Maan was trying her number contiously but it came switch off. He was turning mad with fury.. where the hell are you..Geet.. he pressed the accleter in fury, just then his phone buzzed again showing kunal’s number,why is Kunal calling.. is Geet at his place.. Maan thought as he applied the break, recieving the call immediately,
Is it Maan??
Kunal..where did you get my number!??..
And you know it’s me calling… forget it..I heard that Sam is back.. Kunal was having smirk on his face.
Maan wasn’t expecting this, he got out his car, removing his coat he threw it on the seat, as he heard him further,
Then is Geet free from you??
Maan was red with rage now, Put Geet on phone!! He blasted from other side, making Kunal almost pulled the phone away from his ear.
Geet?? What about her..kya Kiya tumne uske Sath.. Kunal asked restless..
But the call was dead from other side.
Rahul walked up to him, what’s up..are you still thinking about that girl..
He asked me to put Geet on phone..but she isn’t here.. clarified Kunal ..
What do you think.. is it right to believe the talks of people who said.. she stole her sis’s man away.She doesn’t seem like that girl to me.. he was reminded about the kiss soft and warm.
You don’t understand.. we can’t judge people from their appearance..
Who had thought You are a famous doctor.. he gives him smirk,
Rahul’s face was worth watching . Alright..alright.. woh Sab main bas tumhare liye Kiya tha…
Geet wore white sari, with sky blue blouse, putting minimal makeup on, as it’s needed for the reputation of Maan Singh Khurana. Her hands shivered as she tried to put on knots.
Just when he walked out of washroom, wearing white Kurta pajama..Geet gasped seeing her hot and happening hubby through the mirror.
He was lost in her beautiful sight, his legs took him towards her, without his own notice. He touched her Shivering hands, gripping them tight in his own, Geet pulled out softly giving him access, as he slowly started to bind the knots, all the while his intense gaze stay on her beautiful face, through the mirror.
Geet looked at him, and both got hooked in eye lock, his fingers started rolling down on her beautiful marble back, feeling her soft skin.
He made her slowly turned around, while she oblige willingly.. her hands went on his shoulders, he pressed her body more tight to his own , she downcasted her gaze, feeling mushy..his hands caressed her waistband, tingling her there by.. Geet sighed, closing her eyes. Soon he out his mouth on her, began kissing her softly, cherishing the feeling..something had definitely change from last 2 days..he continued to enjoyed her sweet lips like a candy.
Geet moaned in his mouth feeling his hands cupping her bossom.. he pinch the harden nipple on her cloth, she massaged his nape turning arouse.
Both break apart softly, and simultaneously, gazing into each other eyes..
Maan was just staring at her, then her hazel eyes which were trying to tell him something from ages it seems but he notice now.
He licks her lips again, making her go crazy . Her palm which was rested on his chest, started to caressed him, she felt his open chest, and shiver ran down her spine..feeling him after a while now which left him also on fire.. he clutched her palm to his heart which was beating rythmatically. Geet looked into his eyes, seeing him looking at her only, she downcasted her lashes.. and tried to Wriggle out, but he jerked her back in his arms pressing her small back..
Chodiye Hume..
You don’t have any right to order me around..he muttered sarcastically making her shut..
He holds her chin harshly pulling her face up, looking into her hazel eyes.. which were doing some magic on him..
Kya kar logi..if I never let you go..he whispered huskily.. blowing his hot breath on her face, she inhaled sharply clutching his kurta in her palms, as she closed her eyes feeling him.. hum toh aapki baahon main rah lenge..aakhri dam tak.. she muttered sending ripples down his spine hearing her meaningful words that he left her in a jerk in next moment almost pushing her apart..
Geet gasped , putting her palm on her tummy securing her baby. She turned to go but he holds her wrist from behind stopping her there by..
kaha ja Rahi ho..
Woh..holi party hai na.. downstairs.. she muttered, trying to wriggle out of his hold which tighten, he again breaks her one bangle, making her looked at her wrist painfully then him..
He swiftly left her wrist and check on it, thankfully there was no injury..he sighed giving her a look..and who gives you permission..
Geet was tongue-tied not knowing what to answer,why is he behaving so today..
Answer me Geet.. he jerked her closer holding her both arms, ji..agar aap nahi chahte toh hum nahi jayenge.. she said looking into his eyes, stirring something inside him by her one look.
Go..he left her with a jerk again and turned his back .
Geet was surprised, she looked at the Colors in she took that in her hands and then at his back .so much wanted to put Colors on him.. her heart ached . Eyes filed up as she imagined..
Slowly walking behind him and Colors his both cheeks making him angry..
She giggled seeing his funny face with those colored cheeks ..then his angry big eyes..he looks so cute.
Maan again called her, this time getting angry seeing her lost somewhere, she was as if day dreaming, with that silly smile on her face.
Geet.. he jerked her again on his arms, this time spilling Colors from the plate on both their cloths..
What the hell.. he get angry, stepping back.. Geet was standing like a little kitten getting scare from his anger.
What are you looking at now.. he was going to blast on her but she was saved by one of servants who came there to called him downstream as all were already waiting for him.
Giving one furious look to Geet, he dashed out..
Hey babaji..humne unka mood kharab kar diya..par mood kharab karne ki kya baat Hui..aaj toh holi hai na..hai na baby..she patted her Color filled hand on her tummy, Bura na Mano holi hai.. she cheerfully rushed out from room to enjoyed the holi..
Her face fell down, seeing all mean looks, her all thrill was gone replace by fear and one came to applied Color on her making her teary..
Is she that bad, babaji.?? She looked up asking her god, while one hand rested on her tummy.
When two palms touched her both cheeks from behind, happy Holi..he whispered in her ears, sending shiver to her spine.
She looked at his face turning around, there was he Kunal Malhotra wearing blue kurta pajama…looking dashing with that charming smile on his gorgeous face.
Geet smiled faintly , she had thought it is him but she had hoped for the forbidden she guess.. blinking her eyelashes to stopped her tears.
Won’t you wish me, Geet? He asked cheekily.
Geet got Colors from nearby thali, and put on his forehead, happy Holi, Kunal. She muttered.
Yaha bhi.. he show his one cheek forward, coming near her face there by.
Geet took her face back a little keeping distance between both, and she put little Color on his one cheek, hesitantly, he forwarded other, Geet couldn’t stop the smile that linger on her lips seeing his antics..
Finally I can make you smile..
Aapko yeh Sab karne ki koi jarurat nahi, Kunal..hum wakayi khush hai..
You can’t hide your pain Geet.. those beautiful brown eyes tell me every secret of yours..
Geet gasped, tried to look everywhere but him.
Just then Anna came from behind , calling her..
Hey Geet..
Geet turned and smiled delightfully to see her only friend,
Hey Anna.. happy Holi..she colored her both cheeks.
Happy Holi.. sweetheart..Anna makes and pouting face Coloring her back.
Kunal had already make an exit to the dance floor as party came in a full swing..
But one person was burning in rage seeing the scenerio, it was none other than Maan Singh Khurana, who was seeing his wife happy,after a while now..leaving him restless..he was indulge into talks with business associates that couldn’t leave the place.
But his whole burned seeing the closeness between Kunal and Geet.
Kunal dragged her to the dance floor, as the girls around him from the dance troop, flashes Colors on him from both sides thee by making Geet drench in Colors as well.
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
Geet tried to walked out but, he holds her wrist from behind stopping her, Geet began to turned restless seeing all eyes on them but Kunal was in playful mood, he jerked her softly in his arms from behind, making her gasp,
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
The words of love exist in the colours
Geet was embarrassed as Anna wink at her, she got out of his clutch and ran away from the place. Her throat turned dried seeing Maan’s angry glare, she shakes her head in no giving him puppy look but he turned his face from her.
She walked passed the crowd searching for water as she was really thirsty.
Sasha notice her and her witchy mind played some trick, she went forward giving her bhang glass, doing some sweet talks to make her indulge into.
Geet drink few sips, Sasha..what have you give me.. it’s not water.. but till then the bhang has started working in her. She turned tipsy , started smiling , it’s best, Sasha.. you are my good friend.. plz give me one more.. she pouted her lips giving Sasha puppy look
Offcourse..why not sweety .. Sasha offered her another glass making small run from there.
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
The words of love exist in the colours
She walked up to area, where Colors set up was done in a way.. from all sides floral and Colors water was splashing..
Kunal followed her behind..holding her from her back waist
Jaa re jaa don’t touch my choli
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
She came into tottaly under control of bhang and swings her body crazily on the tune .
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi

Do me a favour let’s play Holi

Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
The words of love exist in the colours
Kunal match the steps with her, pulling her in his arms, Geet giggled and pushed him away.
Neela peela laal gulaal uspe tere gore gaal
There are so many colours and on top of that your cheeks are fair
Kunal filled Colors in his fist and rushed to her to colored her cheeks again, this time Geet giggled feeling his hands tickling her neck, as he turned her her mischievous smile
Kali kali aankhon wali mast mast hai teri chaal
Your eyes are black and your walking style is amazing
she pushed him on his shoulder and turned to walked aways, swinging on her steps feeling dizzy..he holds wrist pulling her from behind but she elbow him on his stomach there by making him step back,
Hai bahana Holi ka paas aana chahe tu
Chand se mere chehre pe rang lagana chahe tu
Holi is just an excuse to come near me
You want to put colour on my moon like face
Geetgiggled doing so…while Kunal was sweetly surprised seeing her nakkhras, unknown of that se had drank bhang.
He tried to catch her again but she dodge him,
O Holi hai aani jaani
Tere dil mein hai beimaani
Holi will come and go
There’s something naughty in your heart
taking fist of colour in her hand , she threw that on him
Main nahi hoon itni bholi
I’m not that naive that I won’t understand
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
Maan has had enough, seeing his wife dancing away with his enemy, he don’t know what happened to her but he was also astonished seeing her nakkhras, that mischievous smile in her twinkling eyes, which he hadn’t seen in last 3 months making her look even more beautiful.. her sexy dance,with her wet choli and sari sticking to her body like a second skin. He was burning in jealousy seeing Kunal closed to her, on that people gapping at his sexy wifey.
He rushed towards her, Geet was lost in the play of Colors , dancing on own tune, sexily, forgetting about the world, swinging her body softly on the ryhtm, when she felt his strong and cold arms caging her in his arms from behind..
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
She sighed, finally finding the right place to be caged in..her hands holds his nape, facing him passionately, he grips her tight in his arms, his both hands holding her bare tummy..
Do watch mg holi vm guys
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
He makes a circle of their hands, making dance move, people were busy in their own play to notice anything including Anna.
But sasha burned in jealousy seeing the scene, her own plan back fire, she cursed Geet.
Uff yeh Holi haaye yeh Holi
Do me a favour let’s play Holi
He turned her around passionately, Colors splashed on them from either side, geet closed her eyes, while he rubs his colorfilled hands on her cheek, sensously, one hand rubs down on her bare waist.
Kunal watched from little far, he didn’t liked the scene but knows Geet only loves that khadus.
Rahul was already drinking bhang , and he joined him soon.
Maneet were lost in their own play , drwoning in Colors o passion.. his hands were still holding her small waist, rubbing her here and there, while Geet slowly brings her face closed to him, rubbing her colored cheek to his, there by Coloring him in her love.
She giggled pulling apart slowly making him astonished, he looked on, her melodious sound of playfullness filled his ears.
She laughed out whole heartily, throwing her head back, giving him beautiful sight of her gorgeous face, as he stood mesmerize gapping at her.
Holi hai!
It’s Holi!
Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse
All of a sudden , people gather around them, to played the holi…Maan was startled so was Geet, she snuggled in his arms as he pulled her closer in his arms saving her from the crowd.
Holi hai!
Arre keene maari pichkaari tori bheegi angiya
O rangrasia rangrasia … ho
Who has drenched your body with a water gun
And with colours of passion … hey
His hands were pressing down on her wet body, feeling her, she moaned giving him one dizzy look.
Arre bela chameli ka sej bhichaya
Arre bela chameli ka sej bhichaya
She spread a bed made of jasmine flowers
Kunal pulled her from behind, by her elbow, she turned in his arms, dancing with him, as he holds her waist playfully, she gives them thumkas with a naughty smile playing on her lips
Soye gori ka … 
dhik tak dhin dhik tak dhin
Soye gori ka yaar balam tarse rang barse
The beauty’s pal …
(Indian music beats)
The beauty’s pal slept on it, as her husband saw
Maan was furious first of all seeing the sight and then hearing those lyrics.. he caught hold of her, pulling her out of crowd.
Holi hai!
It’s Holi!
Holi hai .she screams,
Let’s go..he tried to drag her away.. she wouldn’t budge..
Hume aur holi khelni hai .let me go..she tried to pulled of his grip but he jerk here closer, she swing in his arms, holding her head, feeling dizzy..
Geet..Geet..he called her worried seeing her state as she looked up with her innocent eyes, ji…
He was lost in her innocence, then it dawn on him, she must have drank bhang. As he looked behind at the crowd more than half people looking talking there dancing crazily.
He sighed realizing it..let’s go..he was going to lift her but she ran out of his arms like a small girl..nahi…and shows him tounge, turning back..
Geet..Maan shouted running behind her as he reached the corridor which was silent.
Geet..Geet.. he called few times then stopped for a while listening her soft giggles,
He followed the sound, her bangles were chimming..
He walked behind her, she was peeking from other side of the pillar, muffling her giggles.. he patted slowly on her shoulder, having mischievous smirk on his face.
She jerked his hand away ignoring him, he again did and she looked back startled, going to lost her balance but he caught her in his arms in a right moment.
Tu mili jabse mujhko Holi hi kuch aur lage
(Holi seems different to me since I’ve met you)
Geet playfully pressed her both colored palms of his kurta, breaking into sweet giggles, he couldn’t held the small smile which played on his lips.
He was tottaly lost in Geet today and her mischievousness..forgetting about Sam and his hatred.
He lifts her in his arms, while she started wriggling, shaking her legs, there by making chimming sound of her anklets
Teri payal ke ghunghru meri har dhadkan pe baje
(The bells of your anklets are sounding in my heartbeats)
He looked on lost in her, as she makes faces, slamming her fists on his shoulders, leave me.. you are shaitan..
Maane na kehna koi tu kare joh thaane tu
(You’re very stubborn and you do what you want)
He was shocked hearing her..
To be continued..smiley15
Updated from forgive for errors.. do lots of likes and comments, because it has crossed 3000 words including song.. :))
Precap :-
Jaane do na..
Paas aao Na…
What happened that night and after that .I mean Geet been in hospital after that .it will reveal further after holi updates.

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  1. Happy Holi dear lovely update maan is completely restless while missing geet meanwhile Kunal is calling and irritating him ..Holi celebrations were nice Kunal was also present geet avoided him after formal talk..but Sasha made geet drink bangh…and she was out of control ..maan was fuming in jealousy seeing Kunal dancing with his wife…he went pulled geet and was with her the whole event .. though Kunal did not like maaneet closeness unware of them being married…maan completely forgot about Sam and his hatred towards geet…he loved her company and was lost in her innocence… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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    1. Thank you🤗
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