad and he hated Geet for this, she makes him do those things for which he hated himself.
He have no answers to that why, but his heart knew he couldn’t able to leave Geet, she is his..his wife!! His heart concluded which he ignore like before.
Geet walked out but stopped suddenly and she texted msg to Sam, Maan is at KC, he fell asleep in office, take care of him.
I have ruin the things once, now I will make everything right. She thought painfully, her throat chocked just thinking of them together, but she wants to see him happy, if you love Sam, then I can do this for your happiness,Maan. She knew where his happiness lies.
She belled the ring of Anna’s home, and she opened the door welcoming her with sweet smile on her face, welcome Geet, just the right time to come, I had just finished cooking chicken soup, come let’s get inside, she drags Geet in affectionately, that’s when Geet notice her wearing apron, and the smell of food filled into her nostrils.
Anna went inside her room , came after a while with one packet in her hands, Geet, this is for you, she handed her that.
Geet was pleasantly surprised getting the gift, what’s it Anna?
Kholke will know!
Geet opened the packet and her eyes glistens to see beautiful gown inside, beautiful she murmured, caressing the material.
Jao, jaldise change karke aao.. Anna pushed her inside room, now?? Geet became shock,
Yes..right now..
Geet was hesitant but she went inside closing the door, she somehow managed to wear it and come outside feeling really shy though she love these kind of dresses, but never got the chance to wear one, Sam used to wore new fancy dresses, but she wasn’t allowed other than her salwar suits, she knew it now just because she was orphan..
Anna only stared at her with wide open eyes, she has never seen someone so beautiful, infact her pretty friend is beautiful from inside and outside, she concluded
Anna.. how’s I am looking.. but Anna was still toungetied, seeing this makes Geet nervous, Hume pata tha, yeh humpar accha nahi dikhega, yeh humare liye bana nahi hai, Geet’s blabbering pulled Anna back from her thoughts.
Stop!! Anna almost screamed, seeing Geet turning back to change again, you are looking stunning, Anna smiled, as she pulled on the zip of her dress up, which Geet hasn’t notice while wearing, she muttered quick thanks to smiling Anna..
Geet, you are really sexy.. sach main.. Anna laughed out seeing Geet’s face, she was scarlet red, stop it,Anna!! She whined.
Next she drags her out, Geet stopped on her place, her eyes filled seeing the beautiful cake place on the table, Anna lights those candles put on the cake, as she looked at Geet gesturing her to come,
Geet slowly walked towards her, with her heart filling with joy for getting such a friend,
Happy Birthday, Pretty Princess,Geet! Anna’s words make her chuckle with tears streaming down on her cheeks.
Don’t cry, pretty girl, blow the candles and make a wish.. muze cake khana hai, hurry up..Anna sounds desperate
Geet quickly blew the candles, didn’t make wish..
Oh..I just forgot.. Geet smiled,
Anna shakes her head at her antics, now I can eat the cake, she took one bite from her spoon, leaving Geet dumbstruck, Geet gives her a look
Sorry can’t eat you forgot?? Anna wink at her.
Geet pouted knowing she really can’t eat sugary items as well as spicy food..
Please..just one bite..
No.. Anna shook her head in no.
Just half of bite..Anna..
Geet makes an baby face which anyone couldn’t resist, so as Anna.
Alright..just half bite..Anna forwarded her spoon and Geet ate it.
Now this all mine, said Anna cheekily attacking on the cake, Geet makes an crying face but she was pleasantly surprised seeing her behaviour, no one will believe she was the famous star.
Geet got out of the car, really nervous and scare to came to such a place, it was Anna’s idea to take her out to have fun and see the outside world, she didn’t wanna let her die just like that without enjoying her life, she don’t deserve it, anna thought pulling Geet along with her as both entered the bar named nightlife, she gasped, seeing the place, so noisy, music was buzzing at the background, while people inside were filthy rich and classy. She flinched and hold onto Anna like little girl holds their mother.
Anna..suno na..
Hmm..Anna stole her one glance while looking around,
Hume ghar jana hai..
You can’t give excuse now, sweety..she drags Geet towards the drinks area, one wine for me and Anna thought for a while looking at Geet, one glass of warm water for her, she spoke leaving bartender shock, why would anyone came here to just drink warm water.
Water?? He asked bewildering
Yeah..warm..not cold..Anna ordered irritate with his look, she put some notes before him making him smile wildly, he served their orders happily getting the bundle of notes from Anna.
Both friends took one table, and Anna started her blabbering about everything in the world, she told Geet about outside world, her personal experience,
Geet was only smiling hearing her talks while she just nodded her head now and then listening her.
Geet, there are lots of things to do outside and see, are you sure, you want to die tis early without experiencing them.
Geet was mum, while Anna continue little stern this time, give up this child, Geet, Rahul will treat your cancer, you can have more 7 or 10 years, if you abort this child.
Aaj aapne aakhri baar Kah diya Anna, phirse mat kahna.. it’s my can I kill it, she put her palm on her tummy, her eyes moistening, call me selfish mother, I want my baby..
Anna sighed defeated, while she heard Geet further, I have loved Maan, my whole life, now I can face my death. She said determined.
Geet walked inside their bedroom holding the coat around her body which was giving by Anna.
She switched on the lights, and turned around only to gasp in surprise seeing him seating there on sofa, he was furious, it was clear from his posture and pressed lips, his jaw tighten seeing her back finally,
You smell full of alcohol, kaha gayi thi tum.. he asked angrily,
Geet was mute, as she was tired of all this now, anger started to build up in her heart suddenly..that she kept her mum.
Speak..he commanded, angry with her silence
Geet wasn’t willing to give in today, she just turned her face away, making him furious.
He marched towards her furiously grabbing her jaw tightly, I asked you where did you go, answer me.
Geet jerk off his hand from her face , humne kuch galat nahi Kiya .. why do you treating me bad?? She thought giving him painful look before answering him back angrily, I went to nightlife, are you satisfied now??
You went to bar?? He was dead shock
 he even don’t remember my birthday.. she thought again,
Hum jaha chahe ja sakte hai, aapse matlab?? The pain and hurt she was holding till now came out through her anger today.
Maan was really furious, seeing her talking back to him, come again..kya kaha tumne, he pushed her back on the wall ,
Hum ne kaha, its none of your business, stay out of my life..she muttered further, never thought she have this courage to speak infront of him, she herself was astonished, but guess, it’s because of she is going to be mother now, she got this strength, and now she is going to die, so let it just come out, she thought painfully..
Maan was just listening to her, his anger building up inside,
Hum jaha chahe ja sakte hai, bar is just the beginning..she blabbered out not realizing really what she was talking..
Maan smirked ruefully, what else can expect from s*** like you.. he mocked removing her coat furiously and the sight before him just took his breath away.
to be continued.. really took my whole two days to update this one chapter.😥
Precap :-
Have you ever love me, even little bite??
Last time I am asking something to you, lie to me but say you love me…
P.S. Geet didn’t drank any alcohol, it’s Anna who drank it, and it was that atmosphere because of which she was smelling like that, also if you forgot then, it’s Anna’s coat which she was wearing.
Nightlife is name of that bar, which obviously Maan knew, because he visit the place.
Truth will be out soon with a twist, I guess few 2 or 3 chapters..
And as I answered before to few comments, Geet has started to realized the things now, she is realizing the reality of life, also you will see new Geet from next chappy..I guess Maan also..let’s see in next chapter what happens now.
Also I have answered all queries in replies to comments, do check it on previous pages, do check for sure, if you have any confusions it will clear.

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