Part 34
He reach near her room like always he did ,but today his steps halted hearing some commotion from inside. it was women voices . he knock once and entered inside her room making the women inside gasp with geet herself, she turn scare and looked at her maids who were gaping at him like he is some alien.
His one glare left them sweating up and they turn to leave. two maids ran pass him while yashoda her personal maid stop there with geet( she is the one if you guys forgot who help geet with stalking out with  maan previously giving her own cloths )  
Plz Yahsoda… geet hold her hand, 
don’t plead me but asked me raniji. hum aapke sevika hai.. i will not tell to anyone, don’t worry.
she softly assure her knowing where is she hinting. she is loyal to geet , thought her as her dear friend, she respect geet, and knows her all pains and aloofness though cant able to help her or be with her fearing form rajmata. Geetanjali gave her full smile at her and she left from there not meeting his gaze.
maan gave bundle of notes to those two maids and they ran from there taking it form him. MAAN. she get up from the bed fearing for him. while he lock the door and come closed to her, his steps were steady and slow like a true predator .
geet stumble back on the bed and he hover on her .
maan woh.. maids.. they will.. her voice was low because of her illness. don’t worry no one will open there mouth now. he smirk trailing down his fingers on her bare arms.only to felt it burning.
He looked shock and check her forehead to see it burning vigorously. 
sweetheart.!! he gasp pulling himself up he sat beside her. are you not well ? you are burning.
he caressed her cheeks softly in concern , his fingers trail behind her ears tucking her soft tendril behind her ears.
JI. hum thik hai ab . she lay down holding his hand which was on her cheek, 
don’t lie, geet. he glare  at her hearing her words. Did you had medicines ?
He asked in no nonsense voice glaring her down.
Yes. She whisper closing her eyes in peace finding him near. 
She snuggle in his arms pulling him down while he cocooned her in his warmth.
his lips touch her forehead , then traveled down on her chubby cheeks ,he kiss her there softly while she sigh getting drown in his charisma. it felt like a drug to her. med effects started to make her eyes droopy while she moan in his arms giving him satisfaction . 
and there lips met when he hovered on her pushing her down on the bed. the kiss was soft , full of passion though. he very lovingly hold her in his arms making her feel that she is true princess.. 
his hands went down on her waist line, he pulled up her saree and caressed her warm skin sensuously making her moan in the kiss. he left her lips after sometime and went below on her neck. showering wet kisses on her he felt her burning up still, its made him worried and he stop in his track. 
sweetheart . are you fine ? feeling any pain. his voice was soft full of care that flutter her fragile heart and she downcast her lashes nodding yes to his question. 
thoda sa. saying so she hug him again and not soon went into peaceful sleep dreaming of her Mr. khurana. 
Dilbar dilbar, haan dilbar dilbar – 2 (FROM :- SIRF TUM)
its been a week , she don’t know what is happening with her. she is craving for his one touch . she wanted him near her. she wanted to be love by him. as passionately as he is. geet completely forgot about her marital status.about her husband or this palace. she can only think of maan and her maan this days. 


Hosh na khabar hai, 
yeh kaisa asar hai – 2 
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar – 2 
i m unconscious nor i know, wat kind of effect is this
after meeting u my beloved.

she is turning mad , geet thought chuckling on her own thought as she glance in the mirror before her eyes only to gasp in sweet surprise on finding him there behind her, glancing at her with that killer smirk of his. 
she blush furiously not having the courage to face him she just bend down her head in shyness when she felt him near her. 
were you missing me ? he teased her with his hot breath tingling on her nape . where he left numerous wet kisses making her go weak on her knees and she stick onto his hard chest keeping her head on his shoulder moan with  his sweet tortures. 
his naughty hands started there play on her tummy and waist line which was bare . his fingers entangle in her belly chain and pulled out it harshly breaking that and beads from it scatter on the floor making geet gasp. 
Dard hai chubhan hai, 
kya deewanapan hai – 2 
Tumse milne ke baad dilbarits pain,
[its torture, wat kind of passion is these
after meeting u my beloved]
maan . she moan out feeling his fingers playing with her belly button. her hands went on its own accord on his nape pulling him closer as he started to kiss furiously on her bare neck throwing down her saree pallu from her shoulder. 
he made her turn furiously and slam his lips on hr own for passionate kiss. both kiss each other madly being away for whole day. its make him mad as much as it was frustrated for her to stay away from him whole day. as he was out for his work whole day making her wait for him longingly , making her crave for him madly. 
Choom le jism ko, 
hum nasheen paas aa 
kiss my body, come closer
He pushed her  harshly on the wall behind while she wince in pain , he sinful lips traveled down on her half open cleavage which was asking his attention. he bite ti harshly making her wriggle in pain and pleasure that she clutch his hairs hard making him groan. 
Ishq betaab hai, 
husn ki maheki bahaar – 2 
Dooriya kis liye, kis liye ab intezaar 
love is desperate along with the beauty spring
why this distances. why should we wait
maan please.. geet moan feeling her knees wobbling in his passion as he roll down and attack her beautiful front waist. its became favorite part to devour her.
his tongue role inside her belly button making her scream in pleasure. he shower numerous wet kisses there and she couldn’t hold more herself, she cradle down holding him. 
he did’t leave her and pulled out her saree before taking her in his rams and reach her bed. he threw her on the bed and pulled out his all cloths baring himself completely to her shy eyes. 
maan.. she blushed furiously turning red and hide her face in the blanket completely making her laugh out little on her. 
sweetheart.. he smirk pulling away her blanket and next moment he was all over her making her gasp with her wide eyes. 
he snap opened her bra hook and attack on her assets hungrily. she arch her back giving him more access as he latch on to her buds , biting it , sucking it furiously making it all red. 
feeling satisfied he come down kissing her flat tummy , down on her core on her cloth itself. he tore that furiously making her twitch her both legs together,
he kiss on her wet core and his hands ran inside her both thigh parting her legs. 
Tootna hai badan, 
kya hua kya pataa 
Pyaas mein dhali hoon, 
raat din jali hoon – 2 
let my body crack, wat happened i don know
lost in thirst, 
day and night i have been burnt out
MAAN.. she moan out loudly asking him to take her now. 
and he obliged her adjusting himself on her fast , he entered inside her giving her utmost pleasure along with himself. 
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar 
Haan, tumse milne ke baad dilbar 
Hosh na khabar hai, 
yeh kaisa asar hai – 2 
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar 
Haan, tumse milne ke baad dilbar 
Dard hai chubhan hai, kya deewanapan hai – 2 
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar 
Haan, tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Precap : Twist in The Tale..

7 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 34

  1. maan taking care of geet was nice.romantic.tjwor romance was passionate n hot. nice song.but in pregnancy maan pushing her harshly to love her is not safe.nice pics

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