She broke down in cries, couldn’t believe yet what just happened.. his words buzzed in her mind, making her heart bleed.
“You are just my s***.
when you can warm my bed at home..why not just strip here..”


Day passed in blink of moment. Geet tried to forget the happenings but she couldn’t.. she kept on ignoring him for a while, couldn’t meet his taunting gaze which hurt her more than anything.
But in all this she didn’t forgot about his wounded hand, there by she did all of his work.
Doing silky mistakes at starting but later on done all of efficiently..making him relived from his work load.
He sighed..he knew , her efficiency at work. But then..he know what kind of girl she is..he thought furiously.. reminding of the morning.
I asked and she stripped .. crazy woman.. he mutter furiously turning to look at her cabin where he found her lost in the work at hand..she was so lost .. didn’t notice his piercing gaze on her.
As the day passed, Geet forgot about lunch and other things, only thing was on her kind was Maan, and his hand needed to rest, even her own hand hurts sometimes in between work load but her heart knew how to ignore her own pain and look after him.
She keep check on him now and then, doing his all work at hand in his cabin only.
Maan was turning furious with her always poking between his things.


He pulled her harshly in his arms, Geet startled looked at him with her innocent doe eyes, only to listen his barking..
What the hell are you doing!??
Ji..!??she was confused as why he was getting angry on her.
Don’t meddle between my work.. he hissed glaring her down.
Ji..woh…hum..hum toh bas aapki madad kare rahe the.. your hand…
My hand..and my wound..I am alive.. walking around fit and fine.. to look after myself..he blasted making her closed her eyes hearing his loud voice.


Geet gasped as she snapped open her eyes hearing him, what are you saying..she whispered ready to cry.
For damn…it’s just little hand is not cut nor I am dying.. he shouted furiously on her face.
Geet, her eyes widen in fear to lose could he speak like this.. she felt her own breath sucking out from her body, turned restless and slam her lips on his taking him by shock thereby..
Maan stood rooted feeling her soft lips hovering on his one, both of their breaths mingle as he put his hands around her small waist, his hold became tighten feeling her licking his lips.he pressed his lips more harshly on her own,, seeing her not initiating the kiss.
And he kissed her crazily..sucking out her mouth furiously, biting her lips , bringing out blood then sucking it.
Geet left breathless as he pushed her apart.. that’s what you want…ha Geet !?? He smirked wiping off his you’s office. He took steady steps toward her as she started backing out, blushing half not realizing his mean words.
He slammed her on the wall behind, his hands started caressing her soft waist, she put her hands on his shoulders holding him closer, never say like that Maan.. she muttered as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, licking her skin..
AAP nahi jante..aapki choti si chot bhi Hume bahot bada Dard de jati hai . Then how could you just utter those words.. she thought cupping his nape, massaging his hairs there by making him wild…
I want you now.. he whispered in her ear and before she knew he lifts her and took her towards his private room.


Late evening..
Whole office turned empty and silent but Geet was still in her cabin, doing her work.she was damn tired and started feeling ill but ignoring all things she concentrate on her work.
Maan wrapped his work for a day and stood up , his gaze automatically went to her cabin. He saw her sleeping on the table with her head on.
He walked out and towards her cabin. His steps took him towards her, he was lost in her beauty for a while as her sari pallu has fallen down on the floor, giving him magnificent view of her cleavage. The thought crosses his mind, and he turned angry again on her , started patting her shoulder furiously to wake her up.
Geet startle open her eyes and was going to stood that she bangs on him, holding his shirt, and then resulted into pulling him on her, she landed back on her chair.
Umm .. she moaned feeling his lips crashing on her chest, his beard rubs her there , making her shiver like dry leaf. He felt her shivering and holds her tight from her bare waist. His fingers pressed her there..
Her moans were only brewing his desires as he rubs his face more into her chest, Geet sighed taking high breaths, her fingers played with his hairs encouraging him further. He left wet kisses on her cleavage, going toward her red cheeks, he bites them making her moan again , and got up leaving her whole red. Her eyelashes were so heavy..she couldn’t raise them up.
Yahi raat guzarni hai..?? He taunted pulling her out of her la la land..she was flustered, tried to get up, but her sari stuck in the feet of chair and it was pulled out from her body making her eyes pop out.
Babaji…she muttered fluster, tried to hold her sari..but it was slipping out of her hand. She stood rooted in front of him with her cross hands on her chest.


Maan just gapped at her, and turned furious with her clumsiness as he took the sari from floor , throwing it on her landed straight on her face, she heard him saying, wear and come out soon..or office main hi raat nikalo.. and then his footsteps walking out.
Geet hurriedly wore her sari, cursing her own self but she started to feel her head heavy . Not soon she blank out and landed on the sofa place there.


Maan waited and waited..for half an hour, damn..that dumb girl.. cursing her , he walked back to her cabin , only to see her sleeping again. He was getting frustrated now.
He jerked her up from her sleeping position, her body swing, as he hold her wrist, he was shock, he quickly pulled her in his arms,
Geet…Geet… He patted her cheeks, seeing no response from her side..he took glass of water from the table and sprinkle few drops on her face..
Umm.. Pani… She muttered..
He holds the glass near her lips while she sipped with closed eyes..her eyes began to open and she saw him, Maan..Geet whispered lovingly caressing his cheek.
Let’s go..
he jerked her apart, showing nothing but his stern face to her, ji…she tried to stabilise herself but fail to do so as her head still felt heavy..she was dizzy, eating nothing whole day..
As Maan stopped after taking few steps, he realized she is not following him, he turned to see her holding her head, he walked back, jerking her hand, chalo..
Ji..Maan..woh ..Hume..chakkar… She couldn’t speak more, her hands clutches his shirt, feeling everything around her moving fast.. her eyes dropping again.
Maan without wasting a minute, took her in his arms, she clings to his chest, like a baby as he scooped her.


He looked at her face, which was hidden in the crook of his neck, she opened her dizzy eyes, pulling back and looked at his face which became blurry in her sight.


So it is your another trick..ha Geet.. to get close to me.. you don’t have to try any.. you forgot my words in the morning.. ??
And he went on making her remind about her status in his life.
She smiled painfully listening his half words, but ignored all those accusations for a while, lost in the warmth of her love, she clings closed on his chest, taking his warmth., engulfing herself in his masculine scent.
Jee yeh chahe banake aanchal
Tumko lapetoon tann pe
Kabhi yeh sochon main udh jaon
Tumko liye gagan pe
Aur bhi kuch hai dil ke iraade
Kya kehna
[I wish that making you into a scarf
I put you around my body
Sometimes I think to just fly
Taking you in the skies
The heart has many more intentions
What all should I tell you]

28 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 8

  1. Wonderful update dear maan is keeping on hurting geet with his words…poor girl was avoiding him for days…after that incident…but still takes care of maan’s wound in his hand and keeps on doing his work to make him stress free..but maan is MSK who will always take geet wrong…she did not eat the whole day so she was weak…when maan took his frustration on her by saying he is not dead..geet cannot imagine anything happening to maan so she showered her love on him first time and maan cannot resist…later she fainted due to weakness… But maan never showed her any concern and hurted her by his words saying…u no need to do anything to make me come near you…hope maan will learn his true love in geet’s absence waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Nice update n geet is doing his all work without caring her own wound n without having food n maan should at least so some care to her but again his same behavior n same thinking about her n geet gets so much humiliation from him n then also she love him n thnxx for pm me

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  3. nothing is dere to say……….maan n his accusations…….dont knw when it will all stop n maan will come to knw abt geet is innocent…………

    nice update but painful too……………..

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  4. She is doing all his works wholeheartedly,completing it efficiently,he too knows she is best at doing job,but doesn’t acknowledge it infront of her,She is tired due to continuous working and that too without having food…Then also she is doing work as she doesn’t want him to be stressed…precap is interesting..
    Waiting to read further…

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  5. Emotional update
    Geet is doing all his work because she can’t bears his pain
    Iss ke liye usse apni health ki bhi phikar nahi
    Some times Maan praise her work in his heart but again his big fat ego hits him and he hurts her again
    When Maan realised his mistakes
    Beautifully written

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  6. Geet helping mann in his work because of his hand but he doesn’t care at all and tell her off for do it but then still smirk thst she helping him she still has got over the other day the comment he made to geet she so tired fall sleep in office he wake her up and ask her come but she doesn’t then go back she faint he really worried but doesn’t what show to her and pick her up take to the car is geet pregnant I wander

    K1K1k1 KALLY

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  7. Interesting.

    Geet is helping maan n doing all his work. She is ignoring her health.

    Maan is ignorant of her illness.

    He is thinking it to be her stunt to get closer to him.

    Though he hates her, somewhere in the corner of his heart he cares for her.

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  8. Is she by any chance pregnant.
    She could be there are high chances.
    And even maan called her crazy..
    One question what position does she hold in the company that she is behaving like a lunatic.
    Woman do your own work and leave your boss in his own misery.

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