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Both reached in the parking, Maan looked at Geet, she was still upset..doom. he was becoming frustrated now, she couldn’t share with him nor he could see her sad.
Suddenly something dawn upon him, as he watched her standing beside the pillar.the same pillar, where both had shared the past.
Geet with great difficulty control herself, gulping down the knot in her throat, she trailed down her hand on the pillar, living the moment.
Maan dashed towards her, she has her eyes closed in pain while her back was sticking to the wall behind.
Again you are hiding things from me, ha Geet??


Geet opened her eyes feeling his hot breath fanning on her face, she looked into his brown deep eyes, his face was so close to her as he caged her in between the wall and him.
She steal her eyes from him, looking down, hum kya chupane lage aapse.. while lone tear escape from her eye, making him frown in pain, toh phir yeh kya hai, Geet? He took that in his fingertip asking so.
Geet doesn’t have any words to replied him, how much she tried but at the end tear spiller out, followed by more making him worried.


Kyun muzse chupane ki koshish karne Rahi ho,Geet..Apne dard Ko.. he cupped her face while she cried out, shaking her head in denial still.
Jo tumhe un purano yaadon se mil Raha hai.. you can’t hide anything from me Geet , I had already tell you, sweetheart.
I know Geet , I have given you enough pain and guess I am still repenting.. I couldn’t able to gain back your trust, I couldn’t successes in giving you enough happiness and love to let you forget the past.
All the while he was speaking, looking at her crying face, she kept nodding her head in no, crying silently.
Forget!?? Bhulne ki toh baat hi nahi can you forget it, sweetheart when I have given you those deep wounds of past!?
He let go of her, she gasped seeing his next action, as Maan started to punch on the wall, removing his anger, with this hands only I had made those sin, with this hands only, I dare to pushed you away.. ask you to leave me..
He was wasn’t stopping, as her soft pas touched his bicep, trying to stopped him.
Maan…MAANN.. she shouted seeing him not at all listening to her.
He looked at her, to see her tear stricken face, next she holds his collar tightly in fury, kyoun Hume aur takleef dena chahte hai aap.. aap khudka nahi, Humara khoon baha rahe hai, she shivered with rage and pain she was boring, Maan kept looking at her painfully.
Geet drags him towards the car asking him to open it, he obliged having nothing to say at the moment.
she fetched out the aid kit angrily giving him glares, and pulled his hand to aid, he hissed, she pouted making sorry face and cleaned his wound .. blowing it in between to sooth his pain.
maan wasn’t feeling any pain now, only was adoring her with a soft smile on his face while geet frowned, blinked her eyelashes to stopped the tears seeing his blood. she bandaged his wound and looked at him, wo humara kal tha maan.. aur  humne aapko kabka maaf kar diya hai.. she cupped his face lovingly, he holds her hand which was on his cheek, caressing it lovingly, still not convinced with her words he turned his gaze away, aur mafi unhe de jati hai, jinki koi galti ho. you were not at fault.. who situation hi kuch aisi the..
maan turned to looked at her, while she continued, I was aware of your love for me!
she trailed her fingers on his beard cheeks, he sighed playing with her fingers, he pecked them one by one making her shied.
she tried to pulled away her hand, but he jerked her in his arms, she landed on his chest, he holds her securely while she put her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.
phir bhi geet, my sins are not to forgiven..
don’t say like that maan, I have forgotten.. I am trying still.. let the time pass.. I will be fine.. she whispered on his chest, he sighed holding her close to his chest, his fingers played on her nape, under her curly hairs, she moaned feeling aroused with his sexy touch.
and you are with me, hai na!? she pulled out looking into his eyes.
Always sweetheart.. he pecked her lips, and pulled it to initiate the kiss but she pulled apart.. he frowned and saw her taking his bandage hand in her own softly, while her eyes brimming with tears, yeh humare wajah se hua hai.. hai na.. she looked back at him, he gives her stern look making her shut instantly, still she said, aapko humari kasam hai, phir kabhi aisi harqat ki toh.. aapne to humari jaan hi nikal di .. next moment he slammed his mouth on her lips shutting her down.
few days passed, Maan tried to find about the man who has dared to touched his sweetheart. that too in wrong way.
usne hume kuch ajeeb tarah se chuha. I don’t like his touch..
her words were buzzing in his mind day and night.. not letting him in peace being possessive for his wifey. he asked the details of his each current clients and went off.
Geet was pacing in her room left and right waiting for her hubby dear, she has to give him new info. she chuckle.. wanted to jump in excitement  but couldn’t.. baby hum bahot khush hai.. but look .. I can’t even jump.. she pouted patting her tummy and that’s why maan found his sweetheart, he smiled.. his whole tiredness was gone just seeing her glimpse, feeling her aroma in the room and then her loving hazels, as they only known to pour out the love once they glance at his way.
but don’t worry baby.. once you will come. we will together play and jump..hai na.. she excitedly talked with her baby.


maan walked behind her, caging her in his arms, she startle and turned around excitedly giving him beautiful hug.. he sigh taking in her sweet fragrance,.
maan.. listen.. I have to tell you something. geet called out seeing her lost hubby, who was busy with his sweet torture again, he just hmm in response, giving her hungry smooches on every part of bare body he find, while his hands started to strip her.
maan.. suno na..
she pushed him slightly, making him frustrated, she pouted, making baby face.. suno na.. you are whole day in office.. I wanted to tell you.. she cutely complained melting him at instant.
alright.. say it..
he told her taking her in his arms, as he walked up to the bed and sat on it taking her on his lap.
you know.. I get so bore seating at home.. she played with his coat buttons , opening each one in the process, while maan intently listened to her, so I want to start cooking classes.. isse.. but before she could completes maan stopped her, never..

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but why??
geet.. you know.. you cant take much stress.. doctor had already warned.. maan stopped suddenly realizing what he was going to say, he looked at her, she was watching him suspiciously as she caught him stopping in the track.
what? what doctor has warned, maan?? what are you saying.. and why did you stopped suddenly? she asked back to back questions, he put his forefinger on her lips making her shut.. shh.. chup.. no more questions.. you can’t do it means you can’t.. I am saying this.
but I am completely fine, maan. and I want to do it.. you don’t know how much I feel alone at home.. you don’t know anything.. because you are busy at office always,, she blasted suddenly seeing him not listening to her.
he looked at her astonished while she got down from his lap angrily, listen geet.. he called her but she turned her back to him, ready to walked out, where are you going?
to complained about you to dadima. she muttered ready to walked out, when he ran after her , catching her arm there by stopping her, geet.. you can’t go ..he said rapidly, turning her to him,
hume chodiye.. hume jana hai.. she started to wriggled.
you can’t go out like this, sweetheart!
he pulled her softly in his arms holding her bare waist.
like this what..
and she looked down at herself seeing his naughty gaze, and her eyes widen ,she gasped loudly, seeing herself only in her blouse and skirt. she didn’t realized when he did it.
hey babaji… you are really shaitan.. she muttered giving him frowning look, while trying to hide herself with her hands but next moment he engulf her lovingly in his arms, taking her in a bear hug, come here.. you won’t find another place to hide better than this..


geet blushed furiously hearing his words, she dipped her face in his chest, clutching his shirt tightly in  a fist.
to be continue..
Precap :-
manofying.. whom..??
maan on business tour..
the stranger..??

14 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 106

  1. Beautiful update n maan n geet both never live a chance of doing romance n they are very cute n maan said sorry for his sin n he hurt himself n geet bring first aid kit cleaning his wound n seeing her in pain maan again said sorry n geet told him that she loves him so much n thnxx for pm me

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  2. dono ek doosreka sahara ban gaye……yehi hai inke pyar k taqat………koi dono k beech mein mu na kar paye…………

    lovely update…………..

    loved it…………..

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  3. He gets to know wt is bothering her,as he to remember their past moments at there,the way he behave and treat her once,and he is guilty and ashamed of that too…But she assured him and tries to sooth him,he gives himself punishment,but she can’t see him like that and she make him promise to not do such thing again,she take care of his wounds and tell soothing words that gives him a smile and he admires her lovingly…Then his naughtiness and teasing are at its best,he will not leave any chance…Love them😍❤
    Hoping he can find out the person soon…And she is always a sweetheart,she wishes to join cooking classes as she is bored without him…

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  4. Aww lovely maan realized his past experience in office and drowned into his guilty land…but geet consoled him…and their cute romance was lovely…maan was about to spill beans about her health thank God…geet planned to start a cooking class and maan denys it .. waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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