Part 35
It was next day morning when geet woke up from her beautiful sleep . Her droopy eyes started to search him beside her but he was no where to be seen. She yawn and lazily sat on the bed wrapping herself in the bed sheet.  Feeling herself naked she blushed furiously reminding there previous night. And all of a sudden the door bang open making her shock and come out of her la la land that she quickly lay down on the bed again with blanket all over her body hiding herself completely in it. Samrat looked confused on finding her still on the bed with totally covering herself.  He takes steps to her and with his each steps her heartbeats raise to new level of insanity.  Her breaths became heavy in fear . Whereas sweat beads appear on her forehead. He was going to touch her but something stop him to do so. And he take his steps back before going out of room , giving her privacy .Tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks feeling emotions of storm going inside her heart. It became restless . Something gonna bad happen. . Her heart scream but she shut it quickly praying to her God . She pulled down the blanket wiping her tears and looked around to see her cloths were scatter on the bed but to her luck, it got wrap in the duvet itself that might got hidden from his eyes. But her eyes widen to see the beads from her belly chain still were scatter around on the floor. What must he had thought ? Get became tense. Hume kyun farak padne laga unke sochne seI have his love  , that’s enough for me ..she smiled in her tears of regret   , ignoring all her own guilt or right or wrong , she cradle down from the bed and went to have peaceful shower.Geetanjali was restless the whole day not finding him near her. Her heart craved for his one glimpses .she will due now with this waiting .she thought while her hazels rest on his way to find him.
He must be busy in his work , Geetanjali.  She tried to make herself understand. She knew ,now a days , work has increased there. As the sheeshmahal renovation going to complete soon. She thought regretfully and then the realization dawn on her. He will leave. !! Geetanjali gasp with the new fact which she just discover now. The fact that her love was going to went away and she has to suffer again from this aloofness. It’s made her whole shiver that she crumble down sticking on the wall.
Nahi. .hum unhe bata denge ke , hum unse kitna pyar karte hai. Yes. That will be done. She again stand up cheering up with the thought. Aur woh bhi toh humse. .but she stop in her track .do he loves me too ?? Nahi Nahi hum aisa kuch bhi soch Nahi sakte.  He too loves me.yes he do.. her heart become restless but she tried to made it understand ignoring her sixth sense which was trying to alert her for something but she don’t know. 
Geetanjali was now on the verge of breaking down .as it’s been 3 days she didn’t saw him. WHY ??? She don’t know . She can only get the info about him being there in at site itself from The King .that too through Rajmata and his conversation. And few of her maids.In between , she was not able to bear the intense gazes of Rajmata. She was unaware of her looks. . 
It turned forth day and the luck was with her or her cravings and desires to see her love wins that she is standing here in his gym gaping at the magnificent view in front of her craving eyes.
She can’t get enough of the view or him. He became unbreakable part of hers ,,she don’t know how and when ?? Only she can know that she can’t live without him now.  Not for a second also.  Thinking so she rushed towards him and throw herself on his back hugging him tight with all her might. Her hands went on its own accord around his bare torso feeling him.  Her warm tears touch his bare back making him restless.and he turned furiously and take her moisten lips in a soul searing kiss leaving her breathless. 
She gasp feeling his sudden move. Her breaths hitch in her throat. Non the less she felt her all nerves going calm with his furious one kiss. She responded with equal fervor.  Her nails Scratch behind on his nape while she pulled him more closer. He broke the kiss leaving her breathless and went down on her neck sucking the skin furiously and left a hard bite there making her moan in pain and pleasure. He furiously pulled out her saree almost making her stumble and pulled her again banging her on his hard chest. Her beauty which always bewitch him so did today. Her glowing skin as if shining for him , he thought caressing her length of bare arms giving her goosebumps. She hugged him tight moaning out his name.  He could only smirk seeing his effect on her . 
He took her in his arms while she willingly oblige hiding her face in the crook of his neck.He left numerous wet kisses on her nape and neck while he take her on the table placed there. He place her softly on it and snap open her blouse. Her breaths became heavy while she blush furiously seeing his red eyes burning in passion.He opened her skirt and threw it aside,  while his hands started to feel her soft skin of her thighs making her wriggle like a fish. He trail his fingers sensuously on her inner thighs , soon his lips followed the path . Reaching up to her core. He pulled out her cloth hiding her women hood . He rub it sensuously making her body twitch in new sensation.Maann. . She clutch his shoulders tight and soon felt his sinful mouth covering her core and he suck it harshly making her scream in utmost pleasure .pulling away he take out his trousers and inner and swiftly hover on her.  Her chiming belly chain caught his attention and he pulled it out harshly breaking it like previous one. His bread  scratch on her soft waist. As he started his sweet assault there kissing her , licking her badly.He cradle up and open her bra in one swift move , throwing it aside he attack on her assets. He latch it hungrily almost making it turn red and blue with his harshness while geet could only moan with the pleasure he was giving her . She craved badly for this for while 3 days. It’s like eternity for her.Maann. . She scream out feeling him entering inside her suddenly and harshly.  His moves were fast today and somewhat harsh . While his lips seal hers shutting her screams.She felt tremendous pain today not even at the time of her first love making. Tears rolled down from her hazel eyes touching his cheek. He slow down suddenly and kissed her tears making her heart flutter again in pride for her man.She cocooned him in her warmth while he continues to assault on her soft mounts .He pulled out slowly still his hands playing with her assets. While the words left from her mouth shock him further . I LOVE YOU. But soon he smirk , devilish one. Feeling satisfied he press her mounts hard almost making her scream in pain. Non the less she ignore it again.Maann.. hum aapse beintehaa mohobbat karte hai..her soft hands caress his stubble cheek . For a moment he got bewitch again with her each gesture. But he snap away her hand harshly making her gasp and wince in pain as her hand bang on the table. 
He stood up furiously and wear his trousers throwing her sari on her face he turn around when she hold his wrist with her heartbeats raising in fear of something unexpected going to happen. Aap bhi humse pyar karte hai na ?? Her words quiver as her throat chock with fear. Pyar ?? Are you dumb or what ?? His few words left her bewilder. She became numb with his dangerous tone. 
She wrap her saree around her and slip down from the table feeling pain in her body. She felt her legs wobbling but non the less she reached near him .her heart still couldn’t believe at what he just said. Maann. .aap humse naraaz ho ?? She placed her warm hand on his shoulder while he just snap it  angrily turning toward her.
Do you really thought I will love you ?? THE MARRIED WOMAN WHO NOT BECAME HER HUSBANDS .. THEN WHAT’S THE GUARANTEE THAT SHE WILL BECAME MINE AS WELL ..” His words made her stumble back almost she hold the table for support. 
The earth beneath her as if shook badly. Her straight felt gone away leaving her fragile. She tried to hold the table tight in her small fist staring at him unbelievable. Do you really thought I will love the second hand thing .he scoff devilishly going near her.This..this..what is this..He entangle his forefinger in her wedding chain and Jerk her closer. And this sindoor. .that belong to someone else.not mine..he spitted furiously on her face pushing her back.After all this , do you really thought I loved you. 
He smirk again,  turning around when she encouraging herself just asked him once , with her broken voice. WHY ??? 

19 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 35

  1. Really he should know this before that geet was a married woman and cannot be his when he was romancing her poor girl…is shattered completely…what a date geet has…hope màan should realize his feelings before it’s too late waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. It was heart breaking update, Maan is very heartless , merciless and I am feeling very angry on him,Geet should never and ever forgive Maan for that and she may felt like she was used and throw please update soon soon as in soon

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  3. Where are chapters starting from 36 onwards please help me find them want to read the full story love reading it so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      The story had reposted till 36 only..I have to update yet missing 30 chapters from middle…
      Hope I will get time to update that soon.. i am so sorry…


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