Shaayad hawa na chalegi
Phoolon mein bhi khushboo na hogi
Tujhe chaahoongi main, tujhe paaoongi main
Yeh meri tamanna tujhe nahin pata
Perhaps the wind will not blow anymore
Perhaps the there won’t be fragrance in flowers anymore
But I will love you, I will get you
This wish of mine, you don’t know about
(This is my wish, you don’t know about it)
Geet wrote down the lines and closed the diary, while red rose stuck between pages.
She looked at the partition between them and saw him still in angry mode, her whole shivered but more than that his injure hand makes her worried.
Itna khoon bah Raha tha.. how will he work now, babaji… She thought painfully, touching her waist , and found blood stains on her finger tips..her heart pained, eyes filled up seeing his blood , she rushed out to wash herself first.
Maan was still mad with fury as he saw her cabin empty , he anger raised, he got up from the chair, walking onto scatter rose petals, he reach the cabin door to walk out but as soon as he opened the door, she bangs into him again making his volcano of fury bust on her yet again as he bang shut the door behind her, pulling her inside.
Maan pinned her harshly on the wall.. bahot shauk hai..muzse takrane ka.. or you deliberately bump on to me.. he blasted on her, face closed enough to scare her whole. Their breaths mingle together, she could feel how much he was burning with rage with his hot breath. She was scared now, hum toh bas… aap…aap…she stammers again seeing his intimated look.
This angered him more as he pressed her further below him making her moaned out.
He walked back to the table, taking remote in his hands, closed the blinds and locked the door, all the while dragging her along with him.
Few staff who was looking.. gasped seeing him closing the blinds with Geet inside, they started to talk bad about her again.
Maan jerked her back leaving her abruptly, she stumbled on her steps while he took his seat on the boss chair.
What are you staring at now..he barked, making her shudder, ji..aap..
Will you speak up fast now..I don’t have whole day for you.. he shouted, taking one file to work on.
Geet got the courage to speak seeing him wincing slightly because of injure hand but he didn’t show though.
But couldn’t she knew, she knew him inside out..his small frown on her forehead she can recognized.
You..don’t do any work now..
What.. he was frustrated now hearing her.
With that hand..she gestured fearing from his anger, let me bandage it, aap us haat se kuch kaam mat kijiye ga.. and she took one step to reach him when he thunder again.
So do you want me to seat like idol, do nothing..
Geet stopped startle hearing his loud voice, hum aapka kaam kar lenge.. hum sab kaam kar lenge.. humse kahiye…aur staff bhi toh hai..
You don’t have to tell me what to do and what not..I am the boss here..he got up marching towards her dangerously, while she took steps back in fear, already sweating in AC room.
He walked near her, towering her small body with his huge structure, go and bring me hot coffee.. he said huskily, she stood rooted with his close proximity then his anger.
Jao..he shouted making her startle and she turned and walked back to the door, hitting her head straight on it..ouch .
GHSP 385 HD_2813
Maan was instantly at her side without his own notice, his hand tried to reach her but she was already running out.
Frustratingly he bang the same injure hand on the wall, making her scarf on the wound red. shit..he jerked his hand trying to get off the pain and walked back to the table.
Geet gasped seeing his red hand, Babaji…she ran to him, damn scare seeing his bleed.. Maan .. Hume bandage jar Dena chahiye . She muttered hurriedly keeping the cup on the table, and holding his hand, he kept on looking at her, as she asked him about the first aid kit.
He didn’t answer, she looked at him, then realized what she is doing, she instantly left his hand, but he holds her going away hand, only to caught her finger ..she looked at him astonished, but let it go in a moment..worried about his wound.
GHSP 385 HD_4397
She walked around the cabin searching for first aid kit madly.
Finally Maan said stopping her, it’s behind you, right corner, first drawer.
Geet stopped, and pulled out the aid kit from drawer, sighing in relief getting it in her hand, she walked back and sat on her knees at his legs, making him shock..he wanted to speak but couldn’t utter any word, just kept on gapping her with lost state of mind as she cleaned his wound, he did hiss a bit..or there was no reaction from his side, but her eyes wailed up, dropping her pearls on his hand, he pulled back from his lost state and looked away feeling uneasy…tried to pulled away but she hold onto him stubbornly, please Maan.. she whispered giving him puppy look, he couldn’t argue further, do whatever you want..but make it fast .I don’t have whole day seating here near you..he let out his frustration on her, loosening his tie, to get a breath.
Geet looked at him painfully listening to him, she ignore her hurt and did his bandage with a sweet smile coming back on her face, seeing it’s done now.
Ho it will heal soon…she said chirpily , getting lost in a moment and got up to go..when he caught her hand from behind.
Geet looked back astonished, heartbeats raising anticipating his next move.
Do your bandage also… she turned around slowly not believing him, he gives her first aid box and turned his face away.
Geet kept on looking at his face, tilting her head to get any glimpse on it but his face was blank as he started to open his lappy. She happily exited the cabin taking coffee mug along with her to brought him hot brewing coffee .
This was not has to happen..he turned furious reminding about his own lost state then looked at his bandage hand, her chirpy happy face came to his mind unknowingly brining small smile at the corner of his lips.
There was knock soon pulling him back from her thoughts, he was back to himself, come in..he took another file while waiting for the person to walk inside and there was she with coffee mug in her bandage hand,while shy smile adoring her face.
Maan couldn’t think, how to behave with her at that moment, as she put down the cup before him and stood still in case he needs her as his hand still needs to look after,
Maan sipped his coffee, it was perfect, just the way he liked, his mind started to work now and peace ran through his body, his intense gaze lock on to her beautiful face, she instantly down casted her lashes, turning shy, his gaze was not moving, he kept on watching her intently sipping his coffee side-by-side side, it started to make her uncomfortable, she clutch her sari pallu, twisting it in between her fingers, then bites her lips turning nervous taking his attention there by.
He was turn on just with her antics, she continues to chew her lips in nervousness and finally utter , can I go sir..
Maan was pulled out of his la la land, why..don’t you want to help me now..
he taunted keeping down the cup, while having evil smirk on his lips.’s not like that..ask me.i will do anything..she muttered hurriedly.
Then strip..
Geet’s eyes widen in terror, she was horrified. Ji..!?? She asked to confirm..
I said strip.. I won’t repeat..he said with his angry voice glaring her furiously.
Geet starts to sweat, she don’t know what to do..why he is behaving so..
Maan AAP..
SIR .it’s sir for you in office .he blasted making her shiver with terror seeing him back to his devil self.
Hum yaha…!??? She looked around
Kyon nahi.. he locked the door with remote and getting up to walk to her.
Geet took steps back, giving him stealing gazes, when you can warm my bed at home..why not just strip here.. he whispered dangerously in her ears standing just behind her, tears spilled out as she closed her eyes painfully, his next words were more venomous.
You forgot Geet? You are just my s***.
She hadn’t thought this will be painful…so painful.. she hadn’t thought he will hurt her more, but guess there is no end..
But it hurts ..hurts so..badly.. how could he think of her like this. so low…she sobbed when his fingers touched on her neck…where sweat beads were formed, don’t you feel hot.. he removed her sari pallu making it falls down.
Geet hold on to her sari, trying to hide herself, his gaze started to hurt her now..
Plz maan…
Don’t…he jerked her around in his arms, holding her waist, she quiver, arched her body to herself.. his sinful hands touched her bare waist, pressing her soft skin.
Get lost.. he pushed her away furiously giving her one angry stare and turned around to walk but stopped hearing her voice,
Rukiye Maan..


He turned around and stood gapping at her seeing her slowly removing her sari, she stood in her blouse and skirt, then removed her blouse and opened the knots of her skirt pushing it down..all the while her teary gaze stay on his face at the end she couldn’t bear and closed her eyes, feeling ashamed..
Maan rushed towards her before she could open her b** and took her sari from the floor wrapping around her body roughly..
To be continued…
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29 thoughts on “KYON KI.. CHAPTER 7

    1. He is blinded by his hatred and anger for now.. also in wrong assumption about her..further parts will reveal few things.


  1. Good update geet was Caring about maan’s wound..and was hell bent to do first aid to him..maan was losing himself completely with geet’s care..but his ego doesn’t agree what his heart says and ends up blasting her…maan let her do anything with his wound later he remainded about her wound too…maan sometimes turns into a devil how can he ask geet to strip that too in office…but geet cannot bear his harsh words…and broke down completely inside…when maan left in angry geet did what he said but he cannot see her like this so ran to cover her with the saree.. with his hatred I m sure geet will forget the love for him.. when he realizes her Truelove..he will be left alone with his own guilt….keep going dear… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. He is breaking her more and more…If he is going with this behaviour,we can see her building walls around her,she will shut all doors,at the end he will lose her fully,when will he accept the selfless love of her for him,
    Looking forward to further…

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  3. Awesome update
    Why Maan is hurting her so much
    Loved the way jis tarah Geet caring him
    But when he feels her love is so pure
    Kahi usse hurt karne mai wo uss ka saccha pyaar kho na de
    Beautifully written
    Loved it

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  4. maan kya kar raha hai?……apna insaniyat kho diya kya?……hate u maan….apna confusion mein apne aap ko kho diya?………hate u maan………

    painful update……….

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  5. Very painful n sad update n maan became animal who does not have any feeling n he just want to hurt her n humiliate her n geet start breaking from inside n how can maan thought so low about her n asking her to strip in office n hope maan understand his biggest mistake of his life before he lose geet for forever n thnxx for pm me n update nxt soon

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  6. Part 7 mann getting angry over the flower and he hurt his hand that all geet worried about he tell her to get coffee she bring it and still look at his hand because it bleeding more she look for first aid kit and then he tell where it is she did the dressing he tell her do her hand too she happy he said that but once he drank coffee mann back same horrible person asking geet to strip in office she shocked and say nothing he move away but not before call her names she call him and start stripping she crying while she doing this then he stop and pick up sari cover her
    Why mann like this what was in that dairy about him and Sam why she linked to the dairy

    K1k1k1 kally

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    1. Thanks for comment🤗
      As explained in first chapter, there are her feelings for him written in that diary which , Sam saw and left him for Geet..that’s for now..
      You will come to know more hidden things as the story proceeds further🙂


  7. Interesting.

    So painful it’s for her.

    He was lost in her thoughts which angered him more.

    He asked her to strip.

    He is making her feel so low.

    Even if she is his wife but still he has to respect her dignity.

    She just kept everything at bay n stripped for him. But he was not at peace. It hurt him to see her like that.

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