[Two Days Back]
Maan was fuming in anger while he tried her number again but it came as switched off. He immediately dialled Anna’s number,
Anna was helping Geet in bed as she was looking really in bad health, just when her cell rang, surprised to see maans number, she picked it up,
Where is Geet? Maan asked as soon as the call was received,
Anna gives Geet a look, stuck at what to answer when she heard him threatening her, if you don’t tell me, your career will be at lose, I will make sure of it..
GHSP 61_6849
Anna was worried now , she put palm on phone, and said to Geet, if I make him more angry, there won’t any job for me in future..
Geet gasped, she quickly pulled the phone from her hand, aap Aisa nahi karte sakte Maan.. I will be right there.. she said hurriedly.
Maan smirk victoriously, stood relaxed,.. Anna will out of job if I don’t see you at home in 25 minutes.
Anna was worried seeing her bad health then she needs to stay at hospital but Maan is asking her back at home, she supports her to get up, are you really want to go back?? You are really thin that I can carry you to the car by myself..Maan ne yeh notice kaise nahi Kiya..?
Geet was again sad hearing her, unhone kabhi Hume thik se dekha kaha hai.. to notice anything..if he had.. then he must had find out I lost so much weight.
As soon as Geet was on the door, Maan grabs her wrist, dragging her almost upstairs to their room.
Maann…she screams..don’t rush… She was really in pain as her stomach ached badly.
But he always forgot in his anger and hatred for her.
He threw her on the bed, hovering on her fragile body., She holds her tummy, closing her eyes. He noticed it.
As he holds her chin, she snapped open her eyes looking worried,
Kaha thi tum ? Batao muze.. he asked with his sharp tone.
Just somewhere.. she turned her gaze away from him, not looking at him, hum Anna ke saath the..woh toh aapko Bata hai..
Maan was getting angrier seeing her behaviour today which she didn’t did before, I asked you where were you..yeh nahi pucha ke tum kiske Sath thi..
She looked at him and answered, some ordinary place, Hume bhook lagi toh.. we had bit together.
Since when are you so close to Anna.. aur muze pata bhi nahi chala.. he sneered
Woh … I.. Geet was stucked, she looked bewilder with his intense gaze on her waiting for her answer, Hume laga..Hume humara koi purana dost mil Gaya hai.. Aana se milkar..
Maan looked at her, she had began to hide things from me..??
Geet had her eyes closed, while Maan looked at her face intently then her Shivering pink lips, this mouth had dare to lied to me.. thinking so he slammed his mouth on her lips, kissing her passionately.
Geet was very weak to response or deny, she layed still feeling his hot mouth.
Maan was angry seeing her not obedient to him today, he pressed his body on her hurting her in a process, burying his face in the crook of her neck, he bites her harshly..
Ahh.. Geet screams, she pushed on him, and and holds her tummy as it pained, you hurt me, Maan..she cried out
Maan looked on worried, he kept looking at her angelic face for a while, then cupped it, as if lost in her innocence, caressed her cheeks lovingly, Geet closed her eyes in relief feeling some warmth in his touch, when the door bell rang breaking their moment.
Maan was still on her, when Geet spoke, hum dekh kar aate hai..
Maan left her instantly, as Geet got up, her sari pallu fallen down, she turned shy and crossed her hands on her chest, Maan took hold of her corner of pallu, taking it in his hands, he walked up to her wrapping her in a sari completely,
Geet blushed and looked at him, he just turned his gaze away stepping back giving her space.
Geet covered herself properly and went downstairs to check on the door.
As soon as Geet opened the door, Kunal marched inside, straight on her, he was surprised on finding her there at Maan’s place, what are you doing here? Her wedding chain was forgotten in hospital itself and he didn’t notice small dot of vermillion in her partition.
Kunal hold her by her both shoulder, going to hug her, just when Maan appear from behind her, what are you doing here?

GHSP 273 HD_1097.jpg

Geet was shivering in terror hearing his rough tone, her eyes widen fear, Babaji..woh phir se humare bare main galat na soch le.. she thought giving Kunal pleading look ..but he was unknown of her inner turmoil was busy in giving evil smirk to Maan.. I am here get back my woman..he shamelessly uttered shaking Geet further, she was confused with his advances, first kiss and now..hey babaji.. she put her palm on her mouth in shock, scared for Maan’s anger.
Where as Maan was burning like a volcano, he was going to hold her wrist from behind when she took an initial to stop kunal’s advances, plz if you can excuse us..
Kunal was taken a back, usne inkar nahi Kiya..kyon..
Good night, Mr.Khurana.. your Dadiji sent me to remind you about your engagement party with Sam this Saturday.
Geet stumbled back on her steps, still her crazy heart wouldn’t give up, wanted to hold onto him till her last breath. she cursed her crazy heart for giving her false hopes again and again.
Mila dil tujhse to khwaab dekhe aise
Junoon jaane kaisa jawaan dil pe chhaaya
Dil mein aisa dard utha dil ho gaya deewaana
Dil ho gaya deewaana
Deewaanon ne is duniya mein – 2
Dard ka naam dava rakha hai – 2
She turned to walked out desperate to go out to take a fresh air, Kunal noticed her bite mark on her neck, he was restless guessing about the person who did it..his fist tighten in rage.
Geet walked out of mansion, having nothing left in her as if,
Aur is dil mein kya rakha hai
Tera hi dard chhupa rakha hai – 2
Aur is dil mein kya rakha hai – 2
Tera hi dard chhupa rakha hai – 2
Cheerke dekhe dil mera to – 2
Tera hi naam likha rakha hai – 2
Maine tumhe bachaya hai..and you have to pay me back.. Kunal followed her behind.
Geet was pulled back from her sadness hearing his words, she kept her emotions in control,Hume pareshan mat kijiye.. he has nothing to do with me anyways now..
True.. woh tumhare bahan ke saath shadi karne wala hai Abhi.. Kunal spoke nonchalantly not knowing how much pain he was inflicting on her already bruise heart with his talks. As he followed her behind, both crossed the road leaving back the Khurana Mansion with Maan.
Achcha hai.. shukriya..
she muttered walking ahead when he stopped her , Geet, what we’re doing with Maan late at night. Why were you with him?
Geet looked back at him, giving him small smile she answered , woh humare aur unke bich ki baat hai..
Thanks for your help tonight..if you can excuse me.. she turned to walked away when felt a tug on her sari pallu from behind.
P.s. Kunal yet don’t know about both Maneet and their marriage..he fail to notice her marriage signs as well.
Precap :-
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28 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 14

  1. Story bahut confusing sa ho rha h……
    Geet Kunal ko kaise janti h?..
    And wats about Maan dadiji? Doesn’t she knows about maanehets marriage?
    How can maan can get engaged with sam if he is married to Geet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. About Kunal.. he met her first that night by saving her brought her home then, it’s second time he is meeting her at KM before’s before holi..


  2. Nice update n geet is health is not good n she lose weight n it dangerous for her to carry baby n Anna helping her but maan threatening her if geet staying with her then he will destroy her career n geet didn’t want this so she back to km n Kunal came there n he told him that he is here to take geet with him n also maan about his engagement with sameera n listening this geet become sad n left from there n Kunal came behind her n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for update.
    Feeling really sad for geet. everyone wants just want one thing from geet her body including maan and kunal or his twin brother. Maan is not really caring about her its all about his ego and he is satysfying himself. He is getting engaged with sam in a week and geet is pregnant as well which he doesn’t know yet. he doesn’t deserve to know. i really want geet to go away from reach of all so they should realise her importance. may be in future want to see geets character strong and maan to repent.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maan threatened Anna,after that geet comes to home,She said he is hurting her,he stopped wt he is doing,That time we can see the care for her, Kunal doesn’t know that she is married,wt is with that engagement,whose plan is that… Waiting for further..

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  5. Good update maan was restless without geet near him so he want to bring geet here…he threatened Anna and geet hurried mansion… seeing her he grabbed her to the room and was hurting her asking about her whereabouts..geet got a pain in stomach and it was visible on face and maan was concerned about her pain and was worried for her…and gave her warmth geet was happy seeing this side of maan and the beautiful moment was ruined by Kunal his behavior towards geet was irking maan and geet was worried to see angry maan again..
    And pushed Kunal and he was confused…kunals information about Sam and maan’s engagement broke geet and she moved out of mansion…now what will maan do will he confess his marriage with geet to everyone waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome update
    Maan is missing Geet
    So he called Anna and threatened her
    Iss liye Geet came back
    He wants her but he hurts her always
    Kunal Maan ko uss ki engagement ki news dene aata hai aur Geet ko dekh kar shocked reh jaata hai
    Geet is feeling hurt with the news
    Abb Geet kya karegi
    Beautifully written
    Loved it 😘

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  7. Interesting.

    Maan is restless by her absence.

    Her ignorant attitude is giving him shocks.

    He threatened her to come back home.

    Maaneet shared a few passionate kisses only to be disturbed by kunal.

    He broke their moments n her heart informing about his impending engagement with sameera.

    Geet is all lost n walked out of km.

    Kunal follows her n proposes her to be his girlfriend. Like seriously he getting obsessed by her.

    He even failed to notice her marriage symbols.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I liked Sameer more than kunal..
    He will be a good person to make everything right.
    Maan marrying sam.. that’s a good joke..
    He can and then geet can sue him for polygamy.
    Geet what is she doing with herself.
    She needs to address her own issues before Maan now.
    Her health is important than her so called husband
    And maan
    Kamaal hai is bande ki
    He can continuously have sex with his wife but can’t see her condition.

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