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tere bina jiya jaye naa
Without you I can not live
bin tere, tere bin sajana sans me sans aaye naa
Without you, my love, I can not breathe properly
tere bina…….
without you….
Geet glanced at the moon outside from balcony, feeling alone suddenly without him. It’s been only few hours from him going on business tour but still it felt ages , he has been away from her.
Lone tear escape from her eyes, on her chubby cheek, her palm rested on her baby bump , “baby thanks, you given your dada a best gift before going.” She muttered, her throat chocking, but she couldn’t cried for the promise she had made with both daughter father duo, she chuckled.
Look angel..I am not crying.. she whimpered but I missed him. She cried out,
Last night,
Maan was finding it difficult on how to broke this news with her, if it wasn’t necessary, he hadn’t gone but he have to just for few days, or a day atleast as per work there accomplished.
Mustering all his courage, he engulfs her from behind, she turned briskly in his arms welcoming him with her charming smile, Maan..
Yes sweetheart.. he stolen a quick kiss, tense from inside on how to tell her. She wouldn’t cry or he won’t able to go..
Hmm .
What is it!??
Kya baat hai..kuch kahna chahte ho..she makes cute frowning face asking him so, hanging in his neck. Her nighty went up on her thighs, making her look cute with her little baby bump, he adores her for a while , when she again calls him, Maan..
Ughhh..!?? I have to go out for 2 days…or..
He stopped seeing her face, suddenly lost Color, or !??
Or more days, I don’t know, but I will try to come back as early as possible.
Geet suddenly pulled off, turning her back to him, Maan sighed painfully for making her sad, he lifts her in his arms softly, she holds onto him, keeping her face downwards not ready to look at him, sweetheart..he called lovingly, but she was so upset, she turned her face away as he made her seat in the bed while himself kneel before her, taking her hands in his , he again tried, Geet..look .it you will be sadden then I won’t go..
Geet quickly put her palm on his mouth, what are you saying, work is must.. you go…I am fine..but come back soon. she simply said, with tears already gathering in her hazel eyes.
He cupped her face instantly while his lips kissed her soft ones lovingly pouring out all the love he had for his wifey.
Tears mingle in between making him pulled apart, Geet..he frowned painfully seeing her red face as she tried to control her sobs..
Ro lo..Geet..jitna Rona hai..but aajke Baad kabhi mat know I won’t be able stay there for a moment knowing you must be crying here.. he got up and took her in a bear hug.
Aapko Bata hai na…hum..hum..aapke ..Bina nahi rah payenge..
Aisa Na kaho Geet..
Toh phir.. she sniffed on his chest, wiping her nose on his shirt, Hume aapki aadat ho gayi hai, maan..nahi rah sakte ek pal bhi aapke bina..
Maan pecked her head overwhelmed hearing her confession, if it wasn’t that necessary I wouldn’t go Geet..
And you were not either giving me permission..she whined referring to her cooking classes. Though dadi had given her full support even warned Maan to denied Geet for anything.
But Geet couldn’t go further without her hubby’s will..for her he is everything to her.she can’t take step further without him.if he wasn’t there in her life, she wouldn’t have been here on the first place, in his arms.
Maan sighed pulling apart he cupped her face firmly making her look at him, do whatever you want to.. you love to but..just take care of yourself..
And you have more responsibility on you of dadi and our angel, you know, don’t you!?
Geet nodded silently, though wasn’t happy with his permission today, when he is not going to be there ..few days..or just few hours too matters to her with him .Geet thought when she felt a kick ..and moaned in pain, Maan instantly looked at her worried, what happened.. are you feeling pain??
Geet again moaned putting her hand on her baby bump, Maan was getting worried while soft smile flashed on her face, he looked at her face, she tug on to his hand dragging it towards tummy, as Maan put his palm on her baby bump, he felt a kick, he stopped shocked for a moment before another kick comes ,
Ouch..Geet frowned cutely, pouting her lips making Maan chuckle, he was really overwhelmed, baby are you listening to your dada..!?? He caressed softly only received another kick, Both broke into big smile, Maan was relived to see her smile finally.
He pulled her closer holding her nape, thanks for this beautiful gift.. he kissed her forehead lovingly making her blush.
Geet shivered feeling cold air touching her , tickling her senses, as she was pulled back to the thoughts of their last night, she was lost in her hubby’s arms..she blushed..
reshamee raten roj naa hongee,
the nights will not be colourful/silky everyday
yeh saugaten roj naa hongee
These rarity will not happen everyday
Both were naked laying down in each other’s arms, while Maan was making love his wife gently taking care of her.
His lips started strolling down kisses from her forehead then her eyes, nose, both cheeks, he bite one in mischievousness,
Ouch..she pouted
You are too chubby Geet…I can eat you raw…he whispered huskily, biting her chin further, she blushed as his beard rubs onto her jaw while he took her lips in for sensuous kiss.
His hands were roaming on her delicate body, feeling her every curve, he pinch her nipples hard, making her moan..Maan …
Geet whispered, with her eyes close, as she felt his body warmth behind her, engulfing her lovingly, his lips travel down the path from her neck to her throat, he continued to tease her with his moisten lips.
His hands cupped her bosom from behind, making her moan again and as she opened her eyes, the cold air passed from her, making her shivered, she realized the absence of him.
jab bhee khayalon me tu aaye,
Whenever you come into my thoughts
mere badan se kushbu aaye
I get a smell from my body
mahake badan me raha naa jaye, raha jaye naa
With this scented body, it is difficult to live/tolerate
tere bina…….
without you….
Geet couldn’t believe she imagined him, that too loving her, she hides her face in between her both palms blushing furiously. she went into bed wearing one of his shirts, his scent engulfs her senses, making her eyelashes drops down to have a restless sleep without her hubby.
Geet asked servants to put his huge frame on the wall in front of their bed, so she can just keep on watching her hubby.
As they put it on and exited the room, she couldn’t stop but kept on admiring his pic, seating on the bed edge, finally getting up, she walked up to his pic, her lips covered his own in the pic, and she put her lipstick marks at the corner of his lips on the photo, blushing at the end at what she did.
Zindagi tujh bin ras naa aaye, ras aaye naa
The life is untolerable without you, can not be comprehended/illfitting
tere bina…….
without you…
Next Day, Geet thought to buy some needed stuff for her classes, with few stuff, she asked servants to do arrangements for her class in the garden, with Dadi’s permission. Dadi was more than happy with Geet’s idea, she already supported her, with this her mind will be occupied and she will be fresh doing some thing of her own choice.
Geet was making list of the needed stuff, she decided to talk with Dadi about going out to buy things,
You aren’t going anywhere beta, servants are there, ask them..they will get you things as you wanted..give list to Nakul, dadi clearly denied.
But Dadima, hum bhi ghar baith kar bore ho rahe hai..plz Hume Jane dijiye..bas aaj ke liye. Phir kal se hum classes start karenge.
Geet tried her best to manofy her making baby faces , and finally Dadi had to agreed.
She sent Nakul with her along with few guards for security, as per Maan’s order.
Come soon, beta.. aur aapko Bata toh hai na..
Ji Dadi..AAP fikar na karo.. Nakul will tell me.
Said Geet sweetly, seating inside the car as the guards follow her behind from another car.
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16 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 108

  1. Wow lovely update maan left to out of station for few days…and he was scared to open the news…but finally he told geet started sobbing and was worried that she will be missing maan.. maaneet cute romance and his gift from the baby was lovely…geet want his potray infront of her and she kisses the pic…geet starting her classes..and she is pestering daadi to leave her out for purchase…now ur precap scares me…is the king upto something…hope mΓ an arrives soon.. waiting to read more ❀️ 😘

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  2. He has to go for business purposes,she is missing him, thinking about their moments and wt he told to her and all…
    She gets permission from him to start cooking classes..It’s a bad idea to go out in his absence,A danger is there outside waiting for her,he will be waiting for right time to do his plan,hope she will be okkayy…. waiting for further…

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  3. Oh no….Maan is away? I don’t know why but I fear for Geet’s safety ever since that incident with that mysterious villain…I really hope that the security is tight for her and that she is very careful about herself…I can’t bear to see anything happen to her…pls pls pls….

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  4. maan zaldi se wapas ajao……..geet ko kuch nehi hone dena…….aur geet kyun zidd karte ho……..apne problm khud leke ati ho…………….

    emotional update…….

    loved it……….

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  5. Nice update n maan has go for business purposes n geet is missing him n thinking about their moment n geet ask for joining cooking classes n he gave her permission to go but he is not their it could be danger for geet to go out without him n hope maan comes back before anything happens to his geet n thnxx for pm me

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