Geet –


silsilabadalterishtonka - silsila - drashtidhami - shaktiarora @dhamidrash

Innocent beauty. Anyone can fall for..but not Maan, whom she loves with her heart and soul, married to Maan. Worshipped him like God. Always ready to please him but gets only humiliation in return. Kathputali in Maan’s hands, do as per his orders. an angel in the darkness. Just fragile doll in every other persons hand who make her dance on their tunes. Has pure heart that only knows to love everyone around.


Maan –

In love with Sam, Geet’s cousin sis. Hates Geet with such an intensity the same way she loves him. Having only one thing in mind that to destroy her, hurt. Never left a chance to abuse her, physically and mentally.
Handsome hunk, every girl would fall for, Casanova..change girlfriends like tissue. Specially after Sam left him. owns huge business empire.



More characters will be introduced in the story as per story needs.
There is one suspense in will reveal further in future story.
do like and comment, next part will be only after I get 70 likes to part 1 or else next will be pwd protected. pwds will be given to those only who had like and comment on previous chappy.

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