Dil deewana
Bin sajna ke maane na
Dil deewana Bin sajna ke maane na
This crazy heart
Doesn’t agree without my beloved
The next song started playing, creating havoc with her senses, as she became lost in him.
Maan felt her shivering and raised her up, she stood like a doll looking into his eyes innocently, he looked at her back intently making her down cast her lashes instantly.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
It’s mad
It won’t understand even if you try
His fingers pressed on her delicate waist, relishing her softness, while one hand holds wrist tight, he jerked her close in his arms,her bangles chimed making him go wild with desires, ‘I had warned you before, as well. Bhool gayi tum..’ he asked with his dangerously low voice making her shuddered in response.
Geet has actually forgot, but as soon as he pressed her bangles, twisting it in her wrist, she gasped painfully, realizing he had warned her about not to wear them.
I really forgot.. I ..I am sorry..
She whispered back, tears already gathering in her hazel eyes, next moment he slam her on the wall behind, pressing his hard body on her soft one, making her heartbeat raise with their proximity.
Bas yahi Kah Sakti ho tum ..only sorry…ha..he mocked angrily glaring her down, she timidity looked at him, stirring something yet again inside him, that he ended up hurting her again by breaking her bangles.
She moaned in pain, tears started flooding from her eyes, making his male ego satisfied, still his heart wasn’t in peace.
Yahi hashar hoga..if you dare to wear them again..he whispered, she nodded meekly crying out.
He looked at her crying face, and took her bleeding wrist in his hand , pushing down the broken pieces of bangles, he looked at the blood on her hand.
Geet stopped crying looking at him, as his fingers pressed on the wound trying to stopped the blood but her dizzy mind couldn’t think anything rather than she thought him giving her immense pain again.
She continues to  shed silent tears, when all of a sudden felt his mouth hovering on her lips, her heartbeat raises, as she slowly opened her wet eyes to see his face so closed to her, she skip a bit.
Dhak dhak bole
It-ut dole din raina
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
It beats fast
It jumps around day and night
It’s mad
It won’t understand even if you try
She could heard her own heartbeats in the silent room, so can Maan. He looked on amused, at her face, then her moving up and down chest.
His desires started to grew wild, as he pushed off her sari pallu from her sweaty body, his hands went down on her waist, removing her sari plates, she shivered,  though scare from inside with what coming next.
Last night he wasn’t in senses but today he is, her heart was beating frantically thinking he may find new ways to hurt her. She mustered up all her courage and make up her mind with her eyes closed,
Maan looked at her beautiful face, shivering lips inviting him to take them, then her beautiful bosom hidden behind her small choli,
Ahh…she moaned suddenly feeling his mouth on her cleavage, he strolled few wet kisses on her valley line, making her shudder, his fingers removed her waist chain breaking it as the beads and diamonds scattered on the floor. He started to caressed her body, wherever he got it bare, making her condition worsen.
She ached to hold him and after a while she crashed on to his chest, bearing no more of his tortures, Maan groaned, slamming his hands on her bare back, he rubs his face in the crook of her neck, going arouse with her softness.
tumblr_mvw1vhb43U1rk5tb2o2_250 (1)
She arched her face, giving him more access to her neck, he opened her hooks of choli, removing it from her body as his mouth slams on her half open chest, biting and sucking her.
She was moaning continuously encouraging him further. Her hands holds his nape, clutching his hairs, while pushing his face further in her bosom.
Maan took her swiftly in his arms, all the while looking at her face intently with his angry eyes, as he walked her towards the bed, he threw her on the bed, stripping his shirt and hovered on to her ..
Duniya maange apni muraadein
Main toh maangoon saajan
O ho ho … o o o
The world asks for their desires
I only ask for my beloved
Geet stood in the temple infront of goddess statue, joining her hands, her eyes closed, praying only for him and his goodwill.
Rahe salamat mera sajna
Aur sajna ka aangan
Iske siva dil rab se kuch bhi
Chahe na
May my beloved stay protected
And so may his house
I don’t want anything else
Other than that from God
Maan rolled down his car window, taking off his glasses, he looked at the structure of his wife, from little far, but could really recognized his beautiful wife.
Doesn’t your mam knows, she has to join back office from today.? He asked from driver,
Yes sir, mam knows, she is going from here straight to office.
Hmm…asked her to make as early as possible because Maan Singh Khurana never tolerate people who are not punctual, !! He wore back his goggles as the car speed up on the road to take him to his office.
Geet walked in like a fresh daisy, wearing yellow sari, sweet smile plaster on her face for joint back at office and be with her hubby all 24 hours, unknown of the evil plans of her hubby, to torture her 24 hours.
She put on bunch of roses, yellow and red in the pot on his desk, forgetting about how much he hated it.
Staff gapped at her, bitched her from behind, talking dirty about her between themselves.
But she was just lost in the thoughts of her hubby, as she continues to arranged his cabin, touching and feeling his every stuff there.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
Her fingers trailed down on his pic on the table, she kissed it lightly blushing without no reason.
She shouldn’t affect you Maan, I mean to hurt her but not care about her.. he thought, his mind and heart both restless, as it started to get affected by her unconditional love for him.
It wasn’t her love but she just wanted to me at her side like every other girls who cling to him.he mocked, but her eyes they can’t betrayed anyone , even if she tried, she looked so innocent and beautiful..he murmured turning restless again as he rolled down the window again to get fresh air.
From that night, his restlessness has increased tenfold, he just wanted her one glimpses, he started to forget about Sam.. no .his kind scream.. he couldn’t let her affect him..she should get his hatred …not anything else..
He sighed, he didn’t remember about the night he was highly drunk, that too just because of her.he cursed her for every damn thing. She makes him di the things which he hadn’t done in his life before, even for her own hurt, she herself is responsible. She made him the devil , she makes him to hurt to that extent, that he is losing his his own hatred. He was getting furious just with her thoughts, and then that night, he don’t know what happened but next morning, ….
Morning after their lovemaking, when he was drunk from the party.
Maan woke up feeling his head busting with pain but there was such unknown peace in his heart , he felt warmth and loved.
He looked at his side to see her nude form laying in his arms, her every part touching his bare body. As the realization dawn upon him, he tried to pushed her apart but she was in deep sleep, she snuggle closer not realizing their condition. For once, he thought to just kept laying there in her arms, and watched her beautiful face. His eyes Started scanning her body, he started to get hard just with her glimpse.
Geet stirred and opened her eyes, feeling his hands roaming on her body, her cupped her hips, making her moan, soon she found him hovering on her, unknowingly his lips landed on her forehead, then her chubby cheeks, as he started to get blurry images of him loving her the same way. He kissed her both eyes ,
she sighed with pleasure, his hands went on her stomach, pressing it, he went up cupping her both breast, his attention went down as he took one in his mouth to cherished it.
After a while, he was again inside her, loving her like last night, he pulled out and lay beside, confused with his own changing feelings, Geet shyly pulled up the covers, and got down, he holds her wrist stopping her, her heartbeats raise, she couldn’t stopped blushing seeing this new change in him.
Hum aapke liye nimbu Pani le kar aate hai.. saying so hurriedly, she ran towards washroom.
Maan was pulled back from that night memories which happened few days back, as his car entered the premises of his office. He got down angrily , with long strides, as he bang shut the door on his hand, hurting it angrily for getting lost in her thoughts which she doesn’t deserve a bit.
He was mad with fury, as entered on his floor, everyone stood up in one stroke, greeting him nervously while he didn’t give a look but few people gasp in horror seeing his blood filled hand,
Maan entered in his cabin without noticing her coming from other way.
Geet was just going out his cabin making her work done, and as she turned to walked out..
Both collide together, making her stumble on her steps, she gasp ready to called down but he caught her in a moment.
O ho ho … o o o
La la la … la la la
Geet closed her eyes in fear, while he continued to watched her lovely face, he lowly raised her, she was still shocked, that buried her face in his chest, breathing heavily, tickling his senses. As her warm breath touched his revealing chest from shirt.
He pressed her delicate waist, his fingers trailing down on her waist band. He tried to reach her back but she was wearing pack blouse which irritated him further and he ended up pushing her apart.
What the hell are you doing here, in my cabin..??
Geet was shocked pulled back from her la la land, her eyes filled up hearing his rude voice, woh…hum…aapka..
Can’t you speak just one sentence in one line..he blasted , gathering staff outside his cabin.
His one glare was enough for them to disperse back to work.


His gaze went on the flower pot, and his anger touched the sky, he marched towards her angrily jerking her closer, she yelped with his rudeness, did you put it in my cabin? He asked with his husky voice, glaring her dangerously.

GHSP 366 HD_5701

Geet confused, looked at the way he was pointing his finger, and nodded meekly looking down.
He pulled up her chin roughly, making her gasp as she see his hand injured, blood was dripping out, her eyes widen in horror,
Don’t you know I hated it..he husked yet again, Geet didn’t heard further, her whole concentration was on his hand now, she took it in her hand, her eyes started wailing now, yeh kaise ho Gaya.. Maan..aapko toh kitni gehri chot lagi hai..she pulled away from his arms, as he stood rooted seeing her reaction, as she ran frantically in the cabin, searching for first aid kit, finding nothing she just took her scarf which was laying on the table and rushed back to him, by now crying hilariously seeing his wound, she started to wrap his hands with it, while Maan kept gapping her.
Yeh pagla hai
Samjhane se samjhe na
It’s mad
It won’t understand even if you try
Aapka Dhyan kaha hai..Maan.. kitna khoon baha Raha tha.. she caressed his hand, while he was jerk back to his senses hearing her.
He blasted, throw these flowers out!!
Maan.. she was startled
Do what I said, she unwillingly walked upto the table, pulling out those roses from the pot slowly, He turned angry seeing her clumsiness, he walked up to her, jerking her hand, ouch… thorns pricked her hand, while she tried to collect all bunch, he put his palm on her, pressing her hand on thorns below, ‘I hated them before as well and now also, even more..’ he stated angrily, grinding his teeth.
Geet sobbed silently, turning to walked out as he left her hand, only to let the blood drops drip out from her delicate hand, I will take your all hatred Maan
Bas itna mat baad main, hum samet na sake khudka..
She said in her mind giving one painful look at him and turned to go when he suddenly stopped her, ruko..
She turned around silently waiting for him to say ,
Did you said something..!?? Maan asked giving her look,

Geet looked at him, giving him painful smile she spoke with her chocked throat, hum toh bahot kuch kahna chahte hai, Maan, par hum chup hai.. Shayad humari khamoshi hi kuch kah gayi ho..
And Geet ran out from his cabin, holding her tears back.
Dil deewana Bin sajna ke maane na
yeh pagla hai, samjhane se samze na
forgive for all errors.. have updated from mobile, thank you for all comments and likes, do lots of comments and likes on this one… few more updates.. story will get it’s grip..



29 thoughts on “KYON KI.. CHAPTER 6

  1. Omg such a lovely part dear I cannot stop myself from adoring geet’s patience and her pure love which maan fails to see in his revenge happy that he is changing…hope he realizes soon before everything is late… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘 do update dear… thanks for the PM dear ❤️❤️

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  2. Why is he so against her that he humiliates her to such a terrible extent? Is it such a sin that she loved him with her heart & soul quietly…If that ex-gf of his found out & walked out on him…he should be thankful that he did not get married to such a shallow idiot…But he has no right to talk to, behave or this way with Geet…He is going to regret each & every word and action of his…So much so that he will never ever be able to forgive himself…the amount of torture & abuse he is giving Geet is really monstrous…he is worst than a beast with her…

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  3. Love part dear. Its really unbearable to see geet hurt and sad oh she really want that maan should not break her to pieces which can’t be collected later but maan is like always learn it hard way. He is not understanding his own feeling. Waiting for geet strong character

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  4. Superb update…

    Love geet,she has only love for him..we can see the changes in him,but he is successfully hiding it and showing his anger in full form, hurting her in the process,she is accepting all his actions now but how long she can handle all this…When he realize all this,it will be late seems…

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  5. sahi bola geet ne itna bhi maat todo ki baad mein samet na paye……….really man….ekbar geet ki bhi baatein toh sunlo………itna kyun apne aap ko neeche la rahen ho………shayad tumhe sach pata na ho………..zaada derr na ho jaye maan……….

    painful update………….

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  6. Very heart wrenching update
    My heart is crying for Geet
    Maan is falling for her but wo apni feelings ko accept nahi karna chahta
    He is hurting her because of his ego
    Beautifully written
    Loved it

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  7. Sad update n I felt like crying seeing geet condition she loves him so much n tolerating every pain n hurt he is giving her with her patience n maan is restless bcoz of geet n keep thinking about her this thought about geet made him more angry n rude towards her n to satisfy his ego he keep hurting her n humiliate her n thnxx for pm me

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  8. He was good when he was drunk, now he is back to being mean and angry. She was so concerned about his bleeding hand, and he was pushing thorns into hers.

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  9. Interesting.

    Geet is back in the office.

    Maan is angry on her n hates her.

    She forgets her own pain , when she sees him in pain.

    He has started falling for her unknown to himself. But he is hating the fact that she is affecting him.

    He never leaves a chance to taunt her or insult her.

    But why is it that everyone in office back bitches about her.

    What exactly happened in the past that has landed them here.

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  10. I feel like laughing after reading
    Maan really doesn’t have any work other than having sex with geet. Why ?
    You have loose morals maan..
    Wait for your Sam..
    And geet she is a real dumb.
    This girl I suppose worked for maan…
    Then something happened and she and maan married.
    Did anyone force them?
    Why geet is behaving like a lunatic..
    Madam your husband is crazy try to stay away from him..
    You are actually making yourself available to make him torture you.
    Sorry to say but geet doesn’t make any difference to me.

    Even if it is one sided love..
    She should atleast have some self respect.
    Here Maan is crushing her and she is willingly taking everything.
    For what? May I ask?

    Still how did they get married.

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    1. 😜😂🤣🤣
      Well..Geet’s cs is like that here..
      Called her whatever.. even Maan..
      Let’s see.. you will find better updates ahead..


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