Note –
All have confusion about last update, let me clarify few things before we go to today’s episode,
1. When Geet went with Kunal, Maan himself was drown in the news given by him about there engagement.. and if you guys forgot, then Maan loves Sam, at least he claims he was lost for a while as well, and then Sam’s phone came asking him, so he goes to her, as he claims to love her guys..smiley2smiley36i mentioned, Nakul informs Geet about his departure to Sam.
2. About Kunal and anna..they are positive for now, about future I also don’t know..smiley36
Kunal’s character is like that, he knew she is married but he also knows about the reality, also Maan is going to marry Sam then, Geet will be alone, so he knows that, that’s why he told like that, that he wouldn’t give up.
3. About Anna, she is just behaving like friend, and practical person..nothing wrong with her, if it is then you will know in future story.
About past and marriage thing, you guys will know in future story..
For now take care of yourself and your family, thanks for reading, likes and commentssmiley31
Happy Reading..
Geet was surprised seeing her number, as it’s been months since she had met her parents or even talk to them.
She received the call, ji maa..
Come home tonight for dinner, Sam is back after long while, she will feel good..
Ji..?? Geet was startled with her demand, hum kaise..she thought but couldn’t let her thoughts put out in words, she has never done it before as well.
Sam missed you, let’s forget the past..
Geet was tounge tied, when she heard next words of her mother which made her heart burned in extreme pain,
Maan Ko bhool jao tum.. will you?
You know, and everyone does, how much he loves sam.
Hum jante hai, I will come.. now I have some work at hand, hum phone rakhte hai, she hurriedly cut the call, breathing heavily, her eyes filled up as she put her palm on her tummy, I have you baby.. hum jante hai, AAP Hume kabhi galat nahi samzenge, like everyone does even my parents..woh to kabhi humare the hi nahi…she cried
They wants to forget the past but I can’t, hum Abhi tak yeh nahi samaz paye ke, what did I do wrong, months uski saza hum Abhi tak bhugat rahe hai.. my diary found at Sam’s door, how …?? Which reveal my love for him, jo hum unhise chupana chahte the..
Sam left, just to make us together..(Maneet)
Then all blame put on me, all thinks me as evil woman..she disgusted , as more tears falls on her wet cheeks.
Only God knows, how my personal diary landed at her door, aur humne Aisa kya gunah Kiya..
Geet reached at the gate of Handa Mansion, her home, she was chocked with emotions, getting flashes of her childhood.. as her fingers touch the wooden gate, yeh aapke mamma ka ghar hai,baby.. na..ghar hua karta tha.. not anymore.. she corrected with painful smile on her face, hum aaj yaha sirf guest ke hesiyat se hai, on my mother’s invitation.. na…sams mother, she again corrected opening the gate, stepping inside, her heartbeats raising with each steps which felt heavy, she notice his car and her breathing became heavy, he has bound to be here, how I forgot about it.. she thought ruefully.. her thought process broke with the person’s voice.
Maan was restless from the time he got to know of her arrival, he took sips after sips of his hard drink, as the music play in the background.
Aaj ki raat koi aane ko hai
Re baba re baba re baba
Intjar aur toda sa intjhar
Aaj ki raat koi aane ko hai re baba
Use aane to de o dile bekarar
Phir kar lena ji bharke pyar
He was awaiting her arrival with restless mind, but she was nowhere in sight yet.. he looked at the watch and at the door.. where the hell she is..but why I am even waiting for her, she thought angrily, it’s because Sam is also not around, hisind counter back to his restless heart.
Geet beta..
Geet turned recognising the old voice, the warmth and love which content, she turned briskly, happy tears rolling down on her cheeks,
Ramu kaka.. I missed you so much, she gives him warm hug, who patted her head dearly.
Ramu kaka was the care taker of handas home from ages, loves Geet like his own daughter.
Their union was broken with Sam’s voice, as she hold her wrist, pulling her apart, hey Geet.. I missed you, she holds her closer by her elbow, Geet was embarrassed, she tried to losen her hold but Sam drags her inside, mon dad, Geet is home!
Geet looked on at Maan who was on head chair, with her parents on either side of dinning table. She was stuck in a moment not knowing what to do, then watching him after a while now, it made her lost in him, he was wearing blue suit, looking as handsome ever. Her heart skip a beat getting his gorgeous sight.
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On the other hand Maan also became lost in her, she was looking more than beautiful as ever, in that black sari, minimum make up on just for formality though she doesn’t need any make up..
Both were pulled out their staring session, hearing mr.handa’s rough tone, GEET,
Ji.. Geet startled looked at her father,
Come sit with us, or Sam gonna stand with you,
Sam gives fake innocent smile,
Yes Geet, come and have dinner with us, she is still tired with the journey.. she insisted to meet you, you were so busy that I called you today.. her mother mocked.
Geet silently went and sat with lower head, when her nostrils filled with the aroma of delicious food , she looked on, at the different dishes placed on the table, her mouth waters as she took one spoonful of  rice in her mouth, she relished the taste, she has been craving to taste the food made by their cook at home.
Maan was observing her keenly, from the time she arrived, he looked at how she was enjoying the food, something happened inside him, his heart flutter, as his eyes stayed on her, the way she licks her lips after every bite stealing gazes between, with hidden smile adoring her pinkish lips. His own mouth turned dried, wanted to take those lips in his own, and kissed her wildly and passionately.
Oh.. the food is delicious, aunty, as ever.. Sam praised relishing her fav dish.
You know mom dad..I missed you both , as well as **** aunty’s handmade food (She referred to cook)
Enjoy yourself dear.. I have prepared all dishes as per your choice.
Not only my fav. Dishes, but aunty has prepared what Geet likes, hain na aunty.. she won’t forget about Geet.
Yeah.. I have prepared her well.
Geet stopped eating and looked on surprised, as she glanced once at the dishes , there was no dish of her it was only rice she was eating because that what she prefered right at the time in all those dishes, she pouted hearing lies, does anyone knows, Hume kya pasand hai khane Ko.. kitna Zoot Bolte hai yeh log, baby.. she patted her tummy , her face turning sad. Ismai se humara ek bhi fav dish nahi hai..yeh rice toh hum isliye kha rahe hai kyon ki aapko raahat mile..aapko bahot bhook lagi hogi na baby…Hume bhi.
Geet, here take it.. Sam offers her spoonful of spicy chicken, I remember this is your fav
Geet looked at her then the spoon, she gulp her saliva, yeh toh aapka manpasand hai, humara nahi..Geet thought, just looking at it but not made a move..
Geet, why are you not eating, dekho to kitne pyar se Sam khila Rahi hai tumhe.. she cares for you so much.
Geet frowned before answering, I have stomach upset today,
Mr.Handa became furious seeing her Denial,
What’s wrong with your stomach, I know you well, tum sirf Sam Ko nicha dikhana chahti ho..He busted.
Maan was Furious as well, don’t know why.. it’s because Geet is denying or hearing Mr.Handas words.
Alright..alright mrs Handa got up trying to calm mr.handa.. she turned towards Geet who was frowning at her father, the way they are taking her wrong like always,
Just a piece of chicken, Geet.. that won’t harm, will it.?? Sam’s mon insisted her.
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Geet was getting angry , but the fear was still there in her heart, seeing her angry father, she wasn’t in a mood to eat chicken right now, and then it is spicy, how she has to…thinking so she took one spoonful of bite.
All three of them smiled seeing her finally eating it, while Maan looked on concern seeing her face, he could see her in trouble,
Her face became red instantly, eyes well up, tounge and mouth burns with that spice, she couldn’t bear it,
GHSP 366 HD_4561
Maan blasted making everyone shock around the table, mat khao if you can’t bear it.
Maan beta, don’t be mad, Geet is just like this, bahot nakhre Karti hai, headstrong..her mom’s laughed it off mocking her.
She got up serving Maan, Maan, forgive my sis..sorry..
Maan was getting irritated seeing the family drama, on that this restlessness was still there.
Geet got up wipping her face, humara ho gya hai. Sorry, Humara kuch kaam hai.. I shall take leave..
Geet..please, don’t go . Kya Maine kuch galat tum bura man gayi .Sam faked innocent.
Geet gives painful smile, no..hum bilkul bhi narraz nahi hai.. I have some imp work to do..Geet turned to leave when Sam holds her wrist stopping her, I know you are busy, atleast accompany me to dinner, till I finish off..
Geet was stuck, as she heard her father yelled next, is your work so important than Sam.
Maan has enough, he got up, Geet, tommorrow we have imp meeting at office, tumne documents ready rakhe hai. ??
Geet looked in astonished, with her wide hazel eyes, then her parents were also dumbstruck,
Maan walked up to Geet, and whispered in her ear, only to be heard by her, if you don’t feeling like eating, go back to office, I will pay you for overtime,
Geet kept gapping him, with her eyes and mouth open wide, he gives her curt nod, thee was warmth and protectiveness she felt near him today,
she wanted to crushed her dear hubby in her small arms, wanted to give him tight hug she was happy today, she just ran out from there, feeling over the moon today,
Geet..Geet.. her father kept calling her from behind, but lost in her new found happiness she ran away from there, their cruel clutches as if saved by her angel.
to be continued..
Precap :-
Hume chod ke mat jaiye.. hum mar jayenge .. she whimpered in her half sleep, holding his wrist, Maan looked on shocked hearing her.

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  1. Aww maan is Sam home and all are inviting geet …poor girl accepted and came maan was completely restless seeing her..they were compelling geet to have a spicy chicken maan did not like the way they were treating geet…geet took a bite and cannot resist more she gave an excuse of work and was about to leave handas were not ready to leave her thankgod maan came and told to make the file ready as excuse geet left and she was happy seeing this side of maan…precap is interesting waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. As usual i love whatever you write. Maan should try to understand geet. N geet should not endure pain anymore she must stand for herself.
    Can’t wait for next chapter.

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  3. Thanks for early update….
    Maan was at Sam house and continuously thinking about Geet.
    He gets restless and angry seeing this family drama and saved Geet from difficult situation..
    Waiting for next………

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  4. Hi Mugdhaa thanks for the update it’s was very nice and I am waiting for the magic(Mugdhaa magic 😜)when Maan will realise his love for Geet

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  5. why did Sam leave? She is not the type to do anything for Geet. There must be another reason.

    The family is just awful. They want to make Geet look bad and Sam all sweet.

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  6. Interesting.

    Sam n her parents are so bad n selfish.

    They through geet out of their lives when they wanted n now again calling her for their own benefits.

    They can’t even show fake concern for her.

    Poor geet is stuck with them.

    Maan comes to her rescue n she leaves.

    She is so happy to feel the warmth n care emitting from his actions n words for the first time for her. It’s like she found a treasure.

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  7. Nice update n maan n Sam both are at Sam house n they invited geet for dinner n in dinner everything is prepared of Sam favorite n they are lieing saying it geet favorite even they don’t know what geet like n what her dislike n Sam force her to have chicken n then pretend to be innocent even geet family behavior is not good with geet n maan is restless n waiting for geet n gets irritated seeing family drama n hope he see Sam true face n thnxx for pm me

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  8. Sam and her parents,all r acting infront of him,it’s sure that they never treated her well,telling lies all the time,He is feeling restless and all,he can’t cope up with wt they r talking,he help her in going out of their clutches,and she is very happy that he does that.. looking forward to further…

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    painful update…………

    loved it…………

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