Maan was horror stuck seeing her blanking out like that, he rushed forward to catch her in his arms. Geet…he patted her cheeks few times and then lifts her in his arms, making his way towards their bed,
no other thought come to his mind at that moment, like she is faking..he was really concerned for her as he sprinkle some drops of water on her face only to see her stirring.
She slowly opened her eyes and watched his blurry sight, as soon as his face became clear in her vision, she got up and smashed herself in his arms, Maan was startled, his hands which were in air, started coming closer on her small body, then as her words left from mouth, are you fine?? Humari toh Jaan nikal gayi..
He hugs her tight without his own notice, Geet cried , hidding her face in the crook of his neck.

Hum sach main..bahot dar gaye the.. she muttered , her wet lips caressed his warm skin making him shiver, he was really confused with those rare feelings, he parted instantly, she caressed his chest, then shoulder trying to make herself believe that he is really fine, then her palms brushed on his neck, going up touching his jaw, she was just making sure, touching him worriedly but he became lost in her touch filled with warmth of her love.

He looked at her as she cried and blabber something, really scared seeing his soul sometime before,
Will you shut up!!

He blasted couldn’t bearing it more,
Geet suddenly pulled back, and looked at him with her teary eyes, Maan was hypothesized by her innocent hazel eyes which kept pulling him closer.
Geet looked away, and wiped her tears, realizing she is really behaving like crazy making him irritated but she couldn’t help it.
kab samzenge woh Hume..

she thought turning her back to him, she close her eyes, tears ran down from her close eyes, she blink few times in a attempt to stop it.
Maan got up and walked out in balcony trying to get fresh air, he was really frustrated with the recent events , his life became already mess after Sam’s departure, his fist tighten on the railing thinking about the reason, this same girl who claims to love him had been the reason for their seperation.

But why he is thinking about this now, when he is going to engage soon with the woman he loves, and damn…he hit the railing in anger, he has punished this crazy woman enough for her sin..
He became restless as Sam’s words came to his mind again, “take care of my sis,
“Did you trouble her..”
“You know she is so scare of you”
He tottaly forgot about it, what will happen if Sam come to know about this.. how much he had torture her sis, she loves her so much and this girl brought this seperation between them, and tried to ruin her own sis life.
But what is happening to me recently, she is affecting him, and then that soul moment, he shivered, why this happened to him, and why the hell he felt it. He could still feel her warm lips on his mouth.. he closed her eyes ,
Maan stood for a while there thinking about his life, then he walked inside the room, only to hear her moaning.
He went near the bed to see her moaning in her sleep, she was turning on the bed and moaning..
It was her habit which Maan was unaware, he didn’t notice it iether in past days.
He sat on the bed near her, for a while just watching her, leaving a frustrated sigh he got up realizing what he was doing??
The woman definitely know some black magic, he thought ruefully, sleeping at the other end of the bed.
After few hours..
Maan woke up feeling some moments and then her voice, he opened his eyes to glace down at her, she was on his chest, muttering something in her sleep, please Maan..Hume chod ke mat jaiye.. hum mar jayenge aapke bina..
He was dumbstruck hearing same words from her mouth, then composing himself he tried to push her at her side, why the hell she is speaking nonsense, it’s not like she is gonna die really.. he scoffs, peeling off her palms from his chest rudely, there by waking her up, Maan..she moaned.. becoming teary for rudely awaking from her sleep, and first that nightmare,
Shh.. he hovered her dangerously, shutting her down, as he put his forefinger on her shivering lips.

Not a word more. He warned her glaring her down, he pressed her Shivering lips more firmly feeling there softness.
Have you decided to not let me sleep peacefully?? He mocked
I am sorry…
You must be .. for every damn thing and every mess in my life.. he threw his vinomous words at her again this time making her drown in more guilt.

She kept mum.. feeling something in her belly, that’s when realisation stuck her, she remembers about her baby, ji hatiye.. (move aside) she muttered feeling concern for their little life, that only ignites him, he pushed her more down, making her moan, AAP yeh kya kar rahe hai.. please..
Maan kept on watching her innocent eyes and moving lips,

He was about to kiss her when jerk back suddenly by her soft push, he was shock , never before she dare to do it before, but today it was the mother inside her got the courage, which was unknown to him.
You are hurting me.. she blamed him with her teary eyes, as she made a rush to washroom.
Maan sat on the bed, just watching her running away, why she is showing such a tantrums.. ignoring her he went to sleep again.

Geet came out changing as she was having slight bleeding, she was damn scare and concerns, she quickly made a call to Anna going out in balcony, Anna assured her telling her this is Normal.. and if she is so worried then they can visit the doctor tommorrow.
Geet was so tired that she slept off soon facing him, keeping his face in her mind, her lips adore with sweet smile as she dreams about them, playing with their baby..having happy life..
After awhile she crawled closed to him in her sleep, while his arms wrapped around her small back pulling her in his arms firmly, both slept off clinging onto each other.


Geet woke up at late hours of morning, feeling herself cage in his iron grip, she gasped as soon as she opens her eyes, it was his harsh words and behaviour last night which came to her mind and made her scare, she quickly tried to pulled apart herself from him but that wasn’t possible anymore, as he pulled her more close, his face dip in her open clevage, while hands pressed down on her bare waist, she gasped, her eyes drooping, and she moaned feeling his stubble rubbing on her soft skin, he continued to smooch her skin roughly, going below, until his cell buzzed and snap opened his eyes, surprised with their position, and he roughly pushed her apart leaving her heartbroken and teary again, he took his call, ha Sam..bolo..
Yes I am coming..and he walked into washroom, her heart slits with huge pain hearing his convo,
It’s been a month,  Geet was four months pregnant now, her belly was growing, but because of her cancer no one can really find out about her being pregnant.
With Anna’s support she was at little ease, away from any fear or uncertainty about future. Being busy star also, Anna never left her side, she was always there for her, her every visit to doctor Rahul.
It’s been a month since she didn’t saw Maan, he never came to Khurana Mansion after that morning he left her to go to Sam, her heart was in constant fear for losing him but she used to compose herself by patting her belly everytime , for she was having his baby in her womb, in that form she have him always close.
At work also he was avoiding her, she concluded, it must be because of Sam. He had taken another girl for his secretary post and I am just for name sake his secretary, she pouted looking at the girl working close to him.
Her thoughts and starring session was broken with the sudden entry of Sasha.. Geet.
She instantly got up, making Sasha smirk, she threw some papers on her table , fanning her nails, type this fast, give it to me, till then you aren’t going home.
Sasha  left from there with cunning smile plaster on her face, it was an old file of no use, she has given to Geet , on the name of Maan.
Pinky who witness it, marched on her , why the hell you give that expire file to Geet? You can have that print out even,


Pinky was really concern for Geet, though hearing people talking bad about her, she never thought like that for her, she has been working with her, but never got a chance to mingle with her with gossiping staff around. She fears to lose her only job. But now she couldn’t just seat and watch Sasha making that innocent woman suffer.
It’s not my idea, but Maan sir, if you wanna say anything then say it to him.
Don’t put this on Maan sir..
Tch tch… Wanna kind with her.. Sasha smirk, but don’t forget what kind of a woman she is..
Forced her own sis out of her way, then took her place, and do those dirty things, what does she thinks, she can do whatever she want?? That’s not gonna happen, but she have to prepare to for mocked by others!!
That’s it.. pinky marched to attack on her, she was really mad now, but before she could do some kind of that, Geet holds her, pinky..relax..relax dear.. I have enough time.she makes her understand and somewhat calm her down.

I have to work extra time again but what should I tell Anna..she will be really mad, and as she had thought the same happened, Anna blasted on her, as soon as Geet inform her about her work schedule, she can’t make to her place until 7 or more.. itna kyoun kaam Karti ho tum !! And the call was dead, Anna has angrily cut the call.
Geet chuckled, giving one glance to her cell, she put it down on table, and started to type the file at hand.
Precap :- 
It’s an old file from last few months, why the hell she is typing it ?? 
And she slowly put her lips on his..

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