Geet ran out happily only to bump with ramu kaka, who look on surprised seeing her laughing,sambhal ke beta..
Sorry kaka..
Koi baat nahi beta, here take this, it’s meal made by my wife, he offered her tiffin box, you haven’t eaten much, aur bhooke pet kaam mat karna, first eat it and then work.
Geet was overwhelmed as she took the tiffin box and gives him warm hug, thank you kaka and to your wife also..
He patted her head lovingly, giving her fatherly warmth, just like childhood.
I will miss you.. she muttered parting away.
Hum bhi aapko bahot yaad karte hai..bitiya.. jab bhi yaad aaye..come to meet us..
She nodded giving him teary smile, she took leave from there.
Geet was trying to find taxi, but there was nothing on the silent road, she continued to walk, it’s been half an hour, and her tummy started to ach again, she was drained out of energy, after facing humiliation.. emotional turmoil and then, that spicy chicken.. finally losing concentration on the road ahead, she walked before the car.


The car stopped abruptly before her with screeching sound as the person inside car, applied the break furiously.. he walked out angrily muttering, damn.. again someone walked on my car, just about to hit if haven’t I stopped on the time..
He walked upto her Shivering self, are you alright, she just shakes her head , leaving sigh of breath finding none other than Kunal himself.
He took her inside his car, and drove off.
Geet was still shaking, with pain, as her hands clutches on tummy,
Where are you going,this late night..
Geet remain silent, lost in her own pain.
Geet..he again called her, ji..she briskly turn to face him, I asked kaha ja Rahi ho tum.. I will drop you there.
Khurana Constructions..
She nodded,
But you don’t look well.
Hum thik hai . She lied.
My friend is very good doctor, Kunal started, who has examined you last time, he thinks you have serious stomach descease, and suggested to do full check up.
Geet listened and she flinched hearing him,
Are you alright? Shall I take you to hospital?
He asked concerned seeing her one hand clutching her sari on stomach.
Geet looked at him , he was looking so worried for her, how could he knows, and some people are so ignorant, she thought painfully, hum bilkul thik hai, Kunal . She again lied just to make him worry less.
Aap kuch kah rahe the, aapke dost.. she diverted him,
Yeah, well he is one of the best doctor in whole country.. and has helped lot of people to cure their terminal illness. There was one patience who was having terminal stomach cancer,he had visited every other doctor or had countless medicines, but nothing work the end my friend cure him, he is alive and healthy now.
Sachchi..?? Geet could see the ray of hope now..for her baby..
Kunal smile seeing her adorable face, she looked so innocent and pure.
AAP Hume unse milayenge..? She asked hopefully breaking his reverie.
Don’t worry.. your stomach descease can’t be serious, it will be cure, relax.
Par Hume toh stomach cancer hai, and it’s terminal.. she said turning sad..
Terminal cancer, don’t panic, he spoke nonchalantly,
But then as the realisation dawn upon him, her words buzzed in his head, and he lost control on his car, What?? Terminal cancer??
the car was about hit by truck who was passing by but he took control again..
Geet was breathless, she holds his wrist, Kunal…closing her eyes tight.
He breaks hard, stopping the car, next moment Geet know she was in his arms,
as he crushed her tight against his chest like a baby, I will not let anything happen to you..kuch nahi hoga tumhe, he patted and cupped her face, I will keep you alive.
Hum Abhi, hospital ja rahe hai, my friend will do some tests on you. He spoke hurriedly starting his car,
Geet kept on watching him, and then lost in her thoughts, it shouldn’t have happened, Kunal ke Dil main humare liye… She couldn’t think further, Aisa nahi hona chahiye tha.. Kunal , you deserve much better than me.. aur hum toh sirf Maan ke hai..
She looked at him painfully, while he continued to drive the car, with serious look on his face.
Kunal took her to Rahul’s privacy hospital which wasn’t big enough but having fully equipped.
As both walked inside, Rahul looked on surprised and he gives teasing smile,
What are you looking at, check you petient..Kunal said holding Geet by her shoulders and gives her a little push.
Rahul looked confused as he checked her pulse, jab main pichli bar tumhara pulse check Kiya tha.. he stopped concluding something.
You don’t have only cancer but.. Are you Pregnant, aren’t you?
WHATT?? Kunal almost shouted taking steps back, he couldn’t believe it.
maxresdefault (3)
You are pregnant.. with Maan’s baby?? He asked painfully.
Yes..Geet replied as clamly as she could looking everywhere but him.
Does he know??
Geet shakes her head in denial gulping the knot in her throat feeling really miserable.
And about the cancer?? Kunal asked with serious, and stern expression..his anger building up.
Geet just nodded in no, and his anger bust, damn it.. what a jerk..shame on him..
Kunal.. mind your words , you are talking about my husband, she pointed towards herself poking her chest,
Yeah…same name sake husband who doesn’t know about his own wife’s desease or his own baby..he gritted his teeth in anger.
Bas kijiye.. hum nahi chahte kisiko bhi pata chale iske bare main, Geet mutter, started feeling suffocate with the unbearable pain. Rahul walked further holding her, Kunal turned his face away, could able to see her in this condition and that b*****, his fist tighten in fury just thinking about Maan.
Plz Kunal..ise Raaz hi rahne dijiye.. she tried
فخمين _fire__hearts_️، ، ، ، - - silsilabadalterishtonka - shaktiarora - drashtidhami - silsila
Kunal looked at her, while she again spoke, hum yaha humare liye nahi aaye hai, but for my baby.. can you save my baby?? She asked Rahul, who just looked at her in disbelief, having nothing to say,
Are you out of your mind!?? Kunal blasted , he holds her shoulders turning her to face him, listen to me, do this abortion and Rahul will cure your cancer, you will have great chance.he tried to convince her, his heart already dipped in pain seeing her condition.
No..she jerked out of his arms, tears already welling up in her eyes, Hume humara baby chahiye.. plz keep my baby safe, she holds Rahul’s hands pleading him, Hume zinda rahna hai, till my baby borns.. she was determined.
Yeh sab..Maan ke liye..
Geet kept mum..
Does it all worth it..?? He asked unbelievable, she couldn’t budge..
Yes.. tottaly.. she told determined
Not for him, Hume bas humara baby chahiye, jo ke unka ansh hai.. I can’t lose it, it’s only thing which is connecting me to him, called me selfish, but I want to leave something connected with me in this world..
So you have decided??
Kunal again asked.
Ha..aur Hume koi bhi pachtava nahi hoga..she whispered last word, breaking into sweat all over her body, as the stroke of pain hit her, she clutches her tummy, Rahul supported her, Geet..
What did you eat recently.. ??
Spicy chicken..she whispered in between her rage breathe,
Rahul was shock, you surely haven’t realized your condition yet, agar tumhe jeene main koi interest nahi..then atleast to keep this baby alive , keeper yourself away from spicy food.he mutter angrily taking her inside to check up.
Kunal dropped her off at Khurana Mansion securely before turning back his car, his cell buzzed, showing Rahul’s number.
Kunal, I have thought, you decided to win her over, but you already giving up on her?
It’s not like you..
I want to get her, But she loves Maan not me..
Are you sure, you won’t regret it..
Yes I am sure, said Kunal with heavy heart, cutting his call.
It was midnight, and there was no sign of Maan, Geet waited for a while then she was really hungry , she just walked inside the kitchen, pulled out the tiffin and started gobbling down the food like hungry child.


And that’s how he found her , stood at the door of kitchen, he continued to watched her beautiful sight lost in her , forgetting all about Sam or everything. It was only her and him.
Geet was eating so fast that she get hiccups suddenly, Maan was pulled out of his lost state, he quickly dash inside and brought glass of water near her mouth, Geet drank few sips and looked at him, her eyes soften, face broke into sweet smile, thinking it’s her dream, or Maan can be never near her and care like this.


What are you smiling at..can’t you eat slowly..?? And is this the time to eat.. phir itne nakhre kyon dikha Rahi thi, before your parents.. he blasted making her face the reality.
Her eyes brighten with unshed tears hearing his last words, he also thinks wrong about her, do he really thought, she was showing tantrums, woh Sab..?? She looked at him, that was just my another infatuation..he doesn’t care for her.. she got up putting her dish in the sink,
Maan turned her furiously, seeing her ignorance, I am asking you something.
GHSP 366 HD_5701
Kya puchna chahte hai aap.. she asked calmyly leaving him startled seeing her calm.
Humari Bachpan se yahi aadat hai.. she whispered looking away from his menacing look.
He clinch her arms more tight, seeing her not denying the accusations iether, she hissed, giving him teary look that he have to left her,
He turned his face , and walked away, going upstairs.
Geet stumbled back, holding the wall behind, she slide on her knees, she curse herself for making him irritated with her presence even par kya woh jante hai.. unke bina hum nahi rah sakte, bas inka saaya bhi kafi hai, Hume zinda rakhne ke liye..
Geet stood before the mirror watching his reflection as he worked on some files, he work so much babaji.. dekhiye na..itni raat gaye koi kaam karta hai Kya..she pouted her lips, twisting it.
Maan looked on feeling her moments as she began slowly removing bangles making chimming sound, which distracted him more making him irritated, can’t you be silent for a while..he blasted making her silent and she broke her one bangle, hurting her wrist in a process, ouch..she moaned closing her eyes tight.


He quickly got up as a reflex, but soon realised what he was doing, and stopped on his place looking at her as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, both stood watching each other, the wind blew furiously outside, Geet began to shiver with cold air, her sari flutter in the air, sticking to her body, revealing half of her body, giving him marvelous look of her gorgeous body, he could see her belly button, his throat dried, getting wild thoughts .. he tried to look away, but his eyes betrayed him and he again looked back at her, this time her gorgeous face, so innocent and Beautiful..

GHSP 271 HD_4132

Geet kept looking when she felt his soul walking out of his body towards her, she shuddered badly and her own soul came out taking steps towards him, both continued gapped at the scene, as both souls reach each other,


Maan(his soul) pulled her(Geet’s soul) in a hug, holding her tight passionately, he couldn’t bear the distance more, his hands started caressing her wildly, his face dipped in her neck, he began giving her hard and wild smooches, making her moan, what are doing to me, Geet.. and why.. you know, don’t you, how much I hate you..
He pulled out her sari, going down on her valley of chest, sucking her soft skin, making her shudder in his passion. Her hands holds his nape, giving him massage , she clutched his hairs in her small fist encouraging him further.
Aur aap bhi yeh jante hai, Maan.. how much I loved you.. she pulled his face, and slammed her lips on his mouth, kissing him deeply, shaking him ..

GHSP 273 HD_5908

Maan shuddered vigorously pulling out from her arms, he left her abruptly not bearing her innocent and selfless love anymore, he walked back, Geet kept on watching him going away from her, mat jaiye humse door.. her hand tried to stop him, but he was walking back towards his body.


Soon he reached back into his body, and Maan looked dumbstruck at her way only to see her soul was still wait for him.
He was shocked, horror stuck looked at her white soul, she was watching him with her craving eyes, her one hand in air, plz don’t leave Maan.. Hume chod ke mat jaiye..she spoke each words shaking his soul,
Hum mar jayenge Maan, aapke bina.. this were her last words, before she walked back into her body, he kept watching her,
Geet looked confused for a while, her all shook badly, she glanced at him once, and finding him all fine and fit, she left a deep sighed but her own body started to felt heavy, she felt dizzy, she looked at Maan , then around, everything started circling…and then she blank out..
Her lips curve in a painful smile, hearing him calling out her name, atleast she heard her name from his mouth.
To be continued..
Precap :- ????
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