Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.17 [COMPLETED]

You are my Passion

Kunal watched nandini lying on the floor lifeless, he was shock, turned furious seeing Rajdeep standing there cool as if nothing happened, he dash towards him and pushed him on the wall behind, beating him furiously, without a stop, Kunal threw him on the floor, kicking into his stomach.

Rajdeep got up after a while, giving him smirk, now she is no more mine but not yours as well.. you want to kill me?? he threw the gun at his way. kunal caught it in his hands and started to bash him further, till then force of police came there running and get hold of Rajdeep. Kunal watched him going away, then at Nandini..


Kunal put the gun before commissioner on the his table, giving him smile, thanks Uncle.. than you so much. he spoke taking seat before the table.

no need to thank me. it’s my duty. which I fulfilled. spoke commissioner.

your idea of fake bullets really worked, Rajdeep thought, he really killed madhu.

what to do.. we have to handle this people, like this only.


beti.. this is last step of our plan now, if after seeing you alive also, he would think that you are not madhu , our plan is successful then. spoke commissioner encouraging nandini, as three of them made there way to the court where Rajdeep was taken in. she closed her eyes inhaling sharply, giving her self a boost.

Subpost 4 - @dhamidrashti - DrashtiDhami with sari

Nandini (madhu) got down from the car, wearing simple sari with her simple look this time like Nandini wore. she started ascending the stair case of the court while Rajdeep was descending it with police force holding him.

and reaching middle of the staircase, she hits on him by her shoulder, both looked at each other stopping for a moment, she was looking at his face to see any sign of recognition there when he spoke breaking her reverie, madhu!?

she looked little startled, but kept herself calm, while he talk further, no.. you can’t be madhu.. I killed her, nandini was just looking at him.

sorry mam.. sorry.. saying so he walked down with the police force, while nandini kept looking at his way, then she walked up in the corridor, where kunal was waiting for her, seeing the whole scene from upstairs, standing behind the pillar.

Kunal, she holds his arm, he turned around, cupping her face, she spoke on the verge of tears, I cant’ bear it more.. she muttered feeling little guilty. her throat chocked.

now you are only my nandini.. his madhu has died. he spoke pecking her forehead, she holds onto him, feeling uneasy still.


nandini relax.. he believes now that his madhu died. he won’t trouble you further now.

inspector. I was in the  army before.. I know the differences between the true and fake bullets. people think me as crazy. Rajdeep talked with the officer there , standing at the end of staircase. officer looked back at him surprised listening to him.

if nandini is alive and madhu has died, then what I am doing here? uhmm..?? rajdeep asked and before anyone knew, he snatched the gun from his gun pocket, pointing on him, don’t move.. others tried to stopped him but fail.

he made run to upstairs where kunal and nandini were standing, all police force rand behind him to stop him, reaching up he caught their sight, where both kunal nandini were lost in themselves, both became shock on finding him there near them, as he pointed the gun at their way, nandini’s eyes widen in horror , kunal engulfs her in his arms.

do you guys think me as mad? spoke Rajdeep, still both were on his gunpoint. how disgusting game you guys played with me.. and for what.. just to get ride of me. ha ??

police tried to reach him, but he shoot one of the officer in his leg, there by stopping them on the spot.

this is not fake now. he said showing them the gun in his hand, I am losing everything in my life.. from my childhood, till now. my father did second marriage. was it my fault?? he poked his chest asking them so..

my mother got married second time.. was it my fault? he smiled painfully.. my wife did second marriage. was it my fault? he pointed to Nandini, making her startle listening to him.

my sin is only this, that I love you so much.. kunal tried to move but Rajdeep pointed gun on him, don’t .. I can kill anyone.

nanidni has had enough, she come forward, pulling out of his arms, if  you want to kill me then go ahead..

no, nandini.. kunal again pulled her back in his arms, nandini.. yes.. he again gives painful smile. if I kill you then he won’t able to live. and if I kill him then you won’t able to live. and I won’t able to live without madhu..

both kunan were just looking at him, while he said further with a small chuckle, but she is dead now. he put the gun on his side of head making both of them shock, nandini gasped in horror and before anyone could act or know, there was a gun shot, Rajdeep has shot himself in his head, the blood spilled out on the wall at side furiously. while he bang on the same wall with his lifeless body.

Kunal rushed forward holding his lifeless body in his arms, nandini cried out, hiding her face in both palms, she couldn’t bear the horrible scene, kunal looked at her painfully then at Rajdeep who was having painful smile on his face, he looked at nandini crying so hilariously, nandini looked back at him, his painful smile, makes her heart bleed, she couldn’t stopped crying looking at the him, blood was oozing out of his head. she again hides her face in her palms, sobbing furiously.

after a while she walked upto them, both has knelt down on the floor, she sat on her knees beside him crying silently. he put his head on her lap and left his last breath.


Thanks for all comments and likes and such an response, guys.. this story was requested by [Jasminerahul] di on kunan.. thanks to her I am able to write those 17 parts on kunan. I will convert it on maneet soon for maneet readers. this ends here. i don’t think i can able to write epi, for this having nothing further in my mind related to this story. beside i have other stories on hold..

thanks again.. meet you soon in maneet version and Geet thread..

10 thoughts on “Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.17 [COMPLETED]

  1. thanks 4 da pm!
    explosive update!
    so it was all planned!
    Rajdeep thinks Madhu is dead!
    oh no he was faking it and knew all along!
    Gosh he killed himself!
    at least Nandini can move on

    is there an epilogue?

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  2. I was shocked when nandini was left lifeless n shamelessly rajdeep saying that now nandini doesn’t belong to both him n kunal.this is not love but just obsession.happy that rajdeep got arrested n this was only a game by kunan n the cops to make rajdeep believe that madhu is dead.loved kunal telling nandini that now she is only his nandini.oh no rajdeep saw nandini.hearing him say about his parents’ second marriage I think that he was an ignored child who was brought up without love n that’s why he became a psycho.rajdeep saying that if he kills nandini kunal wont be able to live n if he kills kunal she won’t be able to live n he can’t live without her was striking.shocking that he shot himself.rajdeep smiling painfully at nandini…dying on her lap was emotional.perfect pics

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  3. Wonderful update n it was all planned by kunal police n rajdeep think that Madhu is dead but rajdeep know everything n he shot himself n thnxx for pm me

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