The guy kept looking at her for a while , her hairs were hiding her half face, but he could careless, for now he was stuck in the middle of the road just because this crazy woman, he thought, muze gharse nikalna hi nahi chahiye tha..aaj..if I wouldn’t then this woman hadn’t run on my car..he thought giving her look and tried to wake her up, I didn’t hit her and she fainted in my arms..
Wake up, you don’t need to pretend, just give me your number ..I will pay you..he shake her vigorously, thinking she is pretending to blackmail him like other women.
Geet was still lying unconscious in his arms, he still tried shaking her fragile body, her sari was slipping but he didn’t notice yet in darkness and the task at his hand to wake her up.
If you not wake up now , I will kill you..he blasted but there was no response from the girl, defeated he lift her unconscious body in his arms, her half sari falling down while her hairs slipped from her face revealing her beautiful face to his eyes, shinning in moonlight.
He gasped for a while just gapping at her, but then realizing what he is doing, he frustratingly walked back to his car, putting her on back seat, he drives the car to his apartment.
He put her softly on the sofa in hall and made a quick call to his friend who was doctor, there is fainted woman at my place, come here to check..before he could talk more, his friend from other side started his rattling as he was so shock knowing about this new info, knowing about his friend well, are you serious..woman ?? At your place..did you touch her? As I remember, you have female-fobia, are you kidding me, Sameer Malhotra!?
Cut the crap…just make it fast here..he said giving one look to the woman.
Sameer walked around the room restless, waiting for his friend, he can’t tolerate woman. He walked up to freeze ,taking out cold drink, he gulped it down, eyeing the woman contiously.
Her each curves were showing perfectly, then her sari..falling down..he realised it and rushed to her.
His hands shivered, I have still female fobia..what should I do..he thought, as he touch her fallen sari on the floor, his gaze as fix on her beautiful face nothing else, he took the thin material and wrap on her chest quickly taking steps back..then walked near her slowly again, bending down he started observing her beautiful face, then slowly touched her chubby cheeks with his forefinger, feeling her, it was so soft, he cupped her cheek, feeling her soft skin, she doesn’t disgust me like the girls I watched every day, he thought finally cupping her face, so this is how a woman’s face feel like…so small.. so soft.. he mutters, still holding her beautiful face in his palms, she stirred, umm…moaned in her half consious state.
He blushed, bend down more, hovering on her face, he touched her soft lips with his own, feeling them, this is how woman’s lips feels like, so soft .and tender.. warm , petal like . He thought, sucking her lips softly, she taste so good..
He kissed her softly, not realizing what he was doing and that’s how his friend saw them, he was so shock, Sameer . ..I can’t I watching it right..
Sameer got up welcoming his friend, there you are, you dumbo..
So that is what you are doing, taking advantage of a unconscious woman .??
Rahul check her out..if she is alright..
This crazy woman was going to almost hit by my car..and then mere chillane ke Baad, she kept on saying sorry..he narrated him about the incident.
Rahul was astonished listening to him, is she lunatic..??
But her lips tastes good, I will keep her with me forever, and kiss her whenever I want..that’s a good idea..
Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Find out what will happen post Kunal aka Shakti Arora's death (2)
sameer thought with a winning smile on his face, looking at her laying on the sofa.
Rahul was a great studied doctor, not only have good knowledge but he had great knowledge from his grandfather, he exmanide her checking her pulse, it’s not only small issue if fainting but she have suffered, great psychological simulation ..
She may have been in a mental tension from a long time.. getting into depression. He concluded looking at Sameer in serious face.
So she was shock when my car was going to just hit her, and she blank out . Sameer asked to which Rahul nodded.
When she will wake up? Asked Sameer looking at Geet, Difficult to say..hope soon enough..but you must take her to hospitals for full check up once after she get her consious back . Suggested Rahul
Why are you suggesting that she is not in good health..
Without checking her fully in’s hard for me to tell but I am sure, she is in bad health.
Just then both heard the ring of phone.. it wasn’t their but her, Sameer rushed to her started searching her body, he felt tug at her waist, and pulled out her little purse , he received her call, Rahul tried to stop him but he had already answer it.
Before Sameer could said hello, he heard hard tough voice almost blasting from other side, Geet, get back here after your tasks are down or else it’s absenteeism.
GHSP 61_6849
So her name is Geet..Sameera thought then, answer him back, she can’t come now..she is laying here on my sofa.
Rahul was dumbstruck, what the hell.. this crazy guy . He was horrified, what the hell you did man . What if she is married, and its her husband from other side, you are ruining her marriage then..
Relax Rahul, it’s her boss, i think, a man with a silly attitude.. after I make her girlfriend, I will make her resign..
Maan was burning like a lava from other side, when he heard him next, are you boss of Geet, she is not going to come today.. she is stat mg at my place, bye..and phone was cut
Maan was fuming to no end, he make quick calls and get the much needed info, Sameer Malhotra..
The Malhotra Family..he smirk devilishly, walking out of the office, he took out his dar, get me the address of Sameer Malhotra, after a while he shut the phone down, zooming the car on the road.
As the door bell rang, Rahul get to the door to receive the person, as he opened the door he was welcomed by Furious Maan standing at the door step, this angry man looks familiar , he thought as Maan walked inside pushing him at a side.
Oh no.. it could be him??
Rahul was just gapping at him as he walked passed him reaching inside,
Sameer got up as soon as Maan walked before him, facing him..
Get out of the way,..
@guruchoudhary @dhamidrashti - gurmeetchoudhary - drashtidhami - geethuisabseparayi (2)
Maan said in low dangerous voice, glaring him furiously..which only makes Sameer smirk, this is my house, so it’s you who should get out.
If you are here to pick up your employee.. don’t bother..just buzz off..
That’s it, Maan was already on fire, it’s just ignites his anger, you want to fight with me for a woman, Mr.Malhotra?
And next he given he tight punch on his right cheek, there by bruising his cheek, he wiped off the blood, so you want to fight..??
Soon both started fight, while Rahul stay at a side, just looking at duo fighting, he wasn’t going to meddle between both, knowing it won’t be good for his own, like a true gentleman I shall be standing at side only and let them have fun..he smiled cheekily enjoying the fight .
Suddenly his phone rings, he was shocked listening other side, he shouted.. Sameer stop it .your Dadaji is calling..
Sameer who was badly injured step back, looking suspiciously at him, he took the cell from Rahul’s hands, ji Dadaji.. he glanced at Maan knowing who did it .
Keeping the phone down, he started angry glare at him, it means you..
Maan was having Devilish smirk on his face, to this generation, it’s you vs me.. and you are no match to me..
You drags my Dadaji in between this..
Maan simply walked up to the table having same can of drink, he sipped it giving Devilish smirk to him..
My words means something to your Dadaji..
He put the can down on the table, and walked upto Sleeping Geet, he realized about her state and was shocked.. he turned to looked back at them, how did she come here..
Are you blind?? She is unconsious.. I brought her here.. Sameer raised his voice.
You did!?? Maan was turning restless again, knowing she isn’t wearing anything inside.. what else did you do..? He asked frustrated.
Did you notice anything .??
What a strange question..what is there to notice.. thought Sameer before replying him.
I hugged and kissed her .
Sameer smirked victoriously replying him so.. and for those things you are asking..I notice.. she got hell of gorgeous body.. He added
Maan was turning frustrated hearing him but he for now he had other important work at hand, he looked at Geet, Fortunately, Sameer did not notice, she is not wearing u********. He lifts her up in his arms and turned to go..
Rahul stopped him from behind, you better get her Full body check up done in the hospital..she fainted earlier. So it’s necessary to check her up..
Maan carried her out, looking at her face contiously, it was pale,
KC have health check up 2 at times in year.. while one had already done in a month ago..if there were any issue, she must have told me.. he thought..then the thought crosses his mind, how could she tell and when.. he didn’t allowed her to speak…his heart blamed him..he ignore it for a while and looked at her face, putting her in car, beside driving seat..
Wrapping sari around her body, his gaze went on her lips, he was reminded about the words of Sameer, and slammed his lips on her, kissing her, taking away the touch of that guy.
Geet suddenly woke up, startle, her gaze went out as she saw few girls passing by who giggled seeing the scene.
She was drown back to the dirty talks and gazes from the staff and she pushed him apart.. don’t do it..
Maan was astonished, she is rejecting me kiss from Sameer makes her to push me away..
to be continued..
Forgive for all errors..have updated from my pc and lappy both has stopped working..and now from took lot of time..and makes me irritated..๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ต
Do plz pm me whoever want I forgot who asked me so..and plz do like and comment first. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Precap :-
1. You think me so cheapest to play such joke on me..
2. Find out the relationship between Maan & Geet.
Geet, our story begins..
3.bring me the medical reports of Geet

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