Geet stopped in her track feeling tug on her sari pallu from behind, she looked back to see him holding it, he gives her sheepish smile,
Geet gives him a stern look, making him leave her this the way you treat the person who saved you twice. He spoke walking towards her.
”Kunal’s residence”
Geet looked around , at his apartment, the house had warmth which she liked the most, she rubbed her arms feeling little cold, when Kunal walked from behind with shawl in his hands, he wrapped it around her body from behind, making her startle.. shukriya..she muttered stealing her gaze from him.
Geet wasn’t in her right senses anymore hearing the news, but now she realised where she landed herself into..before she could initiate any talks, she heard him..
Be my Girlfriend..
He pressed her shoulder, Geet looked startled, she pushed off his hand, ji …?? And got up to face him,
I said, be my girlfriend Geet Handa.
Correct it , Mr Kunal.Geet gives him glare, it’s Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana. She took an name with such a pride but that left Kunal in utter shock, WHAT??
Yes. It’s Mrs.Khurana.
Kunal looked heart broken, he had never thought like this..
Thanks for your treatment tonight..I think I shall go now.. she took step to walk out, not wanted to stop there a minute more, when his words stopped her again,
Why?? What’s so good about him.. he abuses and insults you everyday.. infact he loves your sis Sam.. Kunal blasted as his anger came out through words.
Geet has goosebumps all over body, hearing about her life from some other person mouth.
How do you know ?? She turned and asked him directly with her teary eyes.
I know everything,Geet.. just wasn’t knowing about your Marriage. He uttered last words looking away from her face.
He has been awful to me all this time but I still love him.. I know he loves Sam ..par hum humare pyar Ko mita to nahi sakte.. she put her one hand on her tummy.
Call me whatever.. crazy or mad but.. you deserve better, Kunal.
She looked at him facing him,
After all these years, you are the only girl, I can relate with.. can be together with..I have phobia for god’s sake..
His words left her surprised, she looked on with her wide hazel eyes at him.
I got Goosebumps whenever I get closer to any female, but with you it’s not like that..we we’re really meant to be..
Hume maaf kar dijiye..Mr.Kunal, par, I only loves him, from when I was little girl, my heart has been filled with love for him.
Humari duniya hai woh.. my all attention was for him..still he is my world..all I have done only to please him, I can’t leave him.she put her emotions out before him,
Kunal was at lose of words, he was pulled out of his lost state hearing her voice, Mr.Kunal , what’s with your phobia? She chuckled in between her tears.. if you tell me, I can help you.. she very kindly offered her help keeping her own pain at a side for a while.
I need few minutes to recover from your denial, he gives small smile, will tell you some other time.
Alright, Mr.Kunal, I shall leave you next time..
So you want to meet me again??
She startled looked back, and gives him small smile,
You can call me Kunal..cut that mr.word aside..he forwarded his hand for a shake, she with hesitant put her Shivering palm in his own, he grips her tight, let me drop you back at KM.
Geet Khurana, I won’t give up. Said Kunal determine seeing her walking inside empty mansion.
He drives back to his home only to bump with Rahul, he narrated him all about Geet,
You never fall in love with any girl.. I can help you with this one..Rahul spoke
Rahul, I am warning you, don’t try your any tricks on Geet or you will be in big trouble.
Alright..alright.. anything you say.
Geet walked inside empty mansion, only Nakul was there awaiting Geet, he informed her about Maan, he has gone to Sam after receipt her call , after informing her he also left , leaving her alone in dark mansion.
Geet lifelessly walked upstairs to their room, she thump on the bed which both shared, her fingers crossed down on the bedsheet, feeling alone all of a sudden without him..four walls started to hovered on her from all around.
Back to present..
Geet got down and freshn up herself , as she walked down the empty staircase, she found him no wherever in sight, it makes her restless.
Sahab toh office chale gaye, Geet mam..
Geet gives her resignation letter in office, not meeting him once, she dropped off her letter to manager, and he just looked at her retreating figure, seems like now Maan sir has dump Her, since Sam is back.
Her phone buzzed, she looked on surprised at the msg, it was from Anna, she was asking her for lunch today.
Geet looked happy, forbidden smile touched her face as it’s been almost 3 months now she has been with any friend, her all friends left her after the incident ,3 months back. She smiled cheekily walking out of office, really in cheerful mood to have a day out with her friend, after long while now.. it’s been long while now, she is getting some care from other people and it was giving her warm feeling.
Few girls looks at her, as she walked out lost in her own happiness, humming time, playing with her purse, completely unknown of her surroundings.
Isn’t Geet look weird today??
Yeah she is smiling..strange..
Wow!! So tasty.. Geet munched on the food relishing the taste, as it was her fav.chicken curry and rice, with soup.. aapne yeh sab kaise banaya,Anna. ? It’s so yummy..
Who said I cooked them..
I ordered it , a Star like me won’t cook for secretary like you. Anna’s words left Geet in shock, her face was worth watching as she forgot to chew the bite in her mouth and just gapped at her face.
She hurriedly gulp down it and took next bite since couldn’t resist the sweet aroma of food.
Anna shook her head seeing her gobbling the food, ignoring her comment, slow down girl.. didn’t you had your breakfast??
Um…no..I have no time for it.. Geet managed to speak with her mouth stuff with large bites of food.
What?? Are you gone crazy.. you are keeping empty stomach when you are sick with these cancer.
Anna blasted, Geet only gives her sheepish smile,
Hasna band karo and eat your food. Said irritated Anna.
After a while, when Anna finished her meal, Geet was still eating, Anna spoke, so what have you decided about baby??
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Geet stopped for a while, she put her one palm on belly, and looked at Anna, humne socha hai, I will asked my parents to take my baby after , he/she born.
Anna left a sigh, before initiating, If this baby born.. you can have me adopt it??
Geet was astonished, what?? Are you joking?
Not at all . Main isse adopt karna chahti hoon .look Geet.. you will go through so much trouble and pain just to give birth to this baby and for what, to let this baby live a life of illegitimate child? Do you want this child to grow up in gossips?
Hum…Geet have no words, her throat chocked thinking so.
If you leave this baby to your parents(Sam’s) , do you think they will care for him .. you only said me , they threw you out, so how will they treat your baby, who has been their shame.
ANNA!!!. Geet stopped her, giving her painful glare, kyon nahi Geet..this is the truth only. If you give him to me, I can’t promise to treat him like my own child but..
Geet’s eyes was filling up now,
But I will give him best education. I will care for him.anna gives her warm smile holding her hand.
I know what Anna means.. Sam’s parents may not love my baby but.. have to understand.. an unmarried star with a won’t look good..aapke career ka kya hoga, think wisely..aap humari chinta mat kijiye ..
I am not thinking about you baby, darling. Anna got don’t worry about my career, I am no more gonna remain in this entertainment circle.
She walked towards the kitchen slab and got Geet bowl full of soup, walking back she placed it before her, and i have earned enough money, I can do some business and live a normal life.
Agar tumhe itni guilty feel ho Raha hai..then you can give me your all money, she laughed out
Hume koi Aitraaz nahi.. Geet spoke back urgently, feeling really guilty to put Anna in such situation just because of her.
Geet, I was only kidding..I don’t want your money.
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Anna laughed
Anna.. I know babaji humse bahot pyar karte hai..isliye to unhone aapko bheja humare liye, when my life is about to end, thank you anna..
Don’t be darling.. I am not doing anything for you but for me, I am sick of my job.. and I can’t have baby of my own.
Argh..leave it.. there is nothing impossible in this world, it’s the thing only about time.
Geet, do you have any idea, why I want to help you?
Geet looked on innocently as Anna came to dropped her of at the door.
Because I had been in love with some so deeply just like you.. going to give birth to our baby, but it didn’t work at the end. She sighed keeping control on her emotions,
Geet looked on shocked for she had never thought something like this happened with Anna, her heart went for the elegance lady stood before, there was no tears in her eyes, but she could see the layer of pain in them.
Our children will never get their fathers love, I was same like you at that time,
That’s why I couldn’t denied it when I heard you idiot wanna die for this baby.
I respect your decision, Geet, I know what you feels, even if your cancer can be cure, you will live miserable life.
I want you to be happy in your life and after life..
Anna’s words makes Geet emotional, she had never met someone like Anna, who understood her, that no one does, not even her parents or Maan.
Geet was on the way to office back, when her cell buzzed, she looked at the screen only to get surprised seeing the id..
Precap :-
You forget Maan, will you?
Everyone can see that he only loves Sam, you don’t have to..

28 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 15

  1. Woww now Kunal got to know geet is married..thankgod she revealed him the truth…I so loved Anna good pic simply loved her for she is…and she explained geet’s reality…and she is willing to adopt maanets baby…is really maan behind sam.. again waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. She told him she is married,he is shocked to hear that,she told him to tell about his phobia,he tell he needs time, Anna is giving her the support and also understand her very well,she too gone through pain in the past,she wants a normal life,she is ready to adopt the baby,geet is happy that Anna is there for her,she is happy to be with her…
    Looking forward to further…

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  3. Good to see that finally Geet got a friend in Anna, hope there is no hidden motive behind Anna being good. Kunal seems to be good, at least he cares for Geet unlike Maan. Once again a grt update from you. Thanks

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  4. Sad update n now Kunal knows that married to maan n geet told him that she will never this n Anna trying to help geet n in anna geet gets best friend n maan is busy with Sam n soon going to marry Sam n hope he will knows about geet pregnancy n about cancer n thnxx for pm me

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  5. Thanks for update dear. May be kunal can be with geet in future when maan will be in his regret mode or something as same as maan should repent heavily for what he is doing with geet. he is worst than everybody just abusing her physically and sexually. Anna is ready to adopt geets baby. she is sweet and practical. waiting for maan in coming update.

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  6. Geet told kunal she’s Maan’s wife but he already know about Maan and sam he told geet he loved hr but Geet clearly told him she never think anyone rather than Maan
    Anna want to take care of hr baby bz she too went through this condition Maan spending time with sam
    Geet happy anna is there fr hr baby and taking care of hr toi

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  7. chalo geet k life mein kuch toh achha hua…………anna k friendship………shayad kunal bhi accha friend banega………..geet maan ko chhod do………usse tumhara koi kadar nehi hai………apne baby k liye jeo……….apne aap ko apne pyaron m pe khada koro k koi maan ya sam tumhe dukh nehi pauncha sake…….

    emotional update……….

    loved it………….

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    Geet kunal ko apni idintity bata deti hai
    Kunal is getting shocked with the revelation
    Loved Anna’s careing for Geet
    Anna wants to adopt her child
    Beautifully written
    Loved it

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  9. Interesting.

    Maan is missing from the scene again. He didn’t care about geet, where she went. Also that kunal was with her or not.

    Kunal finally came to know that she is maan’s wife. He was shocked to know that.

    He just left to meet Sam.

    Geet is hurt. But is helpless in the hands of her heart.

    Anna supports geet n proposes to about her child for her own selfish reasons. But she understands her situation.

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  10. The child is not an illegitimate. His or her parents are legally married.
    Maan should actually know about his child.
    Hiding won’t do anything.
    Anna is good but after reading this.
    I want anna and kunal together.
    Geet can help him in his phobia.

    And yes
    The first person to question her sanity is him.
    Geet evaluate your relationship it’s high time.

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