You !? What are you doing here!? Maan got up at once in rage seeing her there, it was his one of past girl friend, Riya. He didn’t allow anyone in his professional place, she was last he expected. His anger which was subsides already , erupt again seeing the audacity of the girl.
Before he reached to her in intention to throw her out, she was seating on his lap, pushing him down on the chair.
Get the hell out of here before I called security.. he barked but she started opening his shirt buttons.whats the hurry, left me..I didn’t..she whispered seductively. Which had no effect on him like before..from the time he had consummated with Geet, no girl could satisfied him , it was only his wife. He cursed her for that.
Maan clinched her wrist, his eyes began to get red in fury, he was about to pushed her off  when he saw Geet walking towards his cabin from the glass partition.
Geet..yaha..!?? He was surprised to find her here, as it’s been few days she had been to his office.
Geet reached at KC, as soon as she reached the floor, staff gapped at her like a alien, seeing her totally change look, from unmarried to married girl, then her dressing, from salwar to sari. it’s been a week they are seeing her at office.
She is married.. they don’t know with whom, and the gossip began around the topic name Geet Handa.
She has been throwing herself on Maan sir, though he doesn’t care and now see, got married herself ..don’t know why..
Geet flinched with those stares and then their talks makes her steps heavy to walked passed them.
As Geet turned the knob of his cabin door,he slams his mouth on girls lips, angling her face in a way to let his wife see the scene.
Geet was having sweet smile on her face to see her hubby in office, to give him his lunch.
But as she looked up to see the scene before her nake eyes, she stood rooted , her feet felt heavy,
Maan was kissing the girl crazily, while his hands were all over the girls body.
her eyes wail up, heart was bleeding furiously seeing the scene before her naked eyes.
Kya jaan loge hamari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hai hum
Beloved, will you take my life
Since I love you so much
she couldn’t held the intensity of pain and dropped down on her knees.
How could he… She thought he wouldn’t go to any woman after their marriage atleast, but guess she forgot, he had owe to hurt her.. almost kill her with those new ways.
On the other hand, Maan was having his eyes on Geet to see the desire reaction, he wanted to see that same pain on her face, those tears in her eyes but after a while it all started to make him uneasy.


She wasn’t reacting, just crying silently dropping on her knees, he had stopped long before kissing the girl, it was she who was kissing him back and he hated it..hated the touch of her filthy mouth.
He pushed off the girl, holding her arms,
Geet stopped crying and look at them, having some little hope in her heart as she got up,and call him, Maan..


Hamare dil ki tum thodi si qadar kar lo
Hum tumpe marte hai thodi si fikar kar lo
Fikar kar lo
Show a little bit of affection for my heart
I’m crazy for you, worry a little bit about me

Copy of tumblr_lt14m2ZKop1qjcp4mo1_500

Maan looked up at her broken self, she was looking weak, devasted just seeing the sight.
He kept on holding Riya from her waist just hurt his wife more than before as he walked up to her.
What are you doing here!? He asked , his heart getting restless without his own will.
Geet stammered , losing her all senses to speak, her brain was numb with that pain.
Who is this girl, Maan!?.  She can’t even speak properly. Riya mocked giving her low look.
Maan was getting angry, his jaw tighten in rage, his hold tighten on riyas waist, when he blasted on Geet,
Can’t you say properly, why did you came here!? He Geet?? Answer me.. he left Riya walking towards Geet dangerously, who was looking down till now,lost in her own heartbreak, she startle, jump back on her place and looked up to see his raging posture.


Riya made a quick and silent run from there knowing about Maan’s anger, she shut the door behind, locking it in the process, while eveil smirk plastered on her face, seeing Geet stuck in the cabin now with raging devil.
Staff who was looking inside, desperate quickly hearing Maan’s loud voice as Riya ran out of the cabin.
Here Inside cabin,
Maan grabs her and smash on the wall, making her gasp in fear, she looked at him with her wet eyes, her face was whole of tear stricken, kohl was smudge , wet and pouting lips . He couldn’t found anyone sexy than her, he concluded seeing her face.
His gaze went on her forehead , which had little badange, his fingers touched the wound softly, his heart was fluttering without his notice, but as the realisation dawn upon him, what he was doing, his fingers pressed on the wound making her hiss in pain, you deserve it, he whispered with his raging breath glaring her down as she looked up with teary eyes .
Hamare dil ki tum thodi si qadar kar lo
Hum tumpe marte hai thodi si fikar kar lo
Why are you doing this!??
She let out the words slip out from her mouth, making him astonished, as it was the first time he had seen her opening her mouth before him, that too asking him question which didn’t go well with his ego, he grasp her waist do tightly pressing his fingers in her soft skin, making her close her eyes in pain, she started to breath heavily not able to bear the pain anymore.
You don’t have any right to ask me any question.. he hissed in low dangerous voice, breaking her waist chain, it broke, hurting her delicate waist in the Process, she cried out, but didn’t make any move to look at the wound.
Tune o jaana deewana kiya hai
Deewana kiya is kadar
Deewana kiya is kadar
Hey beloved, you’ve made me go crazy for you
You’ve made me go crazy in this way

GHSP 366 HD_7751

Par humne toh aapko woh sare haq diye hai, Maan. You can do whatever with me.. I surrender to you on our first night.. because my everything is yours.. phir bhi aapne..
She couldn’t complete the sentence, as he pressed her waist more tight and snap out, feeling something wet on his palm, he gasp , his eyes widen, seeing the blood on his palm.
It was her, his eyes widen in horror, as he looked at her waist filled with blood.
Stop it.. stop your nonsense,..


He blasted out of rage, his patience breaking, just get lost from here..
Geet couldn’t go this time without asking him, for now her heart was bleeding profusely just reminding about him making out with other girl, it wasn’t even Sam whom he claimed to love her, ifit was her , she would have make herself understand,
Nahi..pahle humare sawal ka jawab dijiye.. she walked hurriedly towards him, clutching his shirt,
I don’t want to answer you anything.. just get lost from here, Geet! He blasted pushing her off. She stumble back few steps, still lost somewhere else,
Riya came back as she had forgotten her cell there, and entered just like before without taking his permission.
Staff started to look on,
Oops..sorry Maan phone was forgotten actually,
Maan glared her furiously, as she took her phone from the table where Maan was standing, in the process , touching his shirt.
Geet was not liking this all, though she couldn’t get angry that easily , and that was her weakness, every one seem to take advantage of it.
But Riya got the right chance to spice up the matter, Maan, what this behenji still doing here.. can’t she just buzz up.. look how is she giving me looks,
Maan was already burning like volcano from Inside, that he blasted yet again on Geet, Geet go from here now!!
But Maan..
I said get out..
GHSP 366 HD_4561
he shouted, geet flinch , held her mouth to stop the sob which was ready to erupt from her mouth.
I want to know… Who is she… And..
Who are you girl, to ask me who. I! Noncese.. village girl.. Bata nahi kaha kaha se aa jate hai..
Let’s go Maan baby.. you must not stand here with this girl.. Riya hold his arm, Maan had enough of this whole drama. He was at losing end , his patience broke hearing geet.,
You go from here, don’t interfer between husband and wife,
Geet couldn’t complete as Maan raise his hand on her,
She stood rooted, clutching her cheek, look around with her teary sight, only to see the whole staff watching her.. that girl, riya gives her evil smirk.. her eyesight turned blurry, and she blank out not knowing what happened next.
Geet got up from her  nightmare, feeling his hand hitting her again on her cheek, she gasp seeing him infront of her, wake long you gonna sleep. He blasted, once she woke up.
Geet startle looked at him, with her doe innocent eyes,
get my breakfast ready..I am getting late for.. his words stuck in his throat, seeing the gorgeous sight before his eyes, her duvet was slipping down from her nude body as he had kept her awoke whole night making out with her, she couldn’t sleep an ounce and them those nightmares about her miserable life.
Geet looked at him suddenly lost , then his gaze, she gasped looking down at herself, tried to pulled up cover but he grasp her both wrist pinning her down on the bed, he hover on her.
Maan.. she whispered , turning tense with his move.
Shh .. I don’t want any disturbance now… He whispered on her bare bossom, breathing on to them, as duvet had slipped down completely from her body. She was nude in daylight, her whole turned red, but couldn’t speak to him.
Feeling consious she hugs him, he hold her soft and delicate body in his hard one, tightly pressing her to his body length.
His hands went down, cupping her lowers, while Geet just moaned silently, tears rolled down her close eyes reminding about the day she had witness him with another girl, she couldn’t bear the sight yet, as the memories flash before her eyes, I am all your Maan, do whatever you want to me but..plz..
Chahat mein teri bhulaya jahaan ko
Na dil ko kisi ki khabar
Na dil ko kisi ki khabar
I’ve forgotten about this world in your love
My heart has no clue about anyone
He pulled her apart hearing her, his face was tighten in rage, giving her stern look, he drop her down on the bed below him, pinning her wirsts down on the bed, he hover on her chest, taking one in his mouth, while other below his palm kneading it harshly, he started to enjoy her.
You don’t have to say me what shall I do.. he said huskily, licking her whole body, centering her, he thrust in her hard making love to her wildly without any mercy.
Geet cried out, trying to Wriggle out of his hold but he pinned her down harshly, and for your information, I am going out tonight with my new female client.. he whispered huskily, spilling salt on her wounded heart.
Ragon mein mohabbat ka ehsaas zara bhar lo
Hum tumpe marte hai thodi si fikar kar lo
Have some feelings for love in your veins
I’m crazy for you, worry a little bit about me
Geet close her eyes , having nothing to said or listen more, as he pulled out and thirst into her again , this time more harshly, making her whole body shudder.
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hai hum
Kya jaan loge hamari sanam
Kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hai hum
Since I love you so much
Beloved, will you take my life
Precap :-
Jab bhi koi kangana bole payal chanak jaaye
Soyi soyi dil ki dhadkan sulag sulag jaaye
Karun jatan lakh magar mann machal machal jaaye, machal machal jaaye
few more updates.. geet’s character will start changing a little bit.. only bit.. and then maan.. and the story come to flow..
do like and comment fast, so that I can update next one fast.. this time I want 50 likes.. plz.. or next will be pwd protected.

41 thoughts on “KYON KI.. CHAPTER 4

  1. Its really heartbreaking to see your love with someone else. Please make geet a bit strong so maan can realise his mistake. He never listen her side of story. He is egoistic man. Me crying after reading update. Thank u

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    1. Geet went office give him food already one his girlfriend in the office Riya all over him he wasn’t please that she turn up he was go kick out when he saw geet and start kiss her geet got shock seeing this plus all staff shock see her married to who
      He see her and ask what she doing he shouting she shocked Riya run our seeing his angry he ask her again when she say who is she but she tell and also her not question him she say I give my whole life to you he get angry slap her again Riya cone get her phone she forfeit and put new light on his temp
      Geet wake with slap again asking her make her breakfast the sheet cone down from her nude body and he use her again in pain telling her I’d go out one his client women’s cause more pain
      K1k1k1 kal

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  2. Oh maan I m really worried how will he react after realizing the true feeling his remorse phase is gonna be a never ending one for sure…hope he never loses geet before it’s too late…that Riya I want to give her a tight slap..but maan slapped geet..he his hell bent ruin geet’s life but poor maan doesn’t know that he is ruining his own life… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘 continue dear

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  3. Very sad update n maan is a monster n his behaviors towards geet was really bad n poor geet is broken after seeing him with someone n making out n maan he slap geet n geet is shattered bcoz of maan n hope maan realize geet love before it’s to late n thnxx for pm pm

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  4. He is not affected by other girls,but he do things to hurt her even if he is not interested in that,she is going through endless pain,how can she see him with others,no one will want that,he is taking advantage of her love towards him,as she gives her all to him,he is treating her like this,when will he understand wt he is destroying with his own hands,it will be painful when that time comes, waiting to see her as strong and fight for her rights and to start fight against the injustice….

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    1. wasn’t a was real.. happened in that past month .about which Geet is getting nightmare every night.. because of tortures.


  5. He claimed he loves Sam but goes closer to another woman 😏 what a cheap love
    Here Geet bear everything his tourcher also
    Hope geet understand she wasting time giving this jerk that much important in her life that he is killing her slowly 💔💔😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔
    Love only gives pain

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  6. Hi Mugdhaa your excellent writter and I liked not loved all your stories please can you send me password of Mehabooba story please I Loved this story very much from past two days I was waiting for you send me password of Mehabooba but you never sent I know your very busy please can you try send me early through email
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    1. Surely dear …plz just wait for a while.. really tired today..will surely give you till tonight.. as I have to check again .but you can able to read only till 33 chapters which I have posted..more story I am posting as per I get time.
      Thank you🤗🤗


  7. Maan is very arrogant I didn’t liked at all I felt very bad for Geet please in upcoming story line show Geet is strong and should take revenge from Maan

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    1. Let’s see..
      Geet will surely take some step..but it’s secret for now😉
      By the is your comment..I got’s got post dear..👍👍


  8. Interesting..

    Did he actually like Sam or was just infatuation.

    Because the way he is with geet in the name of revenge, that shouldn’t be. If he loves Sam truly he would have tortured her in other ways, but would never get intimate with geet.

    Also he is getting attracted towards her. He tends to forget n remember Sam at his convenience.

    He also goes to other women.

    Also the song is very beautiful. Apt choice. Depicts geet’s feelings perfectly.

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  9. Finally she got some sense to question him and as usual he behaved..
    Nothing new but yes geet has been going through the trauma that she will find later.
    She loves maan..
    Her claim to love him
    Even through her body isn’t enough..
    He doesn’t respect or care for her..
    This is more like master slave relationship.

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