He looked at her with his wide angry eyes, only to bring tears in her hazel eyes, ha shaitan..dekha dekha.. she pointed her forefinger at his eyes, kitna satate toh Hume.. jaeye hum aapse baat nahi karenge.. she pouted turning her face away.
Suddenly Maan felt restless, he didn’t like a bit her words, how could she thought so, he jerked her close, almost touching their lips, how dare you.. you won’t say it again..he mutter huskily sending ripples down her spine.
She shivered, Maan felt it, he licks her lips sensously before beginning the kiss and made their way inside the mansion.
Geet started kissing him like crazy, pulling his face More to have an access. Maan was getting mad with desires seeing her response.
He litterally threw her on the bed, and walked up to her like a predator, Geet shivered and craddled back but he got hold of her leg, she wriggled,
Ha, Jaane Do Na
He jerked her leg pulling her closer,
Hey Paas Aao Na
She tried to wriggled out still,
O O O Jaane Do Na
Hey Paas Aao Na,
He hovered on her body slowly, blewing her bare skin with his hot breath. Geet shivered, clutching the bed sheet down, while he started placing hungry kisses on her neck line, making her wriggled under him in passion.
Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Mujhe Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Dekho Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Chhuo Na
Finally bearing no more of his sweet tortures, she pushed him apart, getting up , she cradled down from bed, he got down and holds her sari pallu stopping her thereby,
O O O Paas Aao
Na Jaane Do Na
He slowly started to decreased the distance between both, walking towards her, with his each step , her heartbeat raised manically.
Aao Na Aao Na Paas Aao Na Aao Na Dekho Aao Na Aao Na Aao Na
Finally reaching near her he jerked her in his arms, sticking her back to his chest. Both were wet, igniting the fire of passion in both.
He got hold of her wrist, turning her around, she twirl in his arms, her face hidden in his chest, while her warm breath tickling his bare chest, his hands pressing down on her bareback, he pulled out her waist band, breaking it furiously, she gasped ,and tried to wriggled out of his hold, getting scared with his passion.
Chhodo Kalaai Dekho Ro Doongi,
He pinned her wrist more harshly, not letting her go,
Jaao Main Tumse Nahin Boloongi
She turned her face away faking anger, he instantly left her bringing small smile on her face, next moment he holds her fallen hand,
Maan Bhi Jaao Meri Baat Sanam,
Haathon Mein Rahne Do Ye Haath Sanam
He jerked her close, she was dizzy, looked at him with her droopy eyes.
He kissed her both eyes, followed by her little nose, then lips, she blushed , trying to run but he hold her hand,
Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Mujhe Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Dekho Chhuo Na
Showering wet kisses on her arm length he reach her neck.
Paas Aao Na
Jaane Do Na
She wriggled out of passion, as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, pushing down her sari from her body and he lifts her in his arms , walking towards the bed. He put her softly on the bed, hovering her, her wet lips shivered, taking his attention.
Pyaase Honthon Ki Jo Kahaani Hai
Pyaase Honthon Ki Jo Kahaani Hai
Paas Aa Ke Tumhein Sunaani Hai
He got closed to her lips, almost touching them but she turned her face away, while he planted kiss on her colored cheek, getting irritated
Ye Baatein Main Na Kar Paaoongi,
Paas Na Aanaa Mar Jaaoongi
Aao Na Aao Na Paas Aao Na Aao Na Dekho Aao Na
Geet giggled, seeing his face, next moment he slamed his mouth on her laughing lips, shutting her there by, she tried to pushed on him pressing his shoulders,
Jaa..Ne Do Na
he clutched her palms,pressing her hands in his own.
Paas Aao Na
Breaking apart, he started peeling off her cloths one by one, Geet was on fire, she pulled him closer, as he removed his cloths.
Dil Jaise Karvatein Badaltaa Hai
Dil Jaise Karvatein Badaltaa Hai
Meraa To Saaraa Tan Jaltaa Hai
He buried his face in her open hairs, sniffing her scent.. Maan…she moaned as his hands started roaming on her bare body, feeling her every inch of curve.
Armaan Jo Dil Mein Machalte Hain, Bas Yunhi Jag Ke Uchhalte Hain
He showered her whole body with his hungry and demanding kisses, making her quivered under him.
Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Mujhe Chhuo Na Chhuo Na Dekho Chhuo Na
Paas Aao Na O Jaane Do Na
Aao Na Aao Na Paas Aao Na Aao Na Dekho Aao Na Aao Na Aao Na
Ho O O O Jaane Do Na Paas Aao Na
Ho Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun
Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun
Late hours of morning,
Geet woke up feeling her body throbbing in pain, she got up with great difficulty, her head felt heavy, as she hold it with her both palms and closed her eyes.
Not soon her cover from body slip down, making her shock.. she instantly pulled up the covered hidding herself, and looked around their room to find it’s empty.
Hum..yahaa..?? She found everything around her dizzy..tried to remember but nothing could be remembered..
Baby…she gasped, suddenly patting her stomach, her eyes filled up taking her back to the memories of two days back when she discovered about her pregancy.
…two days back…
Tumhe abortion karna hoga..or you will die.. didn’t you know, you are pregnant and have cancer..? Asked Anna, astonished with her carelessness.
Geet grabs her hand, she felt her whole world crashing down just hearing those words. You won’t tell anyone..plz..she gives her puppy look, leaving Anna shocked..
What are you going to do now..
Anna..plz help me..I wont die until my baby will born.
What!! are you going to give birth to this child.
Hum isse nahi kho sakte, Anna!
She caressed her belly, getting emotional, yeh humare Maan ki nishani hai.. she gives her painful look, leaving anna dumbstruck again with her insane love for Maan who doesn’t deserve a bit of it.
Plz isse raaz hi rahne do .
For me, Anna!!
Are you mad?? Anna can have another child in future but you got just one life, Geet!!
Beside, have you thought about your parents..who is going to look after them if you die..
Geet, you might live, if you do this abortion.. and accepted doctors treatment keeping this child, you will die.. Anna tried to put senses in her.
Geet cried.. putting her palm on her belly, whee her baby resides, I lost my parents when I was little, Sam’s parents took me in and raised me as their own daughter.
Anna gasped, looking at her painfully, getting this new info.
After she went to France, they kick me out..just because…leave it.. i don’t blame anyone but myself, Geet sniffed wipping her nose with sari pallu.
What about Maan??
Geet shivered just hearing his name, she felt goosebumps all over her body, closing her eyes she saw his face,
He cannot knows about this..she said determine opening her eyes, if he knows it, he will ask me to abort my baby.. plz Anna..she holds her hands in her both palms, pleading her, Hume pata hai…I shouldn’t asked, but plz keep it secret for me..
Sam is also coming back, aur aapne dekha..woh break up gifts, jo Maan me Hume aapki deliver karne kaha tha .He cares for Sam so much..she spoke lost..
Geet, infact there is nothing between Maan & me.. Anna revealed.. despite all the rumours about him, he hadn’t have intimate with I guess .it is the same case with his every other girlfriends.
Geet, her heart skip a beat..if it is one will be happier than her.. Geet closed her eyes, tears dropped from her corner of her eyes feeling new zeal in her heart just listening those hopeful words..she opened her teary eyes listening her next,
You are having his child, then..??
He didn’t sleep with because of Sam not me .Geet muttered realizing the truth. Aur humne unke bare main kya kya galat socha..
Anna couldn’t think much, she got up walking toward the window, so what have you thought, who will raised the baby after you, if you give birth to it..
If I…Anna…woh…geet was stuck ,
Anna looked on, she sighed walking back to the bed, she hold her hand, take is easy .hmm..??
I don’t know Anna.. humne yeh socha hi nahi..
Kis mooh se hum Apne ma papa (Sam’s parents) ke pass jaye.
You haven’t done any crime..that you are talking like this..Anna hold her shoulder blasting on her.
Geet gives her painful smile, knowing Anna doesn’t think wrong about her now.
Humne toh gunha kiya hai, Anna.. to part them both.. she referred to Sam and Maan..
Par Hume Khushi hai ab ke Sam wapas aahayi hai, Maan will be happy now. she smiled in tears
And what about your baby then..
I will do anything but won’t let my baby come between Sam and Maan i did a sin before..I won’t able to forgive myself.
geet cried.
Anna gapped at her with open mouth, can’t believe what she heard, she got up in rage, it was my badluck that I met lunatic like you.. she blasted and stuck into this mess.
Geet only gives her sheepish smile, like a small child getting scold by her parents.
Maan was furious not finding Geet yet, as he had thought she must be at Kunal’s place but she wasn’t there, he remembered then sending her to deliver the gifts at Anna’s place..
He Swiftly took his car to anna’s place.
He bang on the door but no one was inside, shit.. Geet .you will pay for it..once after I find you..he thought furiously and again dialled her number, finally she received it..he sighed in frustration and next moment blasted on her, where the hell are you.. why aren’t you back yet??
Sorry… I will be right back.. Geet spoke with her throaty tone..
Muzse Zoot bol Rahi ho, tum? How dare you to lied to me.. I am standing just before Anna’s house.
Where the hell are you? Maan shouted furiously on the phone, almost making her take back her cell from her ear,
Maan..hum wakayi main aana ke saath hai..Geet tried her best but he couldn’t listen, as he looked at his watch, it’s almost 11.30.p.m’s 11.30.and you said you are staying with Anna.. but it’s Kunal..isn’t it?? Maan muttered furiously making her shivered , she turned restless for making him so angry.
Kunal ??Geet was really clueless hearing this name..
Before she could talk further Anna took her phone , hello Maan.. I am Anna..
Maan left a breath of relief finding her really with Anna but not that guy..
But he was back to himself realizing she has taken his wife out this Late night, how can she be with you this late night.. where have you taken her?
On the other hand, Anna was shocked hearing his loud voice and anger, he was gentleman otherwise bit Today he is getting angry on me just because of Geet?? She thought before answering him, it’s too late now..Geet is going to sleep with me today.dont worry.
Where are you? I will take her back to Khurana Mansion.maan wasn’t willing.
Anna looked at Geet, putting the phone on speaker, Geet’s eyes widen, no..woh yaha nahi Anne chahiye.. humara baby..she put her hand on her belly, getting the courage she first time raised her voice on him, humari chinta mat kijiye AAP.. I am with don’t need to pick me up .
Bye.. saying so she cut the call .
Babaji … She cried for doing so …making Anna smile.
On the other hand, Maan was shocked, how dare you Geet!.. he was tottally red with fury.
to be continued..
Precap :-
1. You hurt me, Maan..
2. Be my girlfriend..

20 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 13

  1. It’s really painful. When she will get some happy moments. I wish to see maan and geets lovy dovy moments. Like maan calling her with sweet names and pampering her. But he is so sadu. Wonderful update thanks

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  2. Anna and geet bonding❤
    Now she can talk with her,she thinks it’s because of Sam,he distances from those girls,but in reality it’s because of her,She will be very happy when she knows that,Hoping she will be fine,He was restless to not know her whereabouts, Looking forward to further…

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    Beautifully written
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  5. Nice update n geet happiness never stay long she always bearing pain n suffering n now she is pregnant but this pregnancy will take her life n still she wants to continue this pregnancy n maan did not know anything about it n he is busy his nonsense thinking that she must be with kunal or she took Sam place n marry him but he can’t see her love for him n thnxx for pm me

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  6. Beautiful.

    Geet is under the bhang’s affect, maan is under her affect.

    They made passionate love.

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    Are they sisters?
    Anna seems nice
    So maan probably didn’t have intimate relationship with all his gFs.
    What about sam?

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