Geet pulled out suddenly feeling his fingers doing naughtyness again , as he started to open her hooks of blouse on her back.
Maan.. listen, I will be at home only.. plz let me na.. she pouted her lips to make him agree but he put on stern face, parted from her.
You will be at home but I know you..just with small things makes you worried , and you will take stress.
He turned around and started stripping his cloths, making his upper bare, Geet sighed looking at his back and walked upto him.
Maan stopped in his track feeling her warm body crashing on his back, next her hands crawled on his front, touching his bare front.
Geett.. he groaned feeling arouse with her move, his body tighten next feeling her soft lips on his nape, she strolled down few wet kisses, getting lost in her sexy hubby.
Maan and Geet
Next moment, he turned briskly taking her in his arms, he put her on the bed, she crawls back, giving him naughty smile, you won’t do anything, till I get my permission from my hubby!! She said with her husky voice, turning him on further.
Achcha!! Bahot Masti soojh Rahi hai aaj.. he teased her back, holding her ankle in his hands, she tried to wriggle it softly, while her ankles makes sweet sound in silent room.
If you can be naughty, then Mrs.Khurana will be more than that.. she gives him back, with her chin up , making faces.
Now Mr.Khurana surely won’t leave you!! Saying so he place his lips on her toe, making her shudder in pleasure , she sighed closing her eyes with his sweet torture as he started to stroll up with his moisten kisses making her condition worsens.
Maan…plz. she moaned trying to keep control on herself, but she lost it completely, coming into his spell.
What sweetheart. !? Want me inside you!! He teased coming on her belly, showering numerous kisses on their baby.
Geet snapped open her eyes, she gives him one furious glare, pouting her lips, shh..don’t talk dirty before my baby… And she put her both forefinger on other side of her stomach.
Maan looked at for a while, like what the hell..and then broke into loud laughter , pulling back from her.
Geet makes an o shape of her mouth, then pulled him near her by holding his shoulders firmly, it is true, Mr.Khurana!!
Maan gives her one stern look, making her back out like kitten, she makes faces making him smile back. sweetheart, he kissed her forehead lovingly,
GHSP 171(1)_8812
“your words.. my command..” he said making her face light up, she gives him full teeth smile making him chuckled in response.
Is it so!? Then why did you denied me before..
she pouted, putting her head on his chest, he became silent reminding about those days of hidding that painful truth from her. He sighed,
Geet pulled out and looked at his face, Maan, is something troubling you!? She put her palm on his cheek, Maan was startled never expected this question coming from her.
Hum aapko aapse bhi jada jante hai, Maan.. she read his mind again, her eyes lock with him, he was overwhelmed again, and that’s why I love you so much, sweetheart. He pulled her face near, locking his lips with her, he kissed her sensously.
Geet could feel him still tense with something, she knew today it is related with her only. He is worried just because of her, and that last thing she wanted to happen.
She kissed him back lovingly, trying to sooth his worry, and pulled back, after a while she spoke, if you don’t want, I won’t.. he looked at her confused when she added, I won’t do anything Maan which makes you so tense for me.
Maan was silent , just absorbing her warmth of love, he cupped her jaw, eyeing her passionately, his thumb graze her soft cheeks.
But you have to tell me , what is making you so tense, as I know it’s not just this thing. She asked softly making him stopped.
Before he could open his mouth, another shock came from her.
Geet knowing he won’t agree to share his problem with her like last time, she quickly put his palm on her head, aapko humari Kasam.
Maan turned angry, Geet!?? Are you crazy? He jerked her holding her both arms, she looked at him, now sure of the thing, Maan came back to his senses , he stole his gaze from her, turning his face away, he spoke, I don’t believe on this things .
Is it..!? But I do believe, Maan. She tilted her head to have a look at his face.
Maan snapped his head to look back at her, tumhe Aisa kuch karne ki kya jarurat thi? He grabs her again, tum janti ho na.. tum Jaan ho meri. I can’t let anything happen to you! He whispered with his hoarse voice, his voice turning painful, while at the end he cupped her face, pulling her closer, their lips touching now, Geet left a breath, she kissed him softly again, I can’t lose you, Geet! He muttered in kisses, tell me, Maan, jo kuch bhi Apne Dil main asked me to share everything with you, then why are you not doing it.
I have the right as well to know everything.. She said softly kissing his lips.
I was worried about doctors words..
What did she said.. Geet kept her mind strong to hear him next.
Your reports were not good, Geet! You were too weak to managed this pregnancy, even doctor said, we couldn’t do abortion..
MAAN.. Geet shouted, pulling back , shock to hear his words.
how could you even think about it..
I didn’t, sweetheart.. in fact, that wasn’t possible at all..
geet looked at his face with her wet eyes..
doctor had already warned about your weak condition to bear this pregnancy.. maan further explained her..
Geet sighed pulling herself closer to his chest, she put her head on it, he pulled her more closer, holding her nape, I did not want to make you scare or tense, it could have affect your health.. and you would have react same way like today.. he looked at her face..
you kept this with yourself just to not give me any stress?? she asked innocently looking at him.. I know you geet, this would have make you scare and situation would have worsened, so I decided to keep it to myself for a while.. just for your health.
geet understood the depth of his words. he was right at his place, but she felt so guilty for making him go through just because of her, humare wajah se..
but he stopped her, putting his forefinger on her lips, knowing where is she is going, shh.. it wasn’t because of you.. just stop taking everything on yourself.. just for this reason I didn’t reveal it to you. you became worried for small things. and then it was big issue.. he took his hand back, turning to face away, not knowing how to make her understand,
maan.. I won’t say it again.. is baar maaf kar do pls..
again geet.. I told you it was not your fault. it’s just your nature of getting worry for small things. he turned to face her,
he holds closed in his arms, now everything is fine.. you don’t have to be tense for this. he said looking at her worried face, it had lost color, look geet.. you are not going to keep this thing in mind anymore.. for baby’s sake.. think about baby.. it will affect on our angel..he played with words making her realized, she was pulled out of thoughts and looked at him then at her baby bump.. and put her hand on it.. no.. maan.. I can do anything for my angel. and I am no more going to think about things which matters no more to us.. hai na..
he nodded, smiling proudly seeing her efforts to be strong..
to be continued..
PRECAP : same.

16 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 107

  1. Finally geet made maan to confess what was making him worry… happy that maan told all the truth about her health…geei was shocked first later she was feeling guilty to make maan go through this pain…maan made geet feel light and told now everything is fine..their way of understanding eachother was lovely ❤️😘 waiting to read more dear

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  2. Beautiful update n finally geet knows about her health as maan told her about her health condition n geet feeling guilty as bcoz of her health maan was in worry n pain but now she understand n thnxx for pm me

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  3. He tells her about what doctor told him before,she gets worried first,then he calms her by saying not to bother those since it will be not good for their baby,and she will not do anything that cause their baby bad or any danger,
    Now both knows wt they were goes through and wt made it happend….

    Looking forward to further…

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